From Judith Knilans, ND., PhD.


This e-book is a true horror story – my own. It involves a condition being referred to as Morgellons, also known as the fiber disease(s). There are other illnesses involving both humans and animals you need to know about — thus this e-book. Public awareness is the purpose.

I want it to become a worldwide “viral” e- book so I am offering it for FREE. Please download it, share it, send links to it and spread this information far and wide through newsletters, personal messages or whatever means you know that will get the message out. I am sharing my very personal story so that I might help others who are or may become infested with this horrid condition. Everyone needs to learn what is going on because up to this point the medical community is not telling anyone about it. Everyone needs to know what is happening because the sooner you eradicate “it” the easier it is to get better. The conventional medical doctors are clueless about this—and the majority are actually causing more harm by prescribing drugs for mental illness. This is NOT a dermatology disease yet even the CDC is calling it “unexplained dermopathy”.

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  1. Does anybody know Judith Knilans?

    Her story is compelling; however, though I feel DNR is a pretty good product, there is SO much about the Body Soaks, etc., that I started wondering if it was very fancy marketing. I hate to be the skeptic (that I am), but I was wondering if anybody had read this yet and if you have any insight. I am very tempted to at least get the Blockbuster All Clear for Biofilm for my daughter (though I do feel MSM really helps ME a lot).


    • I do know Judith personally. I have talked with her by telephone twice and she was very helpful and compassionate! This was about 2 years ago. Some of the things she advised me to do helped tremendously. I have suffered with this disease for 3 years now. I just ordered to Blockbuster All Clear for the Biofilm for my dauther and for myself. I have found for me that MAX GXL Gluthatine has really allowed me to live a normal life. No more break outs, lots of energy and it boosts your immune system up 100 percent the first month and 200 the second. I take powerful Multi=vitamins and I only do stevia no sugar. Lots of water, little fruit too and I am living a pretty normal life. I am going to keep trying things as I am lead by Spirit. I get the sense that Judith really wants to help people and is not in this for money.

      • Thanks for your comment, Linda. Fortunately Sister to Common Sense wrote soon after my posting and said good things about Judith. I followed up and got some Blockbuster and also some of the Body Soaks (I actually had a membership but hadn’t used it in ages).

        I wonder how Judith is. I haven’t seen her name responding to questions about her book in a long time.


        • Where the hell do you get the e-book and body soaks?

          • Oh, I am so sorry, Toniann. The link to the free download is at the top of the page:
            BUT when I clicked on it just now, it is no longer available! When I went to her site, http://soakawaytoxins.com/
            it didn’t seem to be available as a download there either. Another site is http://www.goodhealthusa.com/index.php?ghid=1529 but I didn’t see the book offered there.

            So I wonder…

            I have her book saved as a pdf in my files, and I could send it to you if you posted your email address. If you don’t want to post your address, which I understand, I wonder if MCS would be willing to put the book in his files?

            The soaks are made by DNR (Liquid Needle); the book is 274 pages, and it “looks like” Judith begins discussion about them on page 245.
            http://www.dnrsite.com/ Excerpted from Judith’s book:

            “Comment: Regular strength EVB water energizer should be used by those who have never used DNR energy activated products. According to directions, add EVB to drinking water three days prior to and during any of the Soak products or regimens…

            …There is simply no better way to fortify and correct the body’s balancing and disease fghting capabilities than through the regular use of DNR’s
            Detox Booster and Rebalancing Body Soaks. Te body’s cells must maintain the highest level of balance and vital energy in order to deal with
            internal toxins and disease causing invaders. Before the body can ever be healed or a nagging health situation corrected, chemical and metal toxins must be addressed. DNR, Inc. enjoys the reputation of being the developer and creator of a line of health products that deal with disease and illness through the body’s release and safe removal of unsafe agents…

            …You should use these products to remove toxins to prevent toxic overload by doing a soak every 7 to 10 days. You should use these products for healing from an illness every 3 days until you are well and then use them once a week. Detoxify or Die is a book written by Dr. Sherry Rogers, it goes into use of FIR saunas but the soaks are even better than the saunas! I have both and use both but I would not have spent all the money on the sauna had I known about the soaks…

            …There are various suggested protocols, one for parasites, one for heavy metal removal, (which is the same as the one for silicone removal), one for cancer, fbromyalgia etc…. I began with the parasite protocol, then I moved to the heavy metal detox, then I did the chronic fatigue one and then I did the one for cancer because of what is in the products. You need to make a choice as to what you feel is your worst problem and begin there, then once you have done that protocol for a few weeks switch to another until you have all your problems resolved…

            …A little further on I will give the complete suggested protocol for heavy metal, chemical and silicone removal. I do not think the parasite one is needed as much as the chemical and metal detox protocol. Ultimately you will have to be the one who decides what you need to do.

            If you go to website http://soakawaytoxins.com I will post various protocols and for specifc conditions. Look it over and make choices from it.

            If you want to use these products I can get you 20% of their retail prices if you plug in this code number: 8363151 once you get to DNRsite.com and enter the code number your total will have 20% reduction…”

        • Here’s my email address=padensky@aol.com…….I’m tearing my silicone hair out! LOL!

          • Definitely don’t tear out your silicone hair, Toriann, LOL! Hopefully you will find “something” to help you in the pdf (which I sent to your address).


  2. On Page 233 under other potent natural alternative antibiotics – It starts Cat’s Claw and has pau d’arco in parentheses, That is WRONG. Cat’s Claw IS NOT Pau D’arco.
    Otherwise, her method seems sound; rip down the biofilm, kill with natural antimicrobials, mop it up with clay or other intestinal metamucil type products and then rebuild. Plus, of course, the soaks and drinking the stuff. I had the same skepticism about the “fancy marketing” idea. All we can do is try her cures and report back…

    • Hi Robin, You are right Cat’s Claw is NOT Pau D-Arco and I will have to correct that – thank you for pointing that out! However, both will do about the same thing as a natural anti-everything.

      EVERYONE LISTEN UP!!! Blockbuster All Clear is a great product however it may send you in a tailspin if you have been ill for a long time because it does break down the bio films (thus releases all the pathogens into your system!!!) so you have to be ready for the impact this can have. But once you accomplish that – you are on your way to clearing this crap out. This product eats away at the various lumps and bumps the gel forms. This could mean a huge outbreak of sores, more fatigue and it might take a couple weeks to begin to see that benefit. So if you do use it know that you are going to get worse before you get better. What it does do fairly quickly is take away the pain. The joint and muscle pain is better in a week. This is a product that will dissolve plaque in arteries, clears out the lungs, gets rid of inflammation system wide and it just so happens that it dissolves biofilms really well. It is a select group of enzymes plus it has MSM, Olive Extract and is a great all around “clear it out” product. The product is not sold on “my website” as anyone can become an affiliate and have their own name on that webpage. I just make a small commission if people link over to them via my link – so don’t think I am getting rich off of the referral. If you want to let me make a nickel on your purchase please use this link: http://tinyurl.com/y8mevvs
      By the way, if you like the stuff you can become an affiliate just like me! Just sign up.
      Also available on that site are some other very helpful products: ozonated olive oil; eye drops with MSM and silver (if you have eye issues)

      Here is the part that everyone needs to understand in all of this – the fibers are related to energy – and healing involves the rebalancing of your energy pathways that is what stops the formation of fibers. I have learned all that as I have gone along on the horrible adventure. The key is clearing out the “pathogen” use minerals, and energy that works on a cellular level. That is where the DNR, Inc products come into play. This company has been producing “Liquid Needles” energy healing products since the 80’s. I am just passing along the information to everyone because it is what helps this condition. Our “sick” cells have a blockage in the energy pathways and that is what must be restored. That is why the FIR Sauna and colored lights help – it is 75% about restoring the energy.

      Also, I AM NOT CLAIMING A CURE, not now, nor ever did I claim to “cure” whatever “it” is. What I will say it that some individuals have had 100% success if they were able to treat themselves in the very initial stages of the condition. I myself still have to work on it all the time, I am not “cured” but I have learned how to live a better life and am not dying as a result of it. I have been infected since the mid 90’s – so all things considered I am doing well. Some people are dead by the time they have had it as long as I have. I continue to improve. I do hope that one day I can no longer have relapses but I still do have relapses. So – please do not read me wrong – I can help people live with it and perhaps one day they will be rid of it – but I am not sure of that at all.

      And last, I am not into a “fancy marketing” scheme. I was the lady who was on the Dr. Phil show trying to bring awareness of this disease – over 3 years ago. I was one who went to Atlanta to the CDC and spoke on CNN trying to bring awareness to this disease. All I have ever done is try to get the conventional medical doctors to wake up and take this disease seriously. I have been around a long, long time trying to do my thing, however in the past 18 months I have not been online as often because I have an 86 yr old mom living with me and she had cancer 18 mos ago and I was too overwhelmed with that and my own care – plus working on the book. That is why you have not heard of me – the “old timers” have! And I do not hide my name like so many of the online people do – I think it is important to come out of the closet and let the world know just how many people are sick with this horrid condition.

      Thanks for any awareness you bring to the book and thus to this condition – Judy K

      • Oooops! Glad for the warning so I will know what to expect. I ordered 4 bottles of the Blockbuster through your link for my daughter and 4 for me. I’ve been taking it for several days now. Maybe I should use it slower? I also got the body soaks for toxins, the EVB, and “the other stuff,” which I forget what it is called (though I actually have a membership).

        I was very glad when Sister to Common Sense said she knew you and gave you such high praises (and that you weren’t a fancy marketer). 🙂

        Thanks for your free book, Judith, and your recommendations.

      • Dear Judith,
        Thank you. I just saw this reply. I’m so glad you are back on the scene and communicating with us newbies. This thing is spreading and we need all the people who have been in the trenches, you and all those “old timers.” I know when one gets well it’s almost a nightmare to revisit. I plan to do everything you advise, who am I to argue? I tried to order blockbuster per phone but they could not guarantee your part in it so I will try again on line. Thank you !

