Comments on: "Joni Mitchell – Both Sides Now" (4)

  1. zara cybele said:

    This was so beautiful and so different than the early version. The younger rendition seemed all bubblegum and somehow optimistic just by it’s pacing and lighthearted arrangement.
    This version is weighted with age, experience wisdom and pain. Felt like two different songs. Resonated more deeply for me. Brought tears.
    Clearly the same hand that helped structure the instrumentation in the sound of Sire of Sorrow worked on this version. I don’t know if that is Joni’s brillance or someone she is working with.
    Thanks for posting this Mr. C. Never would have seen it otherwise.

  2. I’m afraid that Joni has really, REALLY, now, looked at life from both sides now. Seems ironic.

  3. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Yes, I feel that to, and zara, I hear you, that song really choked me up.

    • check out her rendition of “Case of You” on the same Youtube feed…Beautiful. I grew up listening to Joni. At the time there were not many Canadian Girls topping the charts like Joni. We have aged like fine wine.

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