In the past week or so I have seen the most horrific articles concerning Morgellons. These articles are the worst sort of rubbish that could be posted. They are absolutely dripping with unfounded and ridiculous conspiracy theories, the pictures they show of the “condition” are the most horrific pictures they could dig up and not characteristic of Morgellons as a whole. Even worse is that they paint a dreadful and hopeless picture leaving a potential sufferer feeling as though they are absolutely doomed (and they are not).

To be honest, I hesitate to even post links to these articles but I feel it’s important to expose such nonsense for what it is. Here are some quotes from the articles (I could find worse, I even laughed out loud at some of them).


About a week later, a man who said he was from the Cyprus Intelligence Services contacted her. Carter says, “He told me that I should stay away from politicians as they would not do anything with my information, he said that there was something going on in Cyprus and that they were aware of it. He wanted my help. He told me a scientist has broken ranks and given information about a strange substance picked up in the EU air filter checking system.

Morgellons is not one thing but is actually a system of multiple attack vectors that damage the body in numerous ways and carry various DNA and RNA strands. It is made in laboratories by talented men and women who have lost their souls and adhere to satanic principles


So here we have forces all over the world involved in a secret war with scientists who “know” all about it, the EU picking up Morgellons in the air and so forth. I mean come on folks, a lie travels around the world while the truth is still strapping it’s boots on. Of course one of the articles goes on to claim all kinds of Morgellons patients are being warned by federal agents that “if you know what’s good for you you’ll keep your mouth shut” and so on …

You know, early on I fell for that kind of crap, and once when I thought I had “surely discovered the cause” I became fearful and so on and thought folks might be watching my house. What a dope I was, but then the web was full of such nonsense and I had read it all. I was pretty sick back then and suffering from severe brain fog among other things, so cut me a little slack 😉 My point is, these articles do our community no good whatsoever, in fact, all they do is cause harm.  Imagine a new sufferer who is still reeling from their recent discovery that they have Morgellons coming upon these articles.

Let’s take it one step further. The real conspiracy, if there is one, would be to write such articles to make us and the community of sufferers look like total whack jobs, and to that I say, Job well done.

Warning: This first article has very graphic photo’s

Morgellons Victims Across the US and Europe (Part 1)

Morgellons and the CIA’s MK/NAOMI (not as bad as the first article but still, the CIA and secrete projects …)

My advice is don’t let them scare you or fall for all of their nonsense.


Comments on: "Morgellons – Conspiracy Articles Run Amuck" (13)

  1. joe keleher said:

    As someone once told me, “The great thing about the internet is there’s a lot of information. The bad thing is there also a lot of misinformation”. I always try to consider the source. Answers related to Morgellons would be best answered by the medical community…and they’re beginning to speak (current count is 21 articles…that’s up from last month’s count of 19)…but sufferers are going to consider all that is out there. Take care.

    Speaking of medical research and Morgellons, did the CDC decide not to release their findings?

  2. Hey Joe K I just wanted to say I think you have some of the best and most common sense post on this blog. There are others on here I really like to read as well John b ETC that are also informative and when I look on under the “recent comments ” and see your names I know I am in for a good read and most liken learn something. Keep posting Joe!!

  3. I don;t agree with you about this. The video you posted is a doctor named Edward Spencer that I saw and he examined me personally at Dr. Staninger’s office back in 2006. Everything he is saying in the 4 part interview is true. He was blackballed for bringing forward important information about the swine flu vaccines from Baxter Pharm that were shipped to Eastern Europe last fall 09 as being tainted. That is true and easily verified. Spencer is a neurologist with a Stanford and YALE PHD education. I think you should check things out a little more thoroughly before totally bashing it as “rubbish” and “ridiculous conspiracy theories”.. You may have gotten better and good for you, but there are still 1000;s of us who are still sick and suffering greatly every single minute of the day. One poor guy just jumped off a bridge in the UK because he couldnt handle the pain of Morgellons anymore and the “doctors wouldn’t listen to him:. They tried to talk hiim down for 7 hours but a bunch of inhuman garbage started chanting Jump you bastard!” and he did.

