Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, RIET-1, Industrial Toxicologist/IH & Doctor of Integrative Medicine



Karason does not believe drinking the potion is what caused his discoloration. He believes it happened because he rubbed it on his face to treat a skin problem. A medical condition called Argyria has been linked to such discoloration since the days when silver solutions were used as antibiotics.

I think Dr. Staningers paper will probably spark some controversy. I rarely take colloidal silver any more for what it’s worth, however during my first year of Morgellons I took quite a bit. Everyone will have to make up their own mind on its safety.

When I consider the 10’s of thousands who die from pharmaceutical medication reactions each year I myself think Silver is pretty safe if not abused. Even the folks who have “smurfed” to my knowledge suffered no ill effects. Silver does have at least 100 years of medical history behind it if not more. Still, it’s always good to have some new testing done on how quickly it dissipates from the body and so on.

These days I’m pretty much a fan of taking supplements that belong in my body. Most everything I take is found naturally in the human body. I look at is this way, our Creator knew what He was doing. I didn’t know what I was doing and was neglecting to provide for my body while at the same time trying to second guess Him, big mistake. Give the body what it needs, what it was built to run on …


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  1. zara cybele said:

    What was this guy thinking? Did he not own a mirror?
    At what point does one say, Honey, if you touch that silver, I’ll have to break your fingers?!

  2. This article was taken directly from


    II. Molecula Silver Explained

    “MOLECULA SILVER” – The Three Main Grades of Processed Silver

    1.Colloidal Silver – Silver that is electronically processed into a fine state of subdivision that is suspended in liquid and due to the electronic charge, holds its individual character and settles very slowly. Only 5% of the body’s membranes are penetrated.

    2.Ionic Silver – Electronically processed silver that is broken down into a free electron (or sub-atomic particle) that exists in solution. Only 6% or 7% of the body’s membranes are penetrated.

    3.”Molecula Silver” is a form of ionic Silver that has been electronically pushed into a state where it develops a self perpetuating pulse rate that is eternal in nature and pulses too rapidly for individual recording. One definition given by a noted physicist, Robert C. Beck, is that this silver when processed by this method, looses its identity as a traceable element i.e. is not identified as a “particle” and acts more like a gas. Other research professionals have tested this silver and found the exact same thing. It is etheric in nature but carries the vibratory signature of the material element silver. The largest particle size of silver to be found is .062 nano’s which is over 60 times smaller than angstrom in size. Only 1.7 to 5 ppm can be found in the product and yet it has the power of 2,000 ppm. 100% of the body’s membranes are penetrated. Molecula Silver has been extensively tested on literally tens of thousands of people with impressive success.

    b. The Silver Problem

    •Colloidal and Ionic silver are in a 3 dimensional physical form and take up space. Even if so small they did not harmfully build up in the body, there is a second problem.

    •One of the worlds leading physicists, considered to be the father of electro-medicine today, Robert C. Beck, tested these three forms of silver for penetrability. He found that all forms of colloidal and Ionic silver had a 5% to 6% effectiveness for penetrating certain membranes. When he tested (Molecula Silver) he was astonished to see 100% penetration!

    •Another major distinction between (Molecula Silver) and all others is that due to its energetic and etheric nature, it doesn’t break down. Direct sunlight does not change its composition even after years of exposure.

    Molecula Silver is totally pristine & completely clear even when a laser is shot through the liquid. It is the ultimate silver product!

    A critical indicator of a silver’s quality is it’s color and color is based on particle size.

    The very best colloidal silver is golden yellow. As the size of the particle increases, the color of the suspension proceeds from yellow to brown to red to grey to black. The size of the particles increase as they lose their charge and usefulness. Instead of remaining a single particle they begin to clump into groups of seven.

    You shouldn’t have to see flakes or large silver particles in it or have to shake it, refrigerate it, keep it out of the sun or place it into dark colored bottles to protect it or hide its color.

    However the ultimate silver, Molecula Silver is stable and doesn’t turn yellow or dark over time or have to be protected from light as it remains crystal clear in glass or plastic with or without a lid. The sun has no effect on its nature or quality.

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    c. Molecula Silver is high in nitrates, why?

    Health Stream Literature Summary – Issue 15 September 1999 Dietary Nitrate in Man: Friend or Foe?

    McKnight GM, Duncan CW, Leifert C, Golden MH. Br J Nutrit. (1999) 81(5) p349 -358.

    A number of adverse human health effects have been attributed to nitrate, including infantile methemoglobinaemia, carcinogenesis and possibly teratogenesis. Government and public concern has led to increasingly strict regulations over nitrate concentrations in food and water, which may soon threaten crop production in some areas of northern Europe.

