Of Lice and Men

Well, my daughter brought home lice from school. Here’s how it went down. After surviving and conquering Morgellons almost nothing can phase me now. This event is told with a little humor but it’s all true.

My wife comes up to our room in the morning and says “Now, don’t get upset, but XXXX has lice”. I looked at her and said I’m not upset. Now, you have to know how afraid of this kind of stuff I was pre-Morgellons, it terrified me. I think that is why the Lord allowed me to go through the Morgellons experience. My wife kept her home from school and called the doctor, the doctor said use Nix. Well, my wife did and that evening went to comb out the nits and there were still live lice. The treatment had failed right out of the box.

About that time my younger son says his head itches, I’m like, that’s it. So, I grab my beard trimmer and shaved his head bald, I’m talking hair shorter than 1/16th of an inch, he had no lice. I go downstairs in the downstairs bathroom and did the same to myself. I’m like to heck with that, I don’t want any part of it. Being a man certainly has it’s benefits sometimes. I shaved my head darn near bald. My older son of course cares what he looks like and wanted no part of it. We checked him and checked him, he didn’t have it. Turns out only my daughter had it.

However, the Nix had failed, we called the doctor and she said the next thing would be Malathion, a very toxic pesticide, and I’m like no-way, I know too much now to let her be poisoned like that. So I Googled lice and natural cures and guess what came up, Sulfur, and I knew it would. In fact, they use sulfur dips to treat cats and dogs that get it. I had a bunch of my sulfur soap bars laying around (like spare ammo) and gave her one and told her to go suds her hair up, leave it on 10 minutes and rinse, guess what, all lice dead, gone, eliminated. She should be out of the woods now as we haven’t seen any in 10 days or so (since that very shower). I’m pretty sure we could have eliminated them without Nix by simply using my Asufre/Sulfur soap (10% sulfur). My wife has been using it too just in case.

Now, I love my wife very much don’t get me wrong and I hope this doesn’t sound too cruel. But she was in a panic, freaking out, doing laundry massively, on the border of a nervous breakdown for a week, and I took a certain pleasure in seeing her freaking out (only a little mind you). To be honest I was like “Lice? that’s it?” You want to experience something scary I’ll tell you what’s scary. Imagine this, the feeling of a million bugs crawling under your skin, there’s no Nix at CVS that you can run and buy to make it go away, there’s no doctor going to help you, there’s no cavalry coming over the hill, and unlike being fixed up in 10 days this sensation goes on for years, and you not only feel the crawling but you also become sicker than a dog, now that will cause you to freak if it doesn’t destroy you altogether. Now, top it off with your loved ones not believing that what you are experiencing is real and your in a mess, and all alone. I think maybe for just a moment, she understood what I had went through. Anyway, I’m lucky to have her.

All is well at home again although I look like I was just drafted into the military, but me and my younger son kind of like our new hair style.


Comments on: "Of Lice and Men" (9)

  1. zara cybele said:

    I’m chuckling. Good story.

    • AWESOME !

      We be getting the new buzzcut for Confirmation. My family is awesome! They don’t get it, neither do I… but when it’s time for the buzz… it’s time…
      It gives me great peace and that’s all they care about. I am blessed with great men in my life.

  2. vicki ward said:

    What a great description of perspective!! I totally understand your feelings described in the story, especially at the end. The contrast of the public understanding of Morgellons, and that of many oonditions we once thought of as gross and overwhelming, is profound. Thanks for the humor-it always helps us.

  3. Shaved bald? Sure would love a pic !

  4. Joe Keleher said:

    I’m glad you found a way though the lice while keeping your humor!! As fate would have it, I just got a buzz cut myself (to erase a bad attempt at cutting my own hair a couple nights back…hard to see where the clippers are cutting when your glasses are off!. In hindsight, it may be worth the $15 to get the assistance of a professional). Sporting a buzz as summer approaches is not a bad thing!

  5. herehoping said:

    Thanks for sharing MCS!!! Great story!

  6. Thanks for the story. I resonated strongly with your description of having this illness for several years. This also affects you socially and economically.
    Also, my son had nix-resistant lice, one year after I contracted Morgellons symptoms. He was prescribed antibiotics to get rid of it.

  7. ha ha. Loved that story! It’s great to know that sulfur soap will kill lice!

  8. I’m glad the sullfur soap killed the lice in your daughter’s hair. But when I have gotten lice it embeds in my scalp so don’t know if the sulfur soap would have done it for me. Because no medical person would believe that it embedded in my scalp, was on my lips and eventually I ingested them so was in my entire system.

    It took me 7 months to get rid of the lice (in the meantime I also had the morgellons with it) and I think what got rid of the lice finally was taking the mms internally and bathing in it, soaking my head too three times a day. Maybe if I had heard of the MSM it may have gotten rid of the lice for it has helped me with the morgellons. I”m not only taking the MSM pills but using lots of sulfur creams and MSM cream which helps on the lesions.

    Enjoyed your story and glad it had a quick ending. Lynn

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