I would like to extend my thanks to those who helped me along my way. If I leave anyone out please forgive me. Regardless of what you may think of this list I am grateful to them all as it was little pieces from everyone, including not only their wisdom but products too that led me out of the Morgellons nightmare. I fully realize that there is no one path for everybody. Please do not think this is a list of things that if you do you will get better, that is not the purpose of this post.


After realizing I had Morgellons the first person I spoke too was Trisha Springstead, she sent me her protocol and comforted me greatly on the phone. It was after using her green soap bar (the one you apply after the shower which kind of covers your skin with a oily coat) that I first became crawly free. Of course, it would return later but I never really stuck with anything back then, I was in such a panic.

I met Russell Altman of NutraSilver and for quite some time I would call him at my wits end, crying, in sheer panic, telling him what was happening to me. I needed somebody to tell me everything was okay and that I was not going to die and that Morgellons wasn’t all these horrible things I was reading about in the forums. I can tell you if not for that voice during that time I might have gone over the edge. NutraSilver did kill something off in me that had been there since I had Lyme in 1992, I suspect it killed off a massive candida load from doing years of antibiotics for Lyme (which interesting enough I only began to recover after getting off antibiotics). I actually think I killed the Lyme a long time before that and was dealing with the aftermath of long term antibiotic use from that point on, but I digress.

Then I joined a Yahoo Morgellons group called Finding1cure and was helped greatly by Penny and someone that went by the name of GulfCoastDame. Penny was a role model for us all, she had Morgellons and had it bad, but she was recovered. Not only that, but she stuck around and posted her recipe known as “Penny’s Recipe” and was always optimistic and told us like it was, and that is, it’s not an overnight fix, it can take a long time, even years to reverse but that we could do it. Though I wanted a magic bullet I suspected Penny was right. Penny is still there today helping out, so before I arrived she was there helping and comforting and is still there doing the same thing today.

Also John “Blue Skies” or jwf from LymeBusters. I learned a lot from John, he recovered entirely from Morgellons and did so using all natural products and that always kept me going knowing that it was possible. John also knew a ton about natural products. There were many others on LymeBusters too that helped me, including Sue Laws who has since passed on.

I then did a consult with Dr Staninger and learned a lot of very valuable stuff. Probably the coolest thing about Dr Staninger is that she is very calming, not alarming, excitable or anything like that. I remember telling her some of the issues I was dealing with and she could immediately suggest something to try, and NAC was one of them, and it eventually became a pillar in my arsenal. I purchased the FIR heating pad from her as well. Although I could call her on the phone I was careful to not take advantage of her time. Dr. Staninger put out a press release just yesterday interestingly enough.

I also spoke to Dr. Susan Kolb a few times on the phone as well. Like Dr. Staninger, Dr. Kolb is very soothing to talk to. I cannot say exactly why that is but whenever I spoke to Dr. Staninger or Dr. Kolb I knew in my heart I would make it, they were not alarming in any way, and I cannot stress enough how comforting it is to someone who’s world is falling apart at every turn. I also picked up some interesting tips from Dr. Kolb.

It was around this time and after having a few of my posts censored on certain forums that I realized that I needed my own voice beyond the reach of any of the Morgellons cults so I started this blog. I could post what ever I felt like without the fear of some group coming down on me, and if they did (and they did) I could block those voices from dragging us all down. That’s exactly what I did (even yesterday I was attacked and accused of spreading misinformation and so on by one such cult). At least here on this blog, these cults do not control the message. Enough said on that.

When I first started blogging I was still desperately searching for the cause, you can tell this by reading my first post, and my 2nd post and so on. But eventually all the research led me to suspect Acetaldehyde and Dr. Staninger suggested NAC for that and boy did that make a difference for me. I slowly began to start thinking more about healing than the actual cause and with some nudging from certain folks (many who wish to remain in the background unmentioned) I began to consider the terrain theory and whether it was truly possible that fixing my terrain was my path to healing. I knew that our bodies seemed to be like rotting logs and that seemed to fit the terrain theory very nicely so I began to research this concept.

When I made my first “Terrain” post and mentioned all the things I was taking John Burgstiner of Logos Nutritionals chimed in and in large part validated my thinking. I honestly don’t know to this day how I came to pick the arrangement of things I did? I only know that it started to really work. If I knew half of what John forgot about nutrition, health, and supplements I would be a genius. Also, John has let me call him on the phone and pour out my heart during some very dark times and I am forever grateful for that. John is a very strong Christian and has always contacted me when he knew I was down.

