Comments on: "Although this is about Vaccines this Parallels so Much our Cause" (3)

  1. Vaccines are a multi billion dollar industry.
    Government decisions are often driven by the companies standing to profit from the use of their products.

    Have you every tried to report an adverse reaction to a vaccine? Twice my child had a bad reaction to 2 different shots. The medical system did not want to hear about it. Remember the 3 monkeys: See No Evil, Hear No Evil but what happened to Do No Evil?

    Google vaccine safety, vaccine dangers, vaccine effectiveness. There are books written on the topic.

    • I am 48 yrs old. The other day I asked my mother if she kept any records of vaccinations for myself and my younger brother. She had all the records. I had recieved the typhoid polio shots as well as all the boosters in the early 1970s. I never got the MMR shot.
      My brother on the other hand got the MMR when he was 7 yrs old, after which my parents said he started to exhibit odd disconnected behaviour. My brother developed schizophrenia and this has been a strain on the whole family. Makes you wonder.

  2. I had an experience also. Unrelated to morg, I had received a flu vaccine from an incompetent nurse. She placed it into my shoulder joint mistakenly using the tip of my clavicle for her reference point, instead of using the top of the humerus bone. She went an entire day doing this to others, as, I went to her supervising doctor and she set her straight. Anyway, I had no use of my arm for nearly a year. Doctors (orthopedists) didn’t believe me, about the vaccine causing my pain, they just recommended surgery (which I did not have) – but when I called the CDC to ask what was in the “medicine” – no one could tell me. Plus, I made a complaint which they blew off. I was, of course, ignored completely. Left to live off my savings for a year because I could not work as it entailed the use of my arm – duh.

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