I’m going to make some more enemies today but if this post helps only a few then to me it’s all worth it. By no means do I mean to belittle or mock anyone. I am commenting more on the “forum phenomenon” itself and not the actual individual people involved, many whom I respect.

I’ve been watching a thread over on LymeBusters for quite some time now, it started out with such potential but has denigrated into a smattering of techno mumbo-jumbo simply copied out of all kinds of scientific/medical articles that serve to leave the reader bewildered and full of all kinds of contradictory and sometimes just bad information.

The title of the thread is “Pathogenic Candida Albicans- CAUSE” and it can be found HERE. It’s now over 10 pages long. The topic is great, Candida, it’s very common in people and can cause most of if not all of our symptoms, including skin crawling, so the original posting I thought was a great start.

Before I begin talking about this post let’s review something I posted quite a while ago …

The “Skin Crawling Family Tree”


All of the groups above suffer from Skin Crawling Sensations and the feeling of Bugs Crawling Under the Skin. What if there was a common link between all of these groups? That is what this post is all about, I believe there is a common link, and that link is Acetaldehyde.

Meth Users

If you have been following my blog then you know how I have connected Morgellons to Toluene. If you haven’t read the previous posts click on the All Posts page and catch up, it should prove well worth your effort. In my Mr. Morgellons meet Mr. Meth, Your Distant Cousin I documented that Toluene is used in Meth production and they experience severe bug crawling sensations known as “Meth Bugs” or “Crank Bugs”. We know that Toluene breaks down into Acetaldehyde.

Cocaine Users

It turns out Cocaine users can also experience bug crawling sensations. From the article Cocaine and the Destruction of the Rainforests there is a quote

Annually, according to Peruvian forest engineer Marc J. Dourojeanni, coca growers dump 15 million gallons of kerosene, 8 million gallons of sulphuric acid, 1.6 million gallons of acetone, 1.6 million gallons of the solvent toluene, 16,000 tons of lime and 3,200 tons of carbide into the valley’s watershed.

For more on Cocaine and how it’s made see this DOCUMENT. We know that Toluene breaks down into Acetaldehyde.

Candida Sufferers

Acetaldehyde is the main waste product when Candida die-off occurs. For an interesting article see The Candida/Aldehyde detox pathway and the Molybdenum Connection for more information. The damage that Acetaldehyde causes to the body is tremendous and behind many other common diseases. Also, another good article is Candida Albicans and Acetaldehyde Toxin from which you will find this quote.

These effects of acetylaldehyde are multiplied many times over when candida die off occurs

Skin crawling sensations are common compliant for Candida sufferers. Also, this amazing quote:

The primary detoxification mechanism for scavenging unmetabolized acetaldehyde is sulfur-containing antioxidants [see Figure A]. The two most important are cysteine, a conditionally essential amino acid, and glutathione, a cysteine-containing tripeptide (a three-amino-acid polymer) [see Figure B]. Cysteine and glutathione are active against acetaldehyde (and formaldehyde) because they contain a reduced (unoxidized) form of sulfur called a sulfhydryl group, which contains a sulfur atom bonded to a hydrogen atom (abreviated SH).

Sulfhydryl groups interact with aldehydes to render tham incapable of forming cross links. This “mops up” or scavenges any stray acetaldehyde that is not properly metabolized into acetate (acetic acid) [see Figure A]. Although this is a powerful aldehyde detoxification mechanism, it is easily overwhelmed by the relatively large amounts of alcohol that are typically consumed with alcoholic beverages as compared to the amounts of alcohol and acetaldehyde that are produced through normal metabolism. Fortunately, sulfhydryl antioxidants can easily be fortified through dietary supplementation.

In one experiment with rodents [Sprince et al., 1974], a LD-90 dose of acetaldehyde (the dose that would normally kill 90% of the animals) was completely blocked by pretreatment of the animals with cysteine and vitamins B-1 and C. In other words, none of the cysteine-treated animals succumbed to the lethal dose of acetaldehyde! N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) protected almost as well as cysteine.

In another rodent experiment [Busnel & Lehman, 1980], alcohol’s ability to inhibit swimming after the alcohol had been completely metabolized was blocked by vitamin C. What this and the previous study suggests is that the pharmacologic and toxic effect of alcohol are different. The pharmacological effect (i.e., intoxication or drunkenness) is not inhibited by vitamin C or cysteine, but the toxic effect (e.g., the hangover, nervous irritability, swimming difficulty) is inhibited. This suggests that, with alcohol, you can “have your cake and eat it too.”

If that doesn’t sound exactly what we are going through with Morgellons I don’t know what does, notice how sulfur works so well.

Alcoholics going through DT’s

If you do some searching you will see that some alcoholics go through DTs so bad they experience the sensation of bugs crawling under their skin. It is my suggestion that this occurs when the massive Candida colonies they are maintaining go through die off 3 to 5 days after the alcohol flow is stopped. See Living with Alcohol for it’s link to Acetaldehyde.

Morgellons Sufferers

Like I have stated in previous blog posts many Morgellons patients have found high Toluene levels in their blood work and its metabolites such as Hippuric acid are found as well. Toluene will also biodegrade down the Benzoate path thus our glass crystals also (covered in another post). Much more can be said here. Of course, as this breaks down into the Acetaldehyde path and we suffer skin crawling just as the Candida sufferer does, it’s not the fungus in our case, it’s the Acetaldehyde being biodegraded from the Toluene in our bodies. I believe that Acetaldehyde causes the skin crawling sensation and not the actual fungus.

Formaldehyde (Tiny insects crawling over the eyes and nose?)

