As for my theory of Morgellons: First let me preface by saying that my theory is incomplete because it doesn’t account for some unexplained elements, i.e., maybe there are some nanobots but since these are so far outside my area of expertise I can’t comment on them. Okay, so first recognizing I’m leaving some things out, I think that Morgellons is an immuno-deficiency syndrome brought on by an unknown factor, possibly a chemical or a parasite and made worse by a deficiency in some essential elements and or pre-existing infections like Lyme disease. This leads to overgrowth of many infectious agents, resulting in the proliferation of biofilms in the body. When the biofilm load crosses a critical threshold, other bugs and parasites begin coming to the body to join the party and a terrible cascade of multiple infections ensues.

My goal is to interrupt the terrible cascade of infections by correcting mineral deficiencies, and targeting some of the known infections. That being said, we may need to remove several elements of the cascade before the patient can observe any benefits.

Taken from this post …

I think in large part this agrees with not only my thinking, but also my experience, and finally with my course of action that led to my eventual recovery … However, that being said, I have no idea what this doctor uses in his treatment, as you know for me it was the natural approach that finally did it.


Comments on: "Interesting Comment from a Dr. Treating Morgellons Patients" (7)

  1. Hi Mr C
    I could not find the original post when clicking on the link. Where would I find it on the Lymebuster’s site? I looked up most recent posts and could not find it. If he is an MD I am sure many of us would like to see him/her.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      If you click on the link in the original post it does go to the thread and you can find the quote if you scroll down. However, I think he treats with heavy anti-parasiticals and such which I strongly oppose. I think his thoughts are close to the truth, but perhaps hise treatment (though it might have changed from what I know from the past) is not what I’d recommend but then I’m not a doctor. His name is Dr. Mathews, he is not new, many are aware of him. I am not posting an opinion on him or recommending folks go see him, I’m merely stating his comments in the original post are close to what I believe.

      Notice he states that the bugs (if any) come to the party late. That is because they are not the cause, and treating them with heavy anti-parasiticals is poisoning yourself over a side effect or result of having morgellons (the bugs), besides which, nobody really has any idea IF and WHAT parasites they might have. If I am correct, and if he is correct, our terrain is suitable for parasites, getting rid of them would be very hard, getting re-infected would be very easy.

      The trick in my experience was fixing the terrain and thereby ending the party … I did a ton of anti-parasiticals and never got but temporary relief, however, I do believe at least in my case, I damaged my body permanently with them.

  2. Oh my God a doctor who doesn’t say it must be “dilusional parasitosis”!! I’m in line behind Sharon! This doctor or scientist sounds like he’s got it!
    I haven’t been able to bring myself to make another appointment since the six doctors I consulted since last September all more or less brushed me off. The last one I saw was an infectious disease specialist. She said the medications I originally took like Permethrin where the cause of my skin problems and that she would not refer me to any other physicians. I was so fortunate to have found Mel and Pam and you Mr C. I’m following as many suggestions as I can. Someone quick, grab this man and get him on a conference. I need to shut my ‘party’ down! Kathyonmv

  3. Danielle said:

    Just wanted to chime in here… Thank you, Mr. Common Sense for all you’re doing – God bless you a thousand times over (and you will be).
    My mother and I both suffer from Morgellons (almost two years for both of us), but I do know that it was preceeded by Lyme.
    In business school we were always told to ask “why” until we came to the conclusion. Have parasites – why? PH balance is off – why? Results of our bodies fighting Lyme = answer. As we have been treating and killing the Lyme, the Morgellons has gotten quite a bit better.
    What I am about to say next has been controversial, so I am forewarning that these are my expereiences and opinions…. My mother and I have literally been to hell and back like most of you (and we got these crummy parasites to prove it). We are both Christians in the true sense of the word. If I had not experienced it for myself, I wouldn’t have believed it even if God Himself had told me, so I present it here:

    My mother is currently symptom free with the use of a Rife machine DESIGNED FOR LYME and its co-infections and a few key supplements (all covered in your blog – aminos and fatty acids, vit. B’s, garlic, and anti-Candida supps – and the MagnifiCal has been key here for her). I know what people say about Rife technology and I am not here to argue becasue there are a lot of hucksters out there and machines that are little more than blinking lights and noise makers, but I know that for us and about 20 or so others we know with Lyme (w/and w/out Morgs) it has proven to be incredibly effective when you have the right machine and it is used properly.

    It has been by the hand of God that we have found proper treatment through muscle-testing MDs, holistic teachers, Rife machine makers, herbal and vitamin supplements, organic food, and the power of prayer.
    Personally (once again, my opinion), I believe that all Morgs sufferers have Lyme regardless of what any test says (once again, this is my opinion) and is what is preventing our natural immune systems from functioning properly and completely kicking this crap from our bodies with no relapses.
    I know Dr. Matthews – I have been in contact with him and have spoken with him a few times. Although he made the statments above, he still pursues the bug. If the bug were the problem, everyone would have this. The problem lies elsewhere and I do with all my heart believe it is with Lyme.
    That being said, every person is different and unique and not all supplements will work for everyone which is why another key is to find a muscle-testing doc who can test supplements against you to see which are most effective. EX: MagnifiCal was awesome for my mom but not as much for me. We know the supplements that work in helping our bodies balance (you’ve covered them well in your blog), but different brands and kinds may show better or worse than others, so greater success came from good solid muscle-testing docs. Right now we are kickng these things effectively (and I believe) for good.
    We will all overcome this one day and until that day keep looking up and God bless.

  4. I’m in the ranks of sufferers, and am so glad to find this info after 39 brilliant physicians have said I’m crazy. The fortieth, a psychiatrist, charged me almost $700, said I was fine, but unwilling to put it in writing. Doesn’t want to lose referrals from the other docs.
    two things have helped immensely:
    Take a clean bar of soap, I used one made from goat milk I bought at a farmers market, but any kind will do. Rub the dry bar over the affected areas. Then use a magnifying glass (I have a cheap 16X from Hobby Lobby) and you’ll be amazed at all the black and blue fibers, red, clear, etc… as well as numerous black “kernels”, feels like plastic….
    Second thing that has kept me a little saner, if that’s a word, is tioconazole. Itis a vaginal anti-yeast med, 6.5% and I rub it wherever Im itching. It works immediately.
    Didn’t know a yeast medicine could be such a great antipsychotic. Again, thank you all.
    Any suggestons for eye damage due to these things?

    • I have been advised, for the eyes, to take bilberry, beta-carotine and L-Taurine. It is a good combo.

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