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I wanted to take a quick moment to let everyone know that I’m 100% symptom free of Morgellons now. Absolutely no crawling, biting, or skin issues. While I do suffer from Fibromyalgia (all of my symptoms now are basic fibro symptoms) I don’t attribute my fibromyalgia to Morgellons, though some might disagree with me, my anxiety, chest pains, muscle pain, all fibro…

I was in pretty good shape by most standards but when I added MSM (not MMS) and Coconut Oil a while back based on the NanoTransformation site recommendations that finally did it for me. I ordered the highest DHA fish oil available on the market to help with the inflammation and pain of Fibromyalgia and just started taking it today. I also exercise or run everyday no matter how much I hate doing it, I force myself to do it.

I’ll soon rid myself of the fibro as well, but then I may have it forever, either way, it’s fine with me, the nightmare is over. In many ways I feel I’ve said all I can say about Morgellons. My entire experience can be found in this blog, my ups and downs, struggles, weaknesses, and so on along with the things I did that lead me to this point with the help of many others too many to mention.

I really can’t say how much the MSM and Coconut Oil seemed to mop up at the end. I will continue to do them both for some months down the road. It’s been a hell of a three year period for me. I find it harder and harder to identify with the past three years, it seems my mind just wants to forget it, I’m not a Morgellons sufferer any more, neither in mind, body or spirit.

I’ll still be around, just not sure what else I can really add to what’s already been said.

Mr. Common Sense


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  1. Wonderful!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you!

    How do you use coconut oil?

  2. Mr. Common Sense said:

    I have a jar of it, it’s solid so I take about a half teaspoon, maybe a full teaspoon, but start slow, I put it in my oatmeal in the morning which is very hot, this melts it and I let it sit for 5 minutes then eat.

  3. Joe Keleher said:

    I’m impressed with all you have done for the Morgellon’s world (100,000 hits + WOW!). It’s good that you are symptoms free. Where ever the road takes you…remember you’ve one more friend out here in cyber-land!

  4. Wow, I am so happy for you!

    Thanks for all you have done.

  5. zara cybele said:

    It’s wonderful to hear you are finally free of this. Encouraging to all of us who are still dealing with it.
    May I ask, did you at any point have fibers?
    If there is an earlier post on this, please just point the way.
    Many thanks for all you’ve done for all of us.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Yes, I never had what you would call big lesions, just terribly rashy looking skin with bite marks, red dots like in the neurocutaneous photos, and misquito like bite marks. I had red and blue fibers, quite long and thin, brilliantly colored all running under perfectly healthy skin (and I mean way under such that you could get NOT get to them). At one point my hair all nearly fell out, and I grew this blond hair all over the tops of my hands which almost seemed to burn, it’s all gone now and I’m back to normal. I made entire room fulls of people itch back in the day by just entering them. It got so bad I could barely walk, things were very bad. I also had those thick black fibers too.

      Look at the 2nd photo on this blog post (not a picture of me)
      Pityrosporum Folliculitis

      Bad Skin

      That’s what my skin often looked like, but the coconut oil killed it outright, that and the MSM.

      Make no doubt about it though, I had morgellons and very bad, with insects, body wide massive crawling, the whole ball of wax …

  6. Mr. CS,
    I am tired and feeling weepy today (unrelated to Morg) and just read your post. Now I am really teary!!
    You rock; I am soooo pleased for you.

    I just looked up fibromyalgia in a book titled “The Complete Self-Care Guide to Holistic Medicine”. They call it a systemic disease and say this: “Although the cause of FM is unknown, most of the risk factors associated with chronic fatigue syndrome–especially food allergy (dairy products, wheat, fermented foods, and nightshades–potatoes, eggplant–are most common), emotional stress, intestinal candida overgrowth, nutritional deficiencies, and adrenal exhaustion–are also present with fibromyalgia. Recent research suggests that damage to the cells’ energy production in the mitochondria (the energy production center of the cells), as a result of an excess of free radicals is the primary cause of FM.”
    They go on to list supplements and other therapies which can help.

