Dear Morgellons Community

I have been asked to write in regards to the common patterns that are emerging in Morgellons people who have had either Great Plains Laboratories  ‘Oat & Comprehensive Stool Testing’ or Metametrix, ‘RNA Test using PCR, also called the ‘GI Effects DNA test.’

I am writing a brief overview after also collaborating with online Certified Holistic Nutritionist ‘Nancy Guberti.’

What have we seen?

Number One OXIDATIVE STRESS has been seen across the board. Oxidative stress put simply is the body holding toxins with no ability to throw out the ‘invading toxins.’

Number Two Biofilm is another pattern we have been seeing throughout the findings. Biofilm is a film created inside the body by the invaders, Bacteria’s, Fungus, Parasite, Heavy Metals, Environmental pollutants, GMO foods, or Non organic foods. Biofilm causes a film, calcification, or sludge which blocks the effective absorption of needed nutrients and medicines. It may be causing blocked pathways weakening the body’s ability to rid the system of toxins.

Bacteria living in a biofilm can have significantly different properties from free-floating bacteria, as the dense and protected environment of the film allows them to cooperate and interact in various ways. This environment has increased resistance to certain supplements, meds and antibiotics, as the dense extracellular matrix and the outer layer of cells protect the interior of the community.

Systems the Biofilm may cause stress to are: Adrenals, Thyroid, Liver, Kidneys, GI tract, and other various body systems.

Biofilm may also contribute to misfiring of the Immune system. In regards to the Immune system on the  Comprehensive stool testing we have seen differing levels of Secretory IGA which is showing compromised immune response. SIGA is secreted by mucosal tissue and presents the first line of defense of the GI mucosa and is central to the normal function of the GI tract as an immune barrier. Elevated levels of SIGA have been associated with an unregulated immune response.

Elevated fecal sigA is an appropriate response to an antigenic presence. Microbial and microscopic study of the stool are useful in identifying if bacteria, yeast or parasites are present.

Number Three ∞ Depleted or elevated compounds within the body system causing the body terrain to weaken. Some of the elevated levels in the body terrain that have been seen are ‘VMA’ (vanillymandellic acid), ‘HVA’ (homovanillic acid). These compounds may be elevated due to hypertension, intense physical exertion, or stress. Stress effects adrenal glands, specifically depleting Vitamin C. Seeing a vitamin C depletion one  would think, ”Oh my body just needs vitamin C”, but not so! Look at all the underlying connections with that low level vitamin C!

We have seen elevated levels of ‘Hippuric Acid’ which is a conjugate of glycine and benzoic acid formed in the liver. Benzoic acid is derived from byproducts of gastrointestinal bacteria and from the chemical solvent toluene. High values are most often due to Dysbiosis (abnormal microbial overgrowth). 

There are more compound lows and highs within the testing but all cannot be listed, so I have given you some of the most significant ones.

Number Four We are seeing overgrowth of Bacteria’s and Fungus/Yeast, which differ in each individual. Most persons have shown specific overgrowths at differing levels and species peculiar to themselves.

Number Five ∞ One more thing showing so far with Great Plains labs is: Ova unknown (parasite not present.) But a peculiar point of interest is that each person has shown in their kill agents tested against specimen that they needed 1 to 4 or 5 natural herbal agents known to treat – guess what? Parasites and Fungus – imagine that!

Number Six ∞ We have just begun with Metametrix labs and the RNA done by PCR testing (GI Effects DNA stool test) So far what has shown are the same differing bacteria’s, fungus, and this time showing ‘Non human parasite’ This time what this means is that there IS SOMETHING foreign to the body showing but unnamed (so far that is).

I don’t think I will give the ‘Life Style Change Lecture’ right here, because I think you all have been through that. I know you are aware of eliminating white sugar, bad carbohydrates and balancing your Ph from acid to an 8PH. So since you know this already I will include something I learned from my awesome friend and what one might call the dynamo of energy, Nancy Guberti!

We shall call this the ‘Poor Mans Biofilm protocol’ even though Mr. CS has nothing to do with it – forgive me Mr. CS! These will be 2 mini Biofilm cleanse things that you can get started with while looking for a Morgellons friendly doctor.

