Yet Another Theory

This post came form a Morgellons Forum

I recently had a discussion with a committee in my area regarding Morgellons and was told that it was due to algae blooms, which create these airborne molds and fungi that basically travel for miles and can grow on any acidic surface. The combination of pesticides and fertilizers that are being overused get washed into retention ponds, storm drains, etc and become so concentrated they lead to these algae blooms and, unless the water is treated in some way, the algae blooms become more frequent and more dangerous to human health. The problem with the bugs is that they eat the fungi, but the pesticides have killed most of the bugs that might actually help by eating the fungi from the environment…

Apparently the fungi will grow anywhere it lands if the ph is slightly acidic and there’s a little moisture. it does get inside houses, on walls and in plumbing/ventilation systems, whether by air movement or just walking outside and bringing it in on the bottom of your shoes… You can even touch a contaminated surface and get it on your hands, then touch your face or rub your ear or whatever and, voila, you’re contaminated. So it does seem plausible that you could get a systemic infection if in fact you’re breathing contaminated air or walking around the house barefoot on contaminated floors. The fungi on and in your body would also attract any type of bug or parasite that feeds on the fungi…

What I was told is that it becomes like a full body case of athlete’s foot and one’s immune system is quickly overwhelmed which leads to these secondary and tertiary problems with parasites and other infections our bodies would normally be able to handle. So maybe that’s why so many have success with the alkaline diet and dandruff shampoos – things that would basically starve a fungal infection.

I have no idea how reliable this info is so take it for what it’s worth…



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  1. zara cybele said:

    Have you read this article on the Morgellons Research Foundations site?
    It points to a contaminated water source as the cause for the owners Morgellons condition.

  2. Janet Davis said:

    AHA! I’ve asked everyone, “What are these white flying things, they are everywhere I am? I see them floating in millions sometimes outside in a sun ray, I see them fly into the air when I dry hands w/paper towel, when I brush my clothes off, when I eat, drink anything, anywhere. I was getting my teeth cleaned and these tiny white things were floating off me up to the huge light. I was so embarrased, I nearly cried! I said, “I don’t know where all this ‘dust’ came from!” Horrifying! I could go on and on–but this post is my answer! When windows are down in our car, it will be FULL of those things! Yippee! Now I really am going to get NASA to make me a suit that filters air coming in and catches what goes out, (including a urine and feces bag)!Then I would be protected at least from being REinfested, REinfected! With that taken care of, all the thousands and thousands of immune support, etc pills and drops I am taking would indeed build my immune system to be able to allow one toxin at a time in my air pump, thereby letting my system do what it’s supposed in acquiring a natural immunity! I have joked about this for years, now I’m serious as a heart attack (and I’ve had one, so I know what I’m saying! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Please respond with your ideas on the “Space-‘Balls’-Suit”. /jd

  3. Interesting…my symptoms began with what I thought was an incredibly stubborn case of athlete’s foot–which I had never had in my life. I thought my husband had tracked it home from the gym, because he didn’t wear shower flip flops at the time.

    Within two months, the rash spread over the tops of my feet and changed in appearance–the red bumps. Then–boom–an explosion of crawling, biting, rash, and itching everywhere. I did finally get rid of the foot problem with a strong prescription anti-fungal cream.

  4. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Well Kelly, so far the coconut oil is doing me wonders, and it’s great against fungal issues, my skin looks terrific, too early to tell but I’m thinking this combined with the MSM is going to work for me, see my post titled “Status Update” below …

    I agree, this thing does act like a fungal issue

  5. Janet Davis said:

    I don’t mean to spam, but anybody out there reading my post? Mr.CS, please help.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Janet, I’m going to be honest, I never experience the things floating and all that, though I most definitely had red/blue fibers all running under perfectly healthy skin. I have often wondered if people are just seeing normal dust and freaking out about it (don’t be offended). Have you ever had the light shine in through a window “just right” and noticed all the dust just floating in the air? Kind of sickening really when you consider it’s probably all toxic carpet bits, paint chips, what have you.

      What about getting one of those Oreck Air Filtering things that can sit on a desk, their commericals are incredible, they even remove smoke from a room.

      They aren’t cheap but you can do monthly payments. See

      I buy pretty good air filters for our furnace, most people buy those cheap kind that a bird could fly through. I buy Filtrete (change them every two or three weeks though). They even have a higher rated one (the purple colored one) but it is harder on your furnace fan engine as it’s harder to move air through them. I can tell you that when I remove the old filters the one side that the air passes through is absolutely full of white threads, it freaks me out and I’m like “Where are they coming from?” Maybe these filters are really helping me and protecting my family? They’re pretty inexpensive compared to an Oreck but then an Oreck can filter out things the furnace filter cannot.

