Okay, that title is a mouthful I know.

Nictric Oxide

In my recent post titled Morgellons Disease: A hallucinatory parasitosis due to low NO we took a quick look at how being deficient in Nitric Oxide (NO) could be a cause of Morgellons. If you haven’t read that article yet click on the link above as it will help you better understand the rest of this post.

Hydroxyl Radicals and Alkalinity

I recently read two of Clifford Carnicom’s articles as well:

  1. A DISCOVERY AND A PROPOSAL – Feb 22, 2010

Now, I admit I haven’t been following Clifford’s work. Although I was aware of his work I didn’t read much of it because it focused on Chemtrails and that was just something I’m not going to entertain. However, these two articles are interesting. Before we begin however, it’s important to note that Cliff is not medically trained, he is completely self taught, something he freely admits which is appropriate.

Clifford states that he is growing the Morgellons “bacteria like” pathogen and if left to grow for a month or two will actually grow the fibers. I have no idea if what Cliff is growing is or is not the Morgellons pathogen. You need to read the two articles listed above so you can form your own opinion.

Here is an interesting quote from the first article above:

Now that we know that the hydroxyl radical is extremely reactive (and damaging to biology), let us continue to make sense of that which has been observed.  Fenton’s reaction is self-standing, and it does not need the culture to exist.  Fenton’s reaction is a reaction that says if we have the iron ion present (+2) and if we have hydrogen peroxide available, we will end up with the hydroxyl radical formed.  It does not say anything about the culture and what has been observed, i.e, an explosion of growth in the presence of Fenton’s reaction.  What can be said about the culture is that if Fenton’s reaction takes place in the culture, then we have an explosion of growth that takes placeIt is reasonable to surmise, then, that if the hydroxyl radical is present in the culture, that growth then takes off explosively.  Now the question that comes up is whether or not we are likely to have the hydroxyl radical in our bodies.  The answer is yes, as it is an expected product of metabolism.7,8

So, when Clifford introduces these hydroxyl radical’s he’s sees an explosion of growth in his samples. Cliff talks of MMS falling into this category of creating hydroxyl radicals. And Doctor Staninger has an interesting statement out. Yet some I know swear MMS was very good for them. I have never taken it. Please, let’s not turn this thread into an MMS debate, if it starts going down that road I will just lock the comments on this thread. Here is another interesting quote:

In the culture environment, it has been established that the organism(s) flourish within an acidic environment.  In addition, it has also been stated in earlier reports that many biochemical reactions only take place within a narrow pH [acid or alkaline] range. Therefore, one of the first strategies to consider is to change the acidity or alkalinity of the growth environment and see if progress results.  What has been observed in the cultures thus far is that an increase to the alkaline side does indeed appear to inhibit the growth of the culture.  It does NOT "kill" the "organism(s)", specifically the bacterial-like forms, but it does appear to put them into a state of dormancy or stasis.  At this point, nothing can be stated to extinguish the organism(s) in their entirety.  As has mentioned extensively in prior reports, the structures have been subjected to extreme chemical and heat conditions and the potential, if not the capability, to survive remains intact.

Now, I’m going to stop posting quotes from Clifford’s articles because you really need to read them. The second article goes into how to stop the growth and he confirms it in a series of tests. Again, is he dealing with the true Morgellons pathogen? Who knows, however, Cliff might be onto something here.

Why am I talking about all of this? Well, what Clifford is observing matches what I did to become symptom free. Clifford talks of using anti-oxidants to stop the growth in combination with increasing alkalinity.

I found something very interesting regarding my protocol when I combined Clifford’s work with the article on Nitric Oxide. I found a pretty encouraging quote that links directly to one of the main-stay’s of my protocol.

N-acetylcysteine (NAC) in acute cardiology: 10 years later

N-acetylcysteine (NAC) directly eliminates hydroxyl radicals and increases the nitric-oxidase (NO) system-dependent coronary flow.

