I am publishing this story of a woman’s struggle with Morgellons in order to make known the terrible suffering people are going through. This is by no means a protocol recommendation. I think it is helpful to share what many are going through, it is hell on earth. I find keeping my body alkaline is better than acidic, but we all must find our own way. Special thanks to this Morgellons sufferer for letting us post her story. Doctors Names and Hospital names have been removed.

Here is her Story

1. I had left shoulder arthroscopy Sept 09. Came home from hospital wearing sling made of denim. It was put on me by a nurse at ……….Private Hospital – I noticed that it was not new. I was told to wear continuously for a few weeks. After getting home from hospital, I noticed a rash on my upper back where the sling rubbed, but ignored it as I never get rashes- it was a pimply type of rash.

2 . The rash got worse (became itchy). I treated it myself wiping it with methylated spirits and putting dettol cream on it.

3. I got a ring-worm type of sore on my upper left arm. Cleaned it with a tissue dampened with colloidal silver solution and put dettol cream on  it. The scab was soft and had come off very easily. Underneath, there seemed to be a blue/red fiber. At first I wondered how material from my clothing got into the sore. Then I realized I did not have clothing that colour. It was strange but I flushed the scab & fibers. It has now healed.

4.  November 09 went to GP as rash on upper back getting worse -spreading down spine -very itchy and I’m now feeling biting/crawling sensations on my upper back area where the rash originated. Was it scabies?  Dr gave me prescription for scabiol as I am allergic to sulpha drugs. Unfortunately scabiol made the rash worse.

5. Within a week of using scabiol, I start to experience ‘floaters’ in my right eye. 3 days later, the vision in my right eye became very blurry. Went to optometrist who immediately sent me to the …….. Eye Hospital. I had a torn retina. They did not know why. They repaired it with laser surgery and told me that I was two days away from having a detached retina. I still had floaters in the eye.

6.  A week or so later, my gums started to bleed when I brushed them. My front left upper tooth was sore – a bruised feeling and it was sensitive to cold. This got worse very quickly -my tooth wiggled slightly. I decided that I must see the dentist after Christmas.

7. On Christmas night, I awoke from a sound sleep to the sensation of crawling under every part of my skin, including my scalp. Alarmed, I immediately had a shower and washed my hair in tea tree shampoo ( not the lice shampoo). I also rubbed eucalyptus oil all over my body and tipped the bottle over my head. Unfortunately (or fortunately as luck may have it), the eucalyptus oil got into my eyes. I held my face up to the running water of the shower as my eyes were ‘burning’. I could taste the eucalyptus strongly in my mouth. I stayed under the shower until the worst of the stinging had subsided from my eyes. The aweful feeling of crawling under my skin had thankfully stopped. I slept well the rest of the night. Next morning I awoke and immediately checked my eyes in the mirror. They were OK and I noticed that I did not have any floaters in my right eye anymore. (strange because the eye surgeon was adamant that floaters were either permanently there or not with regards  to torn retinas – not ‘coming and going’).

I checked my sore tooth, and to my amazement, on each side of that tooth were two maggot looking things clinging to it. I removed them with a tissue. They were whole but squashed very easily. I  was horrified -flushed them and immediately rinsed in a mild solution of eucalyptus and water. I bought tea tree toothpaste and mouthwash (which I am continuing to use to this day) and also rinse in a mild solution of eucalyptus and water. The result is that the tooth is no longer sore, or sensitive to cold and does not wiggle.  I also rub eucalyptus oil on my gums at night before retiring.

8. I was now aware that something very strange was happening to me. I got onto the internet. My symptoms seem to match some strange syndrome called Morgellons. This is the first I had ever heard of it. Morgellons table re: infection rates – higher between birth and puberty…. menopause and later:   http://www.morgellons-research.org/morgellons/

My symptoms are similar to Neuro-Cutaneous syndrome.

9. Dec 09. I was now experiencing ‘bites’ randomly all over my body.  A small  white hair/fiber appeared to grow out of  each ‘bite’ site.  It was definitely not a hair or fiber that I was picking up from the environment. With all these strange symptoms, I attended my GP – hoping for help. She told me to immediately attend  St George Hospital Emergency as it was Christmas holidays and it would be a long time before any skin specialist resumed work. She provided me with a referral.

