Stained Glass Masquerade


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  1. Ohhhhhh I soooo loved this! THAnks! You proclaim it my brother!!!!
    It really reminds me of the struggle we have online.Realizing that online is like stained glass covering real people. There is that element of covering,that often masks reality. We are all out here – ‘Real’ with hearts and souls,needing our precious Lord Jesus to be our guide.
    We all so need mercy,goodness,purity of intent,true trustworthy friendship,and love.
    I pray today -the need for these things will never be taken advantage of by any of us,and that we will all ask our precious Lord God to refresh and restore the goodness of these things in our lives today. He only says…’Ask’ He is faithful to miraculously work these within our very lives.
    Bless you all
    Pamela Mae

  2. Would you please email a copy of the book to me? I understand you were allowed to download it. The rest of us were not allowed to download it after paying our $69.


    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Ann, I’m going to write to Dr. Staninger and the folks over at the healing grapevine and see if they can get permission to release the document to the general public, it’s a shame not to.

  3. That was a great video ! Thank you for that and God Bless Everyone !
    Oh, Ann – I remember it was a little vague back when I bought the book. Downloading verses getting it off the site. I am almost sure that they will probably release it if Mr. CS is successful.

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