The Overton Window

Glenn Beck never fails to amaze. The Overton Window, a rip-roaring read of the first order, is as good a political thriller as you’re going to find this year. 
— NYT bestselling author Nelson DeMille

A visionary work of fiction.  One of the best thrillers I’ve read in years.
— NYT bestselling author Vince Flynn

A novel ripped from today’s headlines and destined to be as controversial as it is eye-opening. No matter your politics, this Hitchcockian thriller will have you turning pages well into the night."
— NYT bestselling author James Rollins

Like the best thriller writers out there, Glenn scares us by showing what can really happen. Get ready to sleep with the lights on. This is the one. You’ll never look at history the same way again."
— NYT bestselling author Brad Meltzer

Glenn Beck has just shattered the fiction barrier. The Overton Window is the perfect all-American thriller.
— New York Times bestselling author Brad Thor


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