One day a week make a pitcher of organic lemon juice (maybe 3 lemons or 4), Agave Nectar or Maple syrup to taste (don’t over do it) and approximately 3 to 4 cayenne capsules. Drink this throughout the day. While doing this you might want to go on a mini fast for just that day eating fruits and vegetables.

During 5 day week, take ¼ cup Dr. Braggs Vinegar and 1 tsp. baking soda in a cup of  water. Use good bottled water (spring) and use only aluminum free baking soda from the health food store.

For what it’s worth this has been the work we have been doing. It is our prayer that each of you soon will be well and we will all be doing the happy dance together.

Thank you my dear friends for the privilege to serve and I hope this will bless you.

Pamela M. Crane

Brainy info. Provided by Nancy Guberti


Comments on: "Common Patterns Emerging from Testing Morgellon Sufferers" (37)

  1. Thanks so much for your report on common test results and the biofilm cleanse. This kind of reporting will help in the recognition and treatment of this condition.

    Which stool analysis would be better for Morgellons
    Great Plains or Metametrix GI Effects?

    Alot of my infection is in my nasal passages and scalp. Has anyone here had success on clearing these areas?

    thanks so much, Jade

    • Jade,

      Try the Jason Dandruff Relief Shampoo with colloidal sulfur. It cleared up my scalp condition after about 2 months use. Had terrible itching and sores. As for the sinus condition, I found the PMP helped a lot after a few months. I could hardly breathe because of all the junk in my sinuses. I am also using “Green Vibrance” from Vibrant Health. Just mix 2 scoops with some juice and little magnesium powder and sometimes half a scoop of whey protein. This stuff has made a huge difference in my healing. It has tons of real good alkalizing greens and phyto minerals. Try it, hope it helps.

      Rob D.

      • I have tried other dandruff shampoos and antifugals
        (selsun blue, Nizeral) and they didn’t do much. I will look for the Jason with colloidal sulfur. Yesterday I tried Apple cider vinegar and it seemed to help reduce the scalp sensations. Thanks for your advice.

      • Rob d.
        Hey Hi!!
        I have heard so much about the pMP for nasal area…
        Where does one get that ???
        Pamela Mae

        • I was referring to the Poor Man’s Protocol. The sulfur based amino acids like NAC are helpful for conditioning mucus membranes. I have grass allergies and have found my nasal membranes to be more resilient to inflammation. Saline sinus flushes can be good if done correctly to help loosen buildup.
          Rob D.

        • Oh ! ok Rob … I understand now ..
          there is a product that others in the holistic area
          use with those initials I had heard of..never could find it..
          Thanks for the clarification.
          Pamela mae

      • When I read on Nano Technology that Jason Dandruff Relief Shampoo worked I ordered it but before I REordered it, I discovered that it has a high hazard rating (#8 out of 10).

        For myself, I prefer to use non-toxic ingredients, although sometimes we feel desperate and need to buy time while we are working on getting things under control.

        What I use since then is Beauty Without Cruelty, which is a #3, still a (moderate) hazard, but I only leave it on for about a minute instead of half an hour like I think they used to recommend with a shower cap. I also use the conditioner, which is a #2 and recommended to leave on 2-5 minutes.

        This works great for “ME” (and the combination makes my hair look and feel healthy as well as my scalp), but we are all different and it might not work for someone else. It’s also hard to say if this worked alone for my scalp or if something else (internally) could have helped it along since the rest of my body started making improvements around this time as well.

        I have been wondering if it would be helpful to mix shampoo and conditioner in separate bottles where MSM (sulfur) has already been diluted in water.

        Though I haven’t had any symptoms for the last couple of months, I still believe in safety precautions. I totally love the New Hope Soap, but what I also do these days is to add half Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Soap to a bottle of half water in which I have previously dissolved MSM; unless I am in a hurry, I leave it on for 3 minutes, the same as I do with the New Hope Soap.

    • HI Jade,
      I would say Metametrix,because they are taking an extra look under a slide and doing DNA test.
      Also email me and write on your paper work in test that you are a morgellons patient.
      I use a grapefruit seed ext. nasal spray for nasal passages and head cocoanut cream and Janices Morgellons cream (only on spots not all over head)
      If you decide on testing you can email and I can help.
      Pamela mae

    • vicki ward said:

      Jade, my problem was mostly scalp, sinuses and face. I agreee with alot of what is said here, and I also use vinegar in my creme rinse, Selsun Blue shampoo (twice each day), and I use the Neti Pot with sea salt to rinse my nasal sinuses twice each day. This regimen has helped me immensely. Best of luck to you!