      Furnace Filter

  6. This theory is really a more detailed explanation down the line of the general theory that many of us have come to accept, which is, our bodies have become rotten logs attracting all kinds of weird things.

    The longer I have this, the more I’m convinced it’s a systemic fungal (or similar) infection. There are ppl that are getting better with the candida diet and anti-fungal teas and supplements. Pau d’arco seems to be getting a lot of buzz right now when combined with some other dicipline like strict sugar-free diet.

  7. JinPA09 said:

    Janet your not alone! Those are my symtoms too. The “dust” cloud that follows you every where. Floating fiber like things you can see passing by your eyes and face. Read Dr Ameila Withington’s speech from last years conf. She briefly mentions these.

    Out of curiousity Janet, do you find that people will itch or cough when your around? That happens to me and I blame it on this mystery dust/ fibers.

    I have been a fan of your site for a while now, but have just recently felt comfortable enough to post. Thank you for your help and guidance.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Well, by all means Janet post away. When I initially had this I made everyone around me itch, even from quite a distance away, I speak about this in a few posts, it was very alarming. I think it might be an electrical field ? which could also be why things like dust and fibers tend to be attracted to you (us). This doesn’t happen to me at all anymore, but there was point when I walked into a team meeting with say 30 people and 20 of them within two seconds would be scratching thier noses, it was freaky and to this day I am shocked that they didn’t realize it was me. As soon as I turned the corner and entereed the room they would reach for their noses and stuff, nothing else but an electric field could travel so fast. Those are my thoughts on that.

      If one does have a bunch of tiny micro fibers under they’re skin (as I did) and perhaps throughout their entire body no doubt they would be a conduit.

      I know Dr. Staninger has done tests where the bodies of Morgellons sufferers conduct a strong current compared to those without, and this testing was done in real scientific labs.

      • Dear Mr. Common Sense,
        How on earth did you make yourself better to the point of not causing others to itch & wipe their noses? I am having this problem now…I’ve had this for 5 months. I have worked on eating alkaline foods to get rid of the itchy,crawling sensations, but I can’t seem to get rid of the “dust cloud” and white tiny dust like fibers & dandruff like flakes that appear to glide in the air that apparently cause others to wipe their noses or itch at their face, ears, neck, etc. I also notice depending on where these things land they either form cotton balls if in or on fabrics/carpets or appear paint-like on wood floors. So weird how they morph. Is this the fungus you’re referring to? I am going to try Mel’s protocol minus the bactrim as I have read scary stuff about how it’s been banned in the UK because some people reacted very adversely to it. And I tried Septrim, same drug, my hair started to fall out. Please contact me via e-mail if you have any time as I would love any tips on treating this fungal/bacterial infection.

  8. Janet Davis said:

    Okay, here I go. Whenever I am in a strong light, like over my kitchen sink or ny vent-a-hoodm there will be several days that I don’t see thos white things. But my husband goes nucleur when I tell him they are flying off of him. The reasons it bothers me to see these things everywhere I am, is because I know without a doubt alot of it is the sloughing off of “hatched ‘protector'” during the molting stage. I have begun to pay close attention to the cycles I see and feel. I don’t know whice come first, the bugs attacking me, or the bugs hanging around to eat the new and tender fungi. The fungal infection is one of three things that are my worst issues. So we’ll say this: at some point I begin to be constipated, swollen belly, etc, then next thing is I finally go potty, and pass roundish, pecan like “balls”. There may be 10 – 20 in the potty. At this stage somewhere on it, I will experience nausea,no vomiting, Then I will have a couple of potty episodes-explosions if you will. Then I feel better for several days, then the itching and tingling, depressed mood,brain fog will lay me down. Also at about this stage I am coughing up really gross great globs with cyst looking bubble like inside the sputum. I know for sure it is strongyloidesl That’s one issue. then I will feel little measles like bumps on my scalp,and areas in/on my body that haven’t had the rashes or lesions. It’s like Nero sweeping through Europe, attacking and claiming fresh territories. So then the moulting starts and I have a rel hard time keeping my personal environment clean. I use Clorox wipes on everything that it won’t damage, and I am agast at thestuff picked up. I also have just bought a Dirt Devil, which I constantly use whereever I sit, work or lie down! The itching, crawling, new lesions feeling like i have the flu, etc. begins the whole process over again. Gotta go for now, I am sooosleepy! I will continue to post on this theory, because it is so right on with what I experience.Blessings to all!

