Several have asked me recently for more details on what I did, how much of what did I take and when. I’ve been trying to recall this as best I can. My two “Poor Man’s Protocol” (PMP) posts do outline what I did to recover but I’ll try to convey more information in this post.

Before we begin. It’s summertime now, and watermelon is in the stores, this years seems to be excellent. Ever since my wife bought some this year the kids have been begging for it. That is a good thing because it’s a healthy snack. I ate a lot of watermelon the summer I made big improvements.

Also, the Kirkland Almonds shown on the left, I eat these every day and did during my recovery. If you Google almonds and parasites they are listed as a good natural approach. But that’s not why I ate them. I ate them for protein, but more importantly because they are alkalizing. Every once in a while I would get sick of just almonds and my wife would buy the Kirkland mixed nuts which were good because they provided an even better cross section of minerals like copper (Cashews are high in copper).

Okay, I just thought I would mention the watermelon and nuts. And by the way, Watermelon contains a high amount of naturally occurring glutathione which is very important (NAC builds glutathione as well).

So, every single day I started off with a sulfur soap shower (exact brand listed in my PMP posts). I washed my hair and entire body in it. Sometimes I would suds up, turn the water off and stand their for a few minutes then rinse. I still use it to this day.

My breakfast consisted of oatmeal with a large glass of orange juice (Potassium). However, I always took a Thisilyn “Milk Thistle” capsule before each meal of the day with a probiotic and a digestive enzyme as well. With my oatmeal I would take my Vitamin D (Carlson’s 2000mg fish oil based) and a COQ10. I would also do a 3/4 scoop of the True Protein (powdered egg whites) with water. The egg whites are loaded with sulfur based amino acids. This was all done by 8 in the morning. I also would prepare a CALM magnesium in a coffee cup and drink it when I got to work at around 8:30. You put it in hot water and it disolves. Notice my MAG and protein and other things are in liquid form. Morgellons has a lot to do with malabsorption in my opinion.

Around 10:00 with a more empty stomach I would take one of the Whole Foods mixed Amino’s along with either an L-Carnitine or L-Arginine. They say to take amino’s on an empty stomach which is kind of funny because you get most of them from eating meat.

Next came lunch. Usually a PB&J with an apple and a yogurt. In the middle I would take another fish oil, probiotic, milk thistle, and a low dose all around Vitamin B capsule. I drank water during the day.

I exercised on a stationary bike at work and got up to 25 minutes a session (when I started I could barely do two minutes). I would do the bike at about 2:30 and just before that I would take my NAC 600 mg sustain plus 2000mg of Vitamin C with bioflavonoids. At 2:30 when I took this my stomach was relatively empty.

Then it was supper, usually another fish oil, maybe another COQ10 and so on. Often I would have another CALM magnesium with supper as well.

Around 9 at night (sometimes but not all the time) I would take another NAC/Vitamin C combo.

I’ll be honest, it’s really hard recall exactly what I did, however, my posts do reflect what I was doing at the time. Of course, I was always learning and changing what I was taking, you can see that my 2nd PMP post listed far fewer things than my original PMP and that is kind of how things went. As I started getting better I gradually eliminated things that I thought were providing only a slight benefit.

The last few things I added were Coconut Oil (mixed in with my hot morning oatmeal) and OptiMSM (supposedly very pure). I also tried to get direct sunlight whenever I could, not a sunburn, just color. And finally I added Iodoral Iodine which I didn’t take every day and broke the pills into small chunks and would take with food.

There were tons of supplements I did like Kyolic 103 and many other things along the way. I did some colon cleanses and some parasite cleanse programs that I bought at Whole Foods as well.

Like I said before the NAC + Vitamin C I think we’re core to my recovery as well as Magnesium and other apparently simple things, but it worked.

Please read both of my PMP posts on my “All Articles” page to make sure you read all of the warnings.

Finally, I also did the Logos Wellness Protocol as well. See for more information. The nice thing about the wellness protocol is that it provides the bulk of what I took. I would add to it the NAC/Vitamin C however. When I was doing the wellness protocol I did not double up on things, the wellness protocol comes with magnesium, I always was careful not to just blindly take two things that contain the same thing.

