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  1. vicki ward said:

    This validates the projection that many of us made years ago, when this was passed on to them. Exactly what we thought….nothing but obfuscation and delay tactics. Our help will NOT come from that direction, it will come from within the group of us who have this condition. The only other source could be individuals from within powerful organizations, like the Catholic Church, who get outraged enough to pull some strings. What Would Jesus Do?

  2. Hi Mr. Commonsense

    I lost hope in the CDC a long time ago, so this is no surprise…

    I haven’t really had the strength or motivation to post anything for a while but felt compelled to address something that has been on my mind.

    Firstly, I have been following you for a while now and wanted to thank you for posting all that has helped you to get well…much of which has helped me too and I am sure many others. I am not out of the woods yet as it seems I might have some other secondary problem that others are not experiencing. One symptom is that I cannot gain weight and have been slowly losing ground in this area, even though I drink protein drinks, eat well etc.; I attribute this to perhaps an obstruction from an area within my intestinal track that feels like a big bubble, that gurgles and talks when I hit it with supplements ; it also ‘objects’ when I take baths where I put in antibacterial / antifungal agents that are aimed to kill it. My assumption is that this is part of the ‘mother’ fungal/ biofilm mass that most likely is contributing to my inability to gain weight, causing intestinal problems and slowing down my progress. I am constantly detoxing too but must do this and increase protocols, much slower than most.

    I have had many questions in the past, and as a matter of fact, wrote you a while back when you were taking your ‘sabbatical’, so you were not returning emails at the time. But over the year, I have been gradually losing my steam and have been not posting anywhere for a while now for I am too weary and discouraged….not to mention, trying everything under the sun and going broke because of it. Although I must say that I have found some tried and true supplements that I know are helping me to a certain degree–but I am still not where I want to be –which is in remission, where you are. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Btw, this will be the third summer where I am still struggling to be comfortable outside–I love the summer and sun and look forward to it every year, so was so very much disappointed when I was still dealing with this—but I have to keep remembering that I am much better than last summer! Yet, I am growing very impatient… I know that there are some who have gone through this much longer than I have so I give them much credit–at this point, don’t know if i can take too much more,so am wondering how they gain their strength? I rely heavily on my faith and have been asking to be ‘refreshed’ again, to continue on an upward path…

    Sorry for rambling…I guess my main reason for posting here is that I had a thought about a past subject that you brought up not too long ago and that is on the matter of what to do to help others at this point…I too, had the feeling that I was going through this to eventually get well and help others to get well–starting with my two daughters, who have signs of this but no symptoms. After conquering this ‘obstruction’, I hope that I will still be able to achieve this goal. I was thinking that one thing I would really want to do [although would want to take a break, just as you did] would be to try and get the word out to the public and medical profession and / or start some sort of grass roots campaign to get recognition. Have you thought of this, or had the desire to go in this direction now that you are well and able?

    Thanks for helping so many of us,
    Pdidit [regarding my pin name…never under estimate the power of positive thinking!]

    • vicki ward said:

      Patti, I was interested in what you have described, and feel for you and all you have gone through. One thing I feel might help you is colonics. I did many of these cleansing treatments during my recovery from Morgellons. I think this was instrumental in removing “debris” from my intestinal tract. I also have done many liver/gall bladder detoxes which are easy and inexpensive..you can find these at:
      http://www.ener-chi.com. Best of luck to you. Vicki

      • Thanks Vicki–I will take this on again–did some of these before, but many years ago but only a few times…so you are done with Morgellons too? wow, now I am inspired! Would be interested in hearing your story toward recovery but know how hard it is to recap everything one tries. Any time you feel like sharing, I would love to hear what your experience was.

        Thanks again for your concern, kind thoughts and suggestions.


