Because there have been so many comments on this blog about the NanoTransformation site being shut down I thought I would reprint this blog post from the Healing Grapevine.

We have had emails asking us if we have any news on the whereabouts and details on why is no longer on the internet airways…

We wanted to be sure and report the news correctly and not fuel any rumored ideas or misinformation. There are many reasons that a website will come down and in this case it has nothing to do with the apparent threat of a lawsuit against them last year or any other government agency, big brother meanie shutting them down. This is simply a personal decision by the folks who brought us Nanotrans.

We contacted one of the moderators whose pen name is Sungazer for an ‘official comment’…

“Due to an overwhelming number of requests for assistance throughout the world including cases of advanced Morgellons and morgellons-like symptoms that surpass our experience, we have elected to close the site and refer all cases to until further notice. This website is developed under the professional and scientific guidance of Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, whose level of knowledge and experience surpasses our own.

Thank You”

– R aka Sungazer

It is an interesting adventure within what we call life, and no matter what happens, we wish everyone to be in harmony and health.

We say thanks to the folks at nanotrans for all their efforts and may the Healing Sunbeam of Mother Nature kiss them on the cheek!

PS: I deleted all comments about the NanoTransformation site being shut down from my “PMP II” post as I want that post to be about the protocol and not be clouded about other issues.


Comments on: "Nanotransformation Passes The Torch to Dr Staninger" (3)

  1. hello mr. common sense,how can i get contact info for dr.staninger? does she see paitients?

  2. I received a feed from the nanotransformation website 7/13/10. It is a new site. Does anyone know if it is the same couple? Solar Angel and Sun Gazer?

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