Let’s talk about a close cousin of Acetaldehyde and that is Formaldehyde. There is an amazing research paper out there on this, take a look at this quote:

Skin reactions: …chemical can be both irritating and allergy-causing…(EPA).  A slight sensation of tiny insects crawling over the eyes, nose and pharynx  (formication) is felt at 2-3 ppm.  (Zurlo N, via OSH, NZ.)  Contact with the vapour or solution causes skin to become white, rough, hard and anaesthetic due to superficial coagulation necrosis. With long exposure, dermatitis and hypersensitivity frequently result.  Prolonged exposure may also cause cracking of skin and ulceration, especially around the fingernails.

I wont bother to post all the links but I could find a thousand posts from Morgellons sufferers stating that they are sure they have bugs or worms crawling all over and in their eyes and around there nose, it’s a very, very common symptom. I too have felt that sensation on my eyes, like a bunch of mites crawling across the surface. Depending on what is laying around in our body I believe that Formaldehyde is often times created internally as well as Acetaldehyde.

Okay, now back to the LymeBuster’s thread. It was my original research (re-posted above) that keyed me into NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) because of it’s ability to bind to and eliminate acetaldehyde. Of course, NAC has so many other wonderful benefits but we’re not going there on this post.


Yes !!  Toluene breaks down into Acetaldehyde, so, indeed, the Skin Crawling Family Tree still today makes a lot of sense doesn’t it?

Now, what kills me is to see some people on the LymeBusters thread posting that NAC will encourage Candida growth, the next thing you see is folks saying, oh, I’ll stop taking it. Well, to each his own but NAC has been key to my recovery. NAC is not a “real” contributor to Candida.

So what’s my point? The point is forums are not a great way to find real helpful information regarding this disease. Posts often contain a ton of information, much of it unrelated, simply copied into a thread as if it has some relevance forming a giant maze of barely related information most of which the reader cannot even understand. If you think you have a Candida problem why not do something about it? Sitting there posting on threads all day is not going to make you healthy. Indeed, I say it will actually do the contrary. It’s an addictive problem and it doesn’t just go on at LymeBusters, it’s happening everywhere that there are Morgellons forums. This addiction is actually ruining the lives of some sufferers, I know this to be the case.

Get off the damn forums and go for a bike ride, think about what your experiencing and throw out the unreliable feelings, rationalize what might be happening to you discarding the spectacular theories. Yes, it feels like bugs are crawling all over you doesn’t it? But can you find any? No, you really can’t. Well, then maybe you need to take a step back and think perhaps it’s not bugs? What else can it be? What else can cause these kinds of symptoms? Is there any common thread between others that suffer these symptoms? And if is there any common supplement that is safe that targets these symptoms I can then test and see if it relieves or improves my symptoms.

That is how you find your way out of this mess, not riding the forum waves to freedom. I’m so glad I swore off forums, I catch myself wanting to jump in and just shout at people sometimes …

“Do you want out of this mess or do you want to keep Googling more meaningless scientific articles?”

If you’re addicted to forums, stop surfing them and I mean today. They might seem like a good means of support but the stuff you read on most of them is not worth the cost to your psyche. Ask yourself honestly, do you feel better, more positive, and hopeful after surfing Morgellons forums?

There is a reason I called my blog Mundane. I know I’m going to take heat for this post and probably some of it is deserved. Forums aren’t all bad and I am definitely not saying this blog is the ultimate source of truth either, hardly so. However, I had to stop and unlearn all the garbage I had absorbed through various forums I was on before I could even begin to find my way out of this mess and attack Morgellons methodically. Every moment you are on a forum, or even this blog, is a moment you could be outside enjoying the day. In the end, you have to choose to live your life or completely wrap up your identify in being a Morgellons sufferer. Don’t be your disease, don’t let it grab a hold of you such that you surf Morgellons forums all day long.

Finally, and most importantly, don’t talk to your loved ones about Morgellons unless they are into it, it’s just a bad idea and no good will come of it. The less you think about Morgellons, especially bizarre stuff, the healthier you are going to become. I read an article on Natural News the other day where they tested a placebo and the placebo actually worked better than the current drug of choice, they concluded that hope was a better healer, think about it.


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  1. Cheryl in So. CA. said:

    In January 2006 Lymebusters was my saving grace, leading me to the answers I could find no where else. I no longer visit the site. Its deterioration has driven me and many other sufferers away with the “agenda” that’s developed on that forum. Sad.

    There are many new sufferers finding their way to Lymebusters that must find themselves even more lost than they were before. There is absolutely no help to be found with that group any longer.

    Unlike you, I do blame the individuals.

    • I have been thrown off of the Lymebusters group AND SO MANY, I find it very sad but

      “God bless them for they know not what they do.”
      so many illusions and so many deflectors and defectors.