        • vicki ward said:

          Patti, I will try to outline the steps as soon as I can. I did not start receiving treatment until very late in 2006 and early 2007. I initially saw Dr. Bill Harvey who was in Colorado Springs. Then I changed to Dr. Susan Kolb in Atlanta, under whose care I still am. There is much more that I did that did not require a physician’s direction, but I know they both helped me alot with prescriptions, as I had gone for almost five years without any competent medical care (the familiar story many of us had of going from MD to MD, specialty to other specialty, without real help and with insulting treatment). I think the IV antibiotic, antifungal and oral parasite treatment Dr.Harvey prescribed helped bring me back to a large extent. Then I went to oral meds intermittently when my symptoms indicated the need. Environmental cleanup was critical, and I will outline that another time. Thoughts and spiritual practices are still important. Diet and healthy lifestyle are now a way of life for me, brought about by a discipline I never thought I was capable of. One thing I really believe in is coming off of wheat, dairy and anything artificial, especially “sweetners”. There is much more to say, but I think Mr. CS’s guidelines, along with Dr. Staninger’s treatments as relevant to your situation, are what I would suggest now. I still have some residual “material” coming off my face, which I think is a combination of fungus and fibers, but it is SO much less, and I think my body’s way of breaking down and removing the stuff that lived on my scalp for all these years. But the rest of the symptoms are GONE!!! It is only a matter of time before the residue is gone, I believe. Have hope. I will give some more thought to what more I can add. Terrain is key, I agree, and restoration of the body and spirit. Look for another post soon. Vicki

          • Hi Vicki

            Thanks so much for your input and sharing your road to recovery to me…had much hope in Dr. Harvey but was perplexed as to why he ‘exited’ the scene. Last I heard, which may well be a rumor, was that he was going to open a clinic to help others, then allegedly two weeks later, he retired to leave his office with assistants. How much of this is true…do you know what happened to him?

            One reason I am perplexed by the above is that sometime after I knew he retired from his practice, I saw him as an audience participant, volunteer to help a woman with Morgellons that was a guest on the “Doctors” TV show. It all seems so contrived that he ‘happened’ to be there when this woman was being interviewed…don’t know what to make of all this, but assumed he did not want to be contacted to avoid being over inundated with patients. It is also just another loose ended rope that we never hear of results from anyone in the news that is or has received treatment and if they have been successfully gone into remission and with what protocol. Billy Koch and Joni Mitchell are two examples…

            Perhaps this subject on healing and protocols are not welcome in this particular forum addressing the CDC as Mr. Commonsense has not commented on my questions. Is there any other way to contact him?

            Thanks for getting back to me,
            love and blessings,

          • vicki ward said:

            Patti, for some reason, there was not a place to click “reply” at the bottom of your post, so I am putting this right above your response. As far as Dr. Harvey goes, he is a good man, and was really helping people. I think that those who meet this criteria are paid a little visit and “de-incentivized” to continue. I have seen the pattern over and over. I think he relocated in order to still do something, but had to take a different approach. The people who continue to be in the public eye, i.e. Dr. Staninger and Dr. Kolb, have defied the pressure to be quiet. I think those who do NOT use IV treatments fare better, and those who advocate approaches that do not threaten the insurance companies do better. I will write more later.

  3. Hi Mr.CS
    As I see it the CDC tossed us a bone to keep us pacified and it has worked. The medical system in this country is not beneficial to people with toxic disorders. So we are best off running away from conventional and prescription medicine in most cases. It would be good if we could get official recognition that this disease is “real” and not DOP, but since no big pharma is going to make money, we are best off on the path we are on, taking responsibility for our own care and using gentle means to wellness.

    • vicki ward said:

      I agree with you! The naturopathic perspective is a good prospect. I suggest that people check out Gwen Scott, nutritionist, and Cliff Carnicom’s work on cleanses and nutrition. Also, Dr. Staninger’s stuff is great. All in conjuction with Mr. CS’s wonderful work and suggestions.

