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Belgium has followed the Netherlands in jumping off a vertical moral cliff by embracing legalized euthanasia.  The awful consequences that I predicted are now coming to pass; a steady increase in the number of cases, inadequate reporting, and a large percentage of non voluntary euthanasia deaths.  Thus, I am anything but surprised by the study I analyze below, which echoes an earlier one reported here at SHS, that nearly as many Belgian euthanasia killings are non voluntary as of those that are voluntary (the concept of “voluntary” in this context being highly problematic, but let’s not deal with that here).

Why might that be? Euthanasia consciousness rests on two intellectual pillars–that killing is an acceptable answer to human suffering, and radical individualism in which we all own our bodies and have the absolute right to do what we wish with it, including make it dead.   But interestingly, the latter idea–often reduced to that most effective of all soundbites, “choice”–turns out to be far less robust than the acceptance of active killing as a proper method of ending suffering.  In other words, once a society accepts killing as the answer to suffering, the request element becomes increasingly less important as doctors assume they are doing what is best for the patient by extinguishing their lives.

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Just wait until Government Health Care here swings into full action. If you think it can’t or won’t happen hear I think you aren’t paying attention …


Comments on: "Murder, Coming to a Godless Hospital Near You" (1)

  1. Lord help us.
    This is truly disturbing.
    We cherish and value our loved ones.
    Makes you wonder about organ donning doesn’t it?

    Today I am going to value those I love even more,especially the ones who are too weak and sick
    to help themselves, and especially those in our community who are suffering.
    Lets be their intercessory warriors and value their souls.
    There are several ‘BEAUTIFUL’ women on my website who are helping their 80 year old mothers .to rid them of morgellons while they are suffering from other things.
    These women are ‘HEROES’ they are helping their mothers souls shine thru suffering – just as their mothers helped them shine when they were young.
    Do we discard someone after we are finished using their strength? I think not!
    They will not harvest my family.

    Pamela Mae

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