      • Donna Ros said:

        Hi everyone – I have read Judith’s book about Morgellons and I’m trying to get an online consultation with her…maybe she could answer herself, but I do not understand her e-mail address…it says judith knilans (no at sign).com…that’s not an e-mail address – you are supposed to pay through pay-pal and then send your receipt to her e-mail…but what is it? please help – I’m desperate to help my sister.
        donna in kalamazoo

      • Shaheerah said:

        Hi Judith,
        Blessings to you and to all that are doing for us.
        I got the light and some oils from you and I tell you that was a real blessing to me and I am going to order this bio-film buster. My daughter has this now sooooooooooooooo this stuff is contagious.

        • Will you please tell me how to get Judith’s ebook? The website is not there. thanks

      • Thank you for your efforts…we need spokespeople….this disease is spreading…I live in midwest and I see people all over with telltale bumps on face and body….the medical industry is corrupt and I believe this disease is suppose to spread and doctors are looking the other way… We all must spread the word and wake up the populace.

      • Torpedolynn said:

        Hey Judith
        I will buy your book one day and hope my husband will read it. I would love it if you had a link to the Dr. Phil Show you were on. I went to his web site and they do a commercial clip of you and other, but the rest is all in written word below for 3 pages. I want to show my husband a show he can watch. He constantly tells me he does not believe its bugs. He just does not get it that the disease is viral and fungal the bugs are just attracted to the situation.

        Do you have un-seen bugs attracted to you and if you do is that going away with the products you use?? Thank you.

  3. It’s a very professional, well-written book. Yes, people are starting to profit from Morgellon’s…but it was only a matter of time. We should each write a book….it will promote awareness of this dreadful disease.

    • Hello Ann – I have not profited anything at all – just wanted you to know that. I wrote the book and offer it for FREE just so that those who cannot afford it can still have access to all that I have learned over the years. Even though I am not making a nickel on anything I am curious if you feel the same way about conventional medical people profiting off our pain and suffering? I feel they are doing a terrible job for those of us with this condition and yet we seem to be willing to pay for their ineptitude. How many of them would work for over two years to write a book and give it away to help us out?
      Just my thoughts on your comment. JLK

      • Hi, Judith. Thank you so much for offering this book. I have the condition and have probably had it for at least several years, however, working in one of my flower beds caused it to become fulminant with every possible symptom appearing within a few months.

        But here’s the rub: My ex is an infectious disease doctor and knows of my condition. When I told him and showed him what I am enduring with this illness, he advised me to “get a skin biopsy.” I asked him if he has seen any patients with symptoms similar to the ones I am experiencing. He answered, “No.” (It shocks me that he has not seen other patients with this “fiber disease” for lack of a more scientific term.)
        Then I asked him what medical advice he would give a patient who presented in his office with this type of condition. Without hesitation he told me he’d send that patient to a psychiatrist. I am sure I detected some derision in his tone as he said this.

        It’s quite depressing to hear something like that from someone with whom I am intimately acquainted and who, incidentally, is considered one of the best infectious disease doctors in this state. Oh, well, time will prove these people wrong which is all the more reason I am exceedingly grateful for your generosity in writing this book. People need to be educated on this scourge. I do hope you make some money on it; you deserve it.

        • I know the owner of a natural health food store herbs/homeopathics in the midwest and I asked him if he’s seeing a lot of people for this type parasitic disease or parasites in general and he said yes…he believes many of these diseases are being brought into the country by the illegals and immigrants from 3rd world countries. Would be nice if they’d screen people when they come here…they use to…

  4. Sister to Common Sense said:

    Good Job Judith I know you well and you are just trying to help. You have been kind to me in all ways. Thanks for asking for input, if people want to help her they can send her their input.

    She has worked very hard and after speaking to her numerous times it is not about monies, it is about her journey and what helped her.
    You can’t ever blame a researcher for trying.
    I will personally attest to her honesty and she cares. She has worked very hard on this book and is a very kind person. She has suffered just like many on this blog, keep a very open mind.

  5. Sister to Common Sense said:

    PS I have no financial interest in this, this is just my honest opinion.

  6. Thanks so much, Sister. This is exactly what I was hoping to hear.

  7. Dear Judith, words cannot express the appreciation of the Morgellons community for what you have done. This book is incredible as it outlines not only your personal history but for many of us, it is our story too. I run a Morgellons research forum located at http://www.morgboard.proboards.com

    PLease drop in and look around. We are a team of independent researchers who are very diligent in our work.

    Many Blessings to you,


    Kandy Griffin LPN

    aqt at morgboard

    • Hi Kandy, Thank you – all I have ever tried to do was figure out what the **** took my life away when I thought I was such a healthy, middle class mom who did not do drugs, or have any “vices” yet get knocked down and out by this disease. And for over 10 years now doctor, after doctor failing to even look at what I tried to show and tell them. I had one infectious disease doctor take the paperwork from Randy Wymore and others that I wanted him to study and he threw them across his desk without even a glance and told me to stop mutilating myself. That is a another book that needs to be written about how the people are treated. We are afraid to tell our doctors because they will label us as delusional – afraid to use the “M” word. This is a shame. How can we ever get proper documentation of all those who suffer until we get the primary car physicians AWARE that it is REAL. Thus, again, the purpose of my book. I am going over to your blog now and will try to find time to drop in ever so ofter. Spread the information – we have come a long, long way since I first began to search. It was not even on the net when I began all this! Thank God for the internet. Love to All – Judy K

  8. Larry V.. Meyer said:

    An excellent read for patient and physician.

    It is my hope that the medical community will take the time to read this important work.

  9. I believe Judith has nothing but mankinds best interest at heart and has put together a marvelous, educational, book under the stressful conditions of also having Morgellons is a real feat. Hopefully it will work for the majority of persons afflicted with this which sounds like it would.
    For her to get alittle payback for all that she has contributed and lost dealing with Morgellons, why NOT!!! There are others who have not suffered what she has and are profitting but I know many have put in a lot of their time and effort to help mankind. We all come from a different place and in different situations as for our finances.

    As for the reference to Cat’s Claw being Pau D’Arco, I have seen that in acouple of articles like that so I also thought they were the same until I saw them in a herb book and found out they were different. Remember that Morgellons gives us brain fog and she does not claim to be an expert so we all have to believe her heart is in the right place.

    At least she has mentioned many options to follow, not just one and I am thankful she did try many and give her opinion as to what she thought was best. We have to analyze how much time and effort and money we want to spend. The sauna sounds like the quickest and less work but it cost money and have to have room for a suana. Everything has its pros and cons, it’s your decision. I am going to try what she recommends and I hope it works for me.
    Thank you, Judith, for writing the book, sharing it with us and letting us share it with others!!!

  10. sister to common sense said:

    This is not directed at everyone on this board but I need to vent a bit.

    Just to add a bit of something to payment for products and services. If the Doctor said you have to pay me for my services and get these “healing” antibiotics and I will help you all along the way.
    Would you pay for it?? Damn right you would.

    There is a woman in Miami who paid an MD 81,000.00 and you should have seen her freaking medicine cabinet, not an herbal in it.

    I get calls all the time from sufferers and don’t charge a dime, I am gonna tell you right now many of these patients make me crazy, describing every little thing coming out of their bodies, a 2 hour diatribe and history on their marriages, how their families won’t believe them or come near them and then they ask me to explain it again to the family and try to get me stuck in family feuds.

    I have gotten to the point where there are very few I can talk to, because they won’t shut up and listen and it is all about them, what about their fellow sufferers going through the same thing.

    I make money (and not a whole hell of a lot) on 2 products that I happen to believe in. Yeah, I am getting rich alright, I made 3100.00 last year after giving things away, taking trips to learn more, go to see patients in their homes.

    Many illustrious MDs charge 250.00-1000.00 just to look at you and tell you your are delusional or send you packing with scripts that are going to kill your liver, kidneys and other organs, take heed.

    I just recieved a packet from a patient who contacted a doctor in Florida, they sent her a packet that was 70 pages long. In other words he was having his patients do his research for him and he charges a snot wad of monies to put in pick lines, IVs and then they pay for that, not to mention the noxious chemicals their clinic jam into these people bodies. The charges are astronomical. Man I have seen a lot of things in these “professionals” clinics.

    If they are tired give em “ADDERALL”or “Ritalin”, SPEED which will exacerbate the symptoms, remember the meth connection. The bases of these drugs also have some pretty bad things in them.

    Yet the all knowing ones,many are not advertising their clinics and doing this work in secret, won’t come out and say “We have a big problem” they hide in the confines of their offices and have the staff do their dirty work.

    I went to a clinic with 3 sufferers and was appaled at the filth in that clinic, people sitting in barkoloungers having poison put into their bodies. The waiting room was filled with Morgellons patients and the Dr asked them what they needed in the way of scripts and gave them any poison they wanted. Including Methadone, Hydrocodone, Oxycontin, Adderall, Dewormers. I have kept my mouth shut about this for a long time but after I left, I threw up and sobbed all the way back to my house.

    The other thing is that, I can not tell you how many in this community have turned on those of us who truly want to help and call us “schiesters”, thieves, snakeoil salesmen, liars, cheats and scammers.

    I don’t believe for one minute that charging 60 or 70 bucks for a full consultation is ripping anyone off.

    If everyone would get on a protocol and stick with it instead of bouncing from one thing to another maybe they would get well.

    I look at the things that people say about me on some of the boards(when sent to my attention) and it is horiffic. I have twice had to hire an attorney to call the Legal Depts to take my name off the blogs.

    I really feel sorry for the newbies in this mess, because it is apparent that the old ones eat their young. It is a mess and there is so much bashing and anger going on out there towards the ones trying to do something about it.

    Judith is not overcharging, Nanotransformation is not overcharging, Dr Kolb and Dr Gould are not overcharging they deserve compensation for their services. Judith gave away her lifes work in an ebook and has this disease. She is not saying cure, she is trying to tell people what helped her.

    The reason many are broke is because they have put their life savings into the illustrious medical system, when they know nothing about the disease and when I try to even educate physicians about this, I am dismissed as a crackpot.

    Please those of you that I know do not take offense to this, when you get thousands emailing you because the CEHF or the MRF don’t even respond the begging pleas of the suffering, it gets to be pretty sad.

    It was not until I walked away from the politics of this, is when I got a true understanding, of what is happening.

    I have contacted many of the all knowing ones in this mess and have been turned on many times. The warring factions and the need to be right all the time, must cease. None of us are right all the time, but the utter cruelty that has been aimed at us who care is disgusting.