10. I presented hospital Emergency with distressing symptoms over my entire body – I was experiencing sharp piercing ‘biting’sensations with white hairs/fibers appearing at the site of the ‘bite’. I also reported an itchy skin rash on my upper back (which had crawling sensations) and intermittent abdominal discomfort. My GP had prescribed scabiol for the rash but that had made it worse. (I am allergic to sulpha drugs and very allergic to fungus, mould). The Dr. in emergency was thorough. The hairs/fibers that were all over my skin were difficult to see in normal light but became clearly visible under UV light. She took skin and blood samples (as Infectious Diseases was closed for two weeks due to Christmas holidays). She sent the samples for microscopy examination, ordering a number of blood tests and cultures and fungal blood cultures.  Although the Dr was clear with her request, a week later she told me that Pathology at Public Hospital had refused her requests for microscopy tests (examination by electron microscope).  She was not happy with that outcome and said further that she could not properly diagnose me without ‘the full picture’. She conducted a further lot of blood tests as Pathology had told her the previous tests were contaminated.

She referred me to Infectious Diseases, requesting a follow-up on the results of the following tests that she had ordered: blood film, full blood count, automated differential, culture urine, urine microscopy, electrolytes urea creatinine, full blood count, automated differential, liver function tests, calcium, magnesium and phosphate, c reactive protein, serology hold, culture blood, blood culture -aerobic, serology send away, other specimen (max 4). On 9 January  2010, I had an appointment with Dr at Infectious Diseases at Public Hospital. I provided him with a history (in writing).

11. 9/1/10 Referred to Dr at Infectious Diseases Clinic,  Public Hospital. The Dr examined me.  As well as the previous symptoms I have described, my main symptoms were -most notably the rash which  I was now experiencing as a wriggling, burning, stinging and  sweating  rash – my lymph nodes (under the jaw) were inflamed and sore. Both eyes now had floaters. I had disturbed sleep. I also was experiencing intermitent pulsing and fluttering  sensations on my skin and having disturbed sleep as these symptoms were worse at night.

The Dr ordered a number of blood /urine tests. He had no diagnosis -other than "no one parasite could explain all my symptoms". He said that it might be the case that I had a parasite not normally found in humans -it would run its course and leave the body. He said no diagnosis or treatment.

12. With no diagnosis or treatment, I was left to my own devices.  I researched my symptoms on the internet. Each time -I came up with Morgellons….(If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck….) My ‘biting’ and itching symptoms were very distressing.  I obtained some relief from swimming in salt water.  I try to swim 5 days a week. According to the internet petroleum products make Morgellons worse. That made sense to me as my rash got worse with the scabiol prescription. I stopped wearing makeup or using any creams that had chemical properties.  I now use a brand of talcum powder which is made up of 50% sodium bicarbonate, as a deodorant.

I needed to control the biting, itching symptoms. On line -I read somewhere that Morgellons needed a high PH environment to grow. So I used the opposite on my skin. At this stage, I started to use hemp and sunflower massage oil and a hemp seed & grape lotion. I got tremendous relief and I controlled the symptoms using these oils/creams.  After a few weeks I did not have fibers regularly erupting from my skin.  As of end  January to date,  I also use other ‘acid’ based oils like avocado (which I now use to moisturize my face), coconut oil * which relieves the ‘fluttering’ sensations on my skin and which I now take internally -a desertspn 3 times a day as a tonic. Also organic hemp seed oil. And, I have always used olive oil  in cooking etc. My diet leading up to this was very very good – lots of organic fruit and vegetables – I now try to eat foods to create an acid environment because I understand that Morgellons needs high PH to replicate – I eat red meat/chicken/beans/peas/corn/plums/tomatoes.
spicy foods too.

