I stumbled upon this article written in 2008 and find that the author and I seem to have a lot in common (at least from my perspective). It would seem he took a serious look at Morgellons and used his knowledge and experience to propose an explanation of what might be behind the Morgellons condition. I like the fact that he addresses the DOP angle and puts forth a rather non-spectacular explanation, dare I say a “rather mundane” explanation as to what the underlying cause of Morgellons might be.

His blog, among other things, is about “Repairing the Deficient Nitric Oxide (NO) Physiology that Most Individual Have” so undoubtedly when he read over the list of Morgellons symptoms and complaints he recognized these as having a very real overlap with NO deficiency (mind you we don’t know if it is the cause or merely a symptom of a failing bio-terrain or something else altogether).

The blog post can be found HERE and I will copy in some tidbits to get you started.

Morgellons Disease (MD) is a complex association of symptoms with several suggested explanations. I will add another explanation, that of low nitric oxide. I think my explanation does fit the reported symptoms somewhat better (and simultaneously) and suggests a treatment (increase NO levels). Low NO as an exacerbating factor is consistent with the symptoms and may provide at least some relief (actual and symptomatic) no matter the ultimate "cause".

The two leading explanations are Delusion of Parasitosis (DoP), and actual infestation with unknown disease organism(s) and/or unknown parasite(s). I will go into the symptoms and how the symptoms can be explained by low NO, and then suggest why low NO in particular would lead to feelings and ultimately belief that parasites are infesting the skin. I think calling it a "delusion" while technically correct (depending on the definition of delusion) may not be helpful in that symptoms which lead patient to that conclusion are quite real and not made up. I think calling it a hallucination would be more accurate and perhaps be perceived as less pejorative to those who experience it. The default conclusion that chronic itching of the skin is caused by parasites may be something that is "hard wired" in our nervous systems. An analogy would be phantom pain in a limb that has been amputated. Are people who experience phantom pain called delusional? If not, then people who experience "phantom parasites" should not be called delusional either. The "hallucination" is not in the peoples’ heads, it is in their skin. It is low NO in the skin that causes the itching, low NO in the brain does lead to some clouding of thinking, and also causes fatigue and exercise intolerance.

It’s easy to read this and get your claws out about DOP and other matters, but I think what the author is saying is that what we feel is real, physical, but most likely not bugs, which is now my belief also (and has been for some time).

The article is a heavy duty read for sure. It has me pondering and wondering if he is onto something. It makes me wonder if my protocol rebalanced my deficiencies, the True Protein (great stuff and loaded with Amino’s), the Essential Amino’s, the NAC to detox and control inflammation all were very good for me at least. 

Symtoms of L-Arginine Deficiency (The body uses L-arginine to produce nitric oxide)

Conditional deficiencies of arginine or ornithine are associated with the presence of excessive ammonia in the blood, excessive lysine, rapid growth, pregnancy, trauma, or protein deficiency and malnutrition. Arginine deficiency is also associated with rash, hair loss and hair breakage, poor wound healing, constipation, fatty liver, hepatic cirrhosis, and hepatic coma.

The above is from http://www.vitamins-supplements.org/amino-acids/arginine.php

This is just an introductory post and I am not recommending that anyone go out take L-Arginine, in fact, you shouldn’t do so without working with your doctor. The best approach is an overall healthy terrain restoration approach. The author of the original article seems to think that taking L-Arginine wouldn’t help that much anyway, but I need check with other sources on that. Interestingly, I think Dr. Staninger has found high blood levels of Ammonia in Morgellons patients. All just subtle clues perhaps? Or perhaps nothing at all.

Expect another more detailed post on this once I have a chance to research all the angles …


Comments on: "Morgellons Disease: A hallucinatory parasitosis due to low NO?" (26)

  1. Belinda said:

    I am puzzled as to how this applies to the very many Morgellons sufferers who have seen actual parasites in their stools, on their skin and who have viewed them in their body fluids under microscopy?
    Until actual parasites have actually been ruled out via investigations carried out by qualified parasitologists, this is simply more rhetoric and unfounded nonsense and unscientific gibberish.