  2. Amen, Mr. CS. Amen.

  3. Once again I find myself completely in sync with your current thoughts on healing and your experiences. I too stopped researching the Morgellons sites some time back as I discovered I did feel worse, have increased anxiety and felt more hopeless every time. I also began to recognize the same thing you did . . some of the sufferers seemed to spend hours and hours blogging their experinces on these forums, some of them sounding very obscessed with disturbing advice such as tourching each fiber they found so as to “kill it”.
    It breaks my heart thinking of a life like that verses one in which you take control and total responsibility for your health and condition, making a plan of attack based on your own observations and history of your illness.
    I’m not wanting to sound as though I am criticizing either. I lived in that world of anxiety for several months, looking at everything in my environment through a magnifying glass . . asking family members to look as well to validate what I thought I was seeing. It wasn’t long before I realized that the more I talked about it, the more estranged everyone I cared about became. It was devastating and painful. But it made me realize what was happening to me. I was starting to see bugs and worms in everything I looked at.
    My rock bottom moment came when I was in the grocery store checking out and glanced down at the belt at the register and noticed a tear in it. My conscious mind knew it was a tear, but my eyes went directly to it and my first thought was how much it looked like a worm. I knew the craziness had to stop or I would lose everything I had and loved. (and came very close).
    I first had to try to erase all of the ideas I had adopted on the forums and use only pure objective logic to determine what I needed to do for my specific symptoms and condition.
    I have been wanting to share this lightbulb moment for sometime, but like you spend most of my time away from computers and try to stay outdoors, exercising and keeping busy with productive activities.
    The moment I had this realization is the moment my life started to turn around. Beforehand, I had come to believe that I was infested with this “nano-type bug” and had no control. I had tried everything, many things that set me back months of healing.
    But now my logical brain told me that there is no kind of parasite that can live on my body if I restore my body to a state that is uninhabitable. I HAD FULL CONTROL OF THIS THING. There cannot be any kind of infestation without a suitable host. (Much like your “restore the terrain” . . it is absolutely true.
    I had about the worst case of any I read about. Two or three times in the last year I began to write out a will feeling sure I would not survive as my body started to deteriorate in every way. (I could go into so much detail but it’s not nearly as important as the massive healing that began with my change of beliefs about my illness).

    To date, this is only the second time I have posted anything on any site . . the first was here as well.
    I continue to visit your site once or twice a month as it is so healthy, positive and uplifiting in every way. I am always blown away at the timing and relitiveness of your postings to my own personal discoveries and revelations.I am so grateful for all that you share with the world of sufferers out there.
    Many of us have good intentions of trying to help others once we’ve been healed and restored but realize (probably like the folks at the nanotransformation site) that running a website for a population of people this large who have been rejected by so many would be overwhelming.
    You are truly an angel from the Lord and if you should decide to shut down tomorrow I would be forever grateful to have found a kindred spirit and so much healing and encouragement in you.
    God bless you my friend. You are loved and appreciated!
    In His grip,

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Lori, thank you so much, your reply was so profound I deleted the blog post above this one and am going to let this post sit atop my blog for a while. What you said is so stated so much better than what I tried to relay. You made me realize something, the moment I stopped surfing those forums and started this blog was really the moment I was healed, I rejected the addiction to the forums. I realize more and more how unhealthy they really are.

      I love what you said, hopefully some of those forum sufferers will read this post and your comments and realize also what is happening to them.

      Thank you for your reply, I’m sure it will help others.

      • MCS,
        Thank you for your reply. I just wanted to briefly address the issue of surfing, posting on and researching the Morgellons sites. I understand too well (as do most of us) how we find ourselves there and feel a need to validate it for all who have been there and are still there. I personally tried every other avenue available to find answers and help only to find what everyone else found . . . a practioner, (or 12) that at best treated you for dandruff or eczema, and at worst (my own personal favorite) labeled you as DP with formacation with no prior history, no basis or labs to support such a damaging diagnosis. (Delusional Parasitosis related to drug withdrawl) I believe another factor that prevented me from healing was the intense anger and hurt I felt for many months, not to mention the domino effect a diagnosis like that causes each time you visit a doctor who can pull up your prior records and has already decided you are unstable before you have even spoken a word.

        After months of searching every site I could find on Morgellons I began to realize that much of what I read and tried on the various forums had done more damage than good, but I do believe that most of us are or were there because there is truly no place else to turn for answers. Many of our own family members reject and doubt us. For me, it became not only a need to find a cure, but almost an obscession to prove and validate this illness to everone around me.
        Perhaps the most devastating part of this illness is the emotional scars (for me) that may never heal, long after the physical ones have faded.

        I just want to encourage those who are still there to join those of us who can testify to the healing that takes place when we remove ourselves from it.
        We have all been there and it is not healthy in any way. I can’t say enough about how powerful the mind is. I couldn’t believe how many times I would stumble onto something that sounded like it could be a cure, like MMS for instance. You feel excited . . “this could be the one thing that will work” . . . only to read a note from the author saying Morgellons is the ONE disease that it has not been able to cure! (I’m only using MMS as an example . . I read it again and again about several different products or remedies until I had convinced myself I could NEVER be cured of it.)

        I have never listed the things I now use, or have used in the past for fear of misleading anyone or giving false hope. I think Morgellon’s is an umbrella term for a set of symptoms that we all experience due to toxicity and exposure to pathogens. But each of us undoubtably has our own toxins and pathogens based on our histories and exposures. That was another lightbulb moment for me . . . “that is why we aren’t all healed after that magic bath in Sun detergent or several doses of Colloidal silver” . . . what works for one may actually harm another.
        Much of what I use is very similar to what is posted on this site. And here is what we all need to understand about this: We did not get ourselves into this condition overnight and we will not find our way out of it overnight either.
        We’ve been so accustomed to taking a pill and being “fixed” overnight . . . I think that is why we try to many things without sticking to one or two good things. We want instant gratification and if we are not healed after 2 doses, it must not be working. It will take time and you may as well spend it productively, with loved ones, continually reaffirming to yourself the healing that is taking place each day. MCS is right; it is hard, but stop talking about it to others. I have only found it hurtful. Unless you are talking with someone else who has it or has had it, or something like it, no one can relate to it and the silence and lack of validation only makes it harder. When those we love doubt us, I think the hurt and rejection causes so much damage we aren’t even aware of. It’s as if we are telling our immune systems we must not be worth healing. (These are only my thoughts but for me have proven to be so true. . . my body believes exactly what my mind tells it to believe.)