13. After the initial consultation with Dr at I D clinic, I  started taking ‘The colon formula’ dietary supplement because of my abdominal discomfort. (per tablet: slippery elm bark 200mg; cascara sagrada bark extract 263 mg; marshmallow root extract 188mg; pau d’arco bark extract 200mg; artichoke leaf extract 450mg; horseradish root extract 150mg black walnut 100mg). This relieved my symptoms and helped to improve my bowel movements. I took this  course for two weeks, finishing the course. My bowel movements are still not normal but have improved.

14.  During Dec 09- Jan 2010, I have woken up in the middle of the night on at least 7 occasions (from a sound sleep) with intense, strange, sticky sweating (not related to the oils that I am using on my skin because this started prior to me using anything on my skin). The sweating was relegated to the upper torso and neck area -the rash having spread to the back of my neck. I would clean the area with mentholated spirits and/or eucalyptus oil, & shower. Whilst I am not sweating like this anymore – I am still occasionally sweating out foreign matter. These are tiny, hard black specks and metallic looking specks. They are not environmental and they are coming out through the pores in my skin.  When this happens, I will get an itchy ‘bite’ sensation at the site. This symptom has also improved.

15. In Jan 2010 I  experienced extreme intense stinging three times  (at night) on my upper back region (almost like something was ‘fusing’ it was so intense, painful  and ‘hot’ across the whole area). I started taking goldenseal  (natural antibiotic) 500mls once a day. The intense stinging & sticky sweating (so far) has not returned.

One evening, before retiring, I had a spoonful of coconut oil as I often do.  I take a spoonful 2 or 3 times per day. The health benefits of coconut oil include hair care, skin care, stress relief, maintaining cholesterol levels, weight loss, increased immunity, proper digestion and metabolism, relief from kidney problems, heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, HIV and cancer, dental care, and bone strength. These benefits of coconut oil can be attributed to the presence of lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid, and its properties such as antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial, soothing, etc. The next morning I hacked up a small slug-like thing that was blocking my throat. I have had small slug-like things (larvae?) under my scalp. I go swimming (salt water),  and use tea tree shampoo (normal shampoo not lice shampoo) & conditioner with a mild solution of eucalyptus (& water)  on my hair. This seems to keep my scalp free of these things. These larvae are  more easily seen in UV light -my optometrist noticed them.

16. I started to experience a feeling that I had hair caught in the back of my throat.  My glands (neck) became very sore and felt bruised. I would spit up small blue fibers every time I rinsed my mouth. This symptom is more under control now, but from time to time when I rinse my mouth -there will be fibers present.

17. Both of the glands in my neck were very, very sore and very inflamed. I  woke up from a sound sleep and vomited on 3  separate occasions (sequential nights in the same week). I felt that something was stuck in my throat. I believe that I did vomit something foreign out of my body.  My glands improved within 3 days of this episode. They are still not 100% but they are not as acutely inflamed. At this stage I started taking Tri Plex suspension. Each 1mL contains liquid extracts equivalent to: Syzygium aromaticum (clove) flower bud dry 20mg Juglans nigra (black walnut) fresh green hulls 670mg Artemisia absinthium (wormwood) leaf dry 115mg. I continue to take it. It is a seven week course. It has dramatically reduced my "internal" symptoms.

18. I have floaters that come and go in my eyes. It is very worrying because of my previous incident of nearly having a detached retina. At the end of January, I experienced an incident.  I’d felt that something was in my eye. The eye felt sore with some pressure in the area to the immediate right, of my right eye.  It was annoying and by 5pm was getting worse.  I put some aloe vera on the area. (This was natural aloe vera taken straight from an actual plant which I have growing). Immediately, I felt severe stinging (like many blow-fly bites in one small area). White fibers emerged from under the skin -and I took a video and photos which I provided to Dr on my second visit of 2/02/10. 