  2. If only it were as simple as low NO.

    see here regarding baculovirus insect cell expression systems being used to create recombinant proteins…see the insects/larvae found from Morgellons sufferers as well as their homes.


    Please don’t be fooled, this certainly does pertain to insects,probably insect stem cells as well as baculovirus.

  3. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Well, first of all thanks to you both for your comments. We are all entitled to our own opinions and that’s fine, I am not threatened by other peoples opinion and I hope that you are not threatened by mine. Since becoming free of Morgellons my opinion can be summed up by two things:

    1) The Cause of Morgellons is not parasites
    2) The Cause of Morgellons is Mundane

    Now, let’s take #1 above a tackle that first.

    Three quarters of what I see and have seen (if not more) posted on forums and elsewhere claiming to be Morgellons parasites are not parasites at all. They just aren’t and most of the time it’s kind of obvious.

    Also, anybody in America examining every square inch of thier skin is likely to find some strange things. More importantly, anybody examining every one of their bowel movements is not only likely to see things that resemble parasites but hey, the might even have some. If we took a huge cross section of America a certain percentage would have parasites. However, they probably wouldn’t know it. The CDC itself has stated that more than 10% of pet owners are infected with thier pets worms, I have posted and referred to that article many times. So having parasites is not an extraordinary event, not even in America. That’s one in ten Americans almost who could examine thier stools and find parasites.

    Finally, and more importantly your average dog has nothing on me when it comes to anti-parasiticals, they only served to make me worse off. Ask Toni over at LymeBusters who did Ivermectin I believe everyday for 6 months (I think) only to have it come roaring back as soon as she went off (when normally Ivermectin is curative in one or two treatments). She also talks about why it “appeared” to help her, and it had nothing to do with its parasite killing ability.

    Even the folks from NanoTransformation who talked alot about Strongyloides could offer zero real evidence of such. Now I am not berating them, I learned from them, especially about MSM and Coconut oil two very healthy things for ones terrain, after all, MSM is sulfur based and sulfur is the forth most abundant mineral/element in the human body (or should be). Coconut oil is rich in Lauric acid which is wonderful stuff. I also spoke with a good parasitologists who made it clear that if we had a disseminated Strongyloide infection we wouldn’t live long at all, this is not the case with Morgellons.

    When I finally rejected the outlandish theories and the parasite theories I began to get better. Why? Because attacking Morgellons from those two angles is an utter waste of time. I recovered because, like the author of the post I refer to above (who by the way treated our cause with a lot of respect by pointing out we are not delusional and that the sensations we feel are not imagined) I looked at the many things that can cause our symptoms and reasoned it was not parasites or some bizarre “thing” loosed from some lab.

    Only when I did this and started doing really basic things that correct ones terrain did I begin to recover, and boy did I. For months now I have been absolutely Morgie free. The things I did to recover had nothing to do with parasite cures, but everything to do with Amino Acids, Acidity, Minerals, and so on.

    So, could it be a lack of NO which is caused by a lack of Amino acids? This rings far closer to the truth based on my experiences and recovery than recumbant dna or parasites.

    Futhermore, running around thinking one is infected with parasites is extremely unhealthy and scary and I didn’t want to live like that any longer, 2 years of that was enough for me.

    I firmly believe this quote, and the moment I did (which is on my Terrain post) is the moment my recovery began.

    The terrain is everything; the germ is nothing
    – Claude Bernard

    I wish we could all recover from this hell. Two things helped me dramatically and required no purchases or money whatsover.

    1) Refusing to believe I was infected with parasites
    2) Refusing to believe all the bizarre theories and become so emersed in Morgellons that it became my life.

    Those two things alone didn’t cost me a dime and were probably the best medicine I could have taken at the time.

    Finally, #2, the Cause of Morgellons is Mundane. I firmly believe that, it’s not spectacular and I knew that when I started this blog, although at the time I wasn’t convinced of it, my logical side knew it and thus the blog was named so.

    By the way, I stumbed acrossed an excellent article on how NAC utterly destroys biofilms, I will share that soon.

