What’s your status?

Are you guys getting better, worse, holding your ground? I’m really curious to know …


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  1. I think this is always a wonderful question to ask a Morgellons person or personette.
    I am currently stable bad sores gone.
    I went a month without medication (funds issue) and had a bit of a set back.
    Now am stable again but very hope ful and on my rigid protocol once again.
    Also added IgG2000DF recomended by Nancy Guberti.
    I am seeing stuff finally let go of my head and small black fibers coming away.
    Get away you dasterdly dudes! They were dug in!
    It seems the IgG 2000DF is kicken my immune system into gear..the house guests don’t seem to like it!
    I will let you know..how it goes.
    Pamela mae

  2. Mr Common Sense, First of all, thank you for all that you are doing in the name of this nightmare we call Morgellons. I am a nurse in NY and have a web forum with a research team located here


    I also have my own web page listed here


    I have been a sufferer since 1993 and almost lost my life to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Morgellon’s. I found a form of accupressure combined with applied kineseology(muscle testing) which saved my life. It’s called BioSET and by the end of Oct, I will be a certified practitioner and sving other people’s lives, as mine was saved. BioSET/NAET and things of t5his nature are relieving symptoms in Morgellons sufferers as well as many other illnesses. I am living proof. The only symptom I still suffer are facial lesions. My joint pain, brain fog, fatigue and list of 60 more symptoms have been eliminated!

    Bless you for all that you do…and yes, I am now well…thanks for asking.


    Kandy Griffin

    aqt at morgboard.

    • Going to visit those sites. Thanks for posting. Does your story appear at those sites. I am almost there.

      In Light Lynn

  3. herehoping said:

    MCS, thank you so much for asking this question. I often wonder how this thing (morgellons) is going.

    As you know and as I have posted on your blog my story of my battle with morgellons that began June 2009. To date I am still 99.9% symptom free.
    I get “tingle” sensations on my fore arms occasionally and if a bump pops up here and there I am ALWAYS thinking O God what is that.

    Since starting your protocol, using esp botanicals, and Anu, back in August I have never felt better in my life. For this I will be ever grateful!

    I am very lucky to have found your website and Trisha very early in my Morgellons. Every day I think about all who are still suffering. I pray that God will take it from all.

  4. HI Mr. C, Thanks for asking the question. It is good news to read that others are getting better. I have had this 7 years now and am in a holding stage, somedays better, some worse. My skin has improved, only a few lesions remain. However I have alot of ear ringing, jaw pain, brain fog, low mood which makes it difficult to figure out what to do next. I have been seeing a Naturopath who also believes in healing the terrain and have tried many approaches. My spouse has developed Parkinsons and my son is ill. I need to focus, improve our diet, and chose a better protocol.
    Knowing that others are cured and getting better is very helpful to my moral. Thanks so much for your site.

  5. Thank you Mr. CommonSense…you are truly a God send. Thank you for all that you do.

  6. Joe Keleher said:

    I am continuing to do well and am feeling better than ever(3+ yrs after initial symptoms). I still use oral chelation in morning juice every other day…and have added a homeopathic protocol for nerve repair (mat’ls recommended and designed by Dr. Bruce Shelton). The twitching at the base of my feet happens on occasion (primarily changes in temp. or if I am very physically active…having lots of blood pumping through my body). I have recently noticed an improvement in eye/hand coordination (I’ve been a klutz for a long time)…especially with taking up rock climbing. Thanks for sharing the many stories…including my own- Joe

  7. I am holding my own. Crawling on my inner legs, less on the head, skin shed: less but still black dots and white larva looking things. Some black dots have insect parts attached…(microscope) I Still have this. Am struggeling to stay in the FIR sauna and take all the recommended things. I am not symptom free…

  8. My wife and I have had it since 2004. I broke out bad in the beginning with the itching and crawling and all the other symptoms associated with morgellons. But I have seemed to have come into a remission state almost like a carrier of this nightmare. I get a rare breakout on my back and I am only aware of it when my wife checks my back occasionally. My wife on the other hand is plagued with the disease. Like many she does not leave the house unless it is to the doctor. We obviously get around not telling the doctors because to them it does not exist or they do not seem to want to know like it is all a big secret. Now, I am not saying all doctors but there are a few that seem to do research and inform themselves of what is happening in the world. My wife seems to be more on a cycle since 2004. Yes, we have tried everything even the unimaginable but have only found temporary relief for her. This may be a coincident but my wife does leave the house she seems to breakout badly. In our area there is a constant spraying of chemtrails that checker the sky. I believe it is a contribution to her breakouts. I have also found that the Morgellons are very territorial there was a time when I constantly removed the organism with tweezers no matter how much I dug at these things I never got an infection. The only way to really heal some of the sores that breakout is to physical remove as much of the organisms as you can it tends to take up hours upon hours of your time. I know it is contrary to what we have been taught all of our lives that we should just leave a sore alone and let it heal. These organisms do not work that way at least not for us. Yes, it is very painful and can be very messy but in my opinion and experiences it seems to be one way of dealing with these things at least until a miracle happens. It is hard to focus and put my thoughts down in an organized matter but I hope I can offer some help to somebody.