    This is my home, I may not agree with everyone and they may not agree with me, but at least there is some humanity on this board.

    It is time to extend the olive branch in the name of love, caring for others and doing the right thing.

    Sister to Common Sense

    • Dear Sister to Common Sense,
      You are absolutely right. People just get frustrated because, well, they have been taken in many aspects. By the time the real ones who can help come along, the people are already feeling persecuted by the disease and the people who went before, the ones that scammed them. Plus the anger persists from the uncaring medical professionals. We’ve all stood there in frustration as the dermotologists tells us “nothing is wrong, please go! DOP” (pay on the way out) Sometimes, in a forum, an innocent comment, on the spur of the moment, does not really denote how the person writing the comment REALLY feels. Things like this book, people who know, like you, are really and genuinely appreciated, after the intial stupied comment. I have friends that are very VERY into this book by Judith. You mentioned you have 2 products you make? or endorse? I would like to know what those are !! Forgive us for our insensitivity…Bless you

  11. I’m with you sister…

  12. Thanks to Sister, Robin, Susan – others for your kind words. Here is the truth:

    To date I have received ZERO dollars in donations on this book and commission on ONE bottle of Blockbuster sold through my affiliate link! Boy am I getting rich off my efforts!! Everyone wants a free book, free consultations and sue if they get ill advised! Why do you think people who do know what is going on just walk away from it all. We don’t have to be sticking our necks out just to get in the mud slinging that continually goes on in the groups.

    I have been helping others without asking for anything for several years. I know WAY more than conventional doctors do about this disease because most are in denial that it is even real. I spent thousands of dollars going to doctors trying to help myself – what I learned is that they are clueless and it was a waste of money and time. My book fully outlines my journey. It will be years before the conventional medical people know how to help anyone. There may even be a cover-up and the truth may never become known. Most doctors are doing more harm than good because they are so clueless about this.

    This is a multi-faction type condition. It is fungal/bacteria/viral and toxins/Nanos/GMOs all mixed into similar yet different syndroms for sufferers. How many of your doctors have ever told you there is a biofilm involved and that you have to break up the biofilm before you can get anywhere with recovery??? In their defense, they cannot act without having their actions approved and endorsed by the AMA, or NIH or whomever sets the standard of treatment protocols or they can lose their licenses. They are so far from that happening that people are just getting improper care and treatment. The pathologists do not have this “Morg thing” in their databases – they cannot identify an unknown – it is not in the books. This is a new, man-made, constantly mutating entity. Do you really think they are going to be able to deal with this! Further, they are not reporting the great number of patients presenting with the symptoms and that is what really upsets me. At the very least they need to be keeping records so that proper attention is given to a very serious and spreading epidemic. We cannot even get that much effort from the conventional medical folks. I don’t see them at all anymore – drug pushers – that is what they are trained to do and they do it well.

    I am not a medical doctor, my degrees allow me to teach or consult. For that time and knowledge I feel entitled to be paid for my time. However, very seldom does anyone ask for a consultation. People expect it all for free. They spend all their money thinking the conventional doctors are going to come up with a magic bullet treatment to end this horrid situation. They will die waiting for that to happen. This is way worse than Lyme and few doctors cure Lyme. Fighting this disease will take every ounce of determination and fight that you have left in you to overcome it – months and months – most quit the protocols before they should. I have learned what works to fight this horrid disease and it is not easy, it is not just one size fits all and it is certainly not “take this and feel better next week”. It is peel the onion layers off one by one and fight what then presents and keep on and on and on… and it can be overcome but plan on long term battle. The longer you have been ill the longer it takes to get it out of your system. That I know for certain.

    I do not make or sell any products, I have affiliate links to various third party websites, which anyone else can also have. I do have a couple recipes and several products that I recommend to my clients based on their specific situation.

    Bless you all – thanks for your kind words – all I try to do is keep others from making the same costly mistakes that I made. There was nothing out on the web when it all began for me – so even though I want to run from the groups at times – the truth be told they are the greatest source of strength and awareness. Without the internet we would really all be at a total loss. The groups are a blessing even when the mud gets slinging (mud from clay is really good for the sores!!!) Love Ya – Judy

  13. Judith, I wanted to write to you privately, but I can’t find an address for you. I ordered (and received) 8 bottles of Blockbuster (4 for me and 4 for my daughter) from the link
    so I thought you should know that if you haven’t been given credit for that. Granted, 8 bottles would only be a FEW nickles, but still, better your nickles than someone else’s!

    • To anyone who used the above link I am supposed to be getting a small commission but as of yesterday only one bottle has been credited as sold. I obviously cannot trust the Good Health USA group’s affiliate program if this is true. So, I would like to know if any of you have gone to the above link and placed orders because I really think companies that take advantage of people should be called on the carpet.
      Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I can be e-mailed at judithnd (at sign) judithnd.com and I will contact the company to see what’s up. Other products that the same place has is ozonated olive oil and eye drops with silver/msm. Thanks Again for sharing your ordering information.

  14. I ordered Blockbuster too. Plus, I tried using the donation button on your website and it does not work. Test it for yourself… the other links work but clicking donate gets nowhere…
    Thanks Judith, Robin

    • Robin, can you let us know how the Blockbuster worked for you? Did you have resolution of some symptoms? How big of a dose did you take to get benefits? How many weeks did you take it. Did you have any unwanted effects?
      Thank you, and I truely hope you are better.

      • Dear Cat ! I’ve taken plenty of it, and then the ingredients separately..and the Nattokinase..and the streptokinase. I don’t know how I would be if I wasn’t swallowing all these pills, but, I still have the M. Who knows? Maybe I’d be worse.

  15. Judith, I, too, tried to do the domation button but did not get anywhere so I thought it was just me. I plan to order the products from your sight when I get my credit card next week.

    I am really greatful for your book and all your research plus taking the time to put it in writing. I have been told that I should write a book but I feel your book is better than any one that I could write because you have done so much research and I hope it it passed along. I want to share it with my Dr. who knows nothing about Morgellons but was willing to moniter me and order my lab tests.

    Thank you for your contribution to the Morgellons Community!!!! I plan to make a contribution to your book and hope others will too or at least order the products by clicking on the sites when reading your book rather than go to the company website directly or by phone.

    Bless you, Lynn

  16. For some reason at the Good health USA site, where they sell the Blockbuster Allclear, my order did not go through when I used paypal. I had to reorder with a CC. Then, I checked the paypal site and my account is fine. I tried to order the blockbuster again today with the paypal and it didn’t go through – again. So, had to use a credit card.

  17. Thanks to everyone – I will see what is up with the paypal button link I had no idea it went dead! Also, I have no idea why the Good Health USA site is messed up – all I know is that you should be able to go there and order both online or by phone and if you really find you like the stuff you can also become an affiliate yourself – it is just a third party supplier. However, I am concerned now that they may be scammers to their affiliates. Nonetheless, the product is really good.
    It eats up diseased tissues – inflammation – takes away pain – clears up lungs – but it also releases pathogens that are inside the biofilm which can initially cause more sores and fatigue. Work with it slowly according to your own personal health situation – do not overload your liver/kidneys with too much “die off” at one time. Always detox, drink lots of water, rest. Introduce product slowly.

    And Mr. CommonSense, your pain will lessen if you try this – really – running will be enjoyable again as it takes away the inflammation!

    Keeping on… Judy K

  18. Hi all,
    This is so very interesting and it s so true as we have talked about Bio film several times Robin.

    As we discussed about the testing through Great Plains Labs.
    The process of uncovering the bacteria is very important.
    Calcified Bio film can cause the body system to be very sluggish,and can keep medicines and supplements from doing their job.
    But it can also hold other Bacterias underneath it as well.

    We with Morgellons (many) have compromised immune systems,and compromised areas in our bio terrain which need building and strengthening by natural supplements and replacement of the nutrients missing in each unique body system.
    Such as Mr CS has so successfully done in his ‘Poor Mans Protocol’ and John Burgstiner has done with his’Logos wellness protocol’

    The next step after attacking the Bio film is helping the pathways to clear it out.

    Because,those of us with Morgellons body systems are weakened from the fight they need help.

    I have a video link on my site talking about Methyl B-12 nasal spray which is used for helping in clearing pathways and not only for autism(which has now been determined to be a toxicity overload problem and metals problem )but for other disease as well. (I don’t know how to link it here or I would)

    Its interesting to see in many having testing through the Great Plains labs that they are dificient in B12

    There is also a little bit on Chelation and and explanation ,as we know we always replace minerals when chelating and follow a knowledgable pratitioners instructions.

    I am very encouraged at the work and look forward to many more getting well.
    Gods richest blessings to you
    Soon we will all be doing the happy dance and well
    Pamela mae

    • Hi Pamela,
      Thanks for all the work u do for us.
      I did get the lab work done and I connected with one of doctor’s you recommended in Atlanta. I don’t even remember his name at the moment. Each experience has taught me something that has helped. The doctor really helped me to realize that I needed to work on my gut. I got on probiotics and he sent me a glutathione cream which helped. I went on the Burstinger protocol and that helped but I had issues digesting all those pills. So, now I do very high powered liquid vitamins, MSM (sulfur) …this idea came from MR. CS and a product called MAX ONE by MAXGxl International (this is glutathione) and if I had to choose just one product to pass on to someone with morgellons that would be the product. I understand how leary morgellon sufferers are of trying new products. I was there too. Someone sent me the product for free. I noticed that my brain worked better, my thinking was razor sharp and I had energy. I pray that God will bless with some extra money so that I can buy some product and send to a few folk just to try. I realize today that we have to make our bodies strong to fight off whatever this stuff is. I am living a pretty normal life again. It has been 3 years and 6 months though. I just want to encourage others.

  19. Yes, the logosnutritionals and the PMP have really helped me. I agree about the B12 – we need it! Plus, I alternate my magnifical with the Calms Mag. My boyfriend has been on Logos wellness program and his skin is sooo shiney. He’s healthy !

    • What is the PMP?

      • Shaheerah, PMP is the Poor Man’s Protocol (found on this site) that Mr C followed to get better. Guess what: it contained NAC which along with Glutathione, Sulphur and Vit. C is contained in GMAX. All of these are recommended for fighting off fungus!