  2. Joe Keleher said:

    It’s good to hear more patterns related to Morgellons are emerging. It seems we’re starting to overtake this beast!

  3. Mr. Common Sense said:

    I got a lot out of this article. A few things caught my eye then I’ll get into the heart of the matter. Dr. Staninger’s testing has also founds lots of “Hippuric Acid” and I’m not sure if you know my thoughts on Toluene but I wrote a lot about that in my earlier blog posts, interesting that Nancy brings up that this can also be caused by “gastrointestinal bacteria”.

    Look at this quote from Wikipedia on “Hippuric Acid”.

    Hippuric acid (Gr. hippos, horse, ouron, urine) is a carboxylic acid found in the urine of horses and other herbivores. Hippuric acid crystallizes in rhombic prisms which are readily soluble in hot water, melt at 187 °C and decompose at about 240 °C. High concentrations of hippuric acid can also indicate a toluene intoxication. When many aromatic compounds such as benzoic acid and toluene are taken internally, they are converted to hippuric acid by reaction with the amino acid, glycine.

    Now, I’ve also written about benzoic acid as well. So far your report is dead on to some of my earlier writings so much so that I’m almost shocked.

    Could Morgellons be an Ongoing Chemical Reaction in our Bodies?

    See the secion called “Toluene Oxidation Forming Benzoic Acid Crystals” in the above article. Crystals actually coming from the skin are not uncommon in this condition.

    Okay, now onto the rest.

    On the biofilm issue. At the root of my problem I knew was a suffering from an extreme level of malabsorption. I could take tablets and gain nothing, but when I went to liquid things like CALM magnesium it made a big difference, but even so I had a terrible malaborption issue. I was in the ER with what I thought were strokes and they would find me low on Pottasium and alike.

    Also, the adrenals I think were absolutely out of control and they haven’t entirely properly rebalanced, I had terrible heart racing, palps, other issues, extreme anxiety and so on. I was even entering hypertension with my blood pressure but it’s back down now (and it was never high). I wonder if the Vitamin C that I took with the NAC really helped my adrenals and just sheer lack of vitamin C.

    I also had periods, long periods where my gut hurt, and my stools were salmon colored red all the time and never solid, there was some kind of raging growth growing on in my stomach.

    I wonder what Nancy thinks of Amino Acids, I credit them in a major way to my recovery.

    Again, great article and thanks for writing this, it’s hard for me to write all I want into a reply !

    • Oh thats all a blessing.

      I will see if Nancy will post and answer you Mr Cs.

      Pamela Mae

      • Mr CS,
        I would just like to add that I would love to hear more on points of interest to you.
        It is a point of interest that the mal absorption is one of the noticed symptoms. Also showing that the Biofilm is an issue. But great thing is that it can be dealt with,causes and plan of attack pin pointed in testing.
        Just another very exciting thing is that the lab told me today they have found a couple parasites in specimens,(names not mentioned and cannot be) But hopefully if the participants volunteer their data with permissions we will know.

        Also if parasite is DNA Taxonomy unknown we do know that metametrix will tag it and if we get several of same DNA Taxonomy unknown they will make a new probe.

  4. I don’t know if most women are aware that nail polish contains toluene which may appear on ingredients labels as phenylmethane, methylbenzene or toluol. I had testing done at Great Plains Labs and the normal range of hippuric acid is 10.0 – 400.0. Mine was 760.86. I had acrylic nails and pedicures for many years. I gave up the nails when my symptoms started, but continued polishing my toes in the summer. However, last summer I noticed that the polish on my toes was disappearing – not chipping, but disappearing in the same pattern on each toe, but the top coat was in tact. I gave up on nail polish all together until I found Their nail polish is toluene, formaldehyde,, DBP & camphor free. I have no doubt that my high levels are due to abnormal microbial overgrowth, but the amouth of toleune women are exposed to in nail polish certainly has to have an effect on them. Of course at my low points with this I could have cared less whether my nails looked good. However, as I’m getting better I I seem to crave the little things from my past life that I used to enjoy.
    Thank you so much Pamela and Nancy for compiling this list of common patterns from the testing. Little by little people like you, MCS, Joe and many others are helping us all to find our way out of this.