        That is why I have loved your site and your postings. Your ideas, recommendations and your poor man’s protocol is a recipe for good health, no matter what you may be suffering from. No craziness, no running out to find the hair of a possum to mix with pine tree sap and muskrat urine. (I hope you are laughing . . I couldn’t joke unless I could personally relate to it, and sadly, I can!)

        Again, all you share is positive and good. We need much more of these kinds of sites to help the healing begin. My heart goes out to eveyone dealing with this. There are not really any words to describe the devastation it causes. God bless you all.

        Thanks again MCS, I am sitting in the sun as I type this knowing I probably spent more time here than I planned, but it was not time wasted as the sun and the sweating is so incredibly beneficial.
        Take good care,

        • Wow, Lori. You are so right on–when I read your stuff I feel almost as though I am reading my own thoughts, except you are much nicer!
          It’s funny to me that the diagnosis so many folks start out with is DP; we are told we are mental. But get this: ultimately it is mental! In no way do I mean that I side with the negligent and often-times cruel dermatologists out there who think they have a right to prescribe anti-depressants or whatever. But there is a funny way in which this whole thing is legitimately called “that internet disease”–though not the way in which the naysayers think. It’s the surfing, the crazy cures, the misinformation, the fear–all these make you worse. So while the condition began with toxicity from who knows where, we often unwittingly add to the toxicity with 1)bad remedies (ammonia? bleach? ivermectin? Yuch!), 2)fear and self-loathing, and 3)withdrawing from life into the computer.
          Get out in the sun, exercise, laugh, count your blessings, hug your kids, and above all treat your body right–no pesticides, drugs, etc. This bizarre health challenge is the biggest opportunity I’ve seen yet for us to experience and prove how amazingly powerful our minds are. (And doctors know on some level that our minds are powerful–have you ever noticed that if they don’t understand an alternative cure they say it’s placebo effect? That is the power of the mind.)

          • Susan, I totally agree with the mental factor involved. I was so clearly not myself for many months, although I couldn’t see it at the time, my parents felt I may be bipolar, my teenage daughters feared I was losing my mind, most who knew me felt the change. Only now, when they remind me of things I did or said I realize how bad it was for a while and that there is definitely a part of this that affects your ability to reason and make rational decisions.

            Beyond that, I have no idea what the process is . . a pathogen load so great that compromises your actual brain function? Or anxiety that is so overwhelming it causes the craziness . . . I don’t know for sure.

            But again, I was amazed to read MCS’s post on Xanax, when I had just discovered great relief with it myself. That alone told me there is a mental component. But I’m compelled to think it’s more related to the anxiety. I know that when I have a bad day with symptoms, and they are few and far between now, I will recognize that my behaviors are starting to border on compulsive (like plucking hairs for 2 hours) due to the anxiety of feeling the crawling or seeing fibers again and still not knowing exactly the cause and origin of any of it for sure.

            When I started taking the xanax on those days, the symptoms seemed to decrease some, but mostly it would help get my mind back to where it needed to be with more rational thoughts about the symptoms. Instead of “I am plucking these hairs until I get all of these creatures out if it takes me all day” . . I would feel a sensation and think more along the lines of a rational explanation like MCS’s research on the candida die-off and aldehydes. . . or maybe I shouldn’t have had that 3rd cup of coffee. 🙂

            It seems when the anxiety is eliminated, rational thought returns and I am thoroughly enjoying life again.
            I try to take them so sparingly as it is the first “drug” I’ve used during this time of detoxing and don’t want to ever feel dependent on them. But what a difference it can make, and it’s such a positive one, I can’t feel badly about relying on it at times.
            I’m sure some could get a similar effect from some of the calming herbs and teas and I would certainly try those first.
            Anyway, just wanted to say I knew exactly what you meant by the mental factor. It’s a real part of this and has to be managed like the other symptoms.

            Take care and thank you both for your replies.
            I wsa thinking after that last post about needing that validation so desperately . . we may never get it at home or at work, but it is so comforting to come here and feel like you are among family who validate and support you in all you’re going through.

            Can’t say enough about your site MCS. Again, you are a Godsend and I thank you!

        • Mr. Common Sense said:

          I agree with Susan’s comments, you put into words my thoughts better than I can, and I got a big chuckle out of your last post, thanks for that humor. I honestly think I could combine your two comments and make a terrific blog post, honestly, it so important that people recognize the downward spiral before they wind up too far gone, and many have gone beyond the point of no return sadly …

  4. sister to Common Sense said:

    Dear MCS,
    This has been a great approach to healing. I have had so many sending me their theories on the one thing that this is. That is just what they are theories, I look sometimes at what is going on, on other boards and it is sad. Someone said to me once, “Getting this group of people truly organized, is like herding cats”.

    So much advice that no one could possibly take all of the things they are advised to take.
    Then stop taking all the things they are taking on the advice of one.

    I really feel for the people incessantly surfing the internet for the magic pill, going from Dr to Dr and being called “delusional”, just wanting them to say the M name and writing it on their chart. Those Doctors are very few and far between and many have dropped out after dealing with just one patient. It is too time consuming and overwhelming for even the most patient of practicioners.

    I sometimes just glance at some of the craziness going on out there on the boards and shake my head. There is some very dangerous information being handed out there, and I do not see the logic in some of this information.

    If people would just get it, this is not one thing and everyone is different. People need to stick with what works and stop dancing around and following the latest trend.

    I like the SENSE on this board and the kindness and sometimes I like to see someone really speak their mind and tell others to “get a grip”.
    So like I have always said, though I don’t post much anymore…My Home is Here…and not just because I have been kicked off every board out there. LOL

    You are doing a fine job MCS and all the others working in tandem. The Army is getting bigger and I think there is going to be something coming out in the not to distant future. Don’t ask me how I know call it a really big hunch.
    Prayers and Light,
    Sister to Common Sense

  5. Formaldehyde is inside many, many commercial shampoos and other personal care items. it is not called that on the label – it is usually called “quaternium” or quaternium 15 or other variants of that.