I was left with a very bruised very sore R eye and went to Sydney eye hospital early the next morning. The Dr said I had debris under my eyelid and told me to clear it I would need to put cooled,boiled water on a tissue and put it on my closed eye -massaging the eye. He gave me information re Blepharitis. I now have to do this every morning to both eyes, to keep my eyes clear of ‘foaters’. I substitute colloidal silver for the boiled water

19. I have always had a healthy amount of earwax. A lot actually. I have always viewed this as normal.  Since this has started -I have no ear wax. There seems to be a lot of activity in the ear canals at night.  This symptom persists. I had an incident. Activity at night seemed to be worse in the left ear.  In the morning, I tried to clean out my left ear but the opening was blocked.  The parasite (or whatever is in my ear)  stung my ear badly -the pain was considerable. I sprayed the ear with eucalyptus/water, no result. I sprayed with colloidal silver, no result. I decided to go swimming in the ocean – and finally the pain subsided.

The next ear incident happened  about a week later on 2/2/10. I awoke at 5.30am to intense stinging pain in my left ear.  The pain was excruciatingly debilitating so I went to Emergency at Public Hospital. The pain did not start to subside until 8.00am. On examination I had erythematous eroded canal with some discharge and a bulging tympanic membrane. Discomfort at the TMJ joint. There were a few submandibular lymphnodes.  I was given antibiotic ear drops and referred to Dr for an appointment later that day.My rash had spread to underneath my breasts so Dr  referred me dermatologist for an appointment on 17/2/10. After seeing Dr at infectious diseases -there was still no diagnosis and no treatment but (after I asked) he said it would be OK to continue with the herbal
supplements I had put myself on.

20.  Another awful incident, My gums started bleeding again -like they had been cut. I decided to rub a bit of eucalyptus oil on my sore gum. Using my finger to rub it on – I felt towards the back of my mouth a lump. The lump moved away from my gum area. I brushed my teeth etc.  I sprayed eucalyptus/water on my hair and combed it with a nit comb (I try to do this twice daily). I accidently sprayed some into my eyes. It hurt. Whatever parasite this is -didn’t like the onslaught and travelled down my trachea. It felt as though I had swallowed something too big and it was going down my throat very slowly. I experience strange pain below both breasts. I took a spoonful of coconut oil. I was fearful that it would enter my lungs so I put some eucalyptus in a cup, added hot water and inhaled it. It continued down to my stomach. It was about midday. I had had nothing to eat since breakfast. My stomach was feeling very queasy. I had some peppermint tea and vomited. Out came the tea. I felt as though something were stuck in my throat -so I made myself vomit. Out came something -which can be described as worm-like with tentacles & debris -dull pink colour.  It was large. I vomited again -and more of the same (but smaller) came up.

21. Whilst I have given one stool sample (beginning February)-it did not appear to me to have evidence of intestinal parasites. There was one day however,  when my feces certainly looked (to me) as showing evidence of parasites. This was after I had been on Tri Plex suspension for 3 weeks). It has not happened since. 

22.  I have also noticed that  during Jan 2010, I had thrush around my lips and also vaginal thrush. I have never had this before. I started taken a herbal supplement Pau d’Arco (Feb 2010)  and have controlled that symptom. I take 4 to 5 capsules per day which is equal to 2 cups of tea.Pau d’Arco is a natural herb retrieved from the inner bark of the Tabebuia Avellanedae or Tabebuia Impetiginosa, known as taheebo. An article published by Dr. Daniel B. Mowrey on Pau d’Arco stated that "who Lapacho has produced clinical anti-cancer effects without side effects." This taheebo tea has been helpful to many. Candida Albicans, a fungus which causes yeast infections, has also been treated by the Pau d’Arco herb. Clinical studies also showed strong in vitro activity against various other bacteria, fungi and yeast, including: Aspergillus, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus, Helicobacter pylori (common cause of stomach ulcers), Bucella, tuberculosis, pneumonia, and dysentery.

23. I seem to be sensitive to electromagnetic fields – I get itchy all over when I sit in front of my computer and experience ‘stinging’ sensations on my face and chest. I went to a 2 hour seminar in Feb 2010  -I was sitting near a huge monitor screen and itched and experienced stinging sensations during the entire time of the seminar. It was difficult to bear. It stopped when I left the room. When I go to the national park -no itching or any symptoms….. I also avoid any petrolium products for fear I will break out in a worse rash.