    You will conquer this too, no doubt. You were right about the terrain all along. We live in a very toxic world, and our bodies have suffered. But you can get your health back, absolutely. With God’s help, and your own discerning mind and determination, you will.

    A while back you seemed angry at the folks who don’t stick around to help those who are still suffering, and though I heard what you were saying and think you are a good and giving man, it has long seemed to me that dwelling in this horrific place keeps a person down. And I’ve kind of noticed that the people who heal are the people who find their own way and then move on in some sense. I wish you a long life of health, love, joy and peace with your family!
    Forever grateful,

  7. I am so happy to hear that you are free of this. I don’t know where I’d be now if I hadn’t found your site shortly after I began having symptoms. I know for sure you saved my sanity. I also started using MSM and coconut oil, as well as enzymes to reduce yeast. I’ve also been following many of Dr. Staninger’s recommendations. Within the last 2 weeks I’ve experienced the most improvement since this started. I finally feel that I’m now on the right road and it will only get better from here.
    I can’t thank you enough for all the hours of research you’ve done and for sharing it with us in a way that my very un-scientific mind can understand. I wish you all the best. Being able to live life to its fullest is a great blessing.

  8. Congrats, that’s awesome that you’ve recovered from Morgellons.
    I don’t have it, but I had some kind of mite infestation.
    By cleaning up my diet and other “terrain” measures,
    I’m almost fully over it.

    Re fibromyalgia, I’ve heard that lithium orotate (the natural mineral, not the medication) is helpful with that. Here are a couple of links with info:

    I’ve taken it myself for other reasons (keeping the
    little gray cells in there pitchin’).

    Congratulations again and thank you for this very
    tuned-in, helpful site.

  9. Leah White said:

    Hi, thanks so much for your site and all the work you’ve put into it. Just a suggestion, when you have the time, maybe you could make a new post with a list of all the products you’ve used and/or protocols you’ve followed in order to become Morgellons-free (with a disclaimer of course, that what worked for you may not work for everyone… that’s how it seems to go with this disease anyway).

    Also, just wondering if you’ve been tested for Lyme by any chance, since you have fibro and there are suggestions that they could be related, along with the tenuous link to Morgellons. Sorry if any of this has already been posted, I tried to search through old posts first but am so tired; you know what that’s like I’m sure…

  10. Hey Mr.CS Congratulations on being symptom free! It sounds like you still have a battle on your hands with the FM, but at least it’s only one affliction now…

    You have done a great service to the Morgellons community with this blog and I would like to thank you once again. I know from personal experience that dwelling on the symptoms and writing about them often makes the symptoms worse. I don’t know if you will continue to write about Morgellons since it may end up just causing you pain, but regardless…you have done a great service to us all. I, for one, would not blame you a bit if you take an extended sabatical to start living your symptom free life!

    I am so glad that you have beat this affliction and I pray that more people will be as strong willed as you and take action against this “disease”. It is more than obvious that this community will be waiting longer than I will be alive, for a “cure for Morgellons”, but thanks to the poor mans protocol, we all have a chance of regaining a bit of normalcy in our lives. Great job Mr.CS, and even though I will miss your posts, I will rejoice knowing that you know longer suffer from the symptoms of this horrific crap!

    Good Luck and God Bless you in all your endeavors!

  11. Judith Knilans meantions the figromyalgia again and again in her book. She seems to think it is also some microtoxin or parasite infestation. In some ways I thought she attributed it to morgelllons. I was wondering what you thought of the book. I am totally absorbed…does anyone know how to get a hold of her? I really just want to say thanks to her. Mr. CS you are an inspiration and believe it or not, finding you has kept my relationship together through all this. My boyfriend refered to you each time I got pessimistic and negative. One success story without the use of antibiotics.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      You brought a huge smile to my face Robin, good for your boyfriend. So many have been abandoned by those they love, sounds like he is a keeper !!

      I have her email but would need to ask before I would share it, I will ask her. I’m going to read her book in the evenings starting soon …

      • Hi Mr. CS, I wanted to say that my boyfriend first “met” you through Mel’s conference call. I had him phone in and listen, and you were talking alot about your experience with morgellons. You were so composed, speaking of having M, and up until then I don’t think he believed my symptoms. You said a lot of what I had been saying and he SAT up. I remember the call, you had to hang up a few times because you were on your cell at work and it was inconvenient for you. He has talked about you ever since. I think it was around Dec. 09. I learned about the grapefruitseed foam – which I think has helped by the way.