    • Dear Sandy,

      You are so welcome.I hope we can all work together and that we will soon be doin the happy dance and well.That is my goal with the rest of you.

      Pamela mae

  5. zara cybele said:

    Great article Pam. Thanks for posting.
    Did you mean, take Dr. Bragss and baking soda for 5 days out of the week?

    • Hi Zara,
      Yes I meant that exactly.
      My editor helped me and then I still messed up.
      Thanks for the question it is a beginning to cleansing.
      You are the best!!!

      Pamela Mae

  6. I am confused.

    My book on candida diet says to avoid vinegar. You are recommending drinking a lot of it!

    Your recipe for lemonade includes maple syrup. Isn’t maple syrup sugar? Wouldn’t stevia be better?

    Thank you, Pam, and MCS, and Mel, for all you do!

    • Annie**

      Personally,to me Stevia has a chemical taste,but some people don’t mind that sharp taste,everyone is different.
      This is from Nancy to everyone..hope this clears things for you.
      I know natural medicine has volumes of great information.
      Pamela mae

      Like to share that Coconut oil may provide an effective defense against many troublesome parasites including giardia. Like bacteria and fungi, giardia can’t stand up against MCFA found in coconut oil. Research has confirmed the effectiveness of MCFA in destroying giardia and possibly other protozoa. By using coconut oil and other coconut products every day, you may be able to destroy giardia before it can establish a toehold.
      Spoke with a patient from Dominican Republic last night and they used two fresh coconuts and used the liquid for three days and the parasites came out of her son in his stool in diaper.
      His stomach got flatter afterwards -they still need more treatments but it was a start.
      Studies have found that coconut oil can kill viruses that cause influenza, herpes, measles, hepatitis C, SARS, AIDS, and other illnesses. It also kills bacteria that cause ulcers, throat infections, urinary tract infections, gum disease and cavities, pneumonia, and gonorrhea, and other diseases; Kills fungi and yeasts that cause candidiasis, ringworm, athlete’s foot, thrush, diaper rash, and other infections; Expels or kills tapeworms, lice, giardia, and other parasites;
      Coconut oil may provide an effective defense against many parasites including giardia. Like bacteria and fungi, giardia can’t stand up against MCFA found in coconut oil.Research has confirmed the effectiveness of MCFA in destroying giardia and possibly other protozoa. By using coconut oil every day, you may be able to destroy giardia. Another possible use for coconut is for the removal of intestinal worms. In one study it was reported that treatment with dried coconut, followed by magnesium sulfate (a laxative), caused ninety percent parasite expulsion after twelve hours.

      Apple cider vinegar which is actually benefecial for promoting good bacteria as well.Organic apple cider vinegar is an exception to the rule about avoiding vinegars. The organic version that contains the mother (a cloudy looking substance in the vinegar) can be very healthy. Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar is a popular brand available at many health food stores for a reasonable price.
      Here’s what to look for when buying apple cider vinegar:
      • Unfiltered – Some bottles are labeled “filtered,” while the kind we recommend is labeled “unfiltered.”
      • Unpasteurized – Unpasteurized apple cider vinegar contains the “mother” of the vinegar (a natural sediment with pectin, trace minerals, beneficial bacteria and enzymes), which you can see floating at the bottom of the bottle.
      • Organic – choosing apple cider vinegar made with organic apples is a great way to maximize the minerals and minimize your exposure to pesticides.
      Apple cider vinegar is rich in potassium and helps to re-establish a healthy inner ecosystem, your key to strength and immunity.
      A healthy inner ecosystem is made up of the friendly microflora (good bacteria and yeast) that act as your internal health team of sorts. They aid your digestion and help you get the nutrients you need to stay healthy. Unfortunately, most Americans today have an imbalanced inner ecosystem.

      Best option is no sweetener whatsoever.
      Here is conflicting information on many sweeteners. Listen to your body. If you feel bloated and more Morgellons issues then discontinue no matter what the data provides.

      Stevia does not feed yeast. It has to be plain stevia like one from NOW in the bottle, not the package since it contains maltodextrin as then it will feed yeast.Many contain FOS and other ingredients.
      Some patients do not do well with steiva as they experience headaches and nausea. Steviol’s molecular structure resembles a steroid and the effects are unknown.
      Here are some of the benefits of stevia:
      • It has a long history of safe use as an herbal sweetener, and as an antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibiotic agent.
      • It helps balance the pancreas, which is quite often compromised in people with candida.
      • It is recommended for diabetics and for people with hypoglycemia.
      • It regulates the digestive tract and greatly increases energy.

