Okay, it’s time for this nonsense to end. Many claim Morgellons patients are infected with nematodes or filarial worms and they stand a good chance at being correct. There is a very easy way to identify worms in the human body, and it’s not invasive, doesn’t require a stool sample, and is quite inexpensive to have done. No needles, nothing is even extracted from the human body and there is no guesswork, you can ACTUALLY SEE THE WORMS.

My next blog post will outline how we can finally end this nightmare, or at least end the debate as to whether or not we are infected with nematodes and or filarial worms. There is no debate here folks, identifying worms in humans is quite simple and there is a readily proven technology for doing so. It is done with Ultrasound and it can take less than 10 minutes to identify them in the human body, and is quite easily done. If you want to read ahead Google “Filarial Dance Sign” along with Ultrasound. We can prove this ourselves even if we have to buy the equipment. And it can be done with a simple hand held device.

Filarial Dance Sign

Movie of filarial (worms) in a mans testicles. They are clearly visible. From my reading it can take a little as 6 minutes to find them in your body. Please take a look at these video’s again, these are cleaner versions.

Watch this 2nd Video Through to the end …

I honestly believe that what stands between us and Morgellons being identified as a nematode/filarial worm infection is only a matter of a few hours of work, and there’s no guesswork. Do I have your interest? I should, because it’s a damn shame that we are still suffering and we are for no reason at all. I’ve had it, I’m ticked off, and I’m not stopping until I prove this is the case.

Watch for my next blog post which will outline exactly how this can be done along with overwhelming medical researching showing it actually being done, complete with movies of the worms doing the “Filarial Dance” inside the human body. This is it, this crap stops here and it stops now.

Mr. Common Sense


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  1. herehoping said:

    Go get’em Mr.C

    • Hi Mr. Common Sense

      I too, believe the filarial worm is just part of the puzzle…I have a photo of what is in my blood that resembles all the well known parasitic identification sites of filarial disease. Long story as to how I got this but it is dismissed by doctors. Would love to get a microbiologist on board who is familiar with tropical diseases.

      I had a sense that I needed a sonogram for diagnosing, even though I went along with the infectious disease doctor who ordered a CT scan for me–nothing came up, even though I have a certain area on the left side of my intestines that actually moves, groans [eerie deep sounds] that are totally unrelated to hunger etc.–actually seems to react to what I am taking to kill off this infection–I have almost gotten it down to knowing what is good to take and what is not, just by the reaction I get from this monster from within. While I have suspected it might be part of the fungus/biofilm [which is why I suspected it didn’t show up on the CT scan], I figure that within the biofilm there is parasitic activity.

      Thank you for validating my observations–good work and look forward to the follow up article on this subject.

      I had written you recently about a subject that might be common to all and have a personal comment to discuss with you. I never saw if my recent post made it online, so wondered if you could take the time to email me? Hopefully it is ok to publicly post my email: pshannon9@comcast.net


  2. Nobody as determined as a p.o.’ed M sufferer!

    You GO Dude!

  3. Wow, interesting idea! I looked briefly at some of the
    Ultrasound dancing filarial sites and noticed that some said the filarial was W. bancrofti. This is an interesting coincidence, a couple of years ago I was talking to a doctor in NM who said he thought morgellons might be W. bancrofti.

    So the big question is how do we get this ultrasound test for ourselves? Would this Ultrasound test work in the nasal cavity, sinus and scalp?

    Thanks Mr. C.
    I believe a solution is here now.

    In the meantime I am going to try a new homeopathic treatment for parasites. I will let you know if it works.

  4. BRAVO!!!!!

  5. Thanks everybody, I included a video of this, look at the post again

  6. Welll..hmmmm – the guys told me about this and I see it now.
    Looks promising. Interesting thats for sure.
    Were any of these extracted and identified…wait let me go back and see where they were…hold on…ohhhh okay got it.
    Next we pulllll one of those suckers out (OUCHY for that guy !) and I.D. the heck out of it and try all the kill stuff on it we can..
    Don’t you think it morphs though? (this part just my off the cuff..thought on the dang stuff….
    eggs – white
    egg casing – black
    parasite or other final form……….???
    Hope that did not grose any body out.
    Just thinking ..no white paper on that….
    Nice video though…..