    However, recent studies have suggested that nitrate may in fact have a beneficial effect on the physiology of the intestinal tract and have a protective effect against food and waterborne pathogens. Nitrate may also be protective against ischaemic heart disease, and the evidence for supposed harmful effects has not been substantiated by recent epidemiological studies.

    Understanding the metabolism of dietary nitrate is important when evaluating its harmful or beneficial effects. Ingested nitrate is absorbed into the bloodstream from the stomach and small intestine, then concentrated by the salivary glands and secreted in saliva at 10 times the plasma concentration. About 25% of dietary nitrate is recirculated in this way. Specialised bacteria on the tongue rapidly reduce nitrate to nitrite, which is then swallowed and reduced to nitric oxide and other oxides of nitrogen by the stomach acid. The existence of an active recycling system for nitrate suggests that some overall evolutionary benefit must be conferred by this mechanism.

    Concerns over the role of nitrate in drinking water in methemoglobinaemia have been reduced by recent findings that the effect is associated with the presence nitrate reducing bacteria which produce nitrite. It also appears that young infants do not carry the oral bacteria necessary for conversion of nitrate to nitrite, although it is not known at what age the plasma/saliva recirculation of nitrate begins.

    Cancer risks from nitrate have been postulated on the basis that carginogenic nitrosamines may be formed in the stomach, however epidemiological studies have given inconsistent results. On the other hand, it is well established that intake of high amounts of salads and vegetables (which are rich in nitrates) is associated with an overall reduction in cancer risks. Vegetarian people have lower mortality from stomach cancer than omnivores, but have an average nitrate intake three times higher. Recent research has also shown that physiological conditions in the stomach and digestive tract are unlikely to permit nitrosamine formation at dietary nitrate levels.

    Animal studies have suggested teratogenic effects with high doses of nitrite, but not nitrate. Human epidemiological studies have given conflicting results on correlations between rates of congenital defects and nitrate in drinking water, and there has been one report of a decrease in spontaneous abortion rate associated with nitrate. While studies in this area are scanty, they do not support an association of nitrate with teratogenesis.

    Possible mechanisms for favorable effects of dietary nitrate are discussed. Consumption of a meal high in nitrate produces nitrite which in combination with stomach acid, has an antimicrobial affect on many gastrointestinal pathogens such as Salmonella. Preliminary evidence of the role of nitrates in cardiovascular protection has been suggested by a small study showing a reduction in platelet aggregation, and the authors suggest this may partially explain the benefits of high vegetable intake. When a high-nitrate diet is eaten, nitrate may also have a gastroprotective effect by causing enhanced emptying and rapid recovery of gastric acidity and modulating of microcirculation.

    The authors propose that the salivary recirculation of dietary nitrate may be an important non-immunological host defense mechanism, and that nitrate may also provide substantial benefits for intestinal and cardiovascular function. Recognition of these benefits may result in new modes of treatment for illness of the mouth, stomach, intestine and cardiovascular system in both human medicine and animal husbandry.

    Comment: The two above articles draw together many strands of evidence and argue that the labeling of nitrate as a “harmful contaminant” of drinking water is unwarranted. The evidence presented appears to remove many of the health concerns previously held about nitrate. In fact, if McKnight et al. are correct in their conclusions, nitrate may well acquire a place in future as an important therapeutic agent.

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    III. What Other People Are Saying About Molecula Silver

    I am a naturopath and over the past 20 years I have become familiar with many different supplements. I have respect for those supplements and have seen their use bring people out of serious illness.

    However, I have never had as much respect for a product as I have for Molecula Silver.

    Colloidal Silver caught my attention years ago. It sounded good in theory, but never lived up to my expectations. Then I found Ionic Silver but that did not produce the results hoped for. I had much better success with angstrom-sized silver, but not enough to make it a “Star Product” in my repertoire. Molecula Silver has been that powerful. It is a Star Product. What does that mean? It means I want everyone to have it on hand or to be taking it regularly.

    Even though I use and am on many good products, I have been able to see a definite improvement in my immunity by using an ounce of Molecula Silver morning and night. I had a couple of chronic problems that I managed to control without resorting to medications, but still had not conquered. The Molecula has taken me a huge step forward in that process.