    For what it’s worth …

  4. Joe Keleher said:


    If you haven’t considered the observations of Dr. Omar Amin, please take a look. He is an internationally respected parasitologist and has worked with many people suffering from these symptoms (including myself).

    The best- Joe

  5. Very interesting perspective in tying some of the symptoms of Morgellons to low nitric oxide production. This is yet another common underlying condition that may help explain why some Morgellons patients suffer from symptoms without clinical findings of parasitic infestation.

    However, we know from testing feedback (Pamela Crane’s work at Morgellons Focus) that many sufferers do indeed have verifiable infestations and a variety of fungal, viral and bacterial infections as well.

    Your point Mr. C is well taken. All of these issues stem from the same basic problem… a breakdown in the bioterrain. That is why attacking the “critters” without taking steps to restore cellular health and detox systems produces an endless cycle of die off and toxicity.

    By the way, the most successful parasites are those who live in a symbiotic relationship with their host. We all have them, and some are even desirable. In fact, one of the major underlying factors underlying the bioterrain breakdown in humans is dysbiosis, created by a lack of beneficial bacteria in the GI tract.

    Even if you are fortunate enough not to have multiple infections and infestations, then finding (organic acid and stool testing)and eliminating (comprehensive wellness protocol)the underlying failures of metabolism contributing to your symptoms (i.e.- restoring your bioterrain)is still the path to wellness.

    Low nitric oxide production is a common problem that accompanies all the other deficiencies we typically see in the Morgellons population, but it is relatively easy to address.

    A good protein supplement (Logos has one called Whey Pro Isolate) provides a broad spectrum of amino acids that address a wide range of health issues, but for those who want to zero in on low Nitric Oxide, try Nitro Complex.

  6. DOP – I get the crawling or sting and there is always body shed there. Black, white, granule, worm looking thing, shard. It comes off me all day long. What about the fact that they found agrobacterium in all the Morg. patients? 100% of them at the morgellons research lab. There is something in us. I hate that DOP is even mentioned as, I have all this body shed.

  7. vicki ward said:

    I think it is very important NOT to discuss anyone’s symptoms or experience who has been through Morgellons. There are many different things that can happen, and these vary over time. The last thing we need is for another top Morgellons advocate to change their tune and make sufferers feel more isolated and alone. I do agree with the benefit of not thinking “it” is parasites, however, I do NOT think our condition is mundane. I do agree there are bioterrain issues, for sure. My best understanding supports Dr. Staninger’s view of the toxicological component found in many people, along with your bioterrain perspective. There are STILL foreign items coming off my body, though I am so much better. These things are NOT normal, though I don’t freak out anymore. The fibers move, very deliberately sometimes, and I just say, “that’s interesting” as I rinse it down the sink. Please, Mr. C, don’t let people feel that you are following the pattern where our champions either go silent, or change their tune to the point where Morgellons folks feel they are alone with their weird symptoms and experiences. You are very important to so many people, including me. Thanks.

    • vicki ward said:

      Editorial correction to the above: the first sentence should say “dismiss” not “discuss”!!!! Vicki

  8. Mr. Common Sense said:

    I agree Vicki, my point wasn’t that there are no parasites or strange things, trust me, I saw some strange things. What I’m trying to hammer home to new folks who are finding this site is that Parasites probably are not your problem. Oh, they might harass us ceaselessly but killing parasites won’t eliminate Morgellons, they are “here” because of Morgellons (if a person has them at all).

    I guess I wasn’t very clear and sounded pretty dogmatic. My point is to correct the terrain and if you have them they will not be able to survive.

    I’m reading this article right now

    And it’s interesting, Clifford Carnicom is doing a ton of experiments, he can even grow the filaments found in Morgellons from a bacteria like organism. But guess what, two things stop it’s production, alkalinity and anti-oxidants. Again I am astounded. That’s what my protocol focuses on, Magnesium and Potassium will restore your bodies alkalinity, why mess with PH buffers?. If your acidic then you’re lacking these two minerals (and maybe calcium).