    Pamela mae

    • Yes I believe it does morph, going from tiny black specs to hundreds of black strands sticking in oval brown shaped attachments inbedding in the under surface of the skin. Also goes through cycles 3 to 4 times a year and after 20 years you start to wake up to these facts

  7. Sister to Common Sense said:

    Dear Friend,
    ultrasound is quite amazing. Good Job friend. Wait until you see it on Dark Field.
    Sister to Common Sense

    • But sister, I don’t get it, if we can identify it then we can prove it. We need to use ultraside, wait until you see my write up. This is frustrating for me. How can you say wait till you see it? Do you know what Morgellons is? I’m saying it’s exactly what is shown above and the only way to prove it is via ultrasound, it’s being done all the time, just not in the US.

  8. Sister to Common Sense said:

    I spoke with a Quantim Physicist with this yesterday. She has been following this blog and her sister, an MD is following her process.
    We have so many now that are on our side.
    We have to increase the voltage of the waters in our body,
    I just did 8 ounces of anu on a sufferer, within 5 hours brain fog gone.
    Ultra sound is great but Darkfield is Superior and there are darkfield doctors all over the country.
    Just google it in your town.
    Sister to Common Sense

  9. Cliff Mickelson said:

    There is absolutely no doubt that there is a filarial form involved in Morgellons. I have been writing about that aspect of this affliction for many years now. Unfortunately there seems to be an endless supply of questionable sources who are adept at clouding that simple truth and sending the entire Morg community off on wild goose chases.

  10. Dear Sister and MRC,

    Possibly it’s a case of both of you are correct.

    Go to the Elliot’s Disease Research Library and read Peter Rimer’s personal journey, Peter and his wife lived in Hastings, England, and vacationed in France, staying in an old villa where mold and fungi literally hung from the ceilings.

    One day while having a picnic with their host and hostess and other friends, they were attacked by swarms of insects, bitten and tormented horribly.

    Shortly thereafter Peter developed all the typical symptoms we have experienced, and finally, after a lengthy, miserable illness, Peter was diagnosed with W. bancrofti and eventually died.

    About darkfield microscopy, I was guest guinea pig at a hematology seminar in about 1997. Something parasitic was seen in my blood by both the hematologist who was teaching the class and the adult students in attendance. The students included lab techs, one M.D., one D.O., a Chiropractor, and assorted people in the field of medicine.

    The “parasite” came around at rather regular intervals, but not one of them including the instructor, could identify it.

    Nice, eh?

  11. Sister to Common Sense said:

    I will get a local MD that I know to do an Ultrasound on some patients here.
    They have insurance and all they need is a Doctors order to do Ultrasound.
    Let us see what we can come up with.
    Thanks MRC and Sid,
    Sister to common Sense
    PS go back and view the Nieman Darkfields also.

  12. According to the nanotrans folks these are probably strongyloides and are quite small 1 – 2mm. If we are infected with these I wonder if it is possible to kill them with a zapper. I have built a high power 28V unit and need to find the correct kill frequencies. This will take much time for experimentation. According to Hulda Clark you should be able to neutralize worm parasites with electricity, unless these “things” have been so genetically super modified that they are invincible?

  13. Sister to Common Sense said:

    Do you have any idea what part of the body this ultrasound was done on, I am not trying to be dense but was it of the abdomen??? I have watched it now about 20 times and am still amazed. It is nice to see you on this blog Cliff….welcome.

    Sister to Common Sense

  14. Sister to Common Sense said:

    Stupid me, it was the testicles. I should have read closer.

    Sister to Common Sense

  15. what is this, some sort of trick to lure people to your website and then …. nothing but an ad gimmick? Ah, so disappointed, since I have Morgellons and am treating it just with hydrosol silver.

    • This is harly a joke, I could very well end up dying of this damned thing, I’ve seen your twitter claiming you had the Cure for Morgellons and that it was Sovereign Silver, I like that silver, but it is hardly a cure. Unlike forums, not all speech is protected here, you can disagree me that’s no problem, but accusing me of tricking people to come to my site is borderline. What are talking about an “ad”? I certainly don’t make any money off this site nor any products whatsoever, ask my wife is who about to hang me for spending so much money trying to stay healthy.

      The fact is this Ultrasound Technique is being used to find parasites in humans quite readily, everywhere except in the U.S. where we don’t have parasites (so we are told).

    • Sister to Common Sense said:

      Hey djpurity,
      You may want to go back and review Joes blog on the Morgellons of the 1640’s. His research is impeccable and is cited by others in the scientific community.

      Silver is not cutting it and as far as I am concerned will add to the heavy metal overload in the Human Body. For 5 years I have seen people ingest all kinds of silver and it is not cutting it.

      I am so glad it works for you, but a lifetime on silver will build up in the kidneys and many are going to end up on dialysis for the overload of silver that they are taking. This blog is informational and if something is working people they have the right to post it.

