How can this test shed some light for Morgellons sufferers? This test detects in only 5 cells foreign DNA when most tests take 5000 cells to determine foreign DNA. Maybe this will be the next step for identification of a Parasite … Morgellons? Hope so.


Email: if you have questions.


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  1. Mr. Commonsense, I feel dense, but I didn’t get from the video how the Metametrix tests are different than Great Plains. Which one do you feel is better? How are they different? I am preparting to do GPT per Pam but…haven’t done it yet.

  2. Robin, The Metametrix DNA testing was posted per request my site
    This testing was recomended per a Doc I work with because it will pick up DNA per 5 cells foreign DNA where most take 5000 cells DNA. This doctor had a patient that was loaded with parasites for 10 years and they could not find it.They did this DNA and it was found.
    Also because of the way this test is performed it is more accurate – less false positives etc.
    I looked at this because one of the women was having a problem with yeast culture growin out in her testing(a rare happening) and this test was recomended.
    My Doctor has had success with the DNA testing when the GPL did not find what she was looking for.
    She uses both GPL and Metametrix.
    Glad you are having it done. So am I .
    Pamela Mae
    **************** video with intructions beneath on my site will tell you how to go about getting this test done.
    Big Hugs to everyone!

  3. sister to common sense said:

    Here are 5 parameters we suggest.
    1. Stool for ova and parasites
    2. Darkfield for Live Blood Analysis
    3. Skin scrapings for fungus, mold ect
    4. Heavy Metal Random Urine or a 24 hour urine for Heavy metals
    5. Biopsies of the skin dry mounted and not put in
    formaldehyde, sent to an entomologist or a pathologist who understands parasitic forms and unusual filamints fibers.
    6. Urinalysis filtered for any fibers from the Urinary Tract. Microscopy on the fibers.
    Sister to Common Sense

    • Sister –

      These are great suggestions! Let me tell you that #4 was key for me. The 24-hour urine test for heavy metals is pretty telling and superior to the hair test. This test will also measure essential elements/nutrients in the body. When my doc did this, we found no traceable vitamin b12 in the body tissues – NONE! The blood tests were fine, but my homocysteine blood values kept climbing. This test was the absolute proof that I was severely vitamin b12 deficient.

      I am healing internally very quickly now after starting up on vitamin b12 shots. I take 3-4 per week – it seemed to wake my immune system up. I had a 2 month detox reaction after starting up on the shots, but I’m doing really well right now. of course, I was high in heavy metals and my doc and I are working on chelating this out, but B12 was very key in healing for me.

      I just wanted to comment how important this test is, and its not just for detecting heavy metals!


  4. Enjoyed your post…Have to rush will come back soon..but check this- you might find it of interest.

    Oh shoot..don’t know how to link will have to cut and past, but its Metyl B-12 nasal spray..
    Yes,this is help with heavy metals…

  5. Thanks, Pamela! The link is interesting. I also find it interesting that b12 helps in absorption of foods. I have only recently started gaining weight again after losing 50 lbs during this illness! As much as I don’t want to gain, I take it is a positive sign that my body is healing. All of my weird skin numbness and burning is also gone too.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      gigi22, I find this all very interesting too, your experience echo’s some of the stuff I learned with my heart. I went to the ER and thought I was having a stoke, they said my blood was low in Potassium and made me take some right there before they would let me leave.

      Well, I learned later (remember I’m not a doctor) that if your blood is low, there ain’t a drop left in your body because it will pull it from everywhere to keep you alive. If your blood level magnesium or potassium drops too low you go bye bye, game over. So your body will pull magnesium from every muscle in your body to keep you alive, you can easily die of a heart attack with a perfectly healthy heart from a lack of magnesium. Have a really acidic body? Guess what, your body will pull calcium, magnesium, pottasium from your muscle, bones, and organs to buffer that acidity, and while you’re blood work may be normal, your body is actually starving for these extremely important minerals.

      The first time I took that CALM Magnesium I was astounded, I went from feeling like I couldn’t stand up under my own weight to an almost floating like feeling I felt so strong, that was a big AHA !! moment. Blood work can be very misleading in that it doesn’t indicate that your body is actually starving for some mineral or vitamin.

      It was that experience and a few others that really set me down the road of terrain, I’m telling you, you fix the terrain and the body will take care of itself.

      Your doing B12 and look at the results, it’s not some magic antibiotic or antiparasitical. If you recall in my “all about the terrain” post I said I realized my body wasn’t suffering from a massive lack of oregano oil or colloidal silver, no, there was something more fundamental and I think you are onto it.

      Keep us informed gigi this is great stuff, we wish you well, hopefully 2010 is the year you recover, I think we are going to see many recover this year. I really do.

      • Mr. Common Sense –

        Thanks so much for your post. I have been following your blog for some time now, but I just don’t post that often.

        I’ve been VERY fortunate to have a good doctor (yes, an MD!) who believes in giving the body what it needs to heal. She has been pumping me full of all sorts of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and amino acids to help me heal my body.

        We found that some of my major issues have been: an overgrowth of mold/fungus and pathogenic bacteria in the gut, around 80 food allergies caused by these gut infections, candida, imbalanced liver detox pathways, high heavy metal load, nutrient deficiencies, low pancreatic enzyme output, etc. I also recently found that the black specks/threads in the pores of my skin is actually cladosporium – I had a mold filled showerhead that I was showering in when my immune system tanked last year. My husband just got an itchy head and fixed himself up with a few rounds of antifungal shampoo… not me. I had to spend hours in the bathtub trying to purge the mold out of me .. and still never getting all of it.