      Sorbitol, mannitol, and xylitol are all sugar alcohols. They fall under the category of indigestible carbs and sugars, and so allow companies to label things ‘sugar free’, even though they are providing nutrition to the bacteria that live in your digestive tract.

      Maple syrup has a similar biochemical effect as raw, unpasteurized honey and is recommended with the drink if one will be fasting for the day to provide depleted nutrients. Maple syrup contains zinc, manganese, potassium and calcium aand trace amouns of amino acids.

      Agave is derived from a plant found mainly in Mexico and contains a sweet, sticky juice that is fifty percent fructose.

      Sugar is a simple carbohydrate made up of fructose, and glucose. These two simple sugars join to create sucrose.
      While sucrose is found naturally in plants and fruits, the refining process required to make granulated sugar (including cane, raw, or brown sugar) is what makes it bad for consumption.

      Xylitol (another viewpoint)
      Also healthy and natural, xylitol sweetener is extracted from birch cellulose. Xylitol does not feed candida and has these benefits:
      • It has been clinically proven to fight dental cavities, and to facilitate the remineralization of dental enamel.
      • It tastes similar to sugar, with 40% fewer calories.
      • It helps stabilize blood sugar.
      Lo Han

      Lo Han, another natural sweetener that does not feed candida, is extracted from the Lo Han Guo fruit, which is a member of the gourd family.
      Here are some benefits of Lo Han:
      • It is 250-400 times sweeter than sugar.
      • Is calorie free.
      • Like Stevia and xylitol, it is safe for diabetics and hypoglycemics.
      • It is used as a medicinal herb in Southern China, and for treating coughs and sore throats.


      Follow Nancy on Twitter at nancyguberti
      as seen listed in the practitioner directory of Jenny McCarthy’s Mother Warriors
      as seen listed in the practitioner directory of Maria Roglieri’s The Gluten-Free Guide to New York

  7. Joe Keleher said:

    Mr CS,

    My ER…feeling -like-I’m-dying, visits indicated I was also low in potassium.

    • Low potassium.
      Do you drink alot of tea or coffee or caffeinated drinks?

      These deplete potassium but best question is ‘did you get the test done at GPL or Metametrix. As with the C levels it may have compounds or levels associated with it. What else did it say?

      Pamela Mae

      • Mr. Common Sense said:

        My low potassium was detected via blood work, you go to the hospital and say you think you’re having a heart attack or stroke, trust me, you’re going to get poked !!

        Anyway, bloodwork came back as low in Potassium, and if your blood is low, you don’t have a drop left in the rest if your body.

        But no, maybe 1 cup of coffee a day, several have mentioned mini stroke like events, including Karen from LB, I am sure Morgellons sucks the minerals right out of your body and or causes such malabsorption issues that its very hard to keep your intake right.

        • I agree ! The levels we see it is apparent that morgellons sucks the minerals and many things out of the body. Some people are even anemic.
          The blood work is also important to keep a tight watch on levels and to get an idea of where we are with all that .
          They had to up my thyroid hormone and hormones. Adrenals were low and cortisol levels .
          But thats just me. someone else like Joe has Potassium issues etc.
          So its a whole picture,that is individual with each persons body terrain and family history.
          Pamela Mae

      • Hi Pamela,
        This is not about low potassium though I did have it as well. I have read previously that many test positive for agrobacterium. I would like to find out what test to request my doctor to order. He is of open mind, though I have never mentioned the term Morgellons to him.

        • Dear Sharon,
          No,in regards to potassium we were simply talking about compound levels.
          Agrobacterium is interesting.
          If you will email me I will talk with you further about testing if you like.
          Also doctors etc. I would also be willing to speak with your doctor if he is open minded.

          Blessings my friend
          Pamela Mae

  8. Joe Keleher said:

    My low potassium was also via blood work. There was also high blood sugar detected.

    I am a coffee drinker (can’t seem to completely break that habit). I haven’t had any ER visits in over a year and suspect this is due to my move away from the Four Corners and associated coal burning power plants (release of mercury and other toxins in air, water, etc).