      This is some pretty serious business here, too many are suffering. Please read on the opening statement that MRC just wants to get to the answers and openly share information.

      What works for 1, may not work for others and I am truly glad you found your treatment, but many have taken silver over long periods and it has not been effective for them. Please, believe me he and others have been at this for a long time.

      If you look at his blogroll there are many companies whose products he is looking at, not just one. He makes no monies on any endorsements.

      Sister to Common Sense

      • Cliff Mickelson said:

        Correct. C-Silver does not terminate this affliction nor does it ameleorate it. Colloidial silver is great for other things but DOES NOT WORK FOR MORGELLONS…

        By the way, Nutra-silver is nothing more than vegetable wash repackaged from Mexico.

        • Cliff Mickelson said:

          I want to take a moment to reiterate that we are dealing with (at least in one of it’s phases) a filarial “form”….there is a big difference between that and “worm”….Please be careful not to confuse the two.

          • Hi Cliff, did you get rid of the nematodes in the scalp? I have tried so many things. Fine tooth combing helps to minimize but does not do much for the larva state. I feel I am doing the filarial dance trying to keep up with the cycles.

  16. You rule Kick Ass PLEASE, suffering for over 20 years with this f**g parasite stck under my skin, but I am still fighting back.

    • Do try Kleen Free. Avoid eyes. Marinate skin with it
      every other day for about 30 days. That kills the parasites.
      It takes a while to get well after that though…
      (They surface, and you have to pluck them out.)
      Be brave and take the pain!

      (Kleen Free is non-chemical and totally biodynamic.)

      • Lotte, it works on some parasites but not all. The nematodes that are tormenting me seem to be unaffected by this. I am on my third gallon of this stuff and i also wash my clothes in it.

  17. I thought this was interesting about microfilariae http://tinyurl.com/2hfhka

  18. I wonder what those in other countries are using to rid themselves of this?

  19. onthemend said:

    Somebody had to say it sooner or later.
    Strongyloides stercoralis.
    Say it again.
    Strongyloides stercoralis.
    Again, please.
    Strongyloides stercoralis.

    Causes larve curens (because of the fast migratory route)in chronic cases.
    This strongyloide nematode is able to complete its life cycle in humans. This particular strongyloide can be localised to specific areas of the body, the scalp being one location. During chronic, uncomplicated infections, the larva may migrate to the skin where they cause cutaneous strongyloidiasis (eg larva curens).
    Hence, all the crawling/biting sensations.

    I am now nearly at my third week of doxycycline therapy for a strongyloide infection, after being catagorized by a naturopath as a Morgellons patient. I had all the symptoms listed by posters, crawling, lesion, etc.
    My lesions are healed (dozens of them), no more itchy/crawly/biting symptoms. Now taking a 10 minute shower once a day and living life normally once again.

    Typical (contemporary) treatment for strongyloide infections include Ivermectin, albendazole, mebandazole or thiabendazole. There is literature to support successful use of Doxycycline in low doses for several months in this infection (2003).

    It’s working for me.

    Thanks.Mr C.
    A breath of fresh air and clear thinking.

    on the mend

    • I wanted to put this to Randy Wymore in the Morgellons research lab – however his email address Morgellons@okstate.edu is not longer active ????

    • Hi onthemend,
      Did you have a parasite test to show that you have Strongyloides stercoralis? If so, which one and how were you able to convince someone to do the test?

      Do you know if Strongyloides stercoralis can affect the nose and sinus also?

      many thanks

    • Hi,

      I wonder if you would share the source of your information. I have read scientific papers on Doxycycline for Filariasis but not for Strongyloides…

      I am interested if it CAN be used for Strongyloides.


    • getting there too said:

      I cannot thank you enough for posting about your results and mentioning strongyloids doxybycline therapy. Did you have to go intravenus or have oral doses done the trick? I’ve been on it for about four days and have experienced much nausea. I find in fighting this you MUST be relentless as you find the condition brings you right back where you started (lots of crawling/biting) if you give them an inch (you know!).

      Here is a tip that I’ve found helpful and I hope will help others: take large garlic oil gel caps and use them as suppositories. You will find you “go” tablespoons of them at a time. They come out instead of moving into the bloodstream. Students will know: These things breed like fish. They don’t have eggs (that the other parasites!), they lay live minis which then swim into the bloodstream and muscles via the many tunnels their relatives have bored into you. Don’t do this during work hours or right before you go to work; you risk becoming a pariah.

      Please pass the word on the garlic gel use. I want to help the community!