Also, I met Joseph Keleher who has done some excellent writing for this blog and his own, he wrote the History of Morgellons and is a great researcher, some of his work played a key role in court hearings regarding disability due to Morgellons. He is one of the kindest guys I know.

I then became aware of the NanoTransformation team, they seemed to know way more about the underlying cause or causes of Morgellons than any other group and best of all, they weren’t espousing any crazy theories. They too pulled from many sources, including Dr. Staninger. I followed some of their advice and added MSM (I chose OptiMSM) and Coconut Oil and that was what finally did it for me. Granted, I was in pretty good shape Morgellons-wise when I added these two items. The MSM seemed to give me a ton of energy and made me feel better (though initially I did experience a herx from it so start slow if you take it). The Coconut Oil I think killed off the fungal aspect of this. My skin immediately cleared up and whatever Morgellons is or was it doesn’t seem to be even trying to come back.

Even now new folks are arriving on the scene. For example, the Free Morgellons e-Book by Judith Knilans was recently published. I have been hearing nothing but good things regarding her book and will be reading it in it’s entirety very soon.

I think what we are seeing is a counter revolution within our community. And by that I mean folks aren’t waiting on the so called leaders of our community (I’m not referring those I’ve mentioned above). We have taken the message to the streets and to the people. In fact, I think we know that waiting on some discovery as to cause is probably not coming nor is it necessary. You can recover your health, but do it slowly and do no harm because it’s not a quick process.


So, I owe my fortunate situation to the Good Lord above first of all, as I know He led me though this. All these seemingly fortunate moves, meeting the right people, receiving good advice, stumbling upon very effective supplements were just moves on the chessboard. To me at the time they were all just lucky breaks, but I know now they were not. And though what worked for me I know won’t work for everybody at least we all have a voice here and can share our thoughts without all the infighting.

I thank God I was not stubborn and didn’t suspect everyone as a snake oil salesman. Some of those I learned the most from I didn’t agree with as to the cause of all this, nonetheless, I was smart enough to realize they were far more knowledgeable when it comes to addressing the condition than I was. There are also many idividuals I speak to via email quite regularly and you know I owe you too.

Even my anxiety is lifting, and now I wonder if it was driven by some physical imbalance, perhaps the die off toxins of Morgellons, who knows, I don’t quite understand it all yet. I’ve been up and down since realizing my symptoms were all really gone and much to my surprise, the first feeling was a sense of loss? Oh, I wasn’t missing Morgellons, but suddenly of huge chuck of “me” that existed to battle this thing was no longer needed, a strange sense of purposeless came over me. But that is passing.

I plan to do a very detailed post soon, I guess it will be the Poor Mans Protocol II (PMP II) which will outline the supplements I think were key adding in the some of the final things that did the trick for me. It took me three years after I realized I had Morgellons to recover, and I think you have Morgellons long before it manifests.

Also, Joni Mitchell dedicated this song (click HERE) to Morgellons Sufferers, hit play at the very bottom of the page.



Comments on: "Credit Where Credit is Due" (13)

  1. When I do my recovery blog, YOU will be in it on my Thank You list. I am looking forward to the PMP 2. Thanks Mr. CS

  2. Glad your feeling better brotherman!!

  3. Dear MRC,
    I am truly touched by your post. You have taught me many things, do what you do best and try to ignore (I am trying) any cruelty that comes your way.
    1.You have really tried to help me understand that there are some sufferers so ill, that in advanced stages, that they can say mean things and I to try not to take it personally, it is the illness and frustration of sufferers wanting to get well NOW.

    2.Not everyone is going to like me, that is an impossibility. It is my responsibility to how I react to some of the things that are said. People are going to say what they want, but in the end, I must ask God for strength and forgiveness, that comes from within.

    3.IF YOU BELIEVE AND LISTEN TO THE SCIENTISTS THAT TRULY WANT TO HELP, and there are Scientists that do care (I have learned not to share their names publicly) listen to them. This disease can be proven as real,but not by conventional means and diagnostic procedures that others may think are only acceptable in their eyes and in the current Academic United States scientific milleau. It would be very easy to prove by using just 4 variables. I have learned to guard my contacts with my life because they are going to come through in the end.

    4. It is pandemic, I think we know this by now and you have helped me by addressing some of the most tragic, horrific, frightening emails I have ever recieved in my life.