    It is also true that Monsanto lied through their teeth when getting licensed by our EPA for the sale of RoundUp. They never revealed tot eh EPA that their herbicide contains formaldehyde. Without an aldehyde, the glyphosate in RoundUp would be in a cake like form and could not be sprayed.

  6. Becky, Mom of O said:

    Great post. Great blog. Good stuff MCS!

    I love that I don’t get caught up in the frenetic energy on some of the other boards when I visit here. I vow to stop visiting other sites after reading this!

  7. PAT VAN NIEKERK said:

    Good evening to Mr. Common Sense and all other respondents to this website. This is the first time I am posting a letter here. I live in South Africa and have had Morgellons for nine years now. By the way, I am a professional with a very skeptical mind and do not subscribe to any weird theories.

    I have also perused many different websites about Morgellons and have learnt about the many things that one can do to treat symptoms. I am thankful for that.

    However, I have also tried absolutely every bit of advice, applying this or that, taking various medications etc. I have religiously stayed on medications for six to eight months, eaten healthy, taken vitamins, excercised (which I still do) kept a positive outlook on life etc. Alas, nothing has worked for me.

    This Morgellons thing is indeed a most tenacious monster. No matter what you throw at it, it seems to have an intelligence all of its own, and it outsmarts you ten to one.

    IMO, it is a systemic disease that has gotten hold of a person, and it is clinging for dear life onto its hosts. There is in my opinion absolutely nothing that will cure this thing until they have unlocked the DNA receptor code and developed a vaccine for it, as is the case with HIV.

    Telling people who are suffering severely to “keep a positive mind” will do nothing but depress them further. If that helps to keep their minds off the suffering then it is helping them in some way. It also makes sufferers of M to feel that they do belong and that there are people out there who really care.
    Let them be. You are trying to suppress the one outlet that M sufferers have. Thank you.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Well, everyone is free to have thier opinions, but for me. Sitting around knee deep in half looney forums reading all kinds of technical articles which I really didn’t understand wasn’t helping, many have echoed that sentiment. All those places still exist, folks can go there, but here, we try to not become Morgellons sufferers, that is, live life above it if one can, of course it depends on how sick one really is. I just encourage folks to get back to living life before they get better, it helps to laugh, have fun, and forget about Morgellons when they can. Many have wrecked thier families by obsessing over this disease, and that to me is a greater loss than ones heatlh, or even life.

      Anyway, you are welcome here and sorry to hear that you’ve had this for 9 years and hope that you somehow find your way out this mess. Alot of folks have told me they are making real progress based on what they have learned here, and that is my only goal.

      I agree with you too, it is systemic, stubborn, hard to eradicate, but it can be done, and I’m not the only one, some here are free of it, and others posted they are almost free of it, a crawley here and there but nothing terrible, that is worth thinking about.

  8. PAT VAN NIEKERK said:

    Mr. Common Sense,
    Thank you for your reply. I value your input more than any other person’s on the internet. I am very happy for you and anyone who has found relief or can say that they have been cured of this scourge on humankind.

    The point I am trying to make is that I do not laze around simply surfing blogs about Morgellons. Yes, I do try to keep up with the latest information because I keep hoping that just maybe some new information will come to light.

    I read your articles about the terrain. It made sense to me. As I said, I take vitamins, minerals and everything else deemed important. I excercise, I go dancing at least once a week for 4 hours. I am fit.
    My loved one and I go outdoors on weekends. We walk a lot. I actually enjoy life apart from the big M.
    I try to forget about it.

    My pharmacist friend has been helping me for 4 years now, supplying me with whatever I read about on the internet. I have another friend who is a surgeon. He is very sympathetic, understanding and helps where he can. I stay on medications for many months. However, if there is no change after about six months then one can assume that something is not helping at all. I have stayed on some stuff for up to a year.
    No change.

    I have now been on Doxycycline, as well as a powerful antifungal oral medication for two months. I also apply a Cortisone/Antifungal cream daily. I have seen a slight incremental improvement. I have tried Peppermint oil, Colloidal silver, Baking Soda, Salt,
    Washing Powder, Coconut Oil, you name it. I get relief for a day or two and then this thing comes back with a vengeance worse than Gengis Khan could.

    End result…..I have Morgellons. I live with the itching, the biting, the stinging, the lesions, feelings of things crawling under my skin, the fatigue, the mind-fog, the joint pains et al.

    As for mainstream medical opinion, it is a joke. Yet we are going to have to wait until the answer comes from them.

    I think a lot, perhaps even most of what has been said about this disease is conjecture. We just don’t know enough. IMO, only serious medical/scientific research is going to save the day for us.

    Mr CS, thank you for a most realistic and informative blog. Regards, Patrick

  9. Thanks for your excellent and well-reasoned, well-documented blog. I came to the same conclusion about a month ago, that the pathogen is a strain of Candida. I think that, as a society, we’ve been pushing this stuff to evolve. Our dismal diets and allopathic overuse of antibiotics turn our digestive systems into a playground for this stuff.

    I think the Morgellons Yeast is a slightly mutated, more aggressive version of one or more of the Candidas. The similarities are so striking that I can’t quite understand why researchers aren’t pouncing on this.

    Anyway, I tried treating my case as if it were Candida and have had excellent results. Restoring my gut flora made an immediate and profound difference. All the other anti-candida strategies are working too.