      Love to you all.

      getting there too

      • How often can one use the garlic capsuls as supositories ? Please post
        Thank you……..long ordeal

  20. Bengt Robbert said:

    How do Filarial worms produce the fibers? How do the botflies and collenbola infestations fit it? Are the lesions filled with or caused by these worms? What de-worming agent is effective against them?

    How are you sure the worms are not part of a community of infectious pathogens affiliated with Morg? If it is about Bio-Terrain then what prior conditions feed them? Why do you itch when you eat gmo corn?

    If you are correct that these are Causative Agents then there is a huge amount of data others have collected to be integrated into your viewpoint. These questions are not meant to challenge your assumption but to assist in fleshing out, no pun intended, a bigger picture.

    • Cliff Mickelson said:

      Hi BR.

      Good questions and….Actually, the answer is a lot more simple than one might think.

      The fibers actually ARE the filarial forms. All of the different colored (and clear) so-called “fibers” have been documented as motile and therefore classifiable in a general sense as being filarial. I think it’s time we dumped the concept of “fibers” in order to help clear the air. These forms are not in any way what-so-ever what we can truly call fibers. In at least one stage of their life-cycle there appear “filarial”

      PS: Is anyone going to the Morgellons Conference in Austin on March 27? Everyone is invited and we are going to examine this issue in depth.


      • Hi Cliff, I met you at the morgellons conference this year, 2011. After all the research of the morgellons research lab, do you still take this stance on what we have? I have gotten balls of fibers on intact skin, a tuft of brown ones with the red and blue wrapped around them like a rope. Plus, the little black dots are, under microscopy, tiny threads in a tight ball. My boyfriend and I tried to burn one of the fiber balls and, like they say, IT DID NOT burn. Wouldn’t a filairial worm burn? After we charred it with the lighter, we put it back under the scope and it was just now a fiberball of black threads. It did not turn into ash, as any earthly material would. I’m just curious on your stance and you looked good, no sores, what are you doing for treatment to yourself? Thanks, Robin

  21. It is amazing that none of these comments addresses the only thing that we know works, a toxic cause; see for articles on Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome (NCS)by Dr. Amin. The filarial theory, like many others, is a science fiction that doesn’t hold water. Most Morgellons patients never have the opportunity of expopsure to such infectious agents.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Thank you for commenting Dr. Amin, you are always welcome, and to be honest, I hope it it not filarial worms, that’s my worst fear (worms). Just being sick I can handle, but worms, na, don’t want to think about that.

    • I am guessing that it is possible that some of the Morgellons symptoms may be caused by more than one thing. Some people may have NCS and others may have an unidentified filarial parasite. I have white salt-sized egg-like specks coming from nose, eye, ear and also larva like stucture from nose. The condition responds somewhat to anti-parasitical herbal cleanses, black walnut, garlic. Comments please.

      • wantmylifeback said:

        When useing black walnut hulls you need to also use cloves and worm wood together. Check out Hilde Clarks protocol for parasites it works great for the worms. Currently useing MMS,MSM, Nutri-Silver, The three items mentioned and washing with allstop products. So far spent 500.00 this month alone. Can’t find a Dr. that will acknowledge Morgellons. Only the usually diagnoses ( I’m crazy). Does Anyone knows of a doctor in northern Calif that doesnt insult us?

    • The place in Scottsdale AZ Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome (NCS)by Dr. Amin There is a parasite center there that is taking care of Morgellons patients and they have treated them and healed them with no reaccorances of the dease. Thank you Dr. Omar for this direction. I am trying to help a homeless man in AZ get help and I live in CA.


      In Light Lynn

  22. onthemend said:

    Well, to respond to comments thus far:

    I have read the article Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome (NCS)by Dr. Amin. However, I did not have any dental sealants, my lesions were not red-hot, I have never had any issues with sunlight intolerance, nor have I ever had sensitivity to sulfa drugs. This is not to say that some patients do not fit the symptom profile discussed in this paper; I only know that I did and do not. I am also in discussion with over 350 other people who have symptoms like mine and as far as I know, dental work is not a common factor in their medical histories.

    In response to jade, the identification of strongyloides was fairly simple: as Mr C rightfully said, YOU CAN SEE THEM. In my case, they could be seen on my skin (just about everywhere) and on my scalp and in my hair, and yes, in and on my nose. Because of their manifestation on the scalp, the conclusion is stercoralis — a strongyloid that causes larva curens of the scalp. And yes, strongyloides can infect the skin, organs, and structures of the body (including the sinus and nose). FYI: the internet site Medscape has some excellent articles on strongyloide infections.