    Also, Anti-oxidants, we all know about them but NAC + 2 (or 3) times the Vitamin C taken at the same time is da-bomb. I really suggest folks read that article by Cliff above. Interestingly, he states things that are oxidants cause this stuff to explode in growth rate. It takes a bit to read but it’s worth it.

    I’m sorry if I sounded like I was drastically changing my tune, I’m not really, I going to hold out on recanting that Morgellons is Mundane. I think in the end we’re going to find it’s directly linked to an embalance that lets a certain organism flourish. We know bacteria can grow fibers and filaments, I have video’s of it on my first blog post. Cliff Carnicom is able to grow them in dishes if left alone for a month or two. There are not being created by parasites in his tests.

    I don’t know how many times I’ve seen folks post pictures of fibers and call them worms. I’m merely trying to take the fear out of this. Remember the newcomes who come and are gripped in fear. I still stick to my words in my original post

    “It would seem the skin and body of the Morgellons sufferer has become like a rotting log, or the very least as favorable a home to both soil bacteria and soil based pests that they are both perfectly at home living in us”

    A person may have things in their body that shouldn’t be there, to go after those things is the wrong tactic in my opinion, you’ve gotta fix the rotting log …

  9. Mr. Common Sense said:

    On more thing, and I’m kind of astonished tonight. After reading the above article about (NO) and Cliffs new article regarding hydroxyl radicals making Morgellons grow at an exponential rate and I “went a searching”, look what I found.

    N-acetylcysteine (NAC) directly eliminates hydroxyl radicals and increases the nitric-oxidase (NO) system-dependent coronary flow.


    This is key to my recovering from Morgellons and why I am better I believe (along with the rest of my protocol). It eliminates the hydroxyl radicals and increases the nitric-oxidase (NO), bingo. Take cliffs article about hydroxyl’s and the other guys about NO and take me being 100% symptom free, it adds up. I don’t know, the more I read the more I understand why I got better.

    You gotta take NAC with 3 times as much Vitamin C, for instance, I do Jarrows 600mg NAC Sustain with 2000mg of Vitamin C with Bioflavanoids. This comment is the makings of my next blog post …

    • vicki ward said:

      NAC is great. I think it has helped me considerably. I also take UBH, a Co-Q type product. Do you think Vitamin C in the form of fresh fruits and juices works as well as supplements??

  10. Hi Mr. Commonsense,

    I want to start off by saying I am relieved that you clarified your earlier statement about parasites and Morgellons. I found your blog a little less than two weeks ago as I was in the early stages of realizing I have Morgellons (black specks, white fuzz balls, hairs and follicles compromised and having slime strands, fibers on top of and under the skin, skin rashes albeit mild compared to many I’ve read about and seen pictures of, and definitely the itchy, crawling, stinging sensations preventing sleep) after eliminating suspected lice, then scabies, then bird mites. I was convinced that my symptoms were terrain and nerve related and that it wasn’t bugs even after I’d read the Collembola info. Then, following your one of your suggestions, I washed with sulfur soap and by happenstance noticed a small brown particle on my shoulder which, to my horror, upon inspecting with the $12 Radio Shack microscope (thanks for that tip too!) turned out to be a Springtail without a doubt. I have found 3 more since. So needless to say your original post today kind of threw me but I feel good about your updated post; that makes sense to me. I’m still pretty horrified by this and currently searching for answers as to how to best get rid of these things.

    Anyway, I’ve been meaning to write to you since last week to thank you sooooo much from the bottom of my heart for sharing your story and setting an example of positivity, hope, and faith in overcoming this syndrome. I have said prayers of thanks and blessings for you many times this past week for to me you have been a Godsend.

    I have initiated dietary changes and starting using some of the supplements you recommended (MSM, Enzymes and a small amount of CALM)and plan to introduce the others gradually because, probably as a result of detoxing my diet, I experienced a lot of health issues last week including what seemed to be passing of kidney stones and colitis along with excruciating headaches. I suspect it was partially the result of cutting out caffeine and sugar cold turkey; sad to say those were staples of my diet previously even after I tested for Candida two years ago, cleaned up my diet for while but then fell back into bad habits.

    One question – what are you thoughts on the type of Vitamin C to take? I’ve heard some are better than others but not sure what.