        Hey Mr C are you still taking your NAC and MSM??

      • I’m sorry. It’s Poor Mans Protocol. I shouldn’t have written PMP.
        I also am taking a glutathione product that has helped. It’s symplex C and is liposomal. It’s a liqued and expensive.
        I just want to pipe in about the fungus. Yes, there is a fungus and Judith K. knows and can prove it. The sores are also of a fungus nature. It is amazing how quickly I can heal up my mothers sores with the barley treatment. I am thinking… maybe the barley water for this fungus…. Bash up the barley in a coffee grinder… let it mingle in the water you intend to drink for a day, strain…drink. I am going to make some today, haven’t really done it too much up to now. However, in light of Judith Knilans fungus discovery, we must try anything that will be harmless, that we can. I also take nystatin, and was on a systemic antifungal, fluconazole. Now, I think I will go back on that. I am shooting in the dark here, as is my integrative medicine doctor, who is also shooting in the dark but willing to believe and help.

        • Hi Robin, I looked up SCOPULARIOPSIS the fungus that Judith was diagnosed with on Doctor Fungus website. None of the anti funguls that end in zole work on this one. Check out Doctor Fungus.com. The recommended drug is AMPHOTERICIN B which has to be administered by IV as it kills the liver. What I could gather that the difference in meds is that AMPHOTERICIN B smashes the cell while others like fluconazole prohibits growth. I took fluconazole and it did nothing for me and is also hard on the liver. I also read that get this: heavy metals such as mercury and aluminum and this fungus are synergistic and also this fungus eats starch and converts it into Arsenic! It seems that many theories of this are correct but interrelated.

        • If you have an Integrated Medicine Doc, he will probably agree to AMPHOTERICIN B injections. I found a big improvement taking GMAX well but it is expensive. When I finish this box I am going back on MSM, C and garlic. Drinking the barley extract is probably a good idea too.

  20. Dear Judith,
    Thank you so much for all of your hard work and generous information. Do you know of any Morgellons support group/site (in person, not on line) in Colorado?
    I’m sorry not to be able to donate at this time, but I am caring for a friend with this disease, and it is taking a huge financial toll on both of us.
    Thank you again,

  21. I tried reading your book on line today, and a message came up saying that the website had expired. I wondered if you knew about that, and if you have plans to get the book back on line. Thanks!

  22. Joe Keleher said:

    Judith, I have not gotten your book but am glad you wrote it. I have a strong opinion on cause and cure, but would prefer medical professionals take a stand on this.

    I wrote about my experience and recovery several years ago (published in the medical professional journal Explore!). On another Morgellons related blog, I posted info on this publication and was attacked by others; it made me cautious and less likely to share. The situation has caused a lot of misguided anger.

    I have wanted for some time to help create a volume of accounts documenting recovery from Morgellons. I would be willing to edit, condense my own account, and find the means to offer the volume online for free. I think there are patterns to the recovery. If we can clarify recovery, we’d all benefit.

    I’d be interested in hearing thoughts on this. Take care everyone, Joe

    • Torpedolynn said:

      Hey Joe K.

      I have a question. I use to love putting Elmers Glue all over my hand to let it dry because it was so fun to peel it off. Would the old version of kids elmer glue have that Toulene in it?? Also two different times a thermonitor broke in our house hold and my older sister and I played with the murcury ball for a couple of minutes before putting it in the garbage.

      My older sis has chronic fatigue but does not have Morgellons and she does not beleive in Morgellons. I do and I have a toxic problem that may have brought on board a low form of Morgellons. On top of all this I have had over 1000 ex-rays sense the age of 1 yrs old. Radiation expose may go along in this for alot of people.

      Would love you feed back.
      In Light Lynn

  23. Joe Keleher said:


    I’m certain all of the things you mentioned have some bearing on a person’s health. I also know plenty of people who mention playing with mercury have/had mercury fillings and appear healthy. What I have discussed/researched and experienced is mercury as a neurotoxin. Toulene and other substances, such as meth and coke, may act as carriers when combined with mercury and allow passage beyond the blood/brain barrier. While it is speculation, given the number of sufferers, I think my theory should be considered by medical researchers.

    Peace, Joe

    • Torpedolynn said:

      Hi Joe

      Dr. Harper in CA. is getting ready to do a study of his own. Would you want to mention or talk with him on this? See if he is already considering it maybe?

      • Joe Keleher said:

        I’d be glad to talk with Dr. Harper or any other medical professionals working on Morgellons related research.

        • Torpedolynn said:

          Dr. Harper phone no. is 1-858-755-1126. Now he does not know of our postings here. I just thought you might have a good idea going on there in previous post.

          In Light Lynn

  24. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Hi everyone. I corresponded with Judith. She is restarting her career and very busy, her health has improved but she would not call herself 100% better. She might release the book again on Amazon but it wouldn’t be for some time. That’s all I can really say from her email.

  25. Hi MCS, long time. Just perusing thru and saw this and am interested in the book but the link’s no longer working. Is there a way I can still get it? Thanks!

  26. Josephine said:

    Hello, Mr. C.S.!

    Since Judith will not be releasing the book on a website in the near future, is there someone out there who has downloaded the book and can send it to me by e-mail? Or someone who has printed the book and can send it to me in the mail– I will read it and return it to you!

    What a disappointment to have the book advertised and not be able to read it. I brought it up once thinking I’d get to finish reading it, and literally two days later it was gone.

    My friend only recently discovered this disease, and he is suffering. Is there someone out there who can help?

    Note that on March 26 kixx-rc has asked the same thing. Would Judith give Mr. C.S. permission to re-post it somewhere?

    Thank you for your concern!

  27. Judith Knilans said:

    Hello Everyone,

    This is Judith herself and I am sorry that I have not been back here to reply. First, I take care of my 87 year old mom and adding that to my own health issues has been very time consuming. I do not have enough time to follow all the blogs anymore.

    Curiously, I am not the one who took my book off my website so I am a bit concerned as to who/how that came to be… and WHY? Someone not wanting that information to be available – perhaps? Further, I have never been able to keep the contribution link working either and again I feel that others are not wanting me to have any financial gain in this. Believe me it has never been a financially rewarding venture – I am broke as a result of the disease and I have to get back to work doing something where I can earn some retirement income.

    My book is going to be available as an e-book on Amazon once I have had a chance to do a better job at editing it and making some updates. This is not a copyright free book and even though I did not charge for my work it does not give anyone permission to republish it without my permission. It is meant to help those who have been suffering with this horrid condition and who have been denied proper medical care by the conventional medical doctors (most of whom are clueless about it).

    Once I find the time to get my book reworked I will let you know.

    In response to Joe K above – I too have been attacked for my efforts in the past and you know what – I am not interested in being under the gun from FDA, CDC, AMA or Monsanto etc…. so I must be careful. There is SO much that I do not say that I do not mention. Maybe if a real publisher were to contact me and pay me the money deserved for exposing this “undercover” illness I’d be more open but not when there is nothing in it but fear of what might happen.

    SO many people are not getting proper care and attention for this condition and yet for years their symptoms have been brushed aside, they labeled delusional, no such things as organisms developing in the skin…just because they have a medical license does not mean they have all the answers. And, the fact that they DO have a medical license should be all the more reason they would want to properly document exactly what so many people have reported over and over again when they present with Morgellons. More than 15 years for me and still I have not one medical doctor who sincerely looked into this condition and acknowledged it was a “new” disease that needs further investigation. They have the license to call me “crazy” folks – I can talk all I want about what really happens with this condition but if “they” say I am delusional their education is held in greater esteem than my real life horror events of fibers forming instantly. That does sound rather bizarre does it not – but it really happens and STILL no CDC or AMA response. Come on people – they really do not want to expose the truth here and who am I to go against all those educated people who are looking out for our best interests! I am just the crazy woman who has fibers and organisms form in my tissues and have to constantly keep a vigilant regimen going to keep it under control. If “they” were planning to help us by now I think there would be some acknowledgement of their wrongful past (and present). We are STILL on our own when it comes to the Morgellons battle.

    Take Care Everyone – Regards – Judith

    • Great to hear from you Judith. I just got back from the morgellons conference in Austin. There were alot of us “delusionals” there, all with horrid sores and so on. There is no new cure information but there was a german scientist there and he is treating morgellons in Germany. His slides went too fast and he suggested to an audience member to buy the DVD’s when they come out, so…it might be a thing to do. At the Charles E. Holman website, is where to get them. He mentioned a few drugs and some herbals. I will have to get them myself and I went to the conference. He seemed the most informative new speaker. Also, the OK state lab hired a new forensic medicine doctor and they hope to do DNA testing and Randy Wymore was excited about this.

    • Judith – are you still out there?

      I have a cure for Morgellons Disease.
      Read my comment further down on this webpage.

  28. For those of you interested, Judith’s book can still be found at the DNR’s website (link below). I just got done reading it and thought it was great. Thank you Judith for all your hard work. I am a new Morgellons sufferer and will try your protocol. I will also use your affiliate number and try to donate to your website.


  29. Hello Friends,
    I just want to let you know that my older book that is presently listed on this site is no longer available. I have revised it and renamed it “Pathogenic Mutations”. There were lots of changes and other information that I have since learned. The new e-book is available at this location:
    If any of you want to offer this book on your blog or website I have it set that Smashwords pays my affiliates a 15% commission for promoting my e-book. I hope you will spread the news about this disease so that the hundreds of thousands who have the initial stages of it can recognize what is going on before it gets into the advanced stages. We need to have light prevail over darkness and the creators of these diseases are keeping everyone in the dark. Don’t allow that to continue. Bring light onto this subject.

    I have also just created a new blog (http://homehealnaturally.wordpress.com) where I will expand on topics related to illnesses caused by toxins, biotoxins, environmental toxins, mycoplasmas, biofilms etc…. Morgellons is NOT a skin disease, that is only a symptom of it, this is a serious systemic illness and to only address the skin is just making matters worse. It is also not a parasitic disease, even though many people do get organisms growing out of their skin, those go away once the systemic illness (and household environmental action is taken) is properly addressed.

    The newly created blog does not have much on it as yet but I did post how to prevent this disease from being sexually transmitted (which it is) and I also have information on getting private consultations which I am now again offering. I will be expanding the material on the blog as time allows.