    To address the issue of exposure, strongyloide infections are common in tropical and sub-tropical climates. With the frequency of air travel of North American and European tourists to these destinations, and the increase in global immigration and migration patterns, it is likely that doctors in North America and northern Europe will see an increasing number of patients with this and other parasite infections. Additionally, many fruits and vegetables are imported from around the globe from tropical and sub-tropical climates to countries where strongyloide infections are less common; rapid transport of such products (in some cases, hours) increases the likelihood of transmission from warmer climates to cooler climates. Case in point, in the shipping of potatoes from Cyprus into Great Britain the soil in which the potatoes have been grown is most always still on the potatoes, and washing before preparation may not always be adequate. There is also current debate on the issue of climate change being a factor in the emergence of parasite infections in climates where previously there have been few reported cases.

    I cannot verify that this infection is what other so-called Morgellons patients have. I only know that it is what I have. However, I am aware that other people with Morgellons symptoms have also been on the doxycycline therapy and they have recovered their health.
    A growing number of doctors doing research on this illness are coming to the same conclusions: that Lyme/Borrelia is a common underlying illness in Morgellons patients and that strongyloide infections are a common occurrence in these patients.

    After having said all of that, I continue on the doxycycline regimen, and will for several months, and I continue to improve daily. I have my life back thanks to my doctor.

    • So? Onthemend…a year later…. are you still out there and did the doxycycline cure you? Can you give us an update? Thanks in advance…

  23. Mr.Common Sense,I think You are on to it.I see worms in my lesions and this makes total sense to me.i am after some low dose doxy.Thank you for Your perseverance and I am def. going to ask my Gp for this.I think you are a great guy!!!Rose

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Sure Rose, I look perfectly healthy, there’s just no way I could get a prescription. Let us know if it helps.

      • if getting a script is a an issue …I suggest simply doing what I did(it does help if You have facial lesions or some skin lesions)Just tell the Doc that there has been some research that low dose doxcycline has been helpful in morgellons cases….Most of the Docs at urgent care or clinics know nothing about morgellons…except research is being done on it…scare them first(the nurse was terrified of me thought She’d get it)I told her don’t even come near me with that arm band lol…Then I proceeded to torture the PA by rattling off statisitics of this epidemic…Ok fine if it’s doxy You want Here You go but She only gave me 10 days worth..Actually they were very nice but don’t forget Doctors are often willing to give out antibiotics it’s one of the things they do…quick note doxy is taken on an empty stomach and does not mix well with milk and all dairy products…take 1hour before meals or 2-3 hours after…and also 2 hours before or after vitamins,minerals ,antacids and iron(often in multivites)…anyway on 2nd dose no cream in my coffee today…Will follow up with another wacky comment in a couple of weeks…Thanks Again,Rose

  24. Joe Keleher said:

    For me, these symptoms were about toxicity. Cleaning out my system was key to eliminating symptoms. There are other symptoms that I wouldn’t have thought related to toxins in my system (such as panic attacks), but like an onion having layers removed…I have noted elimination and reduction of medical symptoms as I continue to detox.

    I am thankful I had Dr. Amin’s as well as Dr. Shelton’s input on elimination of toxins. I also think the research and protocols designed by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt are very useful.

    I’m hopeful clear answers will come soon.

  25. Thanks for the very informative blog and all your contributions.

    I was bitten dozens if not hundreds of times while staying in a very dirty, open air house in south florida (while trying to finish my master’s degree, lol). Got sent to the psych ward after making the comment of “I can’t take getting bit like this”

    After another day, the 5-10 bites per minute I received at night, in the open air environment(next to decaying vegetation and a swimming pool that had degenerated into a bog).

    I survived the psych ward, and what felt like a different stage of this illness (crawling, small black dots) and was released after 3 days with a diagnosis of “unknown psychosis” and a prescription for benadryl and zyprexa.
    I have a 3.4 in grad school and zero history of mental illness; not to mention absolutely no “other” signs of schizophrenia (which zyprexa is prescribed for); and the fact that several “doctors” saw the things that were coming off my body.

    They would say things like “That doesn’t look like any bug I’ve ever seen (which is true)”, “Bug bites usually have bloood and there’s no blood on that q-tip”, etc. etc. etc.

    One month later, I have sold my car and left as many belongings as I could behind. I moved from south florida and back in the midwest; I have the same symptoms that became established around the 2nd or third week after the initial bug bites (the vector in my opinion).

