Go to this page and press "Play" at the very bottom of the screen. It’s very good, starts off slowly but really gets to the point, it’s like a prayer to God, "Why are you doing this to me?" Honestly, I urge everyone of you to listen to the whole thing, it’s heart breaking. I’m choking back the tears, only a person who’s been through the hell we all share in could write such a beautiful song. I’ll definitely be picking up this album.

Click HERE

Thank you Joni, our community will pray for you and we are grateful to you immensely.


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  1. Joe Keleher said:

    Joni…if you’re out there…thank you for putting these words together. I check my email at the local library and had to seriously contain myself when I heard the lyrics. You’ve captured the experience and build the case that none of us are in isolation…none of us are alone. Always a fan, Joe

  2. I’m a longtime bigtime fan of Joni Mitchell. And the Book of Job has always fascinated me – so different from the others – one man illustrating all men. The biblical Job didn’t understand why his joy was in ruins, yet he remained steadfast in his devotion to truth & light. Indeed, his Lord was literally betting on Job’s faithfulness, on love triumphing over circumstances.

    My own journey through Morgellons was relatively brief compared to many, yet even a day in Hell seems an eternity. For me, the real battle was to overcome my own fear & spiritual weakness. An epic battle of the soul.

    This is the song of Joni’s that brings tears to my heart. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLMzZhGCr8c

    I Think I Understand

    Daylight falls upon the path
    The forest falls behind
    Today I am not prey to dark uncertainty
    The shadow trembles in its wrath
    I’ve robbed its blackness blind
    And tasted sunlight as my fear came clear to me

    I think I understand
    Fear is like a wilderland
    Stepping stones on sinking sand

    Now the way leads to the hills
    Above the steeple’s chime
    Below me sleepy rooftops round the harbor
    It’s there I’ll take my thirsty fill
    Of friendship over wine
    Forgetting fear but never disregarding her

    Oh, I think I understand
    Fear is like a wilderland
    Stepping stones on sinking sand

    Sometimes voices in the night
    Will call me back again
    Back along the pathway of a troubled mind
    When forests rise to block the light
    That keeps a traveler sane
    I’ll challenge them with flashes from a brighter time

    Oh, I think I understand
    Fear is like a wilderland
    Stepping stones on sinking sand

  3. Hi,

    This song “dedicated” went on her album released in 1994.

    I realize that she may have written this song prior to becoming ill with morgellons. Though, I do wonder how long she suffered with morgellons.

    When I think of Joni Mitchell, it brings back such great memories being a teenager when I was learning how to play guitar with her songs!

    This dedication is really really really “BIG NEWS” for morgies everywhere. However; I am having such trouble finding/locating the source where Joni Mitchell’s dedication is. It can’t find found anywhere on the internet or in News articles.

    Sadly, with the topic of morgellons — way too too too many facts get scrambled. I am hoping that this is not one of those situations.

    Does anyone know where the “source” of Joni Michell’s dedication of a song to morgellons can be located?

    I’d love to read/see this dedication of Joni Mitchell’s in her own words.

    I don’t want to get myself too excited that Joni Mitchell dedicated this song until I can be certain.

    Any help that anyone can offer with obtaining these “facts” would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    • http://jonimitchell.com/login.cfm Was not able to take a look to find your answer, but found her personal web site. This may help find your answer.

      In Light Lynn

    • Could it be that the word dedicated is being used in a different sense than what you are looking for, Kmarie? You know, like if I dedicate a chunk of money to be spent on a particular item, or a period of time towards working on a project, then that’s not really the same as writing a dedication at the beginning of a book. So it seems like Jone wrote a song about, or dedicated a song to, her experience with Morgellons.

      I think I remember reading somewhere that Joni has had this condition for 20 years. In anycase, it seems pretty clear that the song is about her experience with Morg. I take it as a beautiful, painful, poetic expression of something which many people can relate to. So for someone who has Morg, it is very meaningful and you feel like someone understands your experience. I would imagine that to somebody who doesn’t know anything about the condition, the song would be a little mystifying.

      • Susan Said:

        ” Could it be that the word dedicated is being used in a different sense than what you are looking for, Kmarie? ”


        That is exactly it! The word dedicate was confused by Sunny (GWEN) for a reference.

        Sunny has changed her comments and recently posted that the dedication MIGHT have been simply a “REFERENCE” to Joni Mithcell this year in Austin based on what Amelia said last year at the O9′ conference about the words in that Joni Mitchell song.

        “Might” means Gwen (Sunny) has no clue about a dedication!

        Gwen confused a reference made to Joni Mitchell as if it were a dedication.

        Therefore, until official verification from Joni Mitchell becomes available for all to see; it has not been dedicated.

        The words to the song are surely heartfelt. Perhaps one day Joni will really offically dedicate this or another a song to morgellons. However; as of now, it has NOT happened yet or else Sunny would not be so confused and unable to point to the source.

        As I stated earlier, IF Joni Mitchell did dedicate that song, ……. This would be REALLY “BIG BIG BIG NEWS” for morgellons sufferer to celebrate.

        Therefore, if Joni dedicated it; Joni Mitchell would have mentioned it in one of her interviews that took place in the last year when she openly shared how she suffers from morgellons.

        When an article from Joni Mitchell (published) states that she has indeed dedicated this song to morgellon sufferers. That is when the dedication will be legit.

        Sunny (GWEN SIMMONS) has been unable to produce any source. PERIOD!


  4. Gwen Simmons from the NMO who attended the conference in Austin is NOT very sure of Where, When, or How Joni’s dedication came about as “fact”.

    Read Gwen’s words here:

    Seems like it is very possible that perhaps there is a misunderstanding about this “dedication”.

    Gwen could have easily stated the facts. Instead, she appeared to be clueless herself when asked about it.

    MRC, do you know When/Where/How Joni dedicated this song to “us” sufferers?

    P.S. There is a disclaimer on both Joni’s Website and her Facebook page that someone else runs it for her and there is no guarantee that Joni Mitchell will ever read what people post.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      I got the info off LymeBusters. I must say, I heard nothing of any interest at all coming out of the conference?

  5. Joe Keleher said:

    The “Information Highway” has plenty of misinformation between the bumps and shoulders. I think sometimes the information gets distorted along the way as well. Any online research of Morgellons feels a little like some Gothic backyard maze–lots of twist and turns (and a monster once in awhile). Anyhow…my point is things can get muddy.

    I was touched very deeply with the thought that Joni had dedicated this song to sufferers. Maybe she did…maybe she didn’t. I don’t know. I do think the song speaks to me and alot of what I’d gone through.

    Another song that has personal significance is Bett Midler’s (did I spell that right?)”God is Watching Us”; it hits me every single time.

    If there is a DJ composing the top 10 hits for recovery, I’d recommend they consider these two songs.

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