Comments on: "What is Genetically Modified Food?" (5)

  1. Wow. It is too big now. I don’t think they can stop or reverse the craziness. This video must be passed on to as many as possible.

  2. Mr. Common Sense said:

    I love the lady that says “What type of stores cell GMO food” or something to that effect, entirely clueless that she’s been gobbling it down for nearly a decade now …

  3. sherry Taylor said:

    Yes, I have always shopped at local farmers markets in the summer..and ask questions re how it is grown and the seeds…the best thing is the great personal relationship with the farmers..they like it too.
    Yes the watch dogs have been compromized..they must think we are pretty stupid..where is integridy? We are paying dearly for putting the almighty dollar above everything else. i’ve been sick for a year now with this Morgellons..the modern plague.
    Sincerely, Sherry

  4. Does anyone here have any contact with the people whom owned Nanotransformation. They are in trouble and alot of us are running the gammit A-Z. No one went Mafia on them and made them disapear???

    In Light Lynn
    Feb 14, 2010 … Gary Mezo, CEO of Nanobiotech Inc. has threatened health news
    website with a lawsuit for using the word nanobacteria

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