    The symptoms are: tiredness, mood changes, the filarial material constantly on me, in me, coming out of me; in a painful fashion.. Dozens of well documented samples of the filarial/fiber material, black dots, and some of the “crystals” as well.
    While many have different symptoms, I have found a commonality in the majority of my symptoms and experiences from a multitude of research sources.

    My questions for you all are:

    How long did it take to develop lesions? I haven’t had major lesions yet.

    I am currently on a “self prescribed” regimen of eating a healthly alkaline diet with little meat, lots of supplements including vitamin C, fish oil, garlic, protein and “supergreen” shakes for nutrients, AlkaMax, washing with Bonnars Peppermind Soap…. all with very little help in alleviating the symptoms, let alone getting better.

    I am concerned and want anyone’s input on the work of (former?) Dr W. John Martin. He has published by far the most horrifying research that relates to what some of us are going through. The discussion of granules and the pigmented fiber material found here:

    and the hardest to read articles on his page, about how patients who manifested original symptoms of “brain fog” and “fibers” deteriated into encephalitis. He thinks it is a virus that is able to evade the immunological response because it is structured in a way that does not trigger the bodies usual immune defenses.

    He also mentioned something about sulfur in one of the papers; which is a correlation with some of the “remedies” I have heard about, like epsom salt baths (magnesium sulfate), and another from “Poor Man’s Protocol” that strongly recommended “sulfur soap”.

    The more serious articles were quite frightening; but since reading them I also learned that there are scientists with opposing opinions and that allegedly he ran into some trouble in keeping his clinical testing license.

    I would like to hear opinions on that; on the disease in general; whether most people have had lesions within the first several months or if they came later.. of course I have many questions along with everyone else.
    Is lyme a contributing factor? What are the best labs to send blood tests to in the country? Should I be asking about testing for presence of parasites and other abnormalities; and/or the presence of a virus that does not initiate the normal immunological response?
    Like many others, I don’t think I can take one more dismissal or false statement without flipping out on someone, so I want to make sure this time, it is done right.

    Perhaps doing a search for Lyme Literate Doctors in my state would be a start; just so many unknowns.

    Thanks for anyone who takes the time to respond on the blog or to my email: Lifesabeach10000@gmail.com.

    • HopeIsHereAndComing said:

      Hi Andy,

      I cured my mother of Lymes disease (I removed the tick), by having her take high-concentration garlic capsules multiple times per day (3 at least). This entails taking bottles of garlic. I would think oregano oil would work similarly. I have no experience with the lesions, and so my advice about the Borax paste I wrote about may be a bit “too much” in the case of direct application to lesions (I’d still say the bathing or solution would help a lot).
      Further, I DRINK or EAT a tiny bit of Borax too – I dip my tongue (about 20 tiny powder granules) a allow the saliva to build in my mouth, hold saliva/Borax solution under my tongue and in mouth for at least 5 minutes (dissolved entirely, lots of saliva!) then swallow (have water handy if you are afraid of burned esophagus). Also, can DRINK pinch (40 tiny grains – not grain measurement!). These measures help to ensure a decent night’s sleep. Also, plenty of eye drops to put in during night to prevent eyes from being bitten a lot (best is Pink Eye Similasan which contains Bella Donna and silver nitrate or strong Visine or similar).

      I send you Great Light and Blessings. Stay positive as the future will bring relief. I also send Light, Love, and Blessings to all those who are fighting this battle.

      • Mr. Common Sense said:

        For those of you reading this I would not be taking Borax internally, do no harm is the first rule for me.

        • HopeIsHereAndComing said:

          Thank you, Mr. Common Sense, for qualifying my recommendations. It did occur to me that those who would follow this protocol would have to be cautious if they wanted to go forward with it. However, the body is often an environment in which many chemical experiments are undertaken… “Big Pharm” is an obvious example.

          I believe I was introduced to Borax via Earth Clinic, should anyone want to look into it.

          Also, something that has helped, but should also be approached with caution, is about a half-teaspoon of Borax in an enema. You must also be taking acidophillus if following this recommendation. Again, all these alternative methods must be approached with a great deal of common sense, then again… “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” and many are quite desperate for some relief.

          I, like you, Mr. Common Sense, am devoid of anything being obvious wrong with me, but these things have got to go and I’ve been successful in managing there numbers and getting some relief at least.

          While this is not the forum for it, and I do believe in God’s will, it may help for people to try to know God better and for that I suggest the Phoenix Journals (look for ’em), specifically, the Pleiades Connection series.

          Blessings and Light to the entire world.

          All things must pass and these little monsters will too! Hang in there my Brothers and Sisters!

