shocked It has always been however the CDC site itself is up and sadly it was over two years ago since this press release which is pointing at the now mysteriously missing page?

I wonder if news is about to break?



Comments on: "Interesting, the CDC Page on Morgellons is no Longer Present?" (9)

  1. I am not holding my breath on any thing with the CDC.
    Lets do our own work and trust God to give us wisdom and knowledge on how to find our answers.
    But not only that,to also empower us to do what no government or organized funding or big name power driven individuals seem to have the desire or skill to do.
    Help people heal -fill their souls with peace- and find a repeatable process to get well.


  2. I just called the Morgellons info line at CDC 404-718-1199, it is working fine, so I left a msg and asked for a return call as to where these pages are or what happened to the pages.

  3. Sister to Common Sense said:

    I think it is really interesting that they took it down, at least we don’t have the CDC telling people to go find and incompetent medical professional to call people delusional. Interesting to say the least and their silence has been deafening.
    Sister to Common Sense

  4. Sister to Common Sense said:

    P.S. Love that photo.

  5. Very interesting. And yet Morgellons is still on the index page. Then when you click there, it says, “the page you’re looking for wasn’t found” (which is, of course, the page we ARE looking for).


  6. I’ve called the CDC morg. line and emailed them. They will not respond. I have never gotten anything more than a form letter that the computer sends back automatically.

    • Yes. Everything is there. They must have been redoing it. There is still nothing newer than November 9, 2009, but everything is back in place. :o)


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