    The reasons I have had to take time off is that I still am looking after my 88 year old mom; I was working on some research into how to kill “it” whatever “it” is; and I just got burned out in all the negatives that people who put their face out there, as I have done for years, get hammered with from all directions. It is not easy to fight this war but when I stop my conscience begins screaming at me and I cannot rest without trying to shed light on what I went through and I have to let others know what is going on. You should be doing that as well. The evil people who created these illnesses are dark figures and we need to let light win out over dark.

    I hope you will read my book and that it helps you gain a better understanding of what to do to combat the diseases of the 21st century. Judith Knilans, ND

  30. So Happy, Judith, you’re back on the scene. I am also taking care of an old mother, and, she has morgellons. She had it first, I caught it. I had used a guest bed that she used for 6 weeks and also, something bit me. So, I know I got it from her, but, unsure exactly weather it was contagion hibernating in cotton, or if a bug bit her, then me. She was in another state complaining to me about sores and bugs on her. I invited her to come visit me – the rest is history.
    Will download the book now. Please do not even read the stuff from nay-sayers. You’ve put your face out there, something I can’t do as I have a job I need to keep. At any rate, we need you ! Thanks so much !

  31. Hello, My mom has now lived with me for 5 years and does not have Morgellons. But another family member who does not live with me but visits often does have the very initial stages of it, which I feel I will be able to eradicate since we caught it early. Then, my dog gets it off and on, I get her all cleared up, then it comes back. But my cat does not have it and we have all been together for their entire lives. This is a very strange contagion in how some people and animals seem to be immune.

    One of the things I find so frustrating is our medical doctors could have had at least 12 years of information gathering on facts but instead of gathering medical data to properly analyze we instead have an incorrect terminolgoy (unexplained dermopathy) and hundreds of more people getting ill daily. Most people and the medical professionals STILL have no idea what I am taking about when I tell them I have Morgellons and I put it on all my medical records. This is a serious systemic illness that, I believe, is being covered up. Perhaps because they have no idea how to address it and Heaven forbid we have one more catastrophe to deal with in our broke country (world). But we do – but this is getting swept under the rug..There are people higher up than the doctors who see people and they rule our media, our finances and our health systems – they know about this and are behind the deceit – they are the evil ones that I mention on the blog. It is about power, greed and eugeneics. Nice world we humans have created, they create illness so that they can then make billions on treating it. The more I learn and read about these evildoers the more disgusting is get.

    I hope my work will help you and your mom – you will notice a big change within the first few days and then gradual improvement over time as the pathogen(s) are killed.

    • Hi,

      I stumbled on this old comment quite by accident.
      Are you still sick?
      I had Morgellons for A LONG time, and I found a cure.
      Did you get an insectbite w. circles around it? (Bedbug, NOT a tic.)
      Do you have rashes like red dots – sometimes in circles/ half circles
      or straight lines? And lots of brainfog, confusion, dizzyness…
      That’s the disease I had.
      Fact: This disease/insect is from the deserts of the Middle East.
      It got brought to the US w. equipment etc. after Desert Storm.
      (Lots of former soldiers have this disease. )
      The CDC etc ignores it since it takes a long time to get VERY ill,
      in other words, people don’t die after a few days or so…
      AND the CDC likes to receive money and then do nothing.

      • Lotte, I had little dots and was diagnosed with scabies. My son has been dealing with skin for 8 yearsand the only person we knew before surfing the web was a friend who came back from VietNam with these same sores..HMMM?

    • I found it, thanks. I haven’t been up to date of late.

  32. OK, this is what you do…
    (I’ve tried to tell people quite a few times
    by now – but for some reason nobody listens…)
    Buy Kleen Free (from the net).
    It’s a biodynamic, non chemical solution.
    Take a shower every other day.
    Use ordinary soap first. Turn off water.
    Mix Kleen Free and perhaps half a cup of warm water.
    Marinate entire body w. this solution.
    Let it dry into the skin.
    Don’t use a towel. (Avoid eyes.)
    The enzymes in this solution kills the parasites
    that have invaded your tissue.
    After about 30 days dry blood & dead parasites surface.
    Then you pluck them out.
    This is the ONLY thing that actually works.
    (Believe me, I tried EVERYTHING else.)
    It takes a while to get well, but the recovery is 100%.
    Obs! Also cleanse the liver.
    The liver will be packed with parasites.
    Okey, that’s it.
    God Bless.

  33. Judith is right. This is more than a skin disease, Kleen Green is great. It is the most effective thing for the crawling. I spray down – for 2 years now. I truly believe there is an internal component you are not dealing with. Fungus, whatever. One must also colon cleanse and then, if needed continue with the oral antibiotics, antifungals, etc. I agree, the Green Kleen is great but not a cure.

    • Robin, I recently started using baking soda instead of shampoo to cleanse my hair and find it amazing. it seems to neutralize the scalp, leaving the hair squeaky clean and lots of body. I buy it in bulk for 2$ a pound. It is also great to use in a cleanse with organic apple cider vinegar. Also known as the Poor Mans Cleanse. I found it on the Morgellons Focus web site.

  34. As my new book says: there are stages to this disease, in the initial stages there are no sores or skin problems, they develop as the disease spreads internally. I have gotten rid of sores many times over with many types of protocols (mine as well as others) Kleen Free only helps the skin – EVERYONE MUST UNDERSTAND – THIS IS NOT JUST A SKIN CONDITION – to treat it as such only allows the internal “thing” to get worse and worse. I know – I may have to have a lung removed as a result of initially only thinking it was a dermatology issue. It must be driven out from the internal organs, especially lungs. Please do not think it is parasites or skin sores – as those only come in the advanced stages. My hope with the book is to get people aware of this BEFORE they get fibers and sores.

    • Judith when will the book be available. How does one drive this out of the lungs? I have had black specs in my sputum on and off for years now though the tests came back negative. I have tested positive for mycoplasma, bartonella and C Pnemonia. I took anti biotics pulsing for six months on, six months off, six months on. Currently I am detoxing/chelating with vulvic/humic acid. Yes this is definitely more than a skin disease. Also, a great alternative to Kleen Free is TKO orange. Quietins the skin, cleans just about any surface and is organic made from orange peel which is very concentrated.

      • The book is available right now at:
        Next, go to my blog: http://homehealnaturally.wordpress.com
        and look up the post I made about treating the lungs.
        People, LISTEN TO ME, I have had this since the mid-90’s I have scar tissue and a tumor in my lungs because I too was treating the skin for years and not realizing it was just spreading throughout my body tissues. Even the CDC is wrong – it is far more than skin sores or parasites (those are easy to treat!) – it first, and foremost is an internal disease (probably fungus) that then comes out of the skin, and eyes, and vagina, and rectum in the advanced stages – it must be killed and driven out internally. Right NOW as I write this I can tell you that I had to have my lungs flushed and the pathogists grew mold on the petrie dishes but they cannot identify it, so now after 2 months they have sent it to Mayo Clinic pathology and guess what I can almost be sure of – they will not be able to identify it either. Also, my doctors will not attempt to treat it with anything because they simply do not know what to use or how to proceed. I will keep you posted.

        So, what I hope to accomplish is to help others not get to the point of having this destroy their lungs, liver, kidneys, heart, brain…… I nebulize 2-3 times a day with PathoGenX Liquid or PathoGenX Liquid Plus and it helps a great deal but it may be too late for me. They want to remove a lung! I am doing what I can to warn others that this must be treated internally, sinuses and lungs being a key factor in accomplishing this. Don’t wait for it to invade your entire body, clearing up the skin sores does nothing for the internal spread of this illness. Believe me people, I know what I am talking about.

  35. Judith is absolutely correct, as, before I ever had skin symptoms I felt an internal humming..sort of. Tingling in my extremeties. Underskin crawling was first, but I didn’t actually have skin poppage until 2 months later. I knew I had Morgellons, as, my mother had visited me and complained of all the symptoms. She had horrible sores. I was impatient with her insinuations of bugs crawling on her. Well, when I started having symptoms I goggled them and up came this. I knew I had it and it was all internal at that time. At any rate, I have ordered all the panthogenx items (except gel – missed accidentally.) I will try these things. I cannot live with this. I got the sauna too. And, I haven’t been using it enough – summer – hot and all. But, I will begin again as I detox with her protocol as well as my own. I didn’t order the DNR soaks back when the first book came out, but I did the other things. Now, I will get the soaks. I did know to do the enzymes thanks to the first book. Please, Thank you Judith !! Thank you, Like I said earlier, I have been spraying down with Green Kleen for 2 years now. It will help get you through the day, but didn’t get this out of me.

  36. Thank You Judith, I did not know how to clear my lungs. I found the link to your book and will also get the nebulizer. To date I had only taken silver internally and seem to be cleanisng in the wrong order. It is interesting how the men afflicted with this seem to recover, and not the wormen. At least this is my take on it with the wxception of one woman that I know of. I though I was well a few years back and became reinfected 3 years ago. I had got to the point that this was my lot in life and to just live with it. I will try another round of treatment as per your protocol. I have faith in your advice given that you are an ND and fellow sufferer.

  37. Judith Knilans said:

    Hello everyone here is a very important update: My lungs have become very problematic and my breathing was getting worse. So after 16 years I now have a confirmed fungal identification from a lung flush and Mayo Labs: Fungus was growing on plate but my hospital could not identify it so they sent it to Mayo results came back on Sept 10 and it is: 1) Hormographiella Species and 2)filamentous fungus unable to identify.

    Also, I now have lung cancer and I have to have the lower lobe of my right lung removed as soon as possible. I want to donate the tissue to any place where study is being done. I have asked if Randy Wymore wants my lung (or my whole body if I do not survive this). Maybe there is more than one place that is doing research. At any rate this surgery is going to be taking place very soon so if there is a place accepting tissue donations I need to know about it NOW.

    I will be adding my final chapter addition to my book to update these findings.

    Please people, I treated my skin for 12 or more years – I should have been treating my lungs and internal organs and not given as much attention to the sores. Further,, the doctor told me only 15 people in the US have this type of fungus and I told him, you’ll be surprised to know that I think there are thousands they just are not being property tested. I hope my journey has helped some of you. Pray for me they give me a 40 percent chance to survive the cancer and most people die with this fungus in their lungs but I know that PathoGenX Liquid inhaled has helped it considerably.