  9. I am currently seeing a ND who has me on a serious liver detox using homeopathics and alkaline diet. Still taking NAC, MSM and coconut oil. Using loofa scrubber in shower and epsom salt baths. Mix protein greens, calm magnesium and mangosteen juice drink at night. Happy to report itching crawling has stopped and lesions have healed. Still have bad fibro and produce the odd fibers from fingertips. Thanks MCS for getting me started on the right track. Have faith everyone, your body will heal if you give it what it needs and lots of patience.

  10. Thank you for asking the question. I’ve had this since Nov. ’08 and I’ve had periods of very few symptoms and then something new pops up. I now have itchy white specks all over my abdomen with occasional light green areas on my skin. I recently noticed some white specks on my leg and then a light green line up my leg. Not symptoms I’ve seen anyone else describe. My head bumps and hair loss are back after a reprieve of a few months. I continue with the PMP including MSM, NAC & coconut oil. I also use the FAR Infrared pad every night. I try to stay positive, but it’s difficult with each new symptom and extreme financial problems. However, when I think of others who are worse off and of children suffering with this it puts things in perspective for me. I try to laugh every day, get out in the sun and believe that I am healing.

  11. This is my second post here. I want to ask a question. Am I the only one with the skin shed as follows? Small black pepper flakes, sometimes with an insect part, and brownish purple pod things that resemble tulips. They have leaflets that seem to be open at one end as it it spored something out of it. They look like little specs to the naked eye but I have a great microscope. They come off my intact skin. I am doing FIR sauna everyday and all the PMP. I continue to underskin crawl and shed this stuff. It has been 8 months. Does anyone get the little purple pods…? I don’t seem to be having any luck here in spite of my protocols.

  12. i just now signed up on this site but i have been reading for several months now. yes i have the pod things you are talking about. i also have the black specks , brown and white ones like grains of salt. i have little things that look insect parts or just tiny insects that you have to use a magnifying glass to see. i have noticed that no one else mentions that much. but my worst things are the hairs. they are growing in place of my hair, and they are growing where i’ve never had hair. they move all the time. it’s horrible

    • Yes sheila, I have a great microscope and I can see these things. For some reason we all have a different version. I guess it depends on which infestation occurred. The pods and black specs with insect parts are there. If not for the scope I would think I was just throwing away black specs or silicone, or whatever they claim it is. My hair moves too. I am getting stuck with the little pins all day.

      • robin, I don’t have access to a computer all the time right now. my life is in turmoil to say the least, but i would like to talk to you. i have not been on the chat sites before. tell me how i can send you my email add. i wanted to know if you have a doctor that believes you and where you live. I’m in Tennesse.

        • Hi Sheila,

          I am not from Tennesse but Tony at the Fountainof Wellness.com or Healinggrapevine.com = they are associated with Dr Staninger and have healing protocols.

  13. I am functioning and sometimes even more, which is a step up. It took me to be very sick ( emergency room ) before I finally understood I had Morgellons. 4 years thinking bed bugs, lice, mites, because there are no fibers growing out of my skin, just bites, stinging, crawling, non-healing “bumps”fog, weakness, heart symptoms, things in the bed, dancing “strings” in environment. Besides, it was just to unbelievable, altering the world as I know it. Once I read you may or may not have fibers all else fit and I was horrified and panicked. After the emergency room and a few doctors the next week ( no help as I had read ) I took a breath and started PMP and then pmp 2 for the most part. I did the cleaning from nanotranformation and started to improve. Thanks so much Mr. CS. your site gave me what I needed to calm down and start healing. You are so kind and brave to share so much. The site is heart warming, encouraging, and informative. Question, the sulfer soap, does it leave an odor on the clothes, dryer, or sheets? I used sublimed sulfer before I knew what was wrong and it ruined a lot of stuff with the odor. I ask because, like sheila, my scalp pain, bumps, and sore spots are 95% improved but now my hair is moving constantly.Ick…

  14. I am getting black specks. Has anybody every figured out what they are?

    • I read taht the black specks are a result of fungus expelling from the body. I still suffer some cognitive impairment so do not remember where I read it.

    • sister to Common Sense said:

      I have looked at these specks and they look to be fungal hyphae.
      sister to Common Sense

  15. I am semi recovered from my second bout of whatever this is. I first was attacked in June 2006 was nearly symptom free from Spring 2007 until September 2009. I am recovering somewhat faster this time around thanks to the Nanotransformation team and MrCS (thank you) and the fact that I skipped going to a conventional MD or Infectious Disease “specialist” as they were totally uninformed and disinterested in finding out the cause. This time around my only lesions were on the head, my biggest complaint was the unbearable itching that still sometimes wakes me in the night. I still have fibres coming from my head. I get temporary relief from the sulfur soap and alternating between tea tree, vinegar or enzyme post shampoo. I believe this is definitely a hybrid fungus where one must be diligent in keeping up the terrain. Even if one lives in Canada where they still believe you can only catch this type of thing by travelling out of country!!! Question for some of the women: when plucking hairs do you notice tiny filament like cross hairs attached sometimes below the root or even what looks like a second hair attached to it?? Is this crazy or what??

  16. pleas see “photos of Morgellons specimens” here


    several samples of what you are describing with the facial hair/biofilm/fibers

    also look here at crystal hexagons being found in skin of Morgellons patients.

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