I would like to share with you this announcement. But before I do I wanted to share with you that Mel is hosting his own calls now. If you listened in the past the calls were dominated by the former host and he did most of the talking, things are different now. I’ll be listening in on the call for sure and can’t wait to hear the new format. I heard that the last one they did was very good, so much so they are bringing the same guest back. The call times are in the evening now so us working stiff’s can now listen in.

From Mel at “How I Cured Morgellons” at http://howicuredmorgellons.com 

We are happy to announce that Rosetta Brown will be one of our special guests on next Thursday’s conference call. Rosetta will be back again this month by overwhelming demand from people who missed the opportunity to hear her story and ask her questions live. Rosetta will tell her story on how she found our web site one year ago.

How she read most of our information on the forum, and listened as well as talked during past conference calls. What made her decide to try our protocol, how long she has been on the protocol, and how she is doing now. She will then answer any and all questions you may have.

Our other guest speaker will be Pat, known here as PS.

Pat has brought to this website accurate and important information, ie; MALE TO FEMALE RATIO; STRAIGHT TALK ON MMS; MMS – A GENTLE APPROACH. Two out of three of these posts are accompanied by independent and informative videos. This man is a prolific researcher and a plethora of information.

Pamela, John B and I will be around after Rosetta and Pat are finished sharing any new information we have learned since our last conference call.

So please join us if you can!

Thursday 5/20/10 @8:45EST, 7:45CST, 6:45MST, 5:45PST.

Simply Dial: 1-218-862-1300 Enter conference code: 664059

When you have a question, press 5*. After your question is answered press 4* to mute out background noise.


Comments on: "Teleconference Call Thursday (5/20/2010)" (4)

  1. Great Teleconference tonight I’m so happy I called. Thanks MR.C ,Mel,John B and everyone else that was on!!!

  2. Hi. Great call. Just want to tell whoever asked about the cotton fiber balls, yes. I get them… I thought everyone did.

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