And for sure it is going to happen, fools, political correctness, and hatred of this country by it’s own citizens are leading this country headlong into destruction. But whatever we do, let’s not profile, cause you never know, them Amish and Baptists are out there blowing the hell out of things too.


Comments on: "America is just begging to be Destroyed" (5)

  1. It’s only a matter of time. We are stupied, here in this country. I’m sure there is a group out there somewhere, here in the US, who will fight for the rights of these border crossers. Crazy, but true. That’s America for you. Illegals can get medical care. I need my insurance card to get it and then it doesn’t pay most of the bill.

  2. Mr. Common Sense said:

    In reality, within 2 years Morgellons is going to be the least of our problems. Most of the comments on the video itself are pro-terrorists, made by US citizens.

  3. I suggest that people try praying/meditating for peace
    to create a better outcome here on earth. Some monks have been doing this for many years. There are studies showing that group meditation/prayer by a small group of people has reduced violence in the area. Here is a link to information about the effect of meditation/prayer.

    Love and peace, Jade

  4. i have so much respect for you regarding all of the work that you have done for morgs… how sad i am to find that you vilify those who are only looking to help themselves after our government has so screwed up their countries that they have to leave them in order to live. how can you not know what this government has done, not only to oppress others, but to violate their infrastructure and way of life. i suppose your reading and research has been focused on the topic of morgellons and you have not yet begun delving into the immoral practices of the u.s. govt. there is so much info out there..please look into it before you post such rabid anti-human propoganda..please do not perpetuate the lies and the mindset of narrow minded nimbys. please

  5. I agree with you Mr Common Sense. What we have here is a serious flaw in following and enforcing our American laws. This is changing the living conditions for all tax payers. Our government is letting all people down.

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