  12. Mr. C/S, I am so happy for you for you have put so much time and effort in your sight in order to help others.
    Having to deal with fibromyalgia has to be a challenge too but at least some of the misery behind you.

    Your site has been a place where people could go and find out information that is not biased, given with much research as possible and truth. We could count on you to look into all aspects of Morgellons. I thank you on behalf of all who have logged on to your site and those you educated that do not have the disease. My best wishes for you and your fanily. Lyn

  13. Hi, I am new here as I have only just started having symptoms. I would like to know what protocol you used to become symptom free. Could you explain in detail the diet/supplements/treatment that you did and how long it took to see results? I understand that this is not a cure, i.e., what worked for you may not work for everyone. But I really could use a clear approach as there is so much out there that it is really overwhelming.
    Thank you and best wishes.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Stacey, see my ‘All Articles’ page, its on the upper right hand corner of this blog, read the Terrain post and then the “Poor Mans Protocol” post …

  14. I’ve been reading this (long!) thread at the MDR forum
    about diatomaceous earth, fascinating:

    Looks like it would be a good thing for all of us.

  15. zara cybele said:

    Note about Diatomaceous Earth. It is my understanding that Perma Guard supplies a lot of companies with their DE.

    I inquired and was told it is mined in Fallon, Nevada. That is about 20 miles from one of the old nuclear testing grounds. I too would like to take DE, however, no one I contacted (3 companies) could show me any information regarding testing for heavy metals.

    This is truly suspect. Being where it comes from, and being that it is taken internally, the product should be tested regularly, and the company should make those findings very transparent to the public.

    I ended up sending Perma Guard an email directly and they never bothered to even respond. Again, suspect.
    The data sheet I was shown had no heavy metal information. Instead the woman I corresponded with told me something like, “I’ve been taking this product for 25 years as have my friend/family. We are all healthy.” Good for her. Hope she doesn’t get sick. I want to see the data.

    By the way, before I started enquiring about DE, I just ordered it in a frenzied panic to start working on my health. I took it for little more than a week. Then I saw a dermatologist who tested me for Arsenic and Mercury. I tested 12 (on a scale of 1 to 50) for Arsenic and 3 for Mercury. I have no way of knowing what my levels were before taking the DE (and I’m not blaming Perma Guard for that number), however, I am declining to take it internally again until they can address my concerns.

    Perhaps those of you interested could hound them for some heavy metal testing.
    Here’s a link to their testing data:

    To their site:

  16. I would recommend food grade DE in small amounts and have it tested or ask for the MSDS sheets on it. You would be better off taking Sulfur and masking with Clays if you have skin lesions. DE is ingested by certain Parrots in South America from the rocks and they never get parasites.

  17. This source claims their product
    is organic, they provide good info:

  18. Good Site, I feed my dog Marlie this. It is also incorporated in my clays. You need a bit more than DE for an all over remission. You are an awsome researcher, remember less is more.

  19. Sure Trisha, I don’t think any one product is going to
    cure Morgellons or anything else. I don’t believe in “cure-alls.” Health is many-faceted. This stuff sounds good though and I’m going to be taking it myself. Yeah, research is a way of life for me! 🙂

  20. How many msm pills should I take?

    • Pam they are probably capsules. For starters follow the label. Take with food as they can cause some stomach upset in some people. You can gradually increase, but sollow your instincts. Most labels recomend that you rake them 3 times a day, so it would be hard to increase much above the recommended amount.

      • For a long time I was following the label instructions to take one MSM capsule at a time. Then I read that David Wolfe takes 3 tablespoons of MSM per day. Six capsules equals one tablespoon. So now I take six at a time. No problems at all. MSM is nontoxic. It’s best to take it along with vitamin C, they work in synergy.

        It’s also available as a powder, and when I use that, of course I take it by the tablespoon. However, for someone new to it, I’d recommend building up the dose slowly.

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