I hope folks are making progress and getting better and better and not falling back. I had hoped folks would be reporting in by droves stating they were recovering, some have like herehoping and many say they feel better than they did. I hope this for you too.


Comments on: "My Recovery from Morgellons in Greater Detail" (18)

  1. Antoinette said:

    Hi MCS & All,

    I discovered your post on 5/18/10, I’d like to share my journal comment: 10:18pm WOW!! I learned soooo MUCH tonight thanks to Mr. Commonsense’s Blog. Talk about prayers being answered. I am so thankful and so grateful. And the timing was amazing, he’d just posted an excellent piece yesterday. NEAT-O.

    In the 3 weeks since that night, there have been highs and lows, but overall it’s been steady progress towards improvement. My first read was the “Over Simplified View …” which described my experience very closely and also included a buzz word that caught my attetion: CANDIDA. I knew I had it because I’d been diagnosed a couple of years ago but had not been eating properly at all.

    The first thing I did was cut out caffeine, sugar and white foods cold turkey. I began following the PMP, taking NAC + C and MSM. I held off on Magnesium due to possible kidney stones around that time period but have since introduced a 1/2 tsp. per day and seem to be okay. I also added coconut oil to organic, gluten free oatmeal each morning. Aside from that, I began eating mostly raw, fresh, organic vegetables, almonds for snacks, plain, unsweetened yogurt with stevia for sweetness, and yams. A pretty limited diet but before this I wasn’t much for the kitchen so it’s been a learning process, challenging for me at first but becoming more fun as the days go by. I will say this, I suffered horrible detox symptoms at the end of the first week, headaches, flu like symptoms, and intestinal pain, but I think about 1.5 weeks later that passed and I’ve been feeling better since, clear headed and a bit more energy. I also drink hot water with the juice of half a lemon each morning, I read that is a good liver detox. I also drink plenty of bottled purified water each day.

    I did the sulfur soap within the first week and was horrified to find a dead springtail on my shoulder after the first application. Such a tiny thing, it looked like a splinter with the naked eye but under a microscope it was clearly a Collembola. I also dusted Diatemaceous Earth around my home and found three more springtails in the bathroom, two dead from it, one in the throes of dying. I’m happy to say I haven’t found any more on my body or the bathroom lately. I use the sulfur soap everyday too. I ordered Trish’s ESP New Hope 1 line and shampoo and am looking forward to something more fragrant and soothing, being a girl and all, that’s important to me.;)

    I just remembered, about a week ago I added the Glutamine to support my intestinal tract and began taking a Probiotic each day . I ordered some products from John Burgstiner’s Logos Nutritionals last week based on his recommendations via the Ask John feature on his blog. You can read about it here (thank you John!!)

    The original rash/sores on my hands and legs began to dry up and heal shortly after using the sulfur soap. I have had a few new ones come up on my arm, but single ones, not a rash of them. I still experience the itching, crawling, stinging sensations especially at night, on scalp, back, buttocks, arms and legs, but less in number, one here and one there, and not as constant. I am finally able to sleep whereas the first two weeks I was up and down all night reacting to the sensations and checking for bites/bugs. I think I’ve gotten to the point that I’m just over it and will not let that keep me from getting much needed rest. I’ve gotten to where I can ignore it and just go on to sleep.

    I still see black specks appearing on my skin which under the microscope look like fiber bundles usually, other times like metal flakes, the white cotton things, which look like white bundles of thread sometimes with black or blue mixed in, yellow pod looking things with white hairs, and sometimes brown crusty shell looking things with black spots, but there does seem to be less of them overall, halleluah!!

    I hope this wasn’t too lengthy of a post, MCS, I just thought you and others would appreciate a detailed account of another Morgellons experience.

    Oh! One more thing! I had the difficult task of calling my mother tonight to tell her I won’t be coming home for a much anticipated 4th of July visit due to this. She has 5 cats and 1 dog and from what I’ve read (thank you MCS) that would not be a good idea. It gave me the chance to tell her about this whole ordeal from start to present and she was very understanding and supportive. That meant so much to me and was a weight off my shoulders. I’m sad I won’t be able to see my family just yet, but it is what it is, I am just thankful to have them close at heart. And my heart goes out to those of you whose loved ones don’t believe that this is real.

