morgellons_joe Many of you are already familiar with Joe. He has written at least five articles that hosted here on A Mundane Approach. Joe has also recovered from Morgellons disease and is an excellent researcher. Joe also comments every once in a while here as well.

Joe has a new blog, it’s called Morgellons Joe (see I would bookmark Joes blog and check it daily as well. Joe offers unique insights into Morgellons that I think you will find very valuable.

Joe’s blog is also on my “Blogroll” on the right hand side of my blog. So, be sure to check Joe’s blog out.


Comments on: "Morgellons Joe – A New Blog" (6)

  1. Awesome Joe. Just bookmarked it.

  2. Hey Joe! Congratulations!
    I would like to feature your blog on my site..?
    But will you please email me?

    sometimes I am a bit computer illiterate!
    I think this is great!

  3. Joe Keleher said:

    Thanks for the support! My blog is simple… focusing on issues of toxicity in relation to Morgellons. Of course, I bring up mercury regularly(this shouldn’t surprize anyone that has read my research).

  4. Joe,
    You might be interested in Dr. Woellers research on mercury .
    He is an Autism specialist but his info is also on my site.
    Dr. Woeller and the people associated with GPL
    Dr. Woeller treats children with Autism which is now considered a Toxic disease..often associated with metal toxicity.
    As many morgellons people may also be dealing with.
    Kurt N. Woeller, D.O. is an osteopathic physician ..…/5.0meetthedoctors.html

  5. Wow Joe, I just visited your site again. I am computer impaired and have not yet figure out the comments thing on your site, so I’ll say it here for all to see: Your site is terrific and Inspirational. Can I say I am really proud of you? I love your labyrinth and look forward to the magazine article.
    Keep up the good work,

  6. Better living through Chemicals?????? This is interesting.

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