    I have had a 33 year battle with duodenal ulcers and I have tried everything that I could find out about to relieve it without success. I began drinking a glass of “(Molecula Silver)” and distilled water everyday, and in almost too short a time to be believed, my condition has cleared up completely. I have used the silver solution to clear up some very bad cold and flu bouts. I am convinced it works and saves me lots of undue cost.Frank , Laguna Beach, California


    I had a chronic chest congestion that I was unable to get rid of. The pulmonary specialist diagnosed me as having asthma. They prescribed 2 different sprays and daily medication, but it did absolutely no good. Six days of using “(Molecula Silver)” (drinking small amounts several time a day) took me off all medications. It has been 4 months now and I am clear and use just a taste a day for maintenance.


    My wife had been treated for cancer in Mexico and was sent home on February 16, 1999, but she contracted another infection that took her over and the cancerous growths on her feet grew larger and uglier than ever. We had to get back to Mexico from Florida for a second time to address this problem. We were there for 12 weeks, and the whole time they were working on getting this infection down so they could continue treatment on the cancerous growths. After 12 weeks and over $30,000, I was next to broke and Priscilla was no better and losing hope. They said that if they could get rid of the infection that they could make strides against the cancer. I met a man named ……. in the parking lot where we were staying and told him my plight. He said that he could handle the infection almost overnight. He gave her some “(Molecula Silver)” solution orally and hooked her up on a small wrist unit that he called a blood cleaner. We could both see the difference the very next day, and within 4 days the lab reports came back negative for all bacteria or infection of any kind. We stayed on for a few more weeks and went home as her growths were now basically cleared up. This was a miracle for us. Thank God for this treatment and this man who brought it to us. (Lab reports included)


    I would like to thank you for your great product. I wish that you would get a chance to talk to my friend David. He was raving about the Silver when he called me a day or two ago. Listening to him, you would have thought that he was talking about Ambrosia – the food of the gods. He was telling me that the colloidal silver that they have been carrying in their store for years is totally worthless compared to “(Molecula Silver)”. They are already halfway through the bottle that I gave them. I promised that I would give them another one of my bottles when I next see them on Tuesday … However, he was blown away by the strong results from his muscle testing of the quart of “(Silver)”. The bottle of “(Molecula Silver)” created an extremely strong muscle lock which meant that the human body really liked it … On Saturday, I was at the store for a while and once more, David was raving about the “(Molecula Silver)”. Then he told several people an amazing thing. He said that only once in every 20 years or so does he encounter something as awesome as (“Molecula Silver)” which can really help improve people’s health.

    (This letter is from Hawaii and David is in his 80’s)

    (Silver-Pro) Update

    Tues. March 2002

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    IV. A Final Note:

    One patient who had sustained three crushed fingers in an accident grew new tissue rapidly.

    Within 2-1/2 months, skin coverage was complete and there was normal full sensation, good blood supply and all joints had a normal range of motion. If left untreated, the 30-year old electrician’s fingers would have fallen off after turning black from gangrene, and he would have been left with a totally useless hand. Ironically, his orthopedic surgeon recommended amputation of all three fingers, but the patient requested silver-ion therapy which proved successful.

    The mechanism by which silver ions help rebuild tissue has been studied for more than a decade by Dr. Robert Becker of Becker Biomagnetics in New York. Dr. Becker initially reported his findings at the First International Conference on Silver and Gold in Medicine, co-sponsored by The Silver Institute in 1987. In the decade since, this technique has been used in clinical settings where hundreds of patients with various wounds have recovered. In addition, a laboratory study conducted by the U.S. Army Institute for Surgical Research in Houston, Texas, showed that laboratory animals with burn wounds treated under controlled conditions experienced shortened time for reconstruction with silver-nylon dressings. Recovery of skin function was faster when electric current was applied compared to no application of electric current.

    After several hundred cases, Dr. Becker believes that the technique works in three stages. The first stage is the chemical combination of highly active free silver ions with all bacteria or fungi present in the wound which are inactivated within 20 to 30 minutes. The second stage occurs over the next few days. Silver acts on fibroblast cells to cause them to revert to their embryonic state, becoming stem cells. These cells are universal building blocks whose role is to reconstruct new tissue. In the final stage, silver ions form a complex with the living cells in the wound area to produce immediately convertible stem cells. The end result of this conversion is that the stem cells supply all the building blocks necessary to completely restore all anatomical structures. No other known treatment provides sufficient numbers of the embryonic or stem cells required for true regeneration of damaged or destroyed tissues in humans and animals. The success indicates that there is the potential not only for the healing of near-surface wounds, but for regenerative repair of internal organs such as the heart, liver, brain and the spinal cord.

  3. They claim at AtoZ that this will not occur with the molecular silver. Still, I would be careful.

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