It’s too early to tell if I’m gaining any benefits yet but I’m sure I will. I’m focusing on liquid products because I believe I have a serious absorption issue (I think all Morgellons folks do).

Read this story about Bert Thomas, a 45-year-old geologist, and his parasites leading to serious heart issues. His story mirrors mine almost exactly. I knew my heart issues were and are coming from a lack of minerals … Read his story here

This is all research into my PMP II and I apologize it’s taking so long.


Real Water

If you remember the Kangen Water post it talked about PH and having a negative ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential). Well, someone tipped me off to a bottled water that has a PH of 8.0 and a negative ORP, so I bought a case and am trying it out. Below is some information from their site. I had to order it online, at least there was no shipping cost.

Real Water™ is the only alkalized, antioxidant bottled water with stable negative (-) ions on the planet! Move your body to an alkalized state by removing acidic toxins. Take in an abundance of antioxidant electrons to neutralize harmful free radicals. Experience cellular hydration like never before with Real Water’s proprietary E2-Electron Energized technology.


The Liquid Revolution

No matter how good the vitamin or mineral supplements are that you start with, they are only as good as they are bioavailable. Supplements must be absorbed and assimilated into the body and be available at the proper area in order to be of use. All pills and capsules have to dissolve into liquid form before they can be absorbed and assimilated. Some people with weaker digestive systems (and digestive ability often weakens with age) don’t fully break these down and the result is only partial or no absorption, so the pill or capsule doesn’t do much, if any, good.

At Natural Vitality we begin with liquid. There is nothing to break down. The nutrients are naturally engineered for bioavailability. For those who have trouble swallowing pills and capsules, a liquid avoids this problem altogether. You also get fast action, as you don’t have to wait for supplements to be digested.

I picked this up at Whole Foods. This is the same company that makes the CALM magnesium I rave about,


Living Foods™ Extra Virgin Coconut Oil,
100% Organic


  • Contains meat from only the freshest, organically grown coconuts
  • Produced using the same methods Philippine farmers have used for centuries
  • Helps maintain already healthy levels of cholesterol and thermogenesis
  • Great for low carbohydrate diets
  • Can be used in place of butter. Enjoy in cooking, frying, baking or in smoothies
  • 100% vegetarian, non-GMO, not hydrogenated, refined, bleached or deodorized
  • Available in 16 oz. and 32 oz. jars

I picked this up at Whole Foods.


Comments on: "Products I’m Trying Our Right Now" (5)

  1. I see that Garden of Life also has a product called RAW cleanse. I read up and it sounds very good. It’s a toxin defense, Organ detox and digestion/elimination system. It’s a seven day program. Which is better than a month. I may try this.

  2. I am enjoying cooking with the coconut oil, but also using it on my skin!

  3. zara cybele said:

    Have you been testing your PH previous to adding the affinity water to your daily regimen? Also, were you able to get your body into a consistent alkaline state for long periods before starting this water?
    I’m curious to see if your daily PH changes with the Affinity.
    Please let us know.
    How much are you drinking a day?

    • Zara, I drank two yesterday, my PH was low, 6.5 to down to almost 5, I was quite suprised, haven’t been testing it for a long time but bought a whole new role of strips, I will be testing it several times and day and will report the results to everyone soon.

  4. zara cybele said:

    Good. I look forward to seeing if there is a change. To me would be key in evaluating whether it does anything or not.

    I am reading the Vitamin D Cure, by James Dowd. He talks about the need for vitamin D in the body but also Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium and how to structure your diet to get those. He also stresses the PH factor saying if you are acidic, you are depleting those stores of nutrient and will have health issues.

    I thought of you because you’ve had Fibromyalgia problems. He seems to think that Fibromy. and a whole host of other illnesses are related to those 4 elements being out of wack in the body.

    I’ve been supplementing with D3 since the onset of this and have changed my diet in a major way and lo and behold, the arthritis in my feet (which was bad before onset of biting/crawling/itching), and which got much, much worse initially, has been getting better daily. This is a pleasant surprise to me as I’ve been suffering for 3 years (I used to be a HUGE walker). So I’m immensely pleased.

    I too need to get some more strips and test my PH. I have always found it very hard to get my body to be alkaline, so will see if my diet now is bringing me closer to balance.

    It’s a very interesting read. I took it out from the library.

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