    Also, another great supplement for neutralizing the aldehydes is Pantethine.

    I think your point about trying not to get too OCD about is very important as well. It was very hard for me to resist that pull, but I knew there had to be a rational explanation. During the freakiest times, I got really quiet and just kind of stepped back, and tried to listen to my body.

    It said “Fungus” lol.

    If you only do one thing, I suggest Probiotics. Then when you start feeling a bit better, exercise. Start the process of reclaiming your body.

    Peace, Kurt

  10. I have important info , it was posted by someone in the medical profession that supplements and vitamins are filled with Magnesium Stearate, which inhibits the Immune System ! ( It blocks the immune system from working ) since buying supps & vita’s without it my immune stystem is pushing the morgellons out of me, I also have gone to a very simple intake approach, no harsh doses of anything , everything in moderation. I use sulfur 8 shampoo, mane n Tail, and selsun blue for scalp, not together but switching around, a different one each day. If crawlies on scalp keep u awake rub in Mentholated body powder , and simply wash out the next day.We will and can beat this.

  11. ….”Yes, it feels like bugs are crawling all over you doesn’t it? But can you find any? No, you really can’t.”

    Yes, I really can.

  12. BTW, Newagewoes,
    most body powder has talcum powder as the main ingredient, and a common additive is Magnesium Stearate.

  13. I admit I have not read everything posted here but I did want to say something. Whenever I feel crawling, it is followed by finding things on my body. Tiny white hard things I have found the most. I watched one fly off my arm. I also tried to grab one and felt it click into my clothing to hide. Strangly, I continue to find these white things in my house. I have a new black dishcloth. I hung it up in the kitchen. It was not even used, there are white things stuck to it. I removed a white thing and it was so sharp it hurt my fingers. The feeling of knifes under your skin – I guarantee it is this flying thing. I have also found tiny brown lines that ARE insects – no doubt . I have seen them under a microscope – head, body parts and legs – plain as day. Two years ago I boiled clothes on the stove and the water was full of these tiny brown lines. Sometimes black specs appear on my skin after the crawling feeling. Sometimes I have to use oil or vaseline to catch any of these things. I can tell you sooo much more. But I will stop there. Whether these things are landing on my body or coming out of me I do not know. I tend to think they are coming out of me, strange as we know that sounds. And I have had the exact same things for 4 yrs. In the beginning, I looked at many things with suspicion. But after a few years, if you are very aware and you think logically you start to narrow it down to what is really happening. So Mr. C. when you say that there is no parasite involved I so wish you were correct. Unless I have something totally different than you, you are not.

  14. Patrick Van Niekerk said:

    Hi Debra,
    Thank you for your sane comments. I have also been finding sharp, white “things” coming out of my skin. It looks like it is made of chitin, but who knows? However, I find tiny black dots all over my place. This has been so for many years. It does not matter how much or how many times a day I clean my place, the next time you look, the dots are there. Over the last ten years, I have found dead insects under my skin, after I scratched it open. Once I saw two of them together, tiny little flying insects, with clear wings. I have also found a few worms that came out directly as I was cleaning out my skin. Mainly, though there are thousands upon thousands of little black “fuzz balls” exiting, some almost unseen and others as big as matchstick heads.
    Then sometimes, there are also the jelly-like blobs, coloured red and brown.

    I also believe that this thing is a parasite. Fungus plays a big role. I am convinced of the connection to GM foods and agro-bacterium. This thing can mutate and become resistant to anything you throw at it. No solvents, no heat, no acids seems to deter or chase it. There is also no medication that can touch it. Only something that has been engineered to change a genetic structure can do that, in my opinion.

    Yes, eating healthy foods and exercising, helps. Nothing cures it. It will stay away for months, even a year or two, and then hit you again like a freight train. We as Morgellons sufferers, are in one hell of a difficult situation, what with mainstream medicine not being interested in us at all. Also here in South Africa. Friends of mine who are medical business, have tried to appeal to dermatologists, to no avail. They have also been laughed off.

    If one has suffered awfully for ten years with this thing, could anyone in their right mind believe that I would not have tried absolutely everything? Of course, I refuse flatly to go on anti-psychotic medication. I consider myself more sane than a lot of people. I do not know how many people in SA have this disease. I know of six others. I actually lived in California from 1980 to 1992. Nine years later, in 2001, I saw the first symptoms.
    I don’t know if I caught it there. Btw, we do not have those criss-cross “chemtrails” here, which to me discounts the theory that this thing comes from the air.

    Patrick Van Niekerk

  15. Joe Keleher said:

    Deborah and Patrick,
    I cannot speak on behalf of Mr. CS, but I will share my thoughts. I believe the foundation of Morgellons’s symptoms relates to toxicity issues (specifically mercury as a neurotoxin). I know from my communications with medical professionals treating Morgellons, bugs are being pulled from sores and wounds. The primary “crawling sensations” may connect to toxins. I hope you will consider this possibility.

    Dr. Omar Amin, parasitologist who has worked with hundreds of NCS (NeuroCutaneous Syndrome) patients considers the infestations secondary. He connects these symptoms to dental toxicity (and played a primary role in my recovery). While he considers NCS and Morgellons in a separate manner, I see NCS as a subcategory of Morgellons. In one of his research papers, he shares:

    “Opportunistic infections with springtails from NCS patients’ sores, especially scalp sores, are not uncommon. Arthropods are attracted to open sores, especially those infected with micro-organisms, for feeding, moisture and possibly nesting. Facial sores of one NCS patient living in an old musty home in a wooded area in Oklahoma included a tick, an ant, a caterpillar, thrips, oribatid mite, and parts of a wasp, cranefly and other insects. Other arthropods collected from open facial sores of NCS patients include fleas, beetles, winged flies and midges, and spiders. It should be noted that all kinds of opportunistic infections represent only aggravating but not causal factors of NCS sores” (Amin 2006: 32).