    5. This is a hugely spiritual disease and it brings people to their knees. I spoke to Penny yesterday morning (love you sister) and have had some incredible insights with Joe Keleher, Bryan from Pennsylvania, Sue from Virginia, Bobby from Mass, Kathleen, Arnel and Bengt, Susan from Calif, Zooks, Adam, Darlita, Dr Myree from Texas, Dr Susan Kolb and many in Atlanta and California who suffer. Dr Kolb and her staff saw what I was going through and kept me grounded, my husband Richard. I know I have left some out, I owe a great many for loving me no matter what, even if we didn’t agree.
    Barbara Minton, you saved a lot of lives and made so many aware through your articles, you will remain a dear friend.
    Patrick Fraser has never left me and believed in me during all the work we did with the “Body Bugs” films. To this day he is is one of my dearest friends as is my assistant Sue.
    5. Morgellons is not my life, it is my work and if you work hard enough at something you can win small battles, such as the one, we won for Dragonfly in court. Small Battles help win Wars.
    6. It will always be part of my work, but I must have a life in order to find joy in my work. MRC and many have taught me this.

    Lastly, People have asked and I am listening.
    If you have a product, try to improve on it and make it better. I am now in the process of formulating the New Hope 2 with Sulphur 10-15% so that people will get the effects of Sulphur and also the moisture that the skin needs. It should be done in the next couple of weeks. It will be more affordable, not packaged so expensively but should really help in daily regimens.

    I am honored to have friends who are beating this, (at one time I thought I had this and I was frightened.) I only spoke to a couple of people about this and have seen this with loved ones. I am not a sufferer but I truly do understand, the fear, isolation, treatment of patients and what it takes to get well. It is not an overnight thing, you have to stick with it and mostly you must keep your faith.
    Thanks MRC, et all. I don’t blog too much anymore and keep to myself a lot more, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care, it means I am no good to anyone if I don’t care for myself, my family and my business as an inventor of all things natural.
    Lastly, Thanks to all willing to work together with love and respect.
    It is with Respect and Love that I submit this,
    Trisha Springstead

    • Amen …. is all I can think to say – and HI Trisha ! I will always remember and appreciate the HOURS you spent talking to me that day. I hope you are feeling fine after that auto accident. Keep up the good work with the inventions. I am still working on my cobalt blue jar of New Hope. Robin

  4. Joe Keleher said:

    Dear Mr. CS,

    Your blog has been and will continue to be “Morgellons Island” in my mind. I remember when I first connected my symptoms to Morgellons and feeling alone, angry and terrified…there was little light in a very dark place. So many have been able to tap into words of wisdom, comfort and connectedness though your blog. If I had the cyber-abilities you do it, I would insert a ticker tap parade with banners saying “THANK YOU MR. COMMONSENSE!” (I guess you’ll just have to picture it in your mind).

    You’ve got a ton of people who care about you. I think we have all benefited for the connections we’ve made on “Morgellons Island”! For now though let’s celebrate your wellness at the beach! Surf’s up! Joe

  5. Kathleen said:

    Hey you guys:
    It is good to see everyone together again. This is like the Morgellons Academy Awards blog. May I have the envelope please? And the winner is… every single person who is out there dealing with this man-made affliction.
    MR. C. Yes, what a good idea to create something as important as THIS blog. You are the reason it is so successful. Thousands of hits!!!! This has been a challenge for all of us. We are all aware of the hours it takes to continually blog and be the hub for such communiqué while researching, trying to maintain your health, jobs and family responsibilities. It has been a roller coaster ride for many of us. As you know, when you stress, you know I am there with you. Oh my gosh!!!
    Trish, Trish, Trish, my dear friend, it’s good to see you’re getting it. Your rudder is in the right direction. Bravo! Cheers on the beach at sunset! Your hard work is paying off. You have been a rock for many and are very appreciated and loved. We are all grateful for your generosity and all the work you do. You are awesome. The lawsuit for Dragonfly is just one example of your benevolence. Your talk radio shows are amazing. And Dragonfly, I can not wait to meet with you. You are one brave lady.
    Joe, your research is such a big part of this blog and a reliable source of information. I, too, have been a dedicated follower and appreciate the information you share with us. And, yes, Morgellons Island is a good name, very apropos. We have all struggled with this atrocity, going from doctors to scientists to various websites and support groups, to parasite specialists, toxicologists, to talk radio programs, to hundreds of researchers, to authors and journalists, to entomologists and exterminators, to naturopaths and clinicians, to minerals and mineral supplements, to health food stores and vitamin shops, ….. and like castaways, we have all ended up here. To US. Well done everyone.

