Sorry for two video’s back to back, but this one really hits home. If you’re easily offended don’t watch this one. I’m a real red, white, and blue type of guy, it just comes with the blog …


Comments on: "Freedom, it isn’t yours to Give Away" (2)

  1. I do not see any difference between Obama and the Bush regimes. America is still spending trillions of dollars on a war in Iraq what’s the difference if a few more are spent on health care? The United States is set for total financial collapse regardless of which party is in power. The status quo cannot continue – constant growth, bigger houses, bigger profits, for the banks and financial houses. No I am not a Socialist but a Humanist.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Bush was a big spender, you are indeed correct, he also didn’t seal the border when he had 8 years to do it and knew full well that terrorists were coming in that way. Don’t assume that because I’m anti-obama I’m not also against republicans as well, they are all taking the freedom our fathers gave their blood for. There’s nothing wrong with a big house, it is not true that if somebody has a big house then somebody has to thereby have no house or a small house. People made decisions all through thier lives that got them to where there were, and sometimes, lifes just damn unfair, but we cannot go extracting money from people just because others have less. It’s wrong and it’s failed everywhere that it has been tried, and in the end it leads to millions of people dead, and unfortunately its coming here.

      We aren’t spending trillions in Iraq, but we are some 10 trillion in debt, half of that coming within that last 12 months

      Here is CNN, a liberal media outlet, saying Obama is going double the national debt

      NEW YORK ( — If President Obama’s 2011 budget were put into effect as proposed, the U.S. federal government would add an estimated $9.8 trillion to the country’s accrued debt over the next decade, according to a preliminary analysis from the Congressional Budget Office.

      Of that amount, an estimated $5.6 trillion will be in interest alone.

      We are in deep trouble and all politicians, and even the people themselves are responsible for this mess. Finally, one more thing most people DO NOT KNOW, LESS THAN 50% OF AMERICANS PAY ANY FEDERAL TAXES AT ALL. The rest of us are working our asses off (like me with two full time jobs) and paying for illegal aliens, and otherwise tons of free-loaders. Now sure, there are people due to no fault of thier own in a real mess, with no health benefits, but the problem isn’t rich people, it’s a health care system based on fraud, which doesn’t offer cures which come from natural health and good living, they just dole out drugs. Health care cold be really, really, REALLY cheap if it wasn’t for big pharma.

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