  9. I did the metametrix and have 1) high 9.9E+pp7 Pseudomonas sp. (opportunistic Bacteria) 2) +3 => 10000 pg DNA//g specimen of Yeast/Fungi:taxonomy unavailable and Hight Firmicutes and 3) Parasite present; taxonomy unavailable POSITIVE and the following message: A taxonomy unavailable finding likely indicates an ingested protozoan and not a human parasite. So, I am trying to figure out what to make of all of it. Thanks

    • Hi Robin,
      Through the Florida area there should be a doctor for you to read the testing.
      While you are a professional and can sign etc. it would have been so nice to have yours under the scope.
      Also it is so important to have a professional who reads testing and has spent time understanding the process of chelating etc. to help you.
      It is still not to late to go to one of the Docs found for you in Florida.
      Pamela mae

  10. I am in Raleigh NC Kow anyone here or Doctors I am fighting this alone except for God hes the reason I am still here. Moved from San Diego 4months ago. Still not any better. Carol

    • Dear Carol, I live near Charlotte, NC and have had this disease for over 4 years. I’m 90% better due to the Poor Man’s Protocol. If you need to know anything, I’ll do anything I can to help you. There is hope , so don’t give up. This is a war you will win. It’s a living hell and no doctor would believe me, so start the regimen now. God is with you!

  11. Dear Carol,

    I am so sorry,please do not give up hope.
    God is able to help.
    Can you please email me?

    Pamela mae

  12. PLEASE PLEASE help.I have been very sick for about six months. I have parasites that are visible and can be removed similar to pimples on my face, chest, legs and bikini area. There is a very strange odor that is with me constantly and increases when I try to extract anything. Also I get a very uncomfortable sticky feeling all over, especially face, chest and under breasts (biofilm?). My hair is trashed, my dog’s too. I have been to all the doctors and have experienced all the humiliation. I have so many severe and disturbing symptoms and I dare not speak of them as I know what that sounds like. My family has shut me out. I am close to losing my job. I am now homeless as a fire broke out after using microwave for literally 2 minutes and something (I think we know) started to smoke/ignite and consequently my place was destroyed. I smelled the same noxious smell I smell on me, coming from this fire. My food spoils instantly when I touch it. I do have parasites in my stool and have a sample at lab. Nobody here mentions why I can’t go to er, state I have passed out, thrown up blood, whatever non morg buzzvword is specific to malady, and get tested for all things parasitic, blood related etc. I am severly anemic from this. Why wouldn’t they run appropriate labs if I don’t mention anything morg related? Please let me know. I don’t have any more time to try these millions of protocols. While I do very much appreciate the info, I need medical help now or I will die. I won’t even speak if the weird phenomenon I see of the hairs fibers whatever floating off of me in my super bath and becoming …well…you know. Can only we morg inflicted victims see some of this? I have millions of pictures, samples of oddities etc. But it seems those not sick rationalize everything away. I think that is denial and fear, am I wrong? Someone pleaded help me. What should I say to e.r. to get treated and not committed. PLEASE! I am in so cal but will go anywhere. Thank you. I don’t want to die like this…and alone!

    • There is a morgellons conference on March 24 in Austin TX. I went last year and there are people there who are willing to help you. You have to see that this is not a known malady and no one will hospitalize you. You just have to get a grip and start doing the basics of the “millions of protocols” First, take the basics of the supplements for health…including Mg, Vit C, D, etc. Do a colon cleanse, over and over and over. Take fiber and bentonite clay in a glass of water every night. Try and get a sauna – farinfrared – you can buy a cheap one that a person sits in. I know it is not the Staninger approved but, if it is true, the nanotransformation girl used it and got better. You have to sweat and S*#! this stuff out. Get a Lyme Dr. at the morgellons conference. To see the registration page go to Don’t freak out because no one who doesn’t have this will understand at all. We are all being labeled “nuts” And the people here who have this want to talk about getting better. It is managable. You may be low on something…like vitamin B12. Get a integrative medicine dr. and just keep at it. It takes a long time to flush these whatevertheyares out. Don’t dispair…

  13. I sent in specimens to a dr in california to be tested. He said I had morgelons and wantef me to spenf 180 dollard on his treatments. Has anyone ever heard of dr rahim karjoo. He sent a report that looks somewhat official. Should I use it to help find a sympathetic dr.

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