So okay you asked for it !!! We will try our best !!
Please join us! The Morgellons Focus on Health first ever Conference call on GPL Testing.
Conference Call on Great Plains Labs
Dear Morgellons Focus On Health Community


I am HOSTESS so you won’t have to listen to me talk much.
Conference Call on Great Plains Labs

You asked me to do this so now you’re getting spoiled!  We are having a question and answer Teleconference call scheduled for all of you to ask questions and teach about Great Plains Labs.

  • Why have testing?
  • What will testing show?
  • How does this testing differ from others?

You get to hear someone who is and expert !

Guest speaker Nancy Guberti C.H.N

nancy Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach

Nancy is the driving force behind all of you having testing done to see what is underneath this syndrome called Morgellons. She is skilled in reading the Great Plains Testing and in designing a personalized programs based on the findings. She has inspired me to know ‘We can be our own health advocates AND NEVER GIVE UP !’

Phone Conference Call to happen: MAY 5, 2010

  4:00   PM Pacific Standard Time
  5:00   PM  Mountain Time
  6:00   PM Central Standard Time
  7:00   PM Eastern Standard Time


It’s easy to ask your questions,or even to listen and enjoy.

DIAL THE NUMBER   1-712- 432- 3100

       The  operator will ask for the code : 506331

Its so easy… but email with questions….

You are all invited. I know you will regret not asking that question you have been wondering about if you miss it. Bless you all, and I hope to hear some of your wonderful voices on the call.

Pamela M. Crane


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