This is why for for 2 years I slept on our leather couch. I wanted desperately to protect my wife from whatever was happening to me (at the time I had no idea how this would end or what was infecting me). And for those two years I did not touch, hug, or wrestle around with my three children. They weren’t allowed anywhere near me or the couch I basically lived on. I have to admit I wasn’t the best father for those two years, I was consumed with myself and my own survival. The only other chair I sat in was a wooden chair at my computer desk. This shot is in Florida as well.

That’s my little guy in the middle who had pneumonia a while back (thank you for those who prayed for him), he’s perfectly fine now. As always he’s wearing his shirt backwards and inside out, somehow that became his trademark. Next to him is my oldest son well on his way to earning his Eagle Rank in Boy Scouts. He’s an excellent marksman and can build a shelter out of a pine cone and a toothpick. He has his eyes on the West Point Academy. Next to him is my lovely daughter who happens to be an excellent swimmer (as they all are too) and a pretty darn good shot too (bow or rifle). Finally, my wife, who put up with all the craziness is next to me. We saved our marriage through this mess somehow and I’m so grateful for that. It was very bad for a while when this first hit as I came very close to ripping our family apart. Eventually, I learned not to talk about Morgellons and to suffer in silence. But I wasn’t only suffering, I was scheming on how to get out of the hell I somehow found myself in. Recently we’ve had so many long time friends tell us they are getting divorced. We have decided we’re really doing the “for better or worse” thing although I do sleep with one eye open some nights (just kidding). I know many were abandoned by spouses when you became sick and my heart goes out to you, hopefully you can find some peace through this mess when you recover. Now that I am doing better I am really going to pray for all of our readers fervently in hopes that this is your year too.

Never give up, you can and will get your life back.

Mr. Common Sense


Comments on: "Two Years of Pure Hell, One Year of Recovery, All Worth It" (12)

  1. I just have to say I am so grateful for your intelligence, perserverance and creativity, and am so very happy that you are once again thriving. Whenever I speak to Morgellons sufferers, I refer them to your site, along with Dr. Staninger’s. I, too, am doing quite well after several years of the “hell” you describe. I had to stop expecting my family to understand, become interested, or involved in my recovery. Things are better if we get our support from one another in the Morgellons community, as we understand as no one else can. You have done a great service for us all.

  2. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Good comment vicki, I agree, let’s share our misery together and spare our loved ones, they cannot possibly understand, and after all, maybe they’re better off not understanding, I sure wish I could back and not know what I know. There’s no use trying to convince anyone it’s real, it will only drive folks away, beside, like you say, nobody can really understand unless they suffer from it.

    Glad to hear your doing better as well, I’ve been hearing that alot lately and am really happy for everyone. We have all learned alot from each other.

  3. Dear Mr CS,

    Thanks for sharing the fam!
    What a wonderful family you have.
    What joy it brings to my heart to see you all smiling!

    Pamela Mae

  4. Wow ! What a great picture and a great family ! This is a great shot to wake up to…It makes a light at the end of a tunnel appear for me. Thank you for sharing !

  5. Joe Keleher said:

    Mr. CS,

    Thanks for sharing all of this! I went though my own story of suffering and recovery on my own (I can only imagine how it would have gone, If I was married with kids). It’s great to see you’re well…and enjoying life with family!

    While there are a variety of theories on cause and cure of Morgellons, I am hopeful those still suffering can take these pieces from stories of recovery: 1) You can get well!, 2) You are not alone!

    Peace, Joe

  6. To Mr. CS,
    You were just seeing the light at the end of the tunnel,I think, when I first logged on here last August. Your blog made sense to me, your terrain thinking really resonated and it still does. You will never know the support I have gotten from visiting here regularly. Thank you for your research, your humanity, your willingness to try to bring people together, and your sharing. It brings great pleasure to see you so well and hear you so happy.

    I have to reiterate Joe’s points in the above: Everybody, you can get well. You need to take responsibility for your own health. I think the scariest moment in morgellons is when you realize that you have this thing and nobody can help you! But the really good news, in fact the turning point, is when you realize that it is all up to you. Once you take the responsibility, you also take the power into your own hands. Mr. CS has provided a “place” for loving support and info, now the rest us up to you. You can get well–stay organic, stay free of fear (this is essential, there is nothing to fear and fear weakens your body) and you can do it.