    Bugs are part of the Morgellons mystery to be better understood. Whether primary or secondary, it still has yet to be determined. I hope answers to many questions will be answered soon. Take care, Joe

    • Torpedolynn said:

      Hi Joe

      Just to start I want to say Mr. C has a wonderful site which has helped me greatly. I agree with Joe and a few others on the aspect of bugs. For a period of about six or more years I had symptoms that I had sluffed off as other things. Little did I know my sudden sensitivity to light everything tasting like salt and chronic fatigue and intestinal problems and everything falling asleep at the drop of a hat. Even my eye lids would fall asleep if I sat to still for too long. I met a couple gals who have Morgellons really bad with no bugs, but not recently asked me about my bugs because after having Mrogellons for quite a few years she was experiencing bugs.

      For me my bugs started out with a flea infestation when I had no pets. I could take every stage of the flea to the Doc. I also had what felt like worms going in and out of the behind. Once I reached a serious outbreak stage I had several types of crawling. Whispy crawler that felt like a spider with short and long legs. My husband and I saw one under the hand held magnifier and it looked like a chiggar but suppose to not have chiggars in Central California. Six month later I was tending to one of the rash area inside my arm. Whare they draw blood out. I pulled out what appeared to be a damage baby earth worm but swollen and drained of color. Very ultra white. I threw it out thinking I was mistaken. Fallowing week out of the inside of the other arm I pull out another inch worm in perfect condition and twice the size. Still swollen and drained of color that ultra white color left behind. I saved that one. Can not remember if I could get anyone to look at it or even believe I pulled it out of the inside of my arm.

      When first heavily infested bug wise there were so many that they would fall off my private and down my pant legs. I stayed home like a recluse afraid I would infest someone else.

      A year ago I felt something bigger then the no see ums on the privates and grabed and threw into a sing a little bug that tryed to flip like a flea. It had like a fliper which I had damaged and it was trying to get away. I sprayed it with a light solution and got out the Magnifying glass and it was a tranlusent bug with a light creamy abdomen and big round black shiney eyes. Its transluent wings had blue, and red specks in it. It was really a buetiful bug. I took it to the near by colledge and never seen it sense even though I kept at the proffessor every few months asking for a report on what it was.

      When I sit outside I get these tiny little skinny black bugs that look like a straight short beard hair land on me and start digging in. I can watch them move around a little as they attack a spot on the skin. I can squish them easily. If I stand on the lawn tiny white dots collect and start biting the feeting. At first I think its a tiny ant and look down to see no ants but white tiny dots all over my feet.

      Okay back to my list of bugs. I also had a bug that would stab me like a big fat stab from a needle. They were the worst when I had them. The needle stabbing was quit bad. Thank God I finally have it down to just one bug which I call the hooky crawler. Feels like their little feet have hook when they crawl off my floor or furniture and travel up to what dark moist areas they think they can dig into and they bite hard like a big ant, but when a baby they are like a worm and sting like a Nat.

      Well theres more but enought for now.

      In Light Lynn.

  16. Patrick Van Niekerk said:

    Hi Joe,
    Thank you for your reply and willingness to advise and help. I never wish to offend, but some things must be said….

    As we all know, an awful lot has been said about Morgellons to date. There must be tens of thousands of theories, comments and counter-theories. There is also a ton of bull that has been written about M.
    For me, therein lies the problem……

    Thousands, perhaps millions of people suffering with M. How many people have come forward and claimed loudly that they have been cured, in the full sense of the word? Very few indeed. Dr. Randy Wymore says that he has only seen one person who has been completely cured of M, meaning that there has not been a single symptom seen again. We have many “researchers” claiming to be seeking answers. I do not doubt their sincerity, but some of them, judging by what they say, and reading criticisms from M sufferers, cause red flags
    to come up for me. Some of their claims have been totally debunked by credible researchers. Yes, there are credible mainstream researchers out there. Many of them. The fact that Dermatologists do not believe us, does not mean that they are all against us and that there is some sort of conspiracy against Morgellons victims. They are just ignorant, that’s all.

    Even on this blog, some really weird claims have been made. One blogger suggested that because of the things humans are doing on this planet, we are creating earthquakes. ?????

    Morgellons sufferers as a whole, it seems to me, will grab at and believe absolutely everything that is written about M. Yes, there is a lot of suffering. Yes, a cure is desperately needed. However, do not believe that the entire world is against us, including the CDC, the US government, all the doctors, etc., and that “only” the homeopaths, naturopaths and vitamin pushers are for us. Homeopathy has been thoroughly debunked, as well as the claim that amalgam fillings do us harm. Most “natural” lotions and potions do not really work well.

    Lastly, we have to look at the type of lesion that M causes. It is different from ordinary sores. It does not scab in the same way that other sores do. It creates a volcanic-like crater, then starts depositing a crustaceous ridge on the perimeter of the crater. A callous , if you wish. This means that it is not an ordinary sore, and that is why we see insects and worms coming out of our skins, because they are part and parcel of this affliction. It is a parasitic condition. We do have parasites in us. They are in our blood, I believe. Bacteria/fungus/insect/worms. Creams and potions and lotions will only give very temporary relief, because we are not ridding this thing from inside our system. The GM food and agro-bacterium angle makes a lot of sense to me. Still, we have to do as John Lennon said: “Whatever gets you through the night, it’s alright”

    • Patrick…
      I don’t know if you are a “concern troll’ or what.

