I think this woman is a real gem. My next post coming this weekend will be my "Poor Mans Protocol II" or PMP-II.  I’m still doing great, feel awesome … I really hope what I’ve learned can benefit others


Comments on: "Mean Mary – I’ve been Down" (3)

  1. sherry Taylor said:

    Thanks for the music..reminds me of my former life.
    Food Inc is on a Canadian Pubic braodcast channel..saw it last night..very enlightening and balanced..both sides.
    Anyone with Morgellons should definitly find all the GMO foods make a list and avoid them..winter tomatoes,cucumber, papaya, sugar beets, cornstarch and other corn products(that means all processed food)..anything in a box, soya..well… read up..I know I will forget some. Sincerely, Sherry

    • The frustrating thing is that as I am learning more about GMOs and trying to educate others, I just can’t seem to communicate to them why gmo’s are so bad. And I don’t know if it’s because I am a lousy communicator, or if you need to have Morg to understand, or if most people are just to compacent to care. And I try soooooo hard to keep my kids away from these foods. Yeah right, it’s like trying to keep a cat fenced in–no matter what, someone is always offering them crapola, and I so I come across as crazy-wacko-food-Nazi-mommy. Which is ok, I guess, but still my kids manage to get crap food. This is my biggest battle these days. And I try so hard to educate my kids without scaring the heck out of them (they are young) and without saying, “see, we have a weird disease, that nobody believes exists, and that doctors won’t treat…” If I am not careful with my attitude, I begin to feel that every birthday party is a mindefield. And then people tell me that everything is ok in moderation! If only they knew!!!

  2. Sherry, WOW!!! Wonderful!!! I am a Morgellons sufferer. 99% symptom free these days thanks to a form of accupressure that saved my life and elimated 99% of my Morgellons symptoms!! I currently run a Morgellons research forum located at http://www.morgboard.proboards.com

    Please feel free to drop in and look around/join if you wish.

    Your voice is amazing!!

    Kandy Griffin LPN

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