        I want to add that I do not take antibiotics for this condition (only once for a UTI), as several rounds of antibiotics started this mess for me (which is another long story). I have also never taken MMS or silver, and I am still getting well, as I have been doing what you have been preaching – and that is fixing the terrain!!

        Now, I do admit that I take a natural antifungal (caprylic acid formula) for my fungal and yeast issues, but I don’t take massive doses and have taken breaks for months at a time with no ill-effects.

        Fixing the terrain like you said is KEY. I worked months on my externals with Trisha’s soaps and balm, and with baths and other topicals until I because sting free and the bugs went away, but I could have easily tipped back to those horrible days with a re-exposure as my immune system was still not healthy. Now that my terrain is getting restored, I am not as fearful about re-exposure as I once was.

        Not only am I feeling great… I’m feeling better than BEFORE I got so ill. I have had severe depression for over 15 years. It’s lifting. I’m not on meds. Makes me wonder if it was heavy metals or toxins, or nutrient deficiencies causing this or a combination of all of it.

        I am very hopeful that this is my year. I am also encouraged by all others I read about that are also getting well.

        Thank you so much for this blog. It is a wonderful way to share experiences of others to get ideas for ourselves. Most importantly, seeing you get well provides hope for us all and gives us the courage to push on and keep trying.

        THANK YOU!

        • sister to common sense said:

          Wow GiGi,
          I am impressed by your blog. God is good and you are amazing. I have looked a cladosporium under a scope and by Jimminy I think your correct.

          It is a bizarre disease but you have take the woo woo factor out of it. Just like one suffer I know who had cellulose and fungus (not nano bots) growing out of her skin. This person was never exposed to chemtrails either. I have respect for Stanninger, Carnicorn and others, I just think they are off base in the theories. Also, these people looking at this need to lower their scopes.

          I think it is time to take the voodoo out of the disease, so that more MD’s will come aboard.
          Sister to Common Sense

        • lisahopefaith said:

          Hi GiGi,
          Just 2 months into something, just strawberry nodules on chest and lots of above-neck wiggles. Want to work with wonderful Pam’s group and Logos…Am wondering if I could find out who your doctor is? Maybe he lives near me in TX [dream] or knows of MD who does? Did you come up with protocol with MD’s help–or on your own?
          My hubby wants me to keep going to derm after derm or infectious disease doc–and is afraid, I think, for me to reach out to Morg group as if that would validate what I think I have. Could be NDS, maybe? Even so, that’s all part of this caring group. Thanks for your story; it inspired me today!

          • Hi lisa,

            BIG HUG! Come on over so we can do a Doctor search for you,and find a Doctor who treats the way we Morgies have had to learn to ‘THINK’ there I said it,we dare to ‘Think’. We now can do a search for Doctors who treat the ‘Whole body’ and will research what is going on with you from the ground up.They are ‘Real MDs’ and also practice natural medicine. They don’t fly by the seat of their pants and just throw ‘Stuff’ at you to patch things they will go by the appropriate testing which looks at your compound levels as well as to look see if you have overgrowth of Bacterias ,yeast, or maybe even
            some nasty little Mycoplams growing in a corner.It would be my blessing to help you.
            God Bless
            Pamela Mae

            Cya soon!

  6. sister to common sense said:

    I have had kind of a spiritual awakening lately, maybe you all are in the first wave of this. You are being prepared to get well and help the next wave…and I guarantee from the phone calls and emails I have recieved, there is a huge sunami of new sufferers coming.
    Embrace the healing because there are so many that are going to need you in the next wave. I will be counting on you to help.
    With Respect,
    Sister to Common Sense

  7. OOohhhhhh I have the same Prayer.
    It is my hope that God raises warriors with pure hearts and sound theory to lead and help those who are too weak to help themselves.

    Lets stand .
    Pamela Mae

  8. sister to common sense said:

    My hands are outstreched to hold your hand and yours is outstreached to hold anothers, we create a chain that can never be broken.
    One by one we are building this army Pamela.
    I just keep picturing everyone as well and creating a circle that can never be “Unbroken.”
    There is a better world awaiting right here, by and by.
    Warmest Regards,
    Sister to common Sense

  9. I wanted to post this from my friend..
    PS ..he is a researcher ‘Extraordinaire!
    Besides I like his tongue in cheek reference to Janice Joplin at end…

    The Cladosporium looks like a good candidate for one of the fungus involved.

    Part of the problem is some of the pathogens involved in Morgellons are showing up either where they shouldn’t be or where they have never been identified. I don’t know if an expert in fungus could identify it from a Morgellons lesion.

    Another problem is:
    Most experts in their field won’t say anything for fear of being accused of practicing Medicine with out a license or being ridiculed for being stupid.
    Only those of us with Morgellons that have no fear of being ridiculed are willing to speak out about Morgellons being caused by pathogens not recognized by conventional medicine. “Freedoms Just Another Name For Nothing Left to Lose”

  10. Dear Pamela: My name is Susan, I read about the Metametrix DNA stool test. PLEASE URGENT. CAN YOU PLEASE TELL ME WHAT DR’S. ARE DOING THIS TEST… My E-mail is not working. But here is my phone number 916-254-1536 or 916-780-0397 . I live in Roseville, Ca. 95678. I am willing to travel to have this done. I have very bad gas, bloating smelling stool, diarrhea, constipation, and my stomach hurts all the time. I have had I’ll the other symptoms of morgellons for 6 years now. I’m weak, tired, rash, my joints hurt, muscles are stiff, My lymes test came back a 90.0. But I understand that isn’t high enough. Please can you help me.? Susan…I’m so depressed ready to give up. tired of hitting a brick wall to get no were. ! ! ! !

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