    Again, thank you and I look forward to reading your blog regularly for updated posts. It’s hard to express how much it has meant to me during this dark, scary and lonely time.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Janine, I’m glad to be able to offer help, comfort and hope, that is why I started this blog. I’m sorry my earlier comment alarmed everyone. I have a lot of info on springtails or “Collembola”. There is a category on the right side of my blog for them, if you click on it you will find lots of stories, even my very first blog post talked alot about them. Just a note about magnesium, you shouldn’t take it if you have kidney problems. I will take the CALM mag every day for the rest of my life.

      My recent point, and I think you got it, is that if you started taking all kinds of poisons and pesticides and antiparasiticals right now because you have springtails in your skin you would be doing the opposite of what you should be. Those things would only further deteriorate your terrain which in my opinion makes the rotting log syndrome worse.

      They should not be in you, they live in the forest floor in rotting leaf litter and so on, that should give you some kind of idea. That’s the kind of terrain they like, change the terrain, they disappear, and you will on your way to get better and overall more healthy than you ever were most likely, at least that is the case with me.

      The Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) I use if from Whole Foods (the Whole Foods brand), it has Bioflavonoids in it. I always take it with my 600mg NAC Sustain from Jarrows.

      Morgellons is incredibly scary at first and I’m so glad you found this site so early, I lived in utter fear for two years not knowing what to do, I gained my sanity when I started blogging and thinking logically about what might be going on with my body.

      • Hi MCS,

        Thank you for the response. Duly noted on the Magnesium. I don’t think I generally have kidney problems, I believe I was just paying the price for abusing them with strong coffee every morning and a three week bad habit of drinking a 20 oz. Coke every night which I typically avoid but for some reason got onto a kick during that time period. In any case, I am going to wait on the Magnesium for now.

        I am so happy I found your site too! I am a spiritual person and prayed for guidance and I believe my prayers were answered by your blog and a few others, but yours spoke to me the most.

        It’s hard to put into words how great the value is to read a detailed and personal account of the another’s trials and tribulations. I appreciate the frankness and honesty of your posts; they do give hope and comfort in a way that I believe nothing else can.

        I just read where you said you don’t like to exercise, haha, me either, but I agree that it is crucial. I have a tip for you and everyone reading this: Try a mini-trampoline. They are inexpensive, small, and a lot of fun to bounce on. You’d be surprised what a good workout it is, like jumping rope, my heart rate gets going within a minute of bouncing AND it’s known to assist with the movement of lymph fluid through the body. It’s fun too. 🙂

        Also, for spiritual sustenance, I recommend Daily Word. It has been uncanny how apropos the daily affirmations from the past three weeks have been. http://www.dailyword.com/

        I agree with what you wrote about becoming healthier than I was before as a result of this. It definitely scared me into changing my diet which is something I knew I needed to do but just kept procrastinating about. For that I am thankful.

        Again, thank you for everything. My prayers will remain with you and to everyone who is experiencing Morgellons.

        • vicki ward said:

          Janine, God bless you! I truly appreciate what you are going through, and reiterate my support for what Mr. CS, Dr. Staninger, and Dr. Kolb recommend. They are, in my opinion, the great Trifecta of saints who are helping us. I also very much like Cliff Carnicom and Gwen Scott, if you check out their work.

          Mr. CS, Thank you SO much for clarifying your position, and with the additional thoughts, I now understand better what you are trying to say. I respect you so much. Please keep up the good work; God sees and knows all, and your efforts are good enough for sainthood, IMHO!!!

  11. Antoinette said:

    Thank you so much Vicki, blessings to you too.

  12. I like the sound of that… Saint Common Sense!

    Seriously, you are a blessing to all who are led across your path. Keep up the Good Work!

