I stated that I wouldn’t post unless something important breaks. While not breaking news I think this radio interview is significant and important for all of us to listen too. Click the little arrow button and you can listen to the show right on the page.




Comments on: "Morgellons: Truth Freedom Radio Show (Part 1)" (5)

  1. zara cybele said:

    It’s all scrambled code. No radio show.

    • zara, go to Mr. CS’s side bar and click on Nanotransformation. Wait for recent articles to come up and you will see the interview there.
      Somehow I also found part two of their interview. Both parts are really important. don’t be put off by the length, but do set aside an hour for each. Well worth it, I think.

  2. Mr. Common Sense said:

    zara, I had the link wrong in the post, click it again. Susan, I don’t think there is a part two, they just did part one a few days ago.

  3. Hi Mr. CS,
    You can either go to this address:
    or if you go to the Nanotransformation website and bring up the article with the black and gray picture, you will get a paragraph below. Then you click on the purple words, “Morgellons New Team Report Their Remarkable Journey.” That will take you to Part I, from 2-5-10 and Part II, from 2-12-10. Hope this helps, and I hope you are well.

    • Yes, Susan, I got part 2. I’m listening now. I had to download the mp3. Thanks for the information.

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