Vitamin D

Thank you Pamela for the heads regarding this video …


Comments on: "Vitamin D" (6)

  1. You are welcome!
    Thanks for posting. This fits your new Poor Mans Protocol 11 doesn’t it?

    And of course your proof of theory Photo coming back from vacation with that Sunshine vitamin D glow.
    Pamela Mae
    you are a true friend.

  2. sherry Taylor said:

    Thanks for the vitamin D video, Sherry

  3. Thanks Pam ! I take one 5000 U a day.

  4. welcome girlfriends!! hope we are all doing the happy dance soon 🙂 and allll better…
    God Bless you
    Pamela Mae

  5. Another thank you! Getting some now!

  6. You are welcome, I was just thinking how true this all is.
    Have you ever noticed how much better you feel in the summer time when you get out in a little sunshine?
    Add the Ocean and you have heaven to me.

    Hope everyone is soon well,
    Pamela Mae

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