    Okay, I will leave it at that. Again, thank you MCS, John Burgstiner, Trish Springstead and all the other wonderful people who post on here sharing their experience, thoughts, and support.

  2. Antoinette said:

    Update since last night. Funny how quickly things change. Well, actually it’s just our awareness of things that changes.

    I had a lot of itchy/crawly sensations in my hair last night which interrupted my sleep. Before bed I’d put sesame oil on my face, along my hairline where the follicles and hairs look weird and on my body last night after a sulfur soap shower. After that I removed black things that looked like fuzz but under microscope looked more like bug parts intertwined with silicone pods. Also for first time ever I pulled a decent sized piece of blue fiber off my skin (approx 1/8″), under microscope it was intertwined with threads of the clear silicone looking strands. Just a few minutes ago, after combing my hair, I found two small dead black bugs. One was on my forehead, the other came off my hand after combing my hair. BLEH. 😛 At least they are dead, that’s good news, not sure what killed them. I don’t use the sulfur soap in my hair because I have too much hair for that don’t like the residue it leaves. Maybe the PMP is really starting to kick in and the terrain is becoming unfriendly!! I did take one extra MSM yesterday for a total of 3 500mg capsules.

    Anyway – sigh – I would call this one of those “low” points because it totally grosses me out to have bugs making me their home. Again, I want to thank others who have posted about similar experiences because it does bring comfort to know I’m not alone and that others have become symptom free. Blessings and healing prayers for all.

    • Hi Antoinette,

      Try lathering your hair with the sulphur soap and rinse with vinegar and water (1-1 ratio). The vinegar smell lifts quick leaving your hair squeaky clean.

  3. Antoinette said:

    btw, forgot to mention, I’d read in a post somewhere on here I believe, that sesame oil kills parasites.

  4. Mr. Common Sense said:

    I’m sorry you’re going through all this Antoinette. Remember to not take too much stuff at once and research the stuff I did so you know a lot about it. My mistake early on I think was taking too many things at once. I hate to hear you missing your family visit on the 4th of July, but you know, this Memorial Day we went to my moms, we sat on the back porch the entire time, had a cookout. I never once went in the house and we were there for three hours, she had a mold issue in the house and has pets, I suffered incredible crawling after visiting her last thanksgiving. My guess is I could go in there now and feel nothing but to be honest I didn’t feel like taking a chance just yet.

    Remember, don’t dwell on it, get your protocol down, go outside, laugh, have fun, excercise and keep working on the terrain and my guess is in a few more months you’ll be even better.

  5. Hi everyone,
    I recently had a hair analysis done on advice of my ND. It was conducted by a reputable lab in Illinois.
    The results were very interesting:
    Toxic Elements:
    High Aluminum ?
    High Barium ?
    High Silver (From 6 bottles of 5000ppm 6 months ago)
    Essential Elements:
    Very High Magnesium (lots of CALM) 🙂
    Very High Sulfur (NAC MSM Jason Shampoo) 🙂
    High Copper
    High Cobalt
    High Manganese
    High Germanium
    Very deficient in Chromium, Boron, Iodine and no trace of Lithium at all.
    I am now supplementing with the above four elements and feeling better. I highly recommend this testing as it may present clues towards your healing.
    Still get periodic itching spells. 😦
    Very few red bite marks though.
    Best Regards,

  6. Rob –

    It’s great that you got that hair test done. I would highly encourage you to get a metal challenge test done where you take a chelating agent and measure the metal in urine. It’s a more accurate picture of the body’s burden plus it gives you a more accurate picture of what is sitting in the body tissues, even when it comes to the essential elements.

    The hair test may just reveal what your body is good at detoxing out into the hair, and might show what your most recent exposure is.

    I’m saying this because my hair test and metal challenge test showed some very different results! Nickel showed up in my hair at extremely high levels that it could not even be measured by the lab, yet my metal challenge test showed way within normal amounts of nickel sitting in my body tissues.

