I was re-exposed

Well, I was re-exposed today. But before we go into that let me review some history.

I worked at a company where at least 7 or 8 people had Morgellons, some with open lesions, others had their skin turn beet red. One guy was constantly picking at his face using his thumb and index finger like you would if you were after a very small bug on your face. It was painfully obvious something was really wrong within the company, only nobody said a word. At the time I was just realizing what was going on. Finally, after sitting in a conference room chair which made me crawl unbelievably I decided I had to leave that company, and so I did. There were many people at that company who had full blown Morgellons.

The programmer community is pretty small where I live and eventually an employee was hired on from Morgie central (mentioned above) at my new company. Today, he and I were talking, we’re still friends and do walks all the time. Anyway, we were joking around and he patted my on the back. I didn’t think much of it, but within 15 minutes I felt it coming on, the pricklies, and the feeling of some light crawling surprisingly heading for both my eyes and ears. I left work early and went straight home and took one of my famous sulfur soap showers, standing their all covered in the soaps suds for five minutes before rinsing.

Do I have Morgellons again? No, I do not think so.

Here’s what I think has happened. This person whom I work with has Morgellons, only he doesn’t really seem to know it or it is but a minor nuisance to him. This is the case with many I think for some reason (as I have been told on occasion by doctors treating this). When he gave me a pat on the back something apparently “got on me”. My initial thoughts were, of course, based on what it felt like, and that is some kind of topical parasite. His skin looks a lot like pictures shown in my Pityrosporum Folliculitis post only not quite as bad, but very noticeable.

You’ve heard me say this before. The first time a person is infested with scabies it could take a month or two before they realize it. Once they are free of them if even years later a scabie mite gets on them they know it with minutes because the body reacts immediately this time. This is what at first blush appears to have happened to me.

Now, as I was getting better this constantly happened to me when one of these guys shook my hand or gave me a high five (for some reason they do this, I hate it). After I was getting better I always fought it off within days, then eventually within hours. I still feel the effects now and it’s been 4 hours, we’ll see how long it takes.

Finally, it might not be a topical parasite but instead some sort of fungal spore. Fungal diseases are easily spread via skin contact. Either way no need to panic.


I’m not really worried about this event. I should not develop Morgellons again because my terrain is in good shape. However, like a person who has had scabies in the past, if a person with ongoing, uncontrolled Morgellons touches me, I’m going to know it. I do not believe “what ever this is I’m feeling” is actually Morgellons, it comes as result of having Morgellons. If somebody with an very active case of Morgellons touches me then my body reacts. Is it a histamine response? I do not know.

I will take another shower before I go to bed just to be sure.


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  1. zara cybele said:

    I do think it could be a histamine reaction.

    I bought some tank tops off the street not too long ago when the heat soared. Since I had thrown most of my clothes away in the winter, I put one on immediately without washing it (even though I know better). It was just so hot.

    Within a few hours I felt the crawling/itching/stinging full-blown again. Interestingly enough, I only felt it on my upper torso.

    An acupuncturist I was talking to told me it was an allergic reaction most likely. She said that in shipping they use formaldehyde to compress clothes in shipping containers. What was likely was that because it was hot and my skin was sweating i was absorbing some of that and having an allergic reaction.

    I threw off the shirt, bathed and it was over.

    Note to self… don’t do that again!

  2. xiblanque said:

    I’ve had similiar experiences. The protocols I’ve used in the past really put a stop to a new outbreak after being exposed to some with active cases. I used enzymes topically and the sulfur cream. Spent of couple of nervous days but now I feel confident about treatments and very little anxiety about exposure.

  3. xXBobbyJoeXx said:

    why……I am surly finding this interesting, please repost on this, let us know how this works out. well now….hi Zara, Xib, good to see ya’ll

  4. Mr. Common Sense said:

    I took my 2nd shower since coming home, sulfur soap both times, the reaction is subsiding but not totally gone. Should be by morning. If anyone thinks 10% sulfur isn’t strong open your eyes and let the suds in (ouch). That’s what I did to make sure anything that got in died. Anyway, feeling okay, did a PH urine test just to see where I was, I’m fine (haven’t done that in over 6 months).

    Anyway, going to spend the night on the leather couch just to be sure, no need to introduce any unknowns into my bed. Plus I protect or my wife from any possible exposure. If all goes well back in to my sleep # tomorrow.

    • zara cybele said:

      Don’t know where you live, but if it’s not too warm, you might want to pull out the old FARpad.

      • Mr. Common Sense said:

        Thanks, I think I will, I know it works well. Going to do that now actually and watch some TV. I think that ‘xiblanque’ was probably talking about Enzymes such as Kleen Free or possibly Eco Vie ? If I recall, and it’s been some time now, they cause arthropods to molt and immediatelly die upon contact.

    • xXBobbyJoeXx said:

      Well,..mundane, seems you have a good handle on this, and very in tuned to what needs to be done, sounds like you’ll be fine I am sure, stay well

  5. I didn’t realize this is so contageous!

  6. Mr. Common Sense. Sorry you came across this. I will pray.

    In Light Lynn

  7. Hi Mr. CS,
    Thanks for the post. One thing I have found that seems to get rid of the crawlies for me is to put alcohol (Vodka) in a spray bottle and spritz my skin and surroundings (hotel bathrooms). Probably not a good idea at work though or to carry in your car.
    I love the Morgies Central name…sounds like a place located on the edge of hell! (Tee hee).