I never cease to be amazed at the wonders of NAC, that medical article on heart health and NAC is truly incredible. And remember, this is but one facet of NAC, it’s impact on the immune system and other area’s of the human body are outstanding. So, if Cliff is correct or the NO theory is correct, NAC was a key player in my getting better (even if wrong I know it was very beneficial for me). Clifford talks a lot about ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and how it halts the growth. Of course, I do a three to one ratio of Vitamin C to NAC (2,000mg of Vitamin C with 600mg Jarrow’s NAC Sustain). The natural alkalization I did (and still do) through Magnesium and Potassium (through Orange Juice) also played a key role in my recovery I am sure.

If you’re only reading this post and not the NO article combined with Cliff’s two articles you probably aren’t getting much out of this post. I really encourage everyone to read the articles.

Celiac Disease

Special thanks to ahopeful (who thought she had bird mites for 5 years) who posted on the Morgellons Disease: A hallucinatory parasitosis due to low NO article about her finally tracking what she thought was Morgellons disease down to Celiac disease (forgive me if I’m misstating that). She stated …

I thought i had Morgellons or bird mites for 5 years before i realized to my shock that Celiac disease can cause a rash called Dermatitis Herpetiformis.

Retrospectively i know some others have made this mistake from their symptoms though they don’t know it. it causes crawly itchy skin little rashes, vesicles, is intermittent, often affects symmetrical sides of the body, often affects the back of the scalp and i can confirm causes a very real pin prick sensation which feels exactly like a bite!

I encourage you to read her entire comment on the (NO) article (the first link in the top of this post).

First, let’s look at rather large quote from the Celiac.com website.

Celiac.com 02/08/2007 – There are no signs or symptoms typical for all people with celiac disease. Signs and symptoms and can vary greatly from person to person.

People with celiac disease often have general gastric complaints, such as intermittent diarrhea, abdominal pain and bloating. Some people with celiac disease, however, suffer no gastrointestinal discomfort at all.

To make matters of diagnosing celiac disease even more challenging, celiac symptoms can also mimic symptoms of other conditions, such as anemia, Crohns disease, gastric ulcers, irritable bowel, parasitic infection, even various skin disorders or nervous conditions.

It is not uncommon for celiac disease to present itself with symptoms that are far more vague. Such symptoms can include: dental and bone disorders (such as osteoporosis), depression, irritability, joint pain, mouth sores, muscle cramps, skin rash, stomach discomfort, and even tingling in the legs and feet (neuropathy).

Celiac disease results in malabsorption of nutrients.

I think she is onto something here. I know that most of my problems were stemming from malabsorption issues. I think that is why the CALM magnesium and True Protein helped me so much, they are in powdered form and you mix them with liquid, they are highly absorbable. Also, I know there is one brand of chips that if I eat I will break out in a terrible rash. I think it is probably wise for a Morgellons patient to try a gluten free diet for a while and see how this effects their symptoms. I believe that GMO farming is probably a contributing factor to so many gastrointestinal diseases and syndromes.

The more I read the more I learn and the more I confirm, at least for myself, that the way to recover from Morgellons is by correcting your terrain. Everyone owes it to themselves to consider alternate theories being sure to use “critical thinking” coupled with “common sense” and with safety always ever present in their protocol. Above all, don’t anchor down on a theory so hard that you are unwilling to listen to others. If you still have Morgellons disease and you’re not getting better, try a different approach, and by that I don’t mean a different anti-parasitical, I mean rethink the very cause. If your approach is heavily skewed towards killing parasites I would encourage you to rethink that approach.


Comments on: "Nitric Oxide, Hydroxyl Radicals, NAC, and Celiac Disease" (16)

  1. zara cybele said:

    Great detective work, Mr. C!

    NAC is one of the things from your protocol that I’ve been taking religiously since onset of symptoms.

    Just found out some disturbing news about Vitamin C from a nutritionist in case you weren’t aware, most Vitamin C is made from CORN!

    There is only one company that makes a non-corn vitamin C (that I know of). Twinlab. Product is called, Twinlab Vitamin C ALLERGY. The vitamin C is derived from sago palm. Make sure it says “Allergy” on it.