24. I have found small insects on my skin -springers? & more advanced looking flying insects


Comments on: "Trials of a Fellow Morgellons Sufferer" (16)

  1. Sister to Common Sense said:

    Thanks for posting this MRC, I open up my email some days and it looks like the United Nations of Morgellons is reporting to me.
    I am fielding Canada to Canadians, Americans to Americans, Australia to Australians and Brits to one another as best I can.
    If this keeps up they won’t need to have meetings in Texas we will need to Rent the United Nations Building.
    This is so not funny and I am really so angry with the Medical Community right about now. There are some good ones but in these cases more horrific than good.
    Our best recourse is in the Media and in a Court of Law.
    Here is an idea. I say we pick a day and every single morgellons patient we can get together call the CDC phone line all at once. Jam up their lines.
    I also have some email addresses for some of the inept ones at the CDC and lets pick another day where we jam up their emails, same time, same day.
    If we unite in a Battle we can win the battle, maybe not the War but at least the battle.
    Sister to Common Sense
    Just a thought…

    • Sister, I know for a fact if we published every letter you recieve it would alarm the @#$# out of people, trust me fellow readers, you have no idea just how wide spread this thing really is.

  2. Sister to Common Sense said:

    MRC and All,
    Since the Barbara Minton articles and the Coast to Coast interviews the alarming rate of people emailing us is overwhelming.
    Yes you have no idea how many are emailing begging for help.
    It is time for action and I intend to create a reaction,but we have got to ban together to win.
    Thanks MRC,
    Sister to Common Sense

    • Debra Bills said:

      I too am so ready for the battle. To all the Doctors also that ignore our cries!!! Anytone can email on this topic only…I am joining to win.. Love and Peace, Good Health and Happines to us all.
      Respectfully Submitted

    • Debra Bills said:

      What is Sister to Sister and how do I join?? Thank you..

  3. When the CDC was asked for money to research Morgellons, they got a little more than 500,000. Wow… I just read an article that says, since our space shuttles are grounded, that the U.S. will be dependent on Russia to get a ride up to the international space station…one ride for one person: 50 million dollars is what they want. I’m furious as I sit here with my skin crawling and biting. What an insult. I guess they won’t dedicate 50 million to Morgellons research until the president gets it.

  4. Here’s an idea, let’s think, feel and believe that a healing solution for Morgellons is here now.
    Miracles happen all of the time.

    Believe It and You’ll See It
    The power of contemplation works miracles.
    Inspiration by spiritual writer Wayne Dyer.


    Sarah McLachlan-Ordinary Miracle
    (I like the pig in this video)

  5. Help ! Mr. Common sense, I am a long time sufferer of Morg, have tried everything on my teeth, can feel sensation in left front tooth very strong, have rinsed with ( one at a time that is ) eucalyptus & warm water, peppermint & water, baking soda in water, salt in water,H2o2 on gums, used to use listerine all the time , then got afraid of destroying my enamel, can’t afford a dentist right now, any test to do at home to see if enamel is intact ? and any remedies ?

  6. Dear newagewoes,

    Do not eat or drink anything with sugar.

    Try dipping your finger into eucalyptus oil and rubbing/massaging a little directly into the gum above the tooth -spit out any excess. Do it a few times a day -hopefully it will improve in a few days.

    That’s my best advice -stay strong. The above is my story. My thoughts are with you.

  7. I bought a little mini microscope at radio shack,I have found 100’s of samples of strange fiber related little creatures,what looks like a speck of pepper brings on a different world at 60+% magnufied,and my bites can start as small as a pen prick,then grow into a sore,and they match on each arm and each side of my face and each ear,scarry to think about the intellagence behind these fibers,they are not bothering my kids,they bother me with a few bites now and then,yet they liked my ex girl friend,she’s the one that brought them to my attention,that they like to get into cotton clothes and in the mattress,when I witnessed her spraying our matress with alcohol and watching several black dots slowly evolve to a thick cotton threads about a inch long come out like a snake out of the tight weave and just fall still on the matress,I picked one up looked and felt just like a tight rolled peice of cotton thread,pulled it apart found nothing in it,I put the rest in a zip lock,they are the only ones like that I found,it seams like there several types of morgellens all with fiber as the one common thing that connects them,for non beleivers,I will value your opinion after you get a mini microscope,until then your knowleged of the subject is limited to just your opinion,this includes all the doctors who stopped the practice of medicine when they got there new country club membership and an assistant to do most of their work for them,these type of sites rule in educating others,thanks guys