    Another example was lead. In my hair, lead showed up close to the 20th percentile, which was close to the low number on the chart. My metal challenge test showed that my body’s burden of lead was quite high.. it was found in elevated amounts, higher than the other metals, along with barium.

    Either way, you know that you should probably do some heavy metal cleanses as part of your detox regimen!

  7. I had the metal challenge test done and found that my lead and aluminum levels were nearly off the charts, with nickel and cadmium high as well. I would not be surprised if all Morgies had high levels of heavy metals and perhaps this has affected our immune system more than any other factors. My diet has always been fairly good though I have stepped up the vitamins, minerals and supplements since becoming ill and now chelators.
    Unfortunately this type of testing is not covered by insurance in Canada and due to the extra costs of supplements etc. I cannot afford to be retested.

  8. Joe Keleher said:

    When I was first tested for heavy metals (urine test), I was found to be high in mercury, lead and aluminum. For myself, I believe the primary reason my symptoms went away was because of removal/replacement of dental materials and chelation (3+ yrs.). It could be the levels had influences on body parasites (we all have always had some)…I don’t know.

    I do think key to diagnosing mercury as a neurotoxin is the ability to test levels beyond the blood/brain barrier in a non-invasive manner (I’m told spinal taps aren’t much fun).

    Related to all of this, I had regularly follow up heavy metal testing and, after moving to Teec Nos Pos, AZ on the Navajo reservation, had documented high increases in uranium levels. The mountains above the school had extensive uranium mining…and associated tailing piles. I was not drinking the water…and, even though I had a filter on my shower, am certain the only way this could have entered my body was through showers (I’ve read we typically absorb 5 cups of water and all toxins contained in each shower). I did sponge baths after seeing increased levels. If you live in an area where there was historic mining activities (especially gold and silver…mercury was used in extraction and is in tailings piles) and you want to clean out toxins, shower filters are essential…and you may want to take more drastic measures.

  9. EXCELLENT ADVICE by Gigi above… metal challenge tests are far more reliable for looking at tissue accumulations because hair analysis results can be so influenced by recent exposures.

    Heavy metal toxicity is likely a uniform factor in all Morgellons cases, as is iodine deficiency and related thyroid insufficiency.

  10. Joe Keleher said:

    John, Your mention of iodine and thyroid issues caused me to take a look at some of the contents. I found the following:

    Thyroid hormones and methylmercury toxicity.

    Soldin OP, O’Mara DM, Aschner M.

    Department of Medicine, Oncology and Physiology, Center for Sex Differences, Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, Georgetown University Medical Center, 3800 Reservoir Road, NW, Washington, DC 20057, USA.

    Thyroid hormones are essential for cellular metabolism, growth, and development. In particular, an adequate supply of thyroid hormones is critical for fetal neurodevelopment. Thyroid hormone tissue activation and inactivation in brain, liver, and other tissues is controlled by the deiodinases through the removal of iodine atoms. Selenium, an essential element critical for deiodinase activity, is sensitive to mercury and, therefore, when its availability is reduced, brain development might be altered. This review addresses the possibility that high exposures to the organometal, methylmercury (MeHg), may perturb neurodevelopmental processes by selectively affecting thyroid hormone homeostasis and function.

    I’m now wondering if the patterning you’ve mentioned relates to some means of diagnosing? I’m convinced for my own case of Morgellons symptoms it relates to high amounts of mercury beyond the blood/brain barrier (which I think you may have picked up on). Anyhow, I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts. Thanks, Joe

  11. Joe Keleher said:

    I also found this online piece written by a non-medical professional Though somewhat anecdotal, I think it’s worth a look.

  12. Garlic and ground cloves are both powerful parasite killers. I usually take two cloves and some ground cloves together daily to make sure I stay parasite free

  13. I’m 17 and im showing signs of morgellons but i took a aveeno oatmeal soak and i noticed a dead critter.I take oneaday teen vitamins and i eat only eggs for sulfur can anyone give me advice???

