Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, May 20, 2010

The nation’s premier public health agency knowingly used flawed data to claim that high lead levels in the District’s drinking water did not pose a health risk to the public, a congressional investigation has found. And, investigators determined, the agency has not publicized more thorough internal research showing that the problem harmed children across the city and continues to endanger thousands of D.C. residents.

A House investigative subcommittee concludes that the “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” made "scientifically indefensible" claims in 2004 that high lead in the water was not causing noticeable harm to the health of city residents. As terrified District parents demanded explanations for the spike in lead in their water, the CDC hurriedly published its calming analysis, knowing that it relied on incomplete, misleading blood-test results that played down the potential health impact, the investigation found.

More http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/05/19/AR2010051902599.html 


I just can’t wait to read their Morgellons Report, assuming one is ever actually released …


Comments on: "CDC misled residents about lead levels in water says House probe" (3)

  1. Sherry Taylor said:

    i wonder who the CDC is really working for? It seems there is noone really protecting the public. How did the system get so corrupts despite all the checks and balances. Housecleaning time..re what is the pupose of various organizations like the CDC.

  2. CDC= conscious disease coverup

  3. Joe Keleher said:

    In a power point presentation to the CDC Kelly M. Lewis had this listed under topic of Health Risk of Skin Bleaching (these skin creams contain mercury)…”unusually extensive and severe scabies”. srdc.msstate.edu/sera19/07ppts/lewis.pdf I’m hopeful the CDC will someday have something to say about Morgellons.

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