Please, if you’re one of those that says “Lyme’s” or “Lyme’s Disease” please stop, it’s Lyme, not Lyme’s. This is a pet peeve of mine. Thank you, I now return you to your regular programming.


Comments on: "I beg of thee, it’s Lyme Disease NOT Lyme’s Disease" (4)

  1. vicki ward said:

    THANK YOU for saying this. It bugs the heck out of me too!!! Glad to know I am not alone. By the way, thanks for the post above outlining your recovery plan. I have been doing something similar, and am doing better and better also. The gluten thing is really interesting…I came off of that some months ago, mainly due to spiritual guidance, and feel it has REALLY helped. I try to severely limit dairy, which also helps. I think the wheat and grains have mold issues, and possibly genetically modified influences. What do you think???

  2. WHY is it Lyme disease and not Lyme’s disease?

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      It’s not plural, It really bothers me when people say that. Lyme was discovered in Lyme Connecticut, it is called “Lyme Disease”.

  3. Ok I’m still a bit confused.. the apostrophe S indicates that in this case it would be possession not plural.. the only reason I ask is because I am a medical transcriptionist by trade and for other diseases that are named after people, the apostrophe S is to signal possession… I just want to get it right LOL. Thanks for responding! I know that was an old post of yours and when I typed in “Lyme’s versus Lyme your post popped up! I’m a “Why ” person LOL

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