  7. Mr CS,

    I am so happy to hear you are feeling better.
    I completely understand about the wife and family challenges as I have my own to deal with.
    So far so much better thanks to your blog and support.
    Thanks so much as you are truly a light worker for humanity. I am now working with a ND who is familiar with morgs and she likes most of your supplement choices.
    Best Wishes

  8. Sherry Taylor said:

    Dear Mr. C,
    I love reading your updates..they are the only ones..well and my meditation ones that I eagerly look forward to reading.
    I’m still in the middle of year and counting.
    Moving to Detroit..for who knows..can i live without Canadian medical..the realtives think I’ve lost my mind..may i please loose my old mind.
    Re being positive..i so appreciate the Compassionate site because..when i finally ran my mind out uncensored…I started to look at what made life worth living..nothing just happened when I was accepted and heard. I’m enjoying being supportive and letting in more and more love all the time. I feel so grateful..really..for being included in people’s families and hearts… that is what is truly important..i never thought out of this much loss could come such joy over the simple things like warmth from a friend. So important to be open to all possibilities thanks to the web and kind hearts..and it happens in the coffee shop too! the love enabled me to hang in there and keep trying things. Thanks Mr. CommonSense and Pamela Mae(Crane)..and everyone who reaches out and participates.
    Sincerely, Sherry Taylor

  9. MCS! I’m glad your back to blogging and this post is great. In a way I feel bad for myself b/c I’m still stuck in it (although getting better) but this also gives me great hope and a goal of where I want to be. I’m really happy that you’re life if practically back to normal. I remember you having a scare during Thanksgiving and while you were experimenting with high doses of MSM and it seems like you’ve found a stable place.


  10. I’m late to the table but just wanted to express the joy I feel for you and your family to finally get this behind you to enjoy being a whole family again. Also to thank you for your tremendous outpoor of support and information to help everyone. You were unbiased,truthful and by using your site to present all kinds of information and yet encouraging everyone to do their own research but it gave us a place to start. So many are lost when they first find out that they have this disease and do not know where to turn. Bless you and your family and thank you again for your compassion. Lynn

  11. Great picture and story.
    No one understands the hell that Morgellons puts one through unless they have had it.
    I am very careful with whom I share my Morgellons experience, since the nanotech stuff is too much for people to understand or want to understand.

    My battle was vicious but short since I found Dr. Staninger right away and did everything she told me to do. It took me about 8 months of diligent work to become symptom free. I am still working on getting rid of toxins.
    I would not sleep with my husband or hug anyone for 7 months. I can’t imagine doing this for 2 yrs. Like you did, but I understand why you did. I was horrified with the thought of giving it to my family. I wanted to run away. It was very hard not to touch the ones I love so dearly.

    I now know that I had Lyme before Morgellons showed up. Three years ago, I had a bull’s eye rash that I though was ringworm. It all made sense as the pieces of the puzzle came together.

    Thank you so much Mr. C.S. for making this life saving info available and for sharing the process that your family went through. My husband and I have made the same commitment, through the good and bad for the rest of our lives! God brought us together and gives us the love, grace and commitment to make it successful.

    God bless you, Cathy

  12. Thank you for sharing your story ! I first found a big scrape looking mark on my back, as of I had fallen and it scanned up and my husband said ” Did you fall honey?” I had no idea it was even there!! Then I found little black dots on the back of my knees and back upper legs and I thought they were back heads, so picked at them and noticed a black thing would jump out, so then I got so curious, what the heck was going on, I knew it was some thing other than a black head by now. But I then started to stay up all night trying to get all theses things and found myself with little sores forming that wpuld take for ever to heal if I didn’t see the black thing get out. Then I started to itch so bad and my husband and daughter and mother started to think I was crazy looking for bugs. I ended up in the ER 4 times getting perithuim and I’d fel better for a few days, but the last try they didn’t even die from the cream, they were resistant, I read that that could happen , in the mean time I was desperately trying to find a cure because I thought that in 28 days my family would all have symptoms like mine. One morni g I woke up to my husband in the bathroom electric shaving all his body hair off!! He had it too and he said he wanted to get the medicine,where befor he refuse any of the medicine, so then the entire family finally took theme fine and they seemed better, but mine didn’t work. So I have been looking and trying all things I read about it on line mm. Oh and then now I come across this site and realize I do not have S——, I believe we have an infestation now of Spring tails or. Collumbella mites. I’m taking Betaine HCI with pepsin daily, plus cats claw, yea tree spray, cocnut oil , done so many things I can’t tel you, but I do have two bad teeth decaying in my mouth and I’m about to get dental denture implants. I can’t wait to get them pulled, also I used to have a yeast infection and I took good care not to get that again, I am trying so hard to cut out sugar, I have a hernia from delivering my son and wonder if that attract them. Anyways this is getting way long, I am going to the dentist today, since may 25 th I’ve been sick and we have pulled out our carpets, put hardwood. I have to go help my daughter get ready for school, ttyl thank you so much again. Oh how can I get rid of the spider looking vericouse veins sort of things? I believe it is fungus from the mite putting it in there.

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