    • I meant to say the article you are trashing has a video of a Dr. Edward Spencer who I found to be one of the best out of approximately 14 doctors I have seen over the almost 5 yrs I have been sick now.. BTW, this is now destroying my liver and I am carrying an extra 35 lbs of water weight in my legs called edema. All of my Morgs seems to be congregating in my right thigh and hurts so bad that even with pain medication and sleep aids I cant get more than 2 or 3 hours sleep. Its unbearable. I can totally understand how it could drive someone to take their life, What saddens me is all the work I have done the past 5 years to wake others out of their slumbers only to find the majority of people are so callous and heartless they would chant for someone to jump off a bridge rather than be held up in traffic. It truly must be the last days,. I can;t see how western society can get any worse.

      • Mr. Common Sense said:

        Trish, what have you been doing to treat your Morgellons? Do you do any liver protectors like Milk Thistle? I bet John of Logos Nutritionals could offer you some great advice. I am sorry to hear you are not doing well. Again, please let me know what you have been doing to combat your Morgellons, I might then be able to chime in with some advice.

  4. Also sometimes a do go to some of the forums Lymebusters ect and I’m embarrassed at some of the theories and posts I see. It’s no wonder when people from the medical community that have never heard of this condition before and end up on these forums via goggle think we are bat shit crazy. Nanobots government conspiracy’s chem trails…. It’s this kind of talk that makes us all look bad in my opinion. And it’s really hurting the people that are suffering from this condition. Just my two cents

    • Oh come on. You know damn well there’s been a cover-up on this for far longer than people have been venting at Lymebusters. There are 1000’s of forums with batshit crazy people posting on them. If the govt even bothered to go through and read the posts that were craxy, it would take them months if not years. For the most part most of the posts are legit. Shills are usually deleted and LBusters has gotten very good at finding these shills and deleting them. Lymebusters has done much more good for Morgellons sufferers than bad at least a 1000 times over. I cant tell you how many times I have heard that from fellow sufferers. Instead of complaining about Lymebusters, why dont you recommend what you think is better and what you think is the solution? We can’t all be as lucky as the owner of this blog even though I’d bet my paycheck 9 out of 10 have tried his protocols to no success. If you catch this early and move out of your infected environment, that is your best chance. If you cant do that, your chances drop substantialy. bottom line.

      • When I write ‘1000’s of forums, I am referring to not solely Morgellons or chemtrail forums. I am referring to all poltical forums in general. Anyone of whidh can be found nutbags. I think LB does a much better job than most at weeding out the shills trying to discredit us.

  5. No Trish I don’t think there is a cover up on this I’m sorry but that’s just crazy talk. I do like Lb and a lot of the people over there but I stand by my statement that a lot of the post are completely off the wall. I also stand by my statement that these off the wall post hurt the people suffering with this condition by making us seem crazy when we are not and preventing the medical community from taking this condition seriously like they should be. Mr CommonSense had a good example of these kind of post the other day on his twitter

  6. “What we see depends mainly on what we look for.” (John Lubbock)
    “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” (Schopenhauer)

    There are many theories about what Morgellons is and why it is happening. Publicly we do not yet know the truth. We live in a world where the media is highly controlled and many people (sheeple) are unwilling or too afraid to think outside of the box. I think it important to remain open minded and believe that the truth will come out soon.

    There have been articles on the internet about genetic markers found in Morgellons people. Jan Smith who has bravely spoken out about Morgellons and her diagnosis by Dr. Staninger has recently posted this list.
    “These are the 6 known genetic markers identified in Morgellons victims which are disproportionate with the known statistics. The severity of the symptoms may relate directly to the number of markers each person has.

    1. An RH negative blood factor in family genetics

    2. Northern European ancestry

    3. A genetic Haplogroup of U5 Ursula, U5 is the most ancient DNA in Europe (50,000 years to 60,500).

    4. A duplication/trisomy of 1q42 11 q42 12 ( Extra gene )

    5. Blue, green or hazel/green eyes

    6. Presence of other genetic abnormalities ”

    First, is this list true? Does it explain why some of us showing Morgellons symptoms and others are not?
    Is there a genetic test that would help identify Morgellons?

    “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” (Buddha)

  7. Joe Keleher said:

    The suicide didn’t need to happen. I was saddened to hear of another tragedy connected to Morgellons. Too many. Too, too many.

