Hopefully by Monday morning I will have the “Poor Mans Protocol – II” post complete. I have three wonderful researchers working tirelessly with me, although one of them doesn’t seem to put in the effort required …




But in all seriousness I hope to have the “Poor Mans Protocol – II” posted by Monday morning …


Comments on: "I’ll be working on the PMP II post this weekend" (4)

  1. Thanks for the laugh! Good to have you back and am looking forward to PMP II.

  2. kathyonmv said:

    Thanks for taking the time with your little helper to update the PMP. Your info has helped my kitties and myself. Without you and Mel many of us would be in dire straights. You give us hope that things can improve and we can recover! Keep up the good work. XO Kathy and my pals Sister and Blue

  3. herehoping said:

    Welcome back! Love the post. Although I am doing GREAT thanks to your original protocol, I am looking forward to the PMP II. Thanks for all you do!!

  4. So cute…Can’t wait to see the updated protocol

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