  4. Sherry Taylor said:

    Good news story Mr. C,
    Sherry here visiting Detroit. it has been a battle getting my defenses up againt the type of critter here..in the house and yard..not to mention having been at Mary’s in Tacoma for a week and in my car camping for 3 weeks traveling across the US..my first cross USA camping trip. Idaho was my favourite place..the mountains generally. There was a lot of cleaning of the car..as you can imagine.
    I can’t seem to get my stuff that was shipped to Ontario..the border has gone postal. I’m using some of your protocals and look for ward to your posts..there is a nice balance here..reminding me of real life..besides claning and fighting infections/infestations. Thank you so much, Sherry

  5. Vicki,
    What would Jesus do?…perhaps the answer is in “The Essene Gospel of Peace” Book One. Google it and you can read it online.

    • vicki ward said:

      Thanks for the response. Hey, let me mention a new book that I am reading: Jesus- the Explosive Story of the Lost 30 Years (or something close to that title) by Tricia McCannon, a woman I have had the privilege of spending time with. You can find info online about it.It is extremely well researched and documented. Very informative, and mentions the Essene Gospels. I will google this Gospel. Thanks again. Vicki

  6. Joe Keleher said:

    If the CDC is withholding any information which might assist sufferers, they need to be held accountable. So, as I see it, there are two steps.

    1) The CDC must release their findings. This may take letters and petitions.

    2) If information was intentionally withheld, individuals at CDC need to be reprimanded accordingly.

    • I like the idea of a petition, we could pass it around the various sites as well as perhaps some of elected representatives in government?

    • how do we start a petition, seriously.

      • A few months ago I started a lame petition. Did not know what I was doing. Droped that quick. Someone over at birdmites found two really good petitions regaqaurding Morgellons. Might want to google it and see what pops up. If I find time I can do that and post them here later….

        In Light Lynn

  7. Joe Keleher said:

    I’m willing to write the beast, get feedback from other interested parties, and have someone more cyber-smart (Mr. CS?) paste it into the proper means.

    What say ye?!

    • Mr C, are you up for this. Strength in numbers!

      • Mr. Common Sense said:

        There are actually several petitions out there already



        I personally wouldn’t sign one, but that’s just me, there are some real cloak and dagger things surrounding this disease and volunteering my address as a sufferer is something I have refrained from. As much as I try to avoid the conspiracy stuff I draw the line at connecting my name with this horrid disease, if not for the sake of my children.

        • Hi Mr. Commonsense,

          I have had my reservations in the past about putting my name to something too, but finally signed the Morgellons foundation list to add to their statistics…I thought if we didn’t get the numbers up with regard to how many were suffering from this, we would never get the recognition. To be honest here, the thought had crossed my mind as to what officials would do with this info…gather us up for the gas chambers…? But after 4 years, I am angrier now and also think that there are so many of us scattered all over–I don’t know what could they possibly do at this point. especially if there was more public exposure? I also realize that if there really was some conspiracy going on, that authorities already have the capability to watch and review all your posts, your website etc. If they are that interested in knowing, they are taking notice right now, without us signing anything. Apparently Marc Neumann says his site is constantly hit by government solicitors…he has some stats application for his website to see who visits.

          I can understand your reservations though, especially when it comes to your children. My children are older now, so they already understand and want to get involved in getting this out to the public. After all, I think they realize that this is in their best interest as well, since the numbers are growing in people who are becoming symptomatic.

          Would be interested in more of your thoughts,

        • Mr C I recently signed a petition and you can sign it anonymously so that know one could know who you were. one of us could start it so we would know that we can trust that information will be keep privet. I will leave a link to the one I signed. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/support-joe-donovan

    • Go Joe go… Write the mother of all petition that will make all other petitions look like a elementary school love letter. I promise to do my part to get it signed. I would love to get a 100,000 + people to sign it and send it down to those wieners at the CDC.

  8. You know as I sit here and think. You do have a REAL good point Mr c. These government conspiracy UFO type people who seem to be everywhere are hurting all of us so much. It’s hard to tell if there doing this on purpose or have just gone completely crackers or what. I know the feeling of abandonment from the medical community and after a few years years your mind can wounder. Some times I say to myself how can we send a man to the moon but cant find out what the hell this thing is? But panicking and freaking out will not help anything. We have to stay calm and level headed and approach this problem with dare I say …. “common sense”

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