That’s right, we are close to solving the Morgellons Mystery.

We have captured the bug that is causing the misery of Morgellons, and it appears to be an insect.  Soon, pictures and video of the insect pupa, taken with a microscope, will be posted.  The video clearly shows the bug moving around and alive.  All our discoveries are tying the various clues together to explain this mystery.  The good news is, since it is a bug, it can be killed.  I have developed a spray that seems to kill the pupae and larva while the gel kills the adult bugs.  Check back soon for updated developments.   -Bert 5/7/10

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I believe that I have been carrying this parasite for more than 10 years. More than a few times, I have wondered if flying insects were breeding in my scalp. I often feel very tiny bugs flittering about on my skin around my nose and eyes, and I notice small flying insects buzzing around my head more often than chance would allow. Recently I have caught some of these and they resemble flies or tiny wasps.

The video taken on a microscope is of an insect pupa that has not yet had a blood meal. The University professors explained that after having a blood meal it would become a larva. I think the larva crawl out of our sores and crawl around on us while we are asleep. Eventually, it turns into a tiny fly and comes out of our skin. It leaves behind its shell or covering which causes additional skin irritation.

This explains the many irritations I feel on my skin and the occasional very light touch as if a whisper had brushed my skin. It is these tiny winged insects coming out of my skin spreading their wings and flying off. I have caught about 20 of these tiny flies / wasps. Now, I need to find someone to identify them.


I have never used the MorGone product, for the record.  I’m not sure he’s saying anything new here, many have suspected very small wasps, and from this POST you can see they can be very small indeed, microscopic wasps? Yep, they exist.


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  1. zara cybele said:

    It’s embarrassing.
    However, I believe the product is sulfur based—so he might have gotten something right.

  2. Hey MrCS I purchased Bert’s “Morgone” as soon I heard about it. I have had symptoms similar to his plus bird mites and so on and so forth. Morgone is a clear gel. I did what someone else suggested and put it in a pump bottle after adding some water to it. It has helped. It also makes a great hair gel for someone like me with baby fine hair! Have you heard of “Best Yet” from It’s made from the cedar tree, is safe for you and your pets and your furnishings. They also have a product for your yard. Wish you had known about it MrCS when one of your kids came home with head lice! Check it out. Kathyonmv

  3. I have a sample of one of the flys. I have some of those empty, yellow shells it comes out of. I need to talk to this guy.

  4. Did I miss the pictures and video showing the capture of this?

    I went to the site mentioned on this “news” and still didn’t see anything except products for sale.

  5. I am a Morg sufferer and these little insects have like a 45 degree angled body with a face and mouth like a mosquito or wasp. I will have an itch on my arm and I itch it which somehow like frees the little bastard to start flying. I catch it but it’s soo delicate that it falls apart to some of the other things we get. Black specs, clear tubes, and fibers.

    I have had this disease for 8 years now. When I first started getting the symptoms I would tell close friends, which in turn led to me pushing them away because none of us had ever heard of the symptoms and at that point found NOTHING on the comp matching. I went to the hospital just to be told “your delusional” I knew/ know what I see and feel. Being told I was crazy did a number on me. I started thinking maybe I was and I lost more and more friends and loved ones. I even tried to off myself because I was scared that there was sooooooooo much more to all this and for everyone to be denying it must mean they are in on it.

    Luckily I finally found others out there that share this misery so I dont feel like a govt experiment. Although, now we are ALL being told as a whole that were crazy and delusional.

    Thanks for being there my 15,000+ delusional people. lol

    I f there were like 5-10 of us then ok but do they think we all are lying??

  6. I have had this for years. The tiny insects seem to be associated with my nose and eyes. They are driving me crazy. I have stopped going to doctors becuz they dont believe me. I don’t know what to do.

  7. Joe Keleher said:

    Mark, I think you are doing the right thing by looking for information. Mr. Commonsense has done a fantastic job of pulling together a lot of worthwhile resources. If your doctor doesn’t believe you, find a new doc. I believe detox/ recovery of internal terrain is key to recovery. You are not alone- Joe

  8. Thank you Joe. If you hear of treatment let me know.

  9. Joe Keleher said:

    Mark, My treatment included removal/ replacement of amalgam fillings (though there are other ways for your internal environment to accumulate mercury), detox protocols of Dr. Omar Amin and Dr. Bruce Shelton (which included chelation), and changes in lifestyle. I know it is a big step, takes time and is costly, but I believe necessary for recovery. I documented what I went through ( ). Mr. CS has provided links to some excellent sources and info on detox. Whatever you choose to take as an approach, please document so others can benefit from your experience. To your health, Joe

  10. I ccant say its a fly although I have seen flies and wasp type things fly off me .I’ve also caught a gel protazoa spider.I still have himdoesnt move though.most of what else I find continue to be fibers and black speck.and some small black bugs.but I honestly don’t think the bug causeing this is a fly if their are spiders and wirey black hair and a lot of other bugs as well.I’m thinkin somewhere along the lines of dead nerves as the fibers but what is killing them remains the mystery.the bugs that are coming out are attracted to this smell maybe and use the dead nerves to make their nests.but I don’t think a fly thing is the main cause.

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