pullinghair I know many of you are trying this and that and nothing seems to be working. It took me three years to get better and failed protocols were all part of my journey. Here is my experience.

I tried a gazillion things and often I was taking so many things it was impossible to tell what was working and what was not, or perhaps even the amount of stuff I was taking was just too much for my body, or things were counteracting each other. Here’s what I did.

I stopped taking everything, meaning, I took NOTHING at all. That’s right. I took nothing and I mean took nothing for WEEKS sometimes even longer. And this was when I was very sick too. You’ve got to have the courage to stop taking all the junk when your protocol is not working, believe me, it works. Every time I did this by the end of a few weeks I felt better than when I was taking everything. I would then sit back, take a new tact, research, adjust, and target more bodily functions with LESS supplements. This is why the Poor Mans Protocols (PMP) seem so “unspectacular”, they provide the basics and the body does the rest, I just needed to give the body what it needs. Take NAC for instance, it’s a sulfur based amino acid, it binds to Acetaldehyde (fungal/candida die off toxin), binds to and eliminates mercury and other heavy metals, fundamental to building Glutathione (key for the immune system), and many more positive things. And this is all in a single supplement!

If what you are doing is not working why keep doing it? My guess is 80% of the products folks are taking are doing nothing, or causing more harm than good, or they are just taking too many supplements at once.

I recently received an email from somebody that said they finally gave up worrying about Morgellons and just started living again (though they were very sick at the time) and now she feels much better, she not only feels better but is actually better (not cured). Attitude has a lot to do with it, you’re not going to die, you are going to survive. Fear is your enemy, if you are dominated by it right now tell yourself this “I am not going to die”. Why do I say that? Because it’s true.

I do believe that sulfur based supplements were key to my recovery from Morgellons. But not in massive amounts. There are three or four sulfur based products in my PMP II and that is not by accident.

So, if it ain’t working have the courage to stop, but don’t just jump into something new, give your body a break, let it rebalance, you just might be very surprised.

PS: If you are under a doctors care and on prescriptions then follow your doctors advice, do not stop taking prescriptions. I’m talking about the majority of us here who are on our own and using supplements to battle this condition.


Comments on: "So, You’re Morgellons Protocol isn’t Working, Now What?" (1)

  1. I am a “sufferer” as we call ourselves, though now I am so much better. Currently, I take a good, raw multivitamin, along with: NAC; CleanseMore (a magnesium hydroxide product similar to your Natural Calm); Iodoral; Opaline Dry Oxy; Willard Water (just started Dr. Staninger’s detox protocol to STAY clean);
    and I eat organic food as much as possible, and I work out moderately at least three times a week. I also find that using the tanning bed several times a week has helped me alot, possibly with the fungal component. I use a neti pot twice a day to keep my sinuses clear. I also do ionic detox footbaths at least once a week, and colon hydrotherapy once every month or two. With all of this, I am able to work up to seven days a week, doing an average of five massages a day(I am a massage therapist), and I have good stamina. I am so grateful to have regained the ability to support myself, and begin the process of making up for income lost in while getting well. I share this to give hope to others who are trying to get well. It can happen! Stay positive and follow the spiritual guidance you receive.
    I have learned to be pretty disciplined in the service of taking good care of myself, which has been one of the many things I needed to learn. I recommend that everyone read Dr. Susan Kolb’s newly publised book The Naked Truth About Breast Implants. There is alot about Morgellons in the book, and great guidance on healing.

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