    I will keep Mr CommonSense informed if I can do so.

    This journey has been hard and if I cannot live well I am OK with death. But, I still have hope, the doctor said my cancer is not all over the lung, only one small nodule. The fungus however, is all over and I am concerned I will not heal when they take out the lung. So… whatever will be will be. Judy

    • HI Judith, You are a brave and wonderful soul. Have you heard of an Italian Doctor,
      Dr. Simoncini who has believes cancer is a fungus and has apparently treated some patients using baking soda? (needless to say his ideas have created controversy).
      Here is the link to his book.


      My prayers and healing thoughts are with you,
      Love and light, Jade

    • . Judy, my prayers are with you.. you mentiuoned a frequency machine in your book ..I loaned the book and you know that story..I would like to get one but want to be sure that its not a sham..if you could contact me, and give me your address, I would love to send a check for your book I downloaded…You are a blessed and caring woman.

    • Judy,
      I just read this. I haven’t been online much.
      You are in my prayers. You helped me at the beginning of my
      journey with morgellons and I know you are a caring and very
      sincere person. I would love to support you through this in any way I can.
      God bless your daughter, Judith. You Lord, You can do anything and
      everything; thank you for your grace and mercy upon her life and her
      body Lord. God please help all of us who are dealing with strange, unusual diseases that doctors know nothing about. I believe with all of heart and soul that you are THEE HEALER! Thank you God…you always hear us even if we never say a word!

  38. Hello, I really like your weblog. Is there something I can do to obtain updates like a subscription or something? I am sorry I’m not familiar with RSS?

  39. I’m so sorry Judy. I had such a feeling of hope that you had cured yourself with the PathoGenX. I think Randy Wymore is the only one studying this. Does he say he will receive your lung to study? He will probably get to have it only after the hospital lab is done with it after it is removed. Let your doctor know of your wishes. Find out if Wymore will take it. This is important.
    I know you may not have time to answer, but, I am using all the PathogenX stuff. I am finishing my second bottle of PathoGenX LIQUED. Is it the “liquid” or the ” Liquid plus” that we should be inhaling?
    I am devastated by your letter. I will pray for you, of course, and for all of us…

  40. Judith,

    I wish you were not going through this. It is disheartening to hear of someone who braves through the Morgellons condition only to be fighting related symptoms. I agree with your assessment of matters being systemic (as deep as can be).

    I want to recommend a book…The Tao of Detox by Daniel Reid. I’ve already suggested it to followers of my blog and feel it may be among the best and deepest approaches towards detoxing. I think it is a worthwhile read.

    Thank you for documenting and sharing all you’ve gone through. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Peace, Joe

  41. Hello Judith, I am so sorry to hear your news but hope that having caught it early you will have a full recovery. Yes there is another study going on by a fellow sufferer who is funding it pretty much alone. Bert McDaniels maker of MorGone Gel. His website is www. morgone.com . I sent your post to both Bert and Pamela Crane of MorgellonsFocus.com
    Also are you familiar with the Gerson Therapy? It is a major detoxsing program through juicing and coffee enemas and can be done as a supplement to traditional treatments which as you know can be toxic. Google it as well as a lovely documentary called a Beautiful Truth dealing with the Gerson Therapy and one of the scenes involves a doctor from the Mayo clinic who actually leaves the clinic when they will not acknowledge a patient’s actual cure from cancer. There is another called doc called Run from the Cure. I hope this helps. God give you strength. p.s. – I too just bought the whole line of Pathogenix products and was going to contact you on how to nebulize. Take good care, talk soon.

  42. I think the PathoGenX inhaled is helping the fungus a great deal. And, ironically, it is the fungus that made them look more into the lung per my request and find the nodule which turned out to be cancer so in a way the fungus may save my life!! You see, the rest of my lungs are very healthy and the pulmonary doctor said as long as the cancer is no where else I have a 40-50% chance of total recovery. And he said, chemo might not even be needed.

    Then, I also feel good about getting an identification on the fungus – I have been fighting this for 16 years. This is very important. It is so rare that no physician or pathology lab is going to be looking for it. The reason is that most people who get it are at death’s door with chemotherapy, HIV, AIDS etc…or advanced pneumonia. I have none of this – so why do I have this fungus? And, also note, Mayo saw the fibers coming out of the lung flush fluid and cannot identify them. There is a connection between the fungus and the fibers and herein lies some answers for all of us. Get your doctors to send in eye fluid, saliva samples, sore exudate and test of this fungus, it can be in lungs, brain, eyes, and skin so it really does fit the picture.

    Use my tissues science – please. At long last, maybe someone will being to really look and really listen. This is the first team of doctors I have found who listened to me and lo and behold they discover a fungus. I told Mayo Clinic that when I spent days there in 2005 but today – who is the clinic that identified this – Mayo. So, maybe it will all come together. Maybe it will be Mayo who will take the tissue and study it. I have contacted Randy Wymore at email address listed on his OKState.edu site but if anyone has a more direct connection this tissue donation needs to be worked out ASAP.

    Can I list a lung lobe for sale on E-Bay? Honest researchers only need bid!

    This is not a bad thing – I have been a guinea pig for this disease and I may get well and be the best future voice that this fiber disease has. Pray – I am still fighting with all my strength! I will donate my body if I do not make it but who is REALLY studying this – my guess is the “researchers” are all just waiting for money. I will do my best to keep everyone informed on how all this progresses. I am still betting on the PathoGenX Liquid to be what will kill the fungus – I did not get on it soon enough and it will take time – which I may be running out of!

    AND to those of you who are still thinking this is a skin disease – THIS IS NOT A SKIN DISEASE – it only develops into that due to the body trying to get rid of the fungus. Yes, this fungus does infect the skin, but before it has done that it is in your mouth, your lungs and likely your brain. So, treat internally please. I treated my skin for many years when all along I should have been working more internally. The websites talking about skin parasites and sores are causing harm if they are not addressing the internal systemic disease.

    The journey and fight continues – Judy

  43. Thanks Joe, I am a reader so I will look it up if I have TIME!!!

  44. How to nebulize is posted on my blog at http://homehealnaturally.wordpress.com 15 minutes twice a day – I am convinced it is helping my fungus but the cancer is knocking me down right now.

    I am familiar with Dr. Gerson’s work. I fully expect to recover from the lung cancer as long as it has not spread – I will be getting a PET scan on WED to learn about that. Also, many people who have had Morgellons for an extended time develop cancers so I am not really surprised at this either.

    I am still waiting to hear from anyone who is qualified to accept donated tissue to study the lung lobe that will soon be available. If anyone can help me out with that there is my focus right now. I will be discussing it with my doctor today.

    Thanks to everyone for your kind thoughts. As my other post indicated, I am glad to have an identification and acknowledgment of the fungus and fiber. My God, that has taken 16 years!!! This is a huge step – now the rest of the doctors will actually look into this (or will they??) Gotta get going. Judy

  45. After reading the label of Pathogenx plus I am somewhat concerned about it containing hydrogen peroxide. The reason I say this is that Cliff Carnacorn(maybe slight miss spelling) discoverred that the fibers actually grew very rapidly in a hydrogen peroxide culture. I was so eager to try it and now hesitant.

  46. PathoGenX Liquid has no hydrogen peroxide if that concerns you. The Liquid Plus does have 1% because according to reports in the silver sol patent H2O2 improved the strength by up to 30PPM. If you read my information I primarily used Plus on exterior and if not too strong as a lung inhalant (use both in nebulizer). I use plain Liquid in eyes, in mouth and drink a tablespoon each morning and evening (wish I knew about it years ago) and it is far more effective for me than NutraSilver has been. Unfortunately, I have had a very advanced case of this disease and I only hope I can help others fight it before it takes their life.

    Yesterday, as I was at the doctors office, and discussing this fungus. I was denied any conventional treatment for it because they believe that once they take the lobe of my lung out that will stop the fungal infection!!! So, if I do not continue to fight the fungus with PathoGenX there is not going to be a treatment of it prior to surgery. Then, I said but it is systemic and my doctor said :unless we can test and prove that to be the case we do not know that and at this time we only know it is in the lung”. So, folks, if you do not take care of yourself the conventional medical people are just not going to be there for you. It is hopeless even IF/WHEN they come up with a positive Lab ID.

    PathoGenX kills MRSA so I will be taking it daily while in the hospital as long as I am awake and able to do so! I know I have a fighting chance because of this product.

    I have made the request that all tissues be studied and records kept and have been assured the electronic images from pathology will be kept but I still hope there really is some researchers who will want this tissue. If not, I guess that tells you all how much the NIH or CDC are really doing to look into this condition. They STILL cannot identify the fibers and that is a repeat of the same event that happened way back in ?date when the fibers were taken to FBI lab. Do you think it might be time that they get identified??? OR do you think “they” really do know but are covering it all up – “they” are not the pathologists or doctors – “they” are the powers who control US and are way up the chain of command, even above the administration. Somebody knows what is going on.

  47. I have not been in contact with Dr. Martin in awhile, it was a few months after the clinical trial that I participated in that he ran down in Fort Smith AK and I just stopped staying in touch. “They” ruined his career because he knew about the corruption involved in the vaccines that “they” infected us all with! Read “Osler’s Web”. I have read all the books on it regarding AIDS intentional disease creation spearheaded by Rockfeller, along with Chronic Fatigue etc… and I really feel Morgellons is just another combination of fungus and fibers and genetic engineering (toxic soup) resulting in man-made intentional or untentional – don’t know but still – resulting in man-made diseases killing us off.

    Thanks – have sent messageto Pamela earlier. J

  48. Hi Judith,
    I guess you have not heard back from Randy Wymore. He hired a forensic pathologist for his team. I saw her at the morgellons conference in Austin, TX. Maybe keep trying. I can’t see them not wanting to inspect the lung specimen…
    I am on my 3rd bottle of PathoGenX Liqued. I’m doing all I read about from your book from Smashwords. I also went to the site Sharon suggested and sent in my 2-cents. Everyone be sure to do it !

