These are the stats for the Mundane Approach since its inception (11 months), just thought I’d share them with you. When I view the site and edit it and so on my hits aren’t counted since I’m logged in as the owner, so none of these hits come from my viewing the site. Not sure what it means, only that there are a lot of us out there. It’s hard to believe there were 12, 740 views of the blog this month.



Comments on: "Eleven Months of the Mundane Approach" (3)

  1. I don’t find it hard to believe at all…you have a great site with insightful content. Thank you!

  2. zara cybele said:

    There are a lot of us out there, but the more posts you make, the more chance that people can find you through keywords and scope of content.
    I do agree though. You give good site.

  3. As far as prevalence, in the little area that I work, I notice 2 other people who have this. One person has her arms chockfull of open lesions. Another just thinks they have a bad skin problem. That’s 3 in our dept. of around 100 people. And, I am not in any of the 3 hardest hit areas of the U.S.
    3% and counting.

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