      I suspect that you may be but that’s jmho.

      Should you have a suggestion it would be welcomed, I am sure.

      You and John Lennon can do whatever but there are certain “things” that help various folks get some slow skin relief so do whatever works for you.

      I don’t mean to be rude, but say something “unconcerned”…..okay?

  17. Joe Keleher said:

    Patrick, You’ve hit on a number of topics. I know it is difficult to sort through all claims, misinformation, and speculation. I did document what I went through and it was published in a peer reviewed medical journal. As for amalgam fillings not being dangerous, please look at this recent publication found on .

    I’m hoping crystal clear answers will come out soon.

    Take care, Joe

  18. lyndaincanada said:

    Mr. C.S. – Is there a reason why you changed your pic to this one – YIKES! It is scary…perhaps some explanation might make it easier to swallow…I just see you as a positive inspiration and this pic doesn’t match that…not that it is all about me…(you’re certainly entitled to put whatever pic you want to on your blog…) It is just is a tad unsettling – is it meant to be? What is the context? Just wondering….no biggie though really…

  19. Belinda said:

    Your commitment to the alleviating the suffering of Morgellons and Toxicity Syndrome victims world-wide cannot be disputed. Your success in the Florida Courts to the right of Morgellons sufferers to qualify for SS Disability is well-documented. Your track record speaks its own truth. And you are loved and cared about, by many more than you know. Do the work you have before you today, and sleep well at rest of day, for as Victor Hugo said… God is awake.

  20. Joe Keleher said:

    Trish, It’s is easy to get mad at the butt-heads in life and very difficult to be forgiving. I know it is an ongoing challenge I am constantly confronting. In the end, it comes down to faith. In the end good wins.

    I listened to your Coast to Coast interview and thought it was great! Really, everyone needs to hear it.

    You’ve help many people. Life is too short to let anyone drag you down. My advice…don’t listen to them.

  21. lyndaincanada said:

    Trish – I have said before, that we really need a famous and rich Morg representative to help fight the cause – someone with “money, fame and influence” – Until that person steps up to the plate, I see you as the best line of defense and hope that we Morgies have!

    You may not have the money or the fame…but you ARE making a real difference and ARE influencing others…People who matter, think very highly of you…

    Never, never,never, let the bastards get you down…Chin up girl!

  22. I wanted to stop by and say hi to Linda, and tell you Linda,that YOU ROCK!
    Thanks for your beautiful spirit and your sweet email.

    Pamela Mae

  23. thanks for sharing. i appreciate all the effort you and others are making to help us all combat this, God Willing. That candice thing makes sense if its what im thinking off its a type of yeast. There is something in the bible about dont let the yeast enter the bread i think it says, maybe bread is a euphemism for the church eg the people of God. You are totally right too about people have these parsitic delusions when take drugs too, i used take lots of drugs and happened to me and people i know. The thing is its not delusions its some kind of spiritual warfare lots of shaman and spiritual people know about it. A lot of these symptons also sound familiar to what is written in duterometry chapter 28 in the bible. I cant say for sure its a curse from God because does seem to come from these chemtraills and things and these governments un most churches etc dont seem to be with God enough either. But it does seem likely that it could be, I know lots of people have testified that the best thing that helps them is prayer and fasting. I think its likely some of our ancestors or maybe even ourselves in past lifes were against God like pagans or something. Its clear it end times maybe some of us will be given another chance to testify to all the people embracing paganism now and even these governments and religions influenced by Satan to try get above the Most High again like back in the days of the Cannanites which may also be related to what we are. I see lots of us are irish blood so could be something to do with it. I not time to explain at the moment but if you google it and the 9-11 mega sacrafice ritual, the number 10 is the number of perfection eg God, the Most High and by these sacrafices they are trying to skip Him. I am currently finding out about how to lift generational curses and get rid of these demon type spirits that overtake us so it may be a helpful avenue to others to explore deliverance ministry. Thanks and May the Creator Bless You All and send the Holy Spirit to Guide Us.

  24. Jayne Blunt said:

    Thank you so much for this sensible post. I know it’s a bit old now and don’t know if you come back here, but I really appreciate it. A few months into this condition I am forever surfing various sites to find “the cure”, and often stay up most of the night doing it.

    I’m sure that my husband, (he’s the only person who knows about this), thinks I’m completely crazy, although he doesn’t say so. (He probably doesn’t dare!) He certainly thinks that I’m a changed person, mentally (I’m paranoid, nervous, depressed, negative have lost my sense of humour – much of the time anyway..), as well as physically (weight loss, drawn look, circles under my eyes, rashes etc etc…).

    I knew in my mind already that this obsessive behaviour has to stop. Reading one theory one day and being convinced it’s true, then reading a totally different one the next day and being equally certain is really not helping. And yes, this flittering between one theory and the next means that I’m buying and doing a load of different treatments, and stopping and starting them as my ideas change. So even if they work, they’re not going to work. If you see what I mean!

    I’m not going to find out for sure whatever I do. And while I would give almost anything to know the answer, ultimately this quest is not helping me. I need sleep to be healthy and try to rebuild myself, otherwise I really have no chance.

    So as I sit here typing, (at nearly 1am I might add), I think (and pray) that your post might be the thing that turns me around. I’m going to go to bed now. And I’m going to stop looking at all the alarmist sites. I might come here a bit though, as I feel calm after reading this post, not completely off-my-head panicked! The psychological side of this disorder is definitely one of the worst things (and there are plenty of very bad things).

    Losing this obsession will help me to go to bed earlier, I’m sure of it. And hopefully I can get rid of those dark circles under my eyes..

    So thank you. You may have helped me turn my life around. 🙂

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