    • Hi Robin, are you still on PathoGenX Liquid. I went through 2 bottles taken by mouth as directed but have not used the PathoGenx Plus that I ordered. What is your progress ? have you used the Plus for use in a Nebulizer? I have only used the Nebulizer once. I have run out of energy and just managing basic hygene.

  49. Hey Jade, Those were my exact thoughts as I was falling into bed late last night, but I was struggling to remember his name. I know baking soda kills mold and rust as I use it to clean toilets as well as bathing and washing my hair. It is cheap also, just picked up 5 kilos (over 10 pounds) for eight dollars. In Judith’s case it would have to be administered by IV which I believe he was doing for several lung cancer patients. There are Docs in Canada and US who do IV therapy. Perhaps these are methods to consider after her surgery and recovery. BTW good to hear from you. Pamela has hooked up some of us Canadians. So far Ontario and New Brunswick; want to represent Quebec?

    • Hiya Sharon, I will try and remember to contact Pamela to get on the contact list.
      (brain fog). Good health wishes to you.

  50. I just want to say … I downloaded Judiths’ new book from smashwords..Pathogenic-mutations and am now starting my 3rd bottle of pathogenex liqued. I believe it is working! It is early on, granted but I felt almost normal for the first time in 2 1/2 years. I also do the intestinal mopup and like the shower wash of essential oils. I am sick of this morg and am now willing to do things I never considered so, I am now also taking mms everyday.

  51. Hi Robin,
    For some reason I cannot sign in or on o the home healing blog. for some reason it thinks that I am spam. Does anyone know how to oovercome that?

  52. I’m not sure Sharon. I’ll send a link http://homehealnaturally.wordpress.com/
    All I can think is maybe you need to sign on to wordpress and get a blog page (which I don’t use)

  53. Hi Robin, I can click the link to get to the site but the site will not let me sign up to write any comments. It seems to reject my email address. Thanks anyway.

    • HI Sharon.
      I would give it another go. I don’t know why it’s not working but Judith K. should see these posts and settle that problem.
      I am still on the PathoGenX liqued and, I did feel much better when I started it.

      • Hi Robin and Sharron – I am seeing the posts but I am not aware of how to make WordPress work if it is rejecting anyone. I am fairly new to using it myself. I have others that have signed up without any issues so I have no idea why Sharron is having problems or how to fix this matter. If anyone else knows why an e-mail is rejected let me know. Also, maybe her security settings do not allow the exchange of info – that will be for her to investigate on her computer security settings. I am sorry this is happening as I welcome all to my blog.

        I am improving fast! Looking forward to a full recovery. Judy

        • Mr. Common Sense said:

          Judith, wordpress makes you approve first time posters, once you approve them they can post at will. Go into your dashboard and view “Comments” and you should see those that are awaiting approval, also, they way I have it setup is I get an email and can approve right there as well.

          • Hi Mr C, the program will not let me even post a comment. There is a SPAM boxnotice that shows up on the bottom right corner of the home page.

            Long time no hear from. How are you? Judging from all the new comers; that welcome page that you mentioned is sorely needed.

        • Good to hear of you recovery Judith. you have been in my thoughts of late. Yes I will have to check my settings ( I am not very techie minded)

        • Hi Judith, I hope that you are fully recovered and symptom free. Your blog has a spam setting that will not let me register or send an email. it is something in the spam settings in your set up. I cannot even read comments that are already there. It cannot be my email as I log on and receive updates and post replies all the time on Mr C’s site. I am not much of a techie either I for the life of me cannot figure out how to follow anyone on twitter, though I have been a PC user for twenty years, must be my Morgie brain.

  54. Is the e-book no longer available? I have tried a couple of different links but they do not take me to an e-book, or a page where one can be downloaded.

  55. Judith Knilans said:

    Hello to Everyone, This is Judith and I do apologize for not being able to keep up to this blog or my own for that matter. In late September I had the lower portion of my lung removed – that is a huge surgery that I am still recovering from it. I thought it would have been this disease that caused my lung problems it but it turned out to be cancer, in addition to this disease. I never smoked or even was around second hand smoke so the cancer diagnosis rather shocked me. Anyway, they got all of it and it has not spread and I have a 75% chance of living!! HOWEVER, after weeks of waiting for histology report on fungus GUESS WHAT – my lung tissue was positiviely shown to have SCOPULARIOPSIS Species which is a fiber producing type fungus. Because local labs could not recognize this my report was from Mayo Clinic histology labs.

    Now gues what else, I had told Mayo physicians way back in 2006 that I had a systemic fungal infection and they did not believe me or test for it. They just told me to see a psychiatrist and stop picking at myself. SO – Now that it has been positively identified as a systemic fuingal infection, guess what — THEY REFUSE TO TREAT ME. I guess that this is the punishment I get for being open and honest about my name, the illness and telling the medical professionals what it really is/was.

    So – I keep using my own alternative products, I am still fighting it all everyday. I believe that this disease is being covered up by very powerful people and that the only option available to me (us) are alternatuve therapies. I feel very betrayed by the medical system as we all should.

    I have copies of all my reports and if Randy Wymore or any other medical research group is truly trying to figure this out my records are available.

    I plan to put another chapter in my book regarding this final result but I have still not been able to find the energy to get that accomplished. I hope to be back at this before long but please give me more time, I am also taking care of an 88 yr old mom with mid stage Alzheimers – there is only so much one can handle and this has overwhelmed me. Many thanks to all my well wishing friends on the blogs.

    • Debra Bialko said:

      Judith – I would like to get a copy of your book. None of the links work. Thank you

      • Judith Knilans said:

        My book is available at smashwords.com/books/view/81602 – the older free book is no longer available and neither is the website it was on. I am going to be adding a chapter to update the ending of my book with all the final diagnostics that I have had in the recent past few months but I have not yet been able to get that accomplished. I am still only about at 20 percent of my former self so it is difficult to stay focused on the book, my blog etc.. while I am still trying to digest all that has happened.

        The medical community is still clueless but I have found one surgeon and one family practitioner who knows that what I have said about this illness is “real”. The problem is the surgeon only does surgery and the family practitioner has no idea of what to do or where to send me. Mayo Clinic will not accept me – probably because I have been vocal about their misdiagnosis of my condition! Plus my WI insurance probably will not cover for any services outside the state so I am limited there too. Again – thank God for my knowledge of alternative treatments as that is all I have to keep going on with.

        • Judith, you really inspired me at the very beginning of my journey with morgellons and I really thank God for you. It has been 3 years and 6 months since this experience presented itself in my life. It has been a journey. I still do “light treatments”, saunas, high powered vitamins, (sulfur) msm and a product by Max GXL (Maxone) glutathione. I am not a distributor even though I have gotten many folk on this product just because it is amazing. It will boost up your immune system and give you immediate energy. I am 85% better. If I would have to choose just one product to hold on to it would be MAX GXL. You may already know about it; if not google Max GXL International and read up on it or listen to the audio. No more crawling and biting and no more break outs. For me, diet is key. White sugar, for me is a no-no. I rest as much as I
          can and I have lots of scars that I am working on bleaching. Judith I am a believer in prayer, I am a minister and at my church we are praying this whole month like never before because of all the shifts taking place int he world. I am praying for you Judith. Know that I care and cherish you.

    • Hi Judith, Glad to hear that you are still with us! You may have already done this, but i looked up SCOPULARIOPSIS on the Doctor Fungus website and the corresponding medication is AMPHOTERICIN B. It is impervious to the standard anti funguls ending in zole. Are their docs that specialize in treating those with mould/fungus? I find it despicable that the very docs treating you for cancer will not treat another ailment that they did not discover! According to Doctor Fungus some of these strains can be fatal, one in particular converts startch into a form of arsenic. I am not making this up. Go to doctorfungus.org. Was this a result from a lung biopsy? I wasn’t quite clear, was it an independent lab? I am trying to determine how I could get tested for this. I lived with my mother in law for six years with Alzheimers, so I know what you are going through. There were times when I thought perhaps I caught it from her.

      • Judith Knilans said:

        My surgeon only does surgery! He was however the one doctor who sent my tissues off for fungal histology (to Maylo Labs) and got the accurate results. This has been a 16 year ordeal for me!!! Then, oncologist only works on the cancer issues – and I am not seeing one as my cancer did not spread, I had no radiation or chemo and do not plan to. Then, my primary physician also knows what all the reports say and she does not know of one doctor in my area who would know how to treat this systemic fungal condition. That is still not the end of it. I have now had a lab identify the fungus in my lung fluid and in my lung tissue. But when I tell them that this is in my spine, my eyes, my scalp , my skin, my joints – know what they say… “well we do not really know that for certain do we”!!!!

        I guess we have to die and send them each and every body part before they will understand and accept that this is a SYSTEMIC fungus. It produces fibers, the fibers form from skin, from nose, from eye fluids, from saliva…. but what is it going to take before anyone truly listens? I have come so far, and yet still, I have yet to convince the medical people that this condition is involving my entire body.

        Most labs are not able to recognize this fungus. When they take a sample externally they seem to think it is contaminated when it shows up (due to supposed rarity) and so I have to lose a lobe of my lung in order for them to realize it just might not be a contamination! Most people who get this have advanced AIDS (I do not) and others have had severely compromised immune systemgs (again I do not). So the docs don’t get it, seemingly healthy people are getting a fiber forming fungus.

        I did look up this fungus, I do not know what species I have as that was not identified on the report – what I have is throughout my entire body and forms lots of fibers. It is in fabrics and recontaminates when clothing is not washed properly. I battle it everyday and I know that it will more than likely be fatal. I also feel that had I known what to do in the first 2-3 years that I could have cleared it up. Now after all this time I am not certain. I keep trying to find the way but so far it is a chronic situation that I have to fight all the time. Lots of products help – nothing so far kills it completely. I still continue the search.

        I will try to get to my own blog tomorrow and add some additional information.

