This is a brand new "News Story" …

Research kept pointing McDaniel to sulfur as a main ingredient. It made sense to Jim Dews, the pharmacologist who eventually concocted the gel.

"That’s reasonable because sulfur compounds have been used for skin conditions for a long, long time – hundreds of years," Dews said.

McDaniel uses the gel, called "Morgone," daily. Morgone and other remedies can be found on the Internet and are considered homeopathic. It isn’t FDA approved.


Can you believe it, SULFUR !! BINGO !!  Exactly what I keyed in on some time ago as well.

Special thanks to Penny over at finding1cure for tipping me off to this very important story …


Comments on: "Morgellons Sufferer Creates Treatment Gel (Must See)" (2)

  1. Morgons cream hey..watched the video and it seems like it might be really good.
    Janet on my site (Hilltop Acres Creams) also uses sulfur in her cream.
    I will go looking more at this cream also.

    Thanks for sharing.
    I hope many will find relief..
    Pamela Mae

  2. mizzery said:

    where can i get morgone?i look up the website and nothing came!

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