          • HopeIsHereAndComing said:

            That is “their” numbers… (not ‘there’!).

            Blessings and Light to all!

    • Andy, I have the specs, granules, fibers…But The doctors just don’t know. Even if they have a suspicion that it is morgellons, as, they Have heard of it, they do not know what to do. A doctor does not want to say the words “I don’t know” so they say DOP and the specimens you show are “skin.” Hard crystals and all … I once got a dermotologist to admit he knew. He cast his eyes down and said “there is no cure.” Find a Lyme Literate doc, don’t waste time going to any other. The ILADs doc. will test you for Lyme IGENEX and start to treat that, which is how certain ILADS docs found out that that is also good for morgellons. Trial and error. And the Lyme docs believe and there will be no DOP diagnosis. As far as finding one in your state… I actually traveled by plane to see the most popular on the web, Virginia Savely. I know that they do talk about morgellons at their conferences and there is sometimes a morgellons booth. Anyway, that would be the big expenditure, then, the docs are quite happy to do the follow up appts. by phone and email. You nearly never have to see them again so, it doesn’t necessarily have to be in your state. Maybe you could take a long drive, or whatever.
      There is two ways of thinking…for this thing…one, the natural build up the terrain and sit in the FIR sauna, etc. The other is the prescription “poisons” which dystroy your natural good intestinal flora. So, you have to take probiotics, check labs. I seem to have an obstinant version of the morg and am resorting to high dose antibiotics and antiparasiticals. I did try the terrain approach and went off my 5 month protocol of doing Bactrim and Biaxin after being convinced FIR would cure this. I was actually feeling quit well on the AB. Then I bought the expensive sauna that is supposed to cure, made sure I did all the terrain suggestions and a bunch of other by Dr. Staninger protocol and the morgellons slowly came back with a vengence. I’m not saying she is wrong, just maybe, after having taken 5 months of antibiotics and not completing my mission in killing this, that the strong survived and now I am battling a more powerful enemy. So, my point is if you start the AB get enough to last 18 months. That seems to be the time frame claim by those who propose to be cured. Also, I’ve had this 2 years and no sores. I don’t know how long my mother has had it, as we didn’t know about it until she started breaking out in sores, winter 2009. I was still well at the time.

  26. HopeIsHereAndComing said:


    I tested for Strongyloids (stool and blood), tested for H-Pylori (blood), both negative.

    I have flat larva migrans (tan, sometimes reddish, rash) that spread. Diet and cleaning helps, but in my case Hulda Clark cleansing, and Vaxa cleanses, etc. LED to my having the USC (Unidentified Squirming Creature) taking up residence under my skin with a smaller presence in my digestive tract. What helps: alkaline diet, baking soda pinches through day and teaspoon before bed and… very important help (inexpensive) is Borax (the 20 mule-team old-fashioned borax).

    Wash the lesser-itchy areas with Borax powder on wash cloth then apply more on new cloth and leave on skin. They cannot live in an alkaline environment, but may move on…. Answer to that is MMS which can be taken in capsule, either MMS1 or MMS2. The MMS use is akin to alkalizing the “dirty pool water” of your body. Google “Jim Humble MMS”. Drinking MMS (can only drink MMS1) quickly brings down the activity.
    Bath in Borax alone or with Epsom Salts. Real help: Pour Borax into palm of hand, make paste, wet paste and apply paste into scalp or other places.
    I don’t have lesions, I may not have Morgellons, I don’t think I do, but I have “itchy, bitey” and larvae migrans for sure. Iridologist was convinced it was H-Pylori (ulcer bacteria, very common) and that I’d have to take Pau D’Arco (which is very very good too for this USC) for the rest of my life. It is true, it seems never to go on its way. ALWAYS have strong Eye Vitamin Supplement handy (almost went blind more than once, split-vision, bite eyes a lot at night).