  14. Hi Vonnie,
    It breaks my heart to hear such a young person with this. But enough pity–let’s get down to business!
    First thing to do: Go to side bar and go to “All Articles”. Read those highlighted in red, esp. the first 3 or 4, and PMP II. Take the one about “there is no spoon” seriously. You will possibly need to re-learn what you think you know because the terrain is indeed everything (refer to post about the terrain in “All Articles”.) When you truly understand this, my following points will make sense.

    Thing number one: We are responsible for our own health, not the medical establishment. This is kind of a tough one for a person on the brink of adulthood; presumably your parents are still kind of responsible for you. On the other hand, you don’t have as many years of programming to undo as the rest of us. Bottom line, don’t become a victim of doctors. If you’ve been on the forums at all, you’ve read about the many, many dismissive, neglectful doctors out there. Do your own research. Listen to those folks who have gotten well.

    Thing number two: synthetic chemicals are not your friend. In my opinion, when a person uses synthetic chemicals, they are poisoning their body. A person with morgellons-like symptoms has already got a huge toxic burden. Please stay away from pesticides, drugs like ivermectin, permethrin, etc. They might seem like they help with symptoms at first, but from everthing you read on the forums, you will find that symptoms come back with a vengeance. I believe the use of these chemicals somehow sends the body into a downward spiral which triggers many of the eventual symtpoms of morg. Also, avoid synthetic chemicals for everything–personal care items, household cleaners, de-oderizers–you need to go as organic and natural as you can. It seems at first like you should hit this thing hard with the harshest chemicals you’ve got, but I believe this will make you sicker. You will read about people doing crazy things, but notice, these people are not getting better. Listen to Mr. CS–he’s really into “first do no harm.” If you have morg-like symtpoms, your body has been compromised big time (mostly thanks to modern living). You need to woo it back to health gently.

    Item number three: Diet is everything (in my opinion.) Eat organic when you can. No fast food! No genetically modified organisms (gmo’s). They are in so much processed food these days. Eat simply–as many vegies, esp. green leafies as you can. Avoid sugar! No white sugar at all. Limit other sweets. Artificial sweeteners are terrible for you. Maybe a little raw honey, but if you have a sweet tooth, you have to overcome it. No caffeine or alcohol. High-quality protein. I believe grass-fed organic meat is good for you. Organic chicken, fish, etc. Lots of eggs. Not lots of grains. No soy, no corn (it’s all gmo). If you have access to a juicer, use it. You need to detox and fresh vegie juice helps. In fact, read up on detoxing strategies.

    Ok, that’s a pretty big post. As for your vitamins, I really couldn’t say. Read Mr. CS’s Poor Man’s Protocol (parts I and II.) Also, stay off the forums as much as possible. They can drag you down, you can get addicted and paranoid. To recover, your body and mind need light–sunlight, laughter, joy, exercise. Sounds crazy, but these things really affect your body. Do your research, but limit yourself to a daily amount. Then turn off the computer, and go outside. I think that is almost as important as anything else. Finally, for general health info, though you will never hear morgellons mentioned, I recommend the health newsletter of Dr. Mercola. His diet ideas might be different from what you are used to if you grew up with the Standard American Diet, but if you did, then you have to know that that is part of what got you into this mess. Hang in there Vonnie!

  15. I have been reading the most amazing book by Dr Jerry Tennant, called “Healing is Voltage”. In it I discovered something I have always been suspicious of. Plastics.
    Canola Oil and other hydrogenated oils are one Molecule away from liquid Plastic. Could this be that even though most of the fibers are cotton, linen ect the one that I read about and interested me most was HDPE
    High Density Poly Ethylene, Could it be that some of the bio-films in the small intestine (were all exchanges of toxins and nutrients occur) could contain a form of plastic and the fibers are a way of spiraling the plastics in the tissues and bringing them out of the skin. Since the 1930’s we have been incorporating liquid plastics in the form of oil in so many of our food, look at a certain cheese that sits on the shelf and doesn’t need refrigeration. We have been eating plastic food in this country for years.
    Add this to the list of toxins, that IMHO could be considered as a toxin in this mess. I am just assuming here, we should consider how plastic and microwaves don’t mix, how foods made with liquid plastic are contributing to the biofilms in the small intestine.
    Amin talks about plastics in dental sealants. This is quite interesting to me.

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