Needless to say this is a major disaster. I won’t be eating Sea Food for a long, long time. There is no doubt going to be toxic rain from this. I think it is already happing in fact.


Comments on: "Oil Spill Pictures Taken Yesterday (June 14th)" (5)

  1. vicki ward said:

    As one member of my Meditation Group put it, “we” have hit the aorta of Mother Earth, and she is hemorrhaging. It is so sad, and more than time for us all to wake up! Ironic that the substance that the world clammors for, especially the oil-dependent USA, is actually hurting us now because of greed. Mother Earth needs our prayers and our personal involvement in correcting our attitudes and behavior toward her. Thanks for posting this, MCS.

  2. http://www.examiner.com/human-rights-in-national/humanitarians-beg-sierra-club-for-gulf-forum-minutes

    How I got into this mess with a bar of soap I will never know. If I would have known I would get in this mess with a patent, I would have ripped it up and thrown it out. LOL

    All these Clubs are on the take. The only people I would ever donate would be to Barefoot Docs. Now we are in a bit of a battle with the Sierra Club..who is just concerned with the animals and fish. What about the human component….I have now seen 3 people die in the past week.
    Here again the CDC is absent. Yikes.
    Just checking in.
    Prayers for the Good Guys,

  3. http://www.gcbarefootdocs.org/articles/document-links.htm

    Here is a list of the needs of the barefoot doctors. Any thing will help.
    I don’t even know my own country any more. So many sick and now radioactivity and benzine in the air.
    Prayers for US all,

  4. [audio src="http://rense.gsradio.net:8080/rense/special/rense_Soto_111510.mp3" /]

    Here is an interview with Doctor Soto in Florida.

    Thanks for allowing me to share this.

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