  27. As much as I hate to admit it, I am about as “morgellonized” as one can be – I have it all: fibers in all the popular colors, psuedo-hair, chromies popping out of my body, the never ending cricket orgy symphony playing in my ears, the cuts, lesions, etc..etc… and recently I have discovered a more disturbing aspect of this stuff; the white things that apparently are falling from the sky. Some appear as small fibers, and others as strange gnat like insects.. They can only be seen with a UV (black) light, and they love to latch onto sensitive areas of ones body. I have been picking them from these sensitive areas lately and I have found that they burrow under this soft skin – for whatever reason – and their activity turns the skin tissue an opaque looking color THAT ALSO GLOWS UNDER UV LIGHT!
    Some of these things can fly – some don’t appear to be able to.. They will fly to and land on a black light ( I use a 24″ fluorescent bulb) making them easy to catch with clear tape. I have also been picking chromies out of my chest when, much to my surprise, what i THOUGHT was a pseudo hair FLIES AWAY. I beiieve it too was one of the white flying things. They cluster atop any scabs or sores I may have, and I have found them down inside certain oriffces reserved for fluids going OUT of my body – not IN. IF you know what I mean…
    Are they gnats? What are these things? I can go into my bathroom and flip on my black light and suddenly it seems the whole room is swarming with these things! Where do they come from? Are these white things the same white things that I find all over my shirt when I venture outside after a particularly heavy chemtrail day?
    No matter what I do – no matter what I take – I can’t seem to slow down the progression of this stuff.. The depression is becoming overwhelming to the point of I don’t even want to go outside anymore – or see anyone anymore – or do anything anymore… I have become a recluse…..

  28. If it makes you feel any better, I have white things flying off me all the time. So tiny, so fast and gone. I really believe that they are little nano-bot flies, some GMO thing, that is actually coming to life on us. Sort of, back to the rotting log idea. Where do insects hatch? On rotting logs. There life span is so short, they go from new born invisible larva to viable insect in seconds. They are using us as logs. Others have told me they have white things flying off themselves as well. It is something I hate. There are usually more flying things around me when I am “stinging”. Sometimes I feel like a bee hive. People around me itch. So, long story short, we may be attracting the fungal gnats, or those little flys that are attracted to dead bodies, but also I think we make some of that. Just like we make the little spider like fibers that float away before our eyes out of nowhere. I am going to look up the borax p.o. thing as I have heard others remark on that. It is really hell here, and I see your point of view.

  29. john keenan said:

    robin,I also feel like a beehive at times,do you think unaffected people wake them?

  30. Dear John,
    It is always “awake” in me. Even when I am alone, so, I don’t think other people
    awaken anything, but, I do know that they itch and soforth, when they are close to me.
    It is embarassing and I am starting to ignore people. I think they are wondering, at work, what’s wrong with me. Anyway, Mr. commonsense wrote a blog about all this, but I don’t remember which article it was under in the comments. Mr. Commonsense, if you would, could you please help me find this again?
    I am crawling all the time. I also pick the granules off my skin. My head itches like mad.
    I don’t like the article just out about delusions. Yes, we already knew they found nothing in the skin. That test was done by the Morgellons Research Lab. But something is dreadfully wrong and I don’t think they are interested in finding an answer. Not until they get this in their own skin, anyway.

  31. Cindy Baery said:

    Please contact me . Thank you, Cindy Barry

  32. Cliff Mickelson said:

    Agreed. There can be no doubt that a “filarial form” in one stage or another is involved in the Morgellons contagion. However, determining the exact nature of that form may prove to be more daunting than many might suspect.

  33. Mr. Common Sense,
    You are a beacon in the night. I knew of this horrific disease years before my symptoms began. I have been exhausted for 2 years needing, up to 14 hours of sleep each night.
    3 weeks ago to my horrific surprise I started feeling biting, crawling and worm like movements under my skin. My dogs have had ticks and god knows what else. I am thinking of giving them away, even though they are my beloved friends.
    My doctor wants me on dioxicycine…sorry not sure of the spelling. In Dr.s office right now being careful not to mention morgellons.
    I have begun your protocol and my symptoms have slowed and basically they, (the unknown monsters) reside in my feet.
    My husband took a flash light and looked at my feet. We saw little white fibers, hairs, moSs nster breathing tubes, growing out of the bottom of my feet?! So gross and strange. I will fight this! Like a pitbull. I am an herbalist and I hope to conquer this new pandemic!
    Mr. Common Sense, you have been a true life line when my fear was so great that I could taste it! Bless you friend. Bless you!

    • Sasha, even mr Common Sense and many here ended up taking doxyciline and the herbal route as well. There is a very good protocol heee for building the terrain. They are all listed under the Poor Mans Protocol or PPII. For excellent interactive support go to Facebook and join U.K. Morgellons. There are many fellow sufferes as well as and doctors from all over the world not just the UK. Also on facebook is the Charles E Holman Foundation for research and updates. They also have a website. Though this site has been helpful it is somewat dormant. It has helped me a lot to have communciation with others as well as keeping up on the latest research, etc.

    • Also, Sasha do not blame yourself for others being infected as we don’t REALLY know yet what causes this, they may be exposed to the same element (air,water,food,drug) that made you ill as well.

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