  8. xXBobbyJoeXx said:

    well now……Mundane!, Zara~!,and ya’ll, I feel morgellons is like C.C, you can beat it down into submission as long as ya taking the right stuff and doing the right things, you can keep it in it’s Cadge,but when ya take yer foot of it’s neck by not doing what you should, it kinda like sneaks back out, so then ya need to start over a bit, do ya’ll find this true??

  9. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Everything seems to be pretty much back to normal for me now, I’m probably clear, but will keep my guard up for a while now …

    • xXBobbyJoeXx said:

      why…….Mundane, ..you surly seem to be a man of true wisdom, I surly admire that! B.J.

  10. Hi Mr CS,
    This brings up for me again the whole issue of communicability. In fact, since I look really normal, with normal looking skin, and am feeling pretty well most of the time, my biggest concern is, and always has been, the moral implications of spreading contagion to unsuspecting friends, acquaintences and strangers. Sometimes I torture myself with this issue. I had one instance where a child hugged me, and immediately started fussing that he had a rash all over his neck and back. The teachers dismissed his behaviour as that of a frequent trouble maker, and he quickly settled down. But boy, that scared the heck out of me. To survive that intact, I had to tell myself that he surely already has a history of exposure and I did not give it to him. Otherwise, he would not have reacted so quickly, and all the other people I have contact with would show immediate signs.

    I struggle very much with trying to provide a normal life for my own kids. There is an everpresent concern about having people over to the house, which we mostly don’t, but sometimes it is just unavoidable. So this whole issue is very stressful for me.

    On the other hand, one’s attitude is almost everything. Stress brings on the itchy-crawlies in no time. I think it’s an adrenal thing (didn’t you touch on this a while back?) I really admire your spunk, Mr. CS. You have kicked this darn thing. I think we will all always remain a little vulnerable to the many weirdnesses which have been unleashed on us from God-alone-knows-where. In fact, I think everyone in the world is vulnerable; most people just don’t know about it yet. So all the folks on this blog have a secret weapon, which is the knowledge that something weird is going on, and the knowledge that it can be beat with good terrain and understanding and with patience and faith.
    I wonder if you’re going to perhaps dose up on some MSM for a while? Or something else? Maybe Vit C–it’s so important.

  11. xiblanque said:

    Hi everybody!
    MrC… you are right, the enzymes I applied are the kleen green brand. It took a few applications each day over about four days… the end result being no
    outbreak or crawling feeling.
    heya BJ!

  12. xXBobbyJoeXx said:

    why…… hi their Xib!! so good to see you again, love your art, I’ve seen unusual art, but you do is very unique, how have you been?? I’m getting better but with lots if care, to long for me

  13. xXBobbyJoeXx said:

    Mundane!, what ya do when your body is getting better, and your body is throwing off all kinds of stuff I don’t understand?? I’m coughing things out of my mouth and throat, it seems I have rinsed and spit things for the last two weeks, how much can their be?? B.J.

  14. xXBobbyJoeXx said:

    Hi Mundae, I just noticed you recommend CoQ 10, what are all the benefits of CoQ 10?? I understand it will help memory, but that’s all, I don’t understand any other benefits that may be helpful

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Morgellons effected my heart greatly, Coq10 is excellent for the heart and a powerful antioxidant …

  15. Susan, I know what you mean when you worry about passing this along to others. I too look very normal and also work with children. In the almost 2 years that I’ve had this no one I know of has gotten it from me. I’m very careful, but I do hold children’s hands and they do hug me.
    However, I’m terrified right now at seeing my 10 day old grandson next week. I had been pretty much free of itching, crawling & biting for a few months, but it started again about a month ago. We’re not staying with them. I’ll wear long sleeves & long pants and wash my hands before touching him. Other than that I don’t know what else to do without scaring my family, possibly needlessly.
    If anyone knows anything about how newborns react to this I would love some advice.

  16. I just wanted to know has anyone beena pt of Dr Staninger.

  17. Sherry Taylor said:

    Dear Mr. CommonSense,
    I’m a big fan of yours and was just looking over some of my older emails.
    I’m at Gordon’t in Detroit visiting. Myself and several people got Morgellons from an acquaintance who had it “not too bad”.
    Two got it from helping someone pack her things where the original person had visited.
    Gordon’s environment is very saturated..he gets attacked..but seems to fight it off.
    I’m learning more about how to build my terrain..but the cleaning is brutal..re the environment..walls, ceiling, floors..even the outside of the house is very contaminated..like hallowe’en..spider webs(fungus) draping the windows and screens…stuff hoping on you and biting if you do a little gardening.
    It is a bit of a bird sanctuary in the back yard..like Beatrix Potter’s world..the neighbour has a bird feeder..very papular with a beutiful array of birds, squirrels, a wild bunny. It is splendid..but i sit under the black walnut tree..which seems to protect me. I’m making some black walnut tincture from the green hulls right now.
    I almost have my car under control..but it took a lot of menthol…and it comes back if i don’e leave a little baggie in the car..to let the sun treat it a bit.
    Thank you for this wonderful post..it is so good to hear what people do when gettin reinvested..so easy to remember the nightmare. We aren’t out of it yet..it’s been over a year for me.
    Gordon joined the got body bugs book…and we were hopiing to get a downloadable version to help people..i suggested he email you..just thought i’d give you a heads up..there are parts that are very helpful.. I realize it was created..added onto..and is in an internet organic form..but if it helped even one person..that would be a good thing right?
    I thought the cleaning tips re the bathroom , compputer area were very good..i’m still working through it..need time to digest it all.
    Most Sincerely, Sherry Taylor

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