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Janet, the Nanotransformation folks swear strongyloides are involved but I’ve spoken behind the scenes with experts that said if we had disseminated strongyloides we would die pretty quickly, and I know folks that have had this for 10, up to even 15 years, that doesn’t mean it’s not some related less harmful little bugger however.

      I’ve been taking MSM (OptiMSM) and it seems to be helping, but I had to ramp up slowly. My energy level is incredible, I’m totally suprised by how strong I feel. I’m staying on the MSM (not to be confused with MMS) for a while. MSM is a sulfur compound, anything sulfur in my book is a key player in my fighting this off.

  9. Bug_Sleuth said:

    Hi All,
    I am a Morgellons sufferer for 6 months now. I believe there is a fungus/algae attached to this as well as a mite or some sort of very microscopic round insect. I have one microscopic photo in particular that clearly shows a round insect of some sort that either has antennae and 4 legs (Yes, you heard me 4 legs) or 6 legs with 2 much more forward than the others. You can view this photo here:

    This was taken by using a large piece of label tape over an area immediately upon feeling crawling or biting on my unbroken skin (As were all photos I have taken.) and then viewed with my microscope camera which only takes photos at 900x magnification. So this little bugger was magnified 900x. I have observed these clustering together, crawling over one another in the same area. They also appear to walk in a linear fashion behind one another at times. Everywhere, I found these things, those cuticle looking fibers were present or a yellow organism. The tape I used was extremely sticky and covered a very large area each time I did this so when I peeled this stuff off, everything remained in the same place it was in relation to each other on the tape. This was how I found these things. I happened to notice a trail of some sort, either bug droppings of feces or eggs in a very orderly fashion and at the end of that ordered trail, this is the bug I found. No mistaken, take a good look at the photo, you can very clearly see the antennae or frontal legs and 2 more pair of legs. I have found many other things since this initial photo session. If anyone is interested, this is my story at:

    Mr. Common Sense, about what Dr.’s told you about Strongyloides. I have read up very much, probably almost every article searched on Google and I read a case where it wasn’t discovered in a person until around 20 or 35 years. It is possible to have strongyloides and not die right away. The hyper-infection seems to manifest itself as asthma, pneumonia type symptoms until at last one day, the body gets overloaded and well…then you die. I am convinced that there is a worm involved in this and it is of the strongyle family.
    I read about a new type that some people and a horse had that…get this…resided in muscle tissue. Can you guys say…familiar muscle twitches. 😦
    I’ve got more if anyone is interested in the possible algae/fungal part of this.

    • zara cybele said:

      I read your story. You poor baby! I sympathize.
      If I were you, I’d stop the doctor visits. If you don’t have money, your cash will be well spent in other areas.
      I’d love to see your research and wonder if you’d update your chacospace link to include those links.

      One thing that struck me that might help is that you feel worse in your computer chair. Does it have fabric on it? You could very well be keeping yourself infested every time you sit in it. I noticed I felt worse on my chair and figured out how to kill the bugs from it.

      I isolated my chair with a tent of plastic (any hardware store has plastic, get the thickest weight). Then I burn Menthol in the tent. Use a Mr. Coffee cup warmer and put the menthol crystals in a small cup on the warmer. The crystals will melt and permeate the air in the tent. I’m not sure exactly how much time is needed to kill them—still trying to figure that out.
      I leave mine on overnight, then shut off with the tent still over the chair. If you really want to be sure, leave the menthol going for 24 hours.
      You can do this for your couch as well or any other area you think might be infested. You can get Menthol at
      I’d recommend getting the one lb. bag.

    • the bug in that picture looks very much like a bird mite a saw in a picture, now i wish i knew which website that was

  10. I can relate to Janet’s symptoms, but they are improving slowly. I’ve had it almost a year now. Too tired from work to do much cleaning. I’ve been on the PMP for two months, and that helped me get off silver. Thank you. I also get nizoral from my doc. For fungus. I will try the MSM and coconut oil… internally, topically, or both? I was wondering what people would think of this report that I saw on
    It’s about thermophiles growing in hot water tanks and pipes, includes some pretty creepy familiar photos. Do I need to move?

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