  8. I certainly hope that someone can help me. This is new to me. It started a few months ago. I googled white skin fibers and got all of this info on Morgellans. I looked at all of the pictures, etc available to me. But none of them matched 100%. I have white fibers coming out of my skin – almost cellulous like – not like yarn. They aren’t thick, look hairlike but break easily and smush easily. They are just over a 1/4 inch in length. I used tweezers the other day to ‘pick’ all of them out. It didn’t hurt one bit. It actually gave me a little bit of relief. The next day and still even today I have sores that appear to have bled at some time where I had removed the fibers. It is tremendously itchy too (before and after removing the fibers) and kinda feels like there are creepy crawlies sometimes but not as bad as I have read on some of the Morgellans blogs. Is this the beginning of Morgellans? My skin was clear before and this just started during the super hot months of Summer. From reading all of the Morgellans sites, it looks like fibers grow out of sores, but my skin was growing the fibers, then gave me sores after I extracted the fibers. Also, lots and lots of more fibers are growing again. Does anyone know if I have Morgellans or is this something else?

    • Hi Tina, I have those fibers as well that turned into itch sores after tweezing them. I get small pimply sores as well. Get a fine tooth comb and you will likely see that you have them coming out of yur scalp as well. Initially I had a terribly itchy scalp. Since using baking soda rather than shampoo it really helps and leaves your hair squeaky clean. Just dampen your hair and work a generous amount into the scalp and rinse. A friend of mine also washes her body with it as well. Don’t bother making a paste for the shampoo portion. Read recent posts by jUDITH KNILANS aka JKAuthor. This is not just a skin disease. Also look up the Poor man’s Protocol on this site. Another good wesbiste is run by Pamela Crane called MorgellonsFocus.com. Pam has been an angel linking sufferers with doctors and good testing labs. They also have 2 poor man’s protocols for cleansing that are quite good using baking soda and apple cider vinegar. Check it out. Also read recent posts by JKAuthor and Free E Book by Judith Knilans.

  9. Hi Sharon! What do we have exactly? Is it Morgellons? Please, please, please share it with me. What are these fibers and small sores after tweezing? Have you had it diagnosed? I can’t get in to see my MD for a while, when I finally get in to see him he will probably send me to a dermatologist, then more waiting. It’s really FREAKING ME OUT!!! I haven’t checked my head, but yes it is constantly itchy especially at the back of my scalp. I don’t use shampoo to wash my hair, I use a cleansing conditioner. It has tea tree oil in it. My Hubby is super concerned as where I have tweezed looks terrible. There must be 100’s of tiny little sores now and more of those weird white fibers keep appearing, so I keep tweezing them out. I must of tweezed out at least 50 of them yesterday. I will try the baking soda wash. Does this just help with the sores or does it eliminate the fibers?

    I also don’t know how to look up Judith Knilans – I can’t seem to find her, but I will look up Pamela Crane website. :o)

    • Baking Soda Helps, try it to clean your hair it helps the itch and does a gret job of cleaning. Soaking in baking soda helps as well. Also Morgone.com has a great gel with sulfur in it that helps. Pamela can get you in touch wwith a doctor as well as treatment protocols. We have been calling it Morgellons which the medical community did not like. Also we the Morg community feel that it is more than a skin disease so a traditional dermatologist will not help. What do we have exactly is a million dollar question that many of us are trying to figure out. Read Mr Common Sense posts as well as MorgellonFocus.com (Pamela Crane). Judith Knilan is an ND and fellow suffer. If you look at recent posts on the left side of the home screen scroll down a bit and you will see recent posts by jkauthor. This is Judith Knilans. Don’t be too freaked out as Judith has had this for a long time and did not treat it properly in the beginning as most of us have not. Judith has a blog called Home Heal Naturally as well as a free ebook. the link will be there also. Don’t panic it does get better.

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