    Part of what makes me sickened and sad is if I go back in my mind I can easily picture myself on that bridge. I can feel the crawling, the exhaustion, the depression. I was a prisoner in my own body. I understand the frustration, the anxiety, and the hopelessness. My advice though now and always is…if you find yourself yourself on the bridge, take the handrail and guide yourself back to solid ground. Sit down and remember life is a gift. I know some of you are going though symptoms far worse that I had them…but what I had was enough.

    Being beyond the symptoms now for over three years, there are times when I start sobbing–I hide my face because it’s too hard to explain. Maybe it’s post traumatic stress, but usually it happens when I’m overwhelmed by the beauty of life…like last Christmas when I went to a concert put on by the students at the elementary school where I was subbing. One of the girls was singing a solo about candles of peace being lit all over the world. It was beautiful and, as I thought about how very lucky I was, tears started rolling down my cheeks.I am privileged. Blessed. God has been good to me.

    Mr. CS knows there have been several times when I’ve tried to walk away from Morgellons. I wanted to forget and move on with my life. The fact is I can’t. I know what the suffering is like and no one…not one single person in the the world deserves it! If I can take the hand of someone in the dark and pull them through, I will. And that person can grab the hand of another. One by one by one…we can get through this.

  8. Thanks Mr CS for providing a counterpoint to the rampant lunacy that has become the hallmark of

    As you so saliently put it:
    “The real conspiracy, if there is one, would be to write such articles to make us and the community of sufferers look like total whack jobs, and to that I say, Job well done.”

    When you look at Lymebusters rise in popularity in the context of the destruction of NUSPA and Biologyonline you might find an organised attempt to control the morgellons discussion. Now that would be/is a real conspiracy.

  9. Hey There Mr Common Sense,
    I just stumbled across this and, For 4 months I’ve been noticing physical and mental changes in my cat. I’ve been watching her closely in hopes of treating ASAP to avoid pain and suffering. My cat is about 10 months now and is black all over. I started to notice changes in the color of eyelids, nose and lips as they seem to be chapped or lightening. I let her out often and prefer it that way and she gets into many situations while frolicking in the bushes, ingesting objects she vomits up, getting stung by bees, chasing ducks and falling in the river, climbing up trees chasing squirrels, etc. I recently met my neighbor who is both physically and mentally ill and has confided in me with her symptoms, beliefs, and theories as to what may or may not be “killing her”. After 3 weeks of knowing her I found myself more concerned with her constant tales of conspiracies and suspicions of being tormented by parasites she says are invading her body and her home. She’s warned me to beware and keep a close eye out for the craziest things and found her very interesting with paranoid behaviors and delusions. She claims to have the last stages of Morgellons Disease and does not look well. She’s abusing pain meds and claims her joints, muscles, and bones ache to extremes as a result. She believes that our apartment complex may also be infested with larvae, worms, and bugs and has exact names for them. She thinks they’re in the carpets as silverfish and whiteworms. She claims my cat could be the main transporter of worms and parasites associated with Morgellons Disease. She’s shaved her head and eyebrows, inspects fabrics, my hair, eyebrows, kitchen, carpets; SHE’S DRIVEN ME CRAZY. She recently got diagnosed with infection of ringworm in her scalp and has been all over my apartment with it. Now I’m paranoid. I clean constantly, shower, shave, inspect, and now I’m driving my cat crazy. I’ve researched online about the disease, ringworm, tapeworm, whiteworm, silverfish, roundworm. I constantly search for signs and symptoms and actually find some in areas of the kitchen both black and white. I’ve thoroughly inspected my cat and her feces constantly and notice that all the symptoms are all similar. Her hair gets greasy quickly and looks cloudy, she’s been to the vet spayed and vaccinated and examined for constant diarrhea where I was assured she was not ill. She licks her but constantly and eats and drinks a lot remaining small and slender. Bowel movements are constant ongoing 24 hours with signs of blood, white specks, grass, and what I believed to be a tapeworm. I was not able to get it to the vet for testing right away due to lack of funds and had to dump the samples. I see no worms around her anus, and follow her waiting for something to jump out of her anus. She sleeps longer and heavier and no longer cuddles. Patches of hair are thinning here and there but she plays and meows with energy. It may be anemia, lukemia, feline HIV, a cold, hypothyroidism, chrones disease and the list goes on! I can’t afford a complete physical. The vet asks for symptoms and I’m all over the map. My cats really starting to get violently irritated about my recent unnatural obsession of following her with a flashlight and a magnifying glass.

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