  2. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Wow, I didn’t know that, corn is going to turn out to the downfall of man. I do get alot of my Vitamin C from OJ too but you must take twice the amount of Vitamin C with NAC taken at the same time together. I will do some research on Vitamin C, strange that it would come from corn, I don’t think of it as high source of Vitamin C?

    • zara cybele said:

      I know. It’s very disheartening. Here we are sick, trying to minimize exposure to GMO’s and they are slipped into everything.
      Just wanted to make you aware.

    • Check out DrMercola.com – all non GMO products reasonably priced. I read somewhere that most vit C comes from corn but from China which has not gone GMO yet. I know not very reassuring.

  3. Does Cliff mention what the source of the bacteria like substance. It is interesting that I tested positive for both Mycoplasma, Bartonella and a strain of Chlamydia (not the STD) by what thy call C. Pneumoniae.

    • Sharon, it’s called mycoplasma CHLAMYDIA PNEUMONIA..that’s why it didn’t show as the std kind..

      It was created through recombinant DNA technology..they took one strand of DNA from chlamydia and one strand of DNA from pneumonia and recombined them creating a new organism….see types of mycoplasmas here…and the diseases they cause


      hope this clarifies for you

      • Thanks for the info Kandy. This is the latin spelling in a commonly used abreviation. For some unknown reason I am having trouble connecting to the rain tree site. I will try again tomorrow-time to put these Morgie fingers to bed.

  4. The Vitamin Shoppe sells their own brand of Vitamin C that contains no yeast, corn, wheat, sugar, salt, soy, starch, dairy, fish, preservatives, aritificial colors or flavors. I don’t know what states they have stores in, but you can order online at http://www.VitaminShoppe.com

  5. quote:Mr C~ “Now, I admit I haven’t been following Clifford’s work. Although I was aware of his work I didn’t read much of it because it focused on Chemtrails and that was just something I’m not going to entertain.”


  6. Gluten intolerance appears to be part of my health problem. After doing the Organic Acid panel form Metametrix my naturopath said I have the indictations of gluten intolerance. I know it can cause many symptoms I didn’t realize it can also cause dental problems.

    My son had the IGA stool test at Entero Lab. They also do a gene test. The IGA test is not that expensive and is a good way to affirm that one has a gluten problem. According to the Entero website 30-40% of North Americans are gluten intolerant!
    (and our wheat has been genetically changed to produce more gluten )

    Here is the link to Entero lab which tests for gluten sensitivy/intolerance and celiac.


    A nutritionist recently told my spouse that gluten is a neurotoxin and maybe contributing to his Parkinsons symptoms. So, gluten intolerance is something to be considered seriously. However the diet change is a challenge.

  7. Why would it matter if Vitamin C came from corn? You are buying ascorbic acid and (if buying a cheaper brand) any other fillers, binding agents, or encapsulation ingredients. If there was any trace of GMO corn DNA in there it would legally have to be listed on the label.

    Try supplements from Thorne if you’re concerned about purity.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      If only you were correct on the GMO labeling, they certainly don’t have to list it, in fact, have used the FDA to prevent themselves from having to label it as such. Most of the Vitmamin C America gulps down in the form of suppliments comes from China.

  8. Torpedolynn said:

    I wonder if someone could have celiac’s desease with bugs. I have bugs. Hard biters, Pericers, stingers whispy crawlers, butt runners. They run up the legs and right up you know whare.

    Got a few over the past few years. Two worms from inside my arm whare they draw blood on the inner arm. One that looked like a chiggar, but I live in CA. Also just recently captured one off the privates that had long thin wings. Mostly transparent with a soft creamy lower body. Speck of red and blue in the wings. A fliper type device that it used to try to micmic a flea. Big round black eyes.

  9. Katherin Philben said:

    Nitric oxide is a great supplement. I use it all the time and i always get the results that i need. .’.,:

    Kind regards http://www.foodsupplementdigest.com/vitamin-d3-side-effects/

  10. Liza Newmyer said:

    While nitric oxide serves as an important signaling molecule involved in numerous physiological functions (such as improved glucose transport and antioxidant properties) the role of nitric oxide and control of skeletal blood flow is the primary issue generally addressed with various proposed nutritional supplements. ,

    Look at the newest content at our internet site

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