    Love Always,


  13. Belinda said:

    Thank you for your comments to y comment.
    I tried to look up your link Nitro Complex, but it seems their website http://www.logosnutritoinals.com is down. Do you have another link to a business selling that product, or at least an ingredient listing of the product to which you are referring?
    Additionlaly, I am uclear about the protocol you used to regain your health.
    You mention using Jarrows 600mg NAC Sustained, and 2000mg Vitamin C with Bioflavinoids, as well as CALM Magnesium and the Nitro Complex, but do not say how often or how much you used in your protocol. Am I to understand that these are the only supplements and nutritionals you used, or were there others and how much, how frequently did you take them?
    I have read your other posts regarding your protocol but it would be useful to have it all in one place in a detailed format.
    Thank you.

  14. ahopeful said:

    just a quick note. i thought i had morgellons or bird mites for 5 years before i realised to my shock that coeliac disease can cause a rash called dermatitis herpaeformis.

    retrospectively i know some others have made this mistake from their symptoms though they dont know it. it causes crawly itchy skin little rashes, vesicles, is intermittent, often affects symmetrical sides of the body, often affects the back of the scalp and i can confirm causes a very real pin prick sensation which feels exactly like a bite! it can present atypically so not all above may apply, it commonly manifests late in life, and you do not necessarily have gut symptoms of coeliac – though is caused by wheat intolerance causing an immue reaction in skin as opposed to gut. for me it has come and gone through my 20s.

    my dermatologist did not pick it up. so taken in by my parasite theories he leaped to DP and folliculitis without considering all my symptoms.

    very interestingly your protocol actually helped my skin. I theorise something, one of the nutrients lessens symptoms of dermatitis herpetiformis. i also take cats claw which i believe helped.

    but the only true ‘cure’ is a wheat free diet. MCS i recall you saying you had not seen fibres and i was same. i suggest you look into a coeliac antibody screen. although they are not always diagnostic even if you have it. read up on it. ciao from london!

  15. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Exactly what I’m ever so gently trying to nudge folks toward ahopeful, that in the end, parasites probably aren’t the problem. There are tons of things that can cause our condition. I got COMPLETELY better without doing anti-parasiticals. I am not the least bit suprised my protocol helped you, most people are lacking the things I list, magnesium, amino acids, …

  16. Versy strange, but when I first started with the itchy crawly feelings last September I underwent a series of IV Hydrogen Peroxide Treatments and the itching got much worse at first I though it was a Herheimer reaction. Also the extrusions from my skin became more bizarre. For several days I had rusty colored secretions coming from the back of my neck that stained my collars and following that a bluish black from the pores on my legs. When I told my MD of this he just looked at me with a very empty look on his face.
    Oh yes and I have found bugs, mutant bugs actually. I found a dead bug in my eyebrow one morning. Not too long ago upon waking and doing my morning ritual of running a lice comb through my hair I found just a black insect leg and a goopy string of what looked like little black eggs attached. And no I was not halucinating.
    But I agree with Mr C that the bugs are just a by product of a bio terrain run amok.
    Now if only I could get rid of the wormy things in my hair!!!

  17. Belinda said:

    Mr Common Sense,
    I am unclear about the protocol you used to regain your health.
    You mention using Jarrows 600mg NAC Sustained, and 2000mg Vitamin C with Bioflavinoids, as well as CALM Magnesium and the Nitro Complex, but you do not say how often or how much you used in your protocol. Am I to understand that these are the only supplements and nutritional supplements you used, or were there others and how much, how frequently did you take them?
    I have read your other posts regarding your protocol but it would be useful to have it all in one place in a detailed format because it is disjointed and difficult to follow. I have noted several others have asked this same question, but have not yet seen an answer.
    Thank you.

  18. well, it’s another day in the twilight zone.
    Pulled a fungus gnat out of my ear this week. It had been failing about for a long while.
    Not sure what is still in my scalp, though.
    Still taking the supplements. Have energy, but still have ‘bugs’.
    Reminds me of that old milk commercial: got BUGS??

  19. Shirley said:

    Oh my God, thank you thank you, I’m so terrified 5 months now I don’t want to live my life like this anymore you have given me some new hope please write back till me your protocol…PLEASE!!
    I’m so happy right now I found you, thank you LORD!!

  20. mally strong said:

    I wish Mr. Commor sense would say how much he is taking a day! How many does? How much of NAC and Vitamin C each time. It would REALLY help. Thanks!

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