        Again thanks to all – Judith

  56. dividingcricker said:

    has anyone used a nebulizer with trimedica silver for lung problems?…gmos seem to have a nanotoxic coating to kill fungus maybe it takes a fungus to kill a fungus?…has anyone used a ozone ione air cleaner to clean the air in there home? ive used a 50/50 mix borax diotomatious earth in the house kills everything but spiders—could be bad for cats i didnt know that didnt bother mine….also a enzyme spray kleen green by natural genesis 50/50 on my body , 3tbs in wash. 10/90 light to spray house….. 1800-807-9350 the seem to be helpful.. grapefruit seed extract is a great fungacide.. just 10 drops in tea or juice…immutol for general wellness ..red marine algea(pure planet) a virus fighter.enzamedica virus stop is another great product ….my thoughts on that kleen green is its a product with alot of sugar and maybe it attracts the (things)and it eventually kills them just takes a long time …its been 4 years well just my thoughts for today

    • Kleen Green definitely stops the crawling. I just got a nebulizer. I am supposed to make ionic silver (not colloidal) best for inhaling. I couldn’t continue to buy the bottles of silver. I got myself a silver maker from silverlungs. So, what is trimedica silver?

      • dividingcricker said:

        tigatail ive checked with a few other vendors (sullivan creek distrbution)in north dakota he was sold besause it is medical grade its made by american biotich labs and is sold in most health food stores around me,…ive also seeing it other vitaman mag….its 10ppm one tea 3 times a day use and i use a silver spoon ..found in flea market….read it kills over 600 virus bacteria and fungus its just some of the stuff i do …i had a problem with itching eyes i found a little tiny spray bottle filled it with silver biotics to spray my closed eye takes away the itch….good luck

        • Just one last note. The PathogenX Liqued, sold on Judith Knilans site was good. I felt instant improvement. It is 10 ppm. I was buying it, but wanted to try making this ionic and colloidal silver. So I bought the apparatus that makes silver by silverlungs. It can be taken orally (colloidal) or used ionically (better for skin and lungs). There are reasons why one should not take ionic silver orally – and you must take silver on an empty stomach. If mixed, It will form molecules and compounds other than what you want. For instance, that blue man guy was mixing his silver with salt to enhance it and it made Silver Chloride and that is what turned him blue, supposedly. I am only a victim of what I read…. Anyway, if you want to check to ppm of your silver, silverlungs.com also sells a meter for 39 $. I am not sure one will get morgellons out without the silver. Just my opinion at this 3 year point in the buggy world.

  57. I have NO doubt as to what Jillian says is true! I have only known what this is (as best as one CAN know!) since last July. But I have had many of the symptoms for several years. It was only when I looked up several at one time that I learned about the Big M.
    I lived in a house that had a lot of mold and mildew for several years. I also had Lyme Disease in 2003. The house that I have lived in for the past two years has rotted wood behind the toliet. The roof had leaked and was only replaced a week before I moved in. I have recently looked at particles from the bathroom floor through my microscope due to the mushrooms that started growing there! I was appalled to see the same black fibers, long clear fibers, and black dots that come out of my body in that wood! There were also tiny white worms with black “heads” that couldn’t be seen at all without the microscope! I guess Mr. CS was right on when he said our bodies had become like rotting logs!! I’ve also found the fibers in what at first glance, look like ordinary cobwebs upstairs. So…am I becoming a piece of rotting wood, or is the house becoming me?? This is really scary at times. Just this past week, my Pug threw up a glob of black hair looking material, intertwined with tons of white fibers! Is that in MY stomach, too? (My Pug is tan!)
    Jillian, I am so sorry to hear that you had to go through surgery, especially since it took that to have something you already knew verified! Mayo is most likely TERRIFIED of multiple lawsuits at this point, as are many other doctors.

    • Dear Marsha,
      I read the letter you wrote to Judith. Keep your living space clean with some clorox or if you can get the Kleen Green. Most of all you may want to start on the protocols for health, Like John Burgstiners wellness protocol. Plus, Judith’s book is good to read, but esp. just to find out where to get the PathoGenX liqued. It is silver. That’s a good start.

  58. I feel like an idiot, but I’ll chalk it up to not thinking clearly. I obviously MEANT Judith, and wrote Jillian! Why,,,,,I don’t know. I am going to have to get on a consistent protocol and stick with it for a good while. As I learned about this, I started trying a hodge podge mixture of different things.I’m using a lot of Mr. CS protocol, and a colon detox I found on another site. I’m reading Judith’s book, slowly but surely. I hope to be able to explain this as best as I can to others. Thanks, tigatail, for sending the book, and suggesting the silver!

    • Marsha, You can read the book, but just go straight to her treatment pages and
      you will see where to get the PathogenX liqued. I started feeling better immediately after starting. Once you have started your treatment, you can go back and read the hell Judith went through. I know a girl who tried 35 doctors before she hit on the right one. Find a Lyme Literate integrative medicine specialist. They DO discuss morgellons at their ILADS meetings. I know this. So, they do know about morgellons and don’t think you are DOP. Check the ILADS website. No one really knows how to cure this but they do treat you for Lyme and, let’s face it, I’m sure it is some sort of nano sized or molecular (microscopic) devil, like Lyme. So, keep up with the colon cleanse and the sweating. Farinfrared sauna if you can find one. Get one of those sit in deals. I am still crawling, and skin poppage is slowed but never gone. But, it’s a start. I think this thing takes a long time to battle out as it is always making new “little ones” as everything does to survive. You have to get one step ahead of it. How do you get anything out? Sweat, colon elimination and immune system. Try concentrating on those 3 areas. OH, by the way, I really love the bath wash from pathogenX. You are sqeaky clean from that stuff.

      • Hello Tigatail and all, Tig I don’t mind that you called me Jillian – but Judith is better!
        I am getting stonger after the major surgery in late Sept. and soon I will get back on track with some changes to my book and rewrite the treatment section.

        We are dealing with a huge problem here folks – this condition is different for different people and no two treatments or people are going to react the same. I feel some guilt in writing about what helped me because I have modified my own treatment and continue to do so. It would really be best if each individual sought their own treatments and would not read about what someone else did/does because each person has a different body chemistry. Further, having talked to many Morgellons folk over the years, we are not all dealing with the same situation. Some have acute rapid reactions to a bug bite while others have a long term development of an illness (such as I had) that progressed into being a huge serious illness.

        The intestine flora has lots to do with this so that is a first step in getting your own terrain and immune system improved. Unlike Lyme there are the fungi growing the fibers and the organisms or are do they come or form as a secondary condition due to the tissues being full of fungus – Who KNOWS?? When NO health authority who should be studying this takes us seriously and then the CDC comes out with false findings how are we to ever know what is really happening in our illness.

        We have a biotoxin pathway illness – biofilm is present, fibers form from something – organisms from from something – these get into your surroundings, clothes, bed, carpet and then you have to deal not only with your body but your living environment. It is so hard because it affects your energy level, your mind, your ability to focus on getting it all figured out… on and on it goes.

        I have done extensive reading in my recovery time and now I am going to be trying some additional treatments using homeopathic remedies. Essential oils have always helped me but I am not satisfied, they did not kill the fungus that is now throughout my tissues. Ionic Silver helps but I have only used that since May and there is way more to it than just using the Ionic Silver – like clearing out the toxins and debris once you have made some headway in getting it killed off. Before I used Pathogenx Silver I was using Nutra Silver and that did not appear to do much of anything.

        I am trying to sell my house and move to a new place which may help me with my environmental issues. I need all tile floors, in-floor radiate heat so I don’t have the fibers flying around the air everytime the forced air furnace goes on etc… this is such a difficult disease. And only those who are going through it have any understanding what it really does to ones life. I am so disappointed in the CDC but not really surprised. All I can say to anyone is don’t waste your dollars on conventional medical doctors when it comes to this illness as they are totally clueless.

        Still hoping to find answers and keeping on – Judy

  59. Hi Judith! It was me that referred to you as Jillian! Brain fog, I guess. my typing is getting worse too! Sorry about that! I’ve had the slow but steady pace with this disease, although I feel I first got started with it around 2001 – 2003. I lived on a farm, had multiple tick bites and in 03 had Lyme Disease. My doctor only treated me with antibiotics for a few days and that was that. It was much later that all the little symptoms I complained of caused my oldest daughter to tell me that I ALWAYS came up with the strangest symptoms! It was then (last summer) that I began to look up my symptoms and found that all combined, they equaled Morgellons.
    I still get really upset and cry when I look at a specimen from my body under the microscope and see it weaving and waving around!! Obviously, this thing is somehow alive, separate from me! I believe that intentional or not, the government’s experiments with bug and or weather control, and GMO’s are very much a part of this. And of course, we can’t ignore all the chemicals we’ve ingested in one form or another over our lifetimes. Thanks DuPont and others!! This is so big that the CDC will lie to all us who have to try to deal with this on a daily basis. I know I am getting worse, and unlike many diseases, I can’t even discuss this with my family. They thought this was weird when I first brought it up late last summer, but with the CDC saying it doesn’t exist, I mean really, who is going to take us seriously other than others who have it???

  60. dividingcricker said:

    probably this kleen green web is somewhere http://www.naturalginesis.com i don t know how it works but it really takes the edge off the itch,it cleans and kills everything that craws hops flys or bites….national geographic approved….there are no toxic effects no odors no residues it really seems to be a great product …ive used this on animals,cleans and kills fleas and mites. seems very healing…works like a anti-allergin on the skin ,just spray a little on that area and it calms the area….works to klean laundry just 3 table spoons…when i first got the itch ,it was a nightmare nothing would work to stop it…tried 1000s of dollars worth of products ..one of the other sales people told me to try this stuff and it seemed to be the ticket….there are other enzyme products buy they are way more expensive and they smell—stink!! the way i use it now ,i take a regular shower using dr bonners peppermint…i use use a little borax to expholiate–just makes you feel so clean…after rinsing and drying off..i lay the towel on the floor to step on…i use a 50/50 mix in a spray bottle ..i spray this in my hand a wipe my whole body ..neck to toes then spray my bare back…i get dressed…then i take that towel and roll my clothes in it…take that to the washer…we spray the house floor funiture before we vacume…keeps the dust down….ive found many uses for kleen green –it kills mold it also is great to remove smells fuel smells car basement it goes on and on…a multi—-

    • Thanks for the info! I didn’t know KG had so many uses. I’m also happy to know it can safely be used on my dogs! I’m going to order a bottle now!

  61. Best to order the largest container of KleenGreen because you will get the best deal that way and it will last for months. I think is was 300.00 but it is well worth it.

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