  6. Kathleen,
    I will never forget you sister, sitting on the beach, drinking fine Merlo, eating lentil soup, meeting and getting to know others who are all now part of my life. Meeting and spending time with you was a highlight of my life.
    I miss my house on the beach and our time together will forver be etched in my heart.

    I have an idea, I know where the most incredible island is that we could all save our monies, pitch in, have our own rooms and look out on the horizons over the Channel islands. It is a magical place.
    Lets think about meeting, it wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg and we can sit on the beach, have bonfires, eat good food, cook in the condo kitchen.

    If everyone could pitch in I can rent a magical place for 1 month, people could come and go as they wish and be loved and have fun.

    I have some great connections to do this.
    We can set a date, be together and on the ocean.
    We can sail with my friends who understand, do some darkfield and learn so much from and for each other.

    It to me would be better than a conference and cost much less. Let’s all think about this. I have a host of people who will do presentations and speak. Medical Friends, Scientists and other people who understand what you are enduring, in the holistic and allopathic world.

    We can call this the VERY First Retreat for Sufferers. Swim in the water, and laugh with each other. Watch the Grey Whale migrate, see sea lions,
    take in the hope and let go of the fear. I even know a tai chi and yoga teacher we could do it on the beach. We deserve to have fun without all the seriousness and we can bond.

    We can for very little per person make this a reality. I can be your tour guide. I have seen the island you all speak of. It would be so much cheaper than a hotel room and a conference in Texas.

    The condo sleeps 26 and is approx 3,000.00 for 30 days.
    Love and Light,

  7. sherry Taylor said:

    wow, that’s all /i can say..sherry here from vancouver Canada. Well I’m going on the road..across the Us to visit Gordon in Detroit. Who knew Morgellons would make me give up beautiful British Columbia..I’ll always be a Canadian in my heart though.
    Thank you Mr. CommonSense, Trisha Springstead..although I have not spoken to you..you got me started..from Mr. CommonSense’s site onto the human/spiritual element of this..as did Pamela Mae from How I cured ..site. I eventually ended up on the Morgellon’s Support Compassionate site where I found my “voice”..got back poetry , God and the will to live..and importantly the desire to be part of helping others as well as receiving myself…a softening and letting in of love. I cry more..but it’s a good kind … like from gratitude..and letting go of things that no longer have value. I’m not better yet..but hope I’m headed in the right direction.
    And then it hails
    And then it snows
    And then there’s sunshine.
    How can the heart feel so broken and open all at the same time? Maybe that’s what openness is. What joy..the unknown.
    Most Sincerely, thank you to all of you for being a part of my life..I’m following you.
    Sherry Taylor

    • I am so glad you are better Mr C. Your site has been a shining light for me as I continue on my healing journey. To know that you have recovered is very encouraging. Thank you for the hours you have blogged.

      Sherry, I am also Canadian, I resonate with your CBC poem, “how can the heart feel so broken and open…” I prayer for healing for all of those with Morgellons.

  8. Mr.CS,

    Looking back over your ordeal with Morgellons, it is clear to see that God has used your suffering, your commitment, your intelligence and your dedication to shine a light of Hope to all in this community. In the process, you have brought honor and glory to God and encouragement to Morgellons patients worldwide.

    Through it all, you (and your blog) have remained refreshingly detached from any agenda other than uncovering truth. Your humility and willingness to be open and real has been inspirational to your readers and colleagues alike.

    In fact, many of us who have followed your blog have been inspired to start our own (mine just began this week… not about Morgellons per se, but natural health in general).

    I am so very thankful to call you my friend, and I look forward to sharing whatever the future holds with you.

    May His will be done!

    Love Always,


  9. Well said, John B, and agreed!

  10. sherry Taylor said:

    yes thanks John..that bears repeating..humility and search for truth..how wonderful to find this in the middle of this horror.
    The courageous and generous show up..and it means so much in your hour of need..
    just sharing genuine humanness.
    There is nothing sweeter.
    May we always remember this, eh?
    Most Sincerely,
    Sherry Taylor

  11. Thank you so much for creating and writing this amazing blog. You have worked so hard! I anticipate reading your Poor Man’s Protocol II, as that is, after this battle, exactly where I am now!

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