Our Future

Part B is the real eye opener …

Part A

Part B

Part C

Part D


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  1. sherry Taylor said:

    I watched a bit of him a few years ago..but when the economy tumbled an his eyes started bulging as he was “expressing himself”..I stopped.
    Soes he understand the word”projection” where you think you see in others what if fact you are actually doing?
    Canadians have a low against “inciting hatred”, Ann Coulter seems to this that is denial of freedom of speech. We threw her out..sfter she told an arab person to go get a camel.
    I realize it must be hard after crashing the world economy, now having to “change” to a more humanes society..and take care of the many more poor that were created..but we don’t do “put them on an ice-fow anymore, do we? Sincerely, Sherry Taylor

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