There is sound on this video. This is the beginning of some public outreach work that is going to be taking place with myself and others. Special thanks to Pamela of Morgellons Focus and Trisha Springstead of ESP Botanicals for their valuable input.

Hopefully this video can be of use to Doctors trying to get their arms around Morgellons, and family members trying to understand what a loved one is going through, and even to those doing research.

May the Good Lord help us all …


Comments on: "Morgellons Public Outreach Video" (46)

  1. zara cybele said:

    Beautiful. Well done and professional.
    The music is very good and I like the way you handled the type.
    I tip my hat to you!

  2. Exceptionally powerful. Well done MCS – thank you.
    You were wondering how else you could help us. This is it!

  3. That gave me the biggest case of goose bumps I’ve had in a long time, (possibly ever). It’s PERFECT. Absolutely PERFECT. Thank you so very much!

  4. Thank you for creating this moving video, which must have been very time consuming!

    I hope this is the beginning for getting the word out to people that the CDC is dragging its feet …public outcry to put pressure on the CDC seems our only recourse at this point, so my hat goes off to you!

    ps. How and where is this going to be distributed?

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Patti, our hope is that the Morgellons community will help the video “go viral” (no pun intended). If you visit Morgeellons forums post a thread there about it, you might even try local media outlets such as news websites. There is a chance we could pay to “promote” it on youtube which would put it on thier home page for a while.

      To be honest, we need the community to spread it around, I would think sufferers might send it to family members to help them understand the reality behind this mess we’re in.

      • I submitted a request to support your video to Joni Mitchell’s website (as it has been publicly reported that she has Morgellons). I will let you know if there is any response. If anyone has a more direct way to reach her, that would be helpful.

      • Hi Mr.C

        Ok, well here is a thought…I know there are some morgellons petitions out there already, but perhaps start a new one with a link to this video and/or a few other informative links to get this circulated?

        Good work and if we all get involved even if only in some small way…united we stand!

  5. Awesome video!!!!! Well done in the mundane approach. Thank you so much. I will email it out.
    Mr. CS you are so tallented and hardworking, blessings to you.

  6. Bravo! Very powerful and moving video Mr. CS!

    Your continued advocacy for this cause is a mighty blessing that brings renewed hope and encouragement to all involved.

  7. This is very well done! Thank you so much! I am emailing it to Dr. Selby and Dr. Pearson today.

    Thanks again!


    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Thanks Cindy, glad you liked it, good to see you on here again. Hope things are well with you.

  8. Joe Keleher said:

    Very effective! Thanks once again for your efforts!

  9. Thank you. It was bueatiful. Made me cry. Alot of effort was the bueaty part. Glad I have people like you all to help each other out. Wish we were helping others with other problems and never this madness of a dease.

    In Light Lynn
    God please help us and exspecially our children

  10. Mr CommonSense, Trish and Pamela you are truly angels. I award you the Order of the Purple Wings.

    I also watched this and cried for 2 reasons, first in reaction to how long we have been seeking help and the suffering of those whose lives (including my family) have been impacted. The second reason I cried is for the miracle of hope you have again graciously provided.

    Surprisingly, last week I posted a prayer request for a swift solution to this condition and today I see your video which will encourage action. I will post it on forums that I visit.

    Love and Light, Jade

    • Mr. Common Sense said:


      • Techie question Mr. C. How did you copy and display this image in this wordpress blog? (I tried control C, ControlP, dragging etc) and it didn’t work. Thanks.

        Also, sorry I missed your last Skype meeting. I would like to support the PR campaign.

  11. Thank you ,for the beautiful wings.
    Mr C- you rocked it!

    Pamela mae

  12. This video would be a useful tool to pitch some Morgellons media coverage. Shall we send it out to all the reporters on Earth? We can get the other planets later! : )


  13. Outstanding Job! This vids got punch. I like the graphic impact of the canary. I am a musician and have been toying with the idea of making a video.

  14. Excellent! THANK YOU!

  15. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Someone asked what the “canary” symbolized. Probably most of you know this but just in case …

    Miners kept caged canaries in the mines as an “early warning device.” If the air was bad enough to kill the canary, it would soon be bad enough to kill people. The canaries were more sensitive to the deadly fumes. So their dying would warn the miners to get out. Today we sometimes use the expression in relation to environmental matters. If more vulnerable species are dying off, we could be next.

    I see us as canary’s of the impending disaster, we are the canary’s, the early warning system as we are susceptible to whatever Morgellons is …

    • Funny, a few years ago I saw a Dr. in New Mexico for treatment and he said people with Morgellons are like canaries in the mine. He prescribed a serious combination of anti-parasiticals and anti-fungals and anti-biotics. This helped me temporarily but came back when I stopped.

  16. REALLY well done! I’m so impressed, plus the music could not be better. Thanks for doing this.

  17. John Tarney said:

    Dr Hildegarde Staninger, Ph.D., RIET-1 and a business calling itself “The Healing Grapevine,” claim to have cured over 156 Morgellon sufferers with 100% reduction of symptoms. Why is it that Dr. Staninger was not a keynote speaker at the March 2010 Morgellon annual conference, there is no mention of her in the “Summary of Highlights” for the conference entailing new news on Morgellons; and finally, why is she or “The Healing Grapevine” not releasing or sharing any names of those purportedly healed? You would think that if a Doctor or business actually had a cure for Morgellons that they would be forthright and honest enough to come forward and create a forum so current sufferers could talk to former sufferers.

  18. I am crying as I write,thank you so much for orchestrating this very well done video.God bless and guide us each day on our quest to be heard.If this opens the eyes and hearts of just one researcher with the clout to be heard,what a blessing for us.If they could only see,we are sane everyday people.Mothers,fathers,sisters,brothers,daughters,and sons who would love a normal family life.Instead,we live in fear of passing this on to someone we love.
    I desire healing for us all…………….Kathy

  19. “Congress – Force the CDC to investigate Morgellons Disease”

    I really think this is an important cause, and I’d like to encourage you to add your signature, too. It’s free and takes just a few seconds of your time. We need to sign this at least it is something to start with. If you could take a minute please! Thanks for making this video it means so much but I ask you to help get more names on this.


  20. Morgellons Out Reach video, Pass It Forward!

    Here is a simple idea we can do right now.
    Everyone here can start Passing It Forward!
    What do you think? Mr C. has created this video lets help it go viral.

    I recently rewatched the movie Pay It Forward which inspired me to ask you to Pass This Forward.

    We could pass it forward with a message like this,
    or whatever you want to compose.

    I am asking you to show love in action to those afflicted with Morgellons, an unrecognized painful condition which can cause skin sores, cognitive and neurological issues.
    We need recognition and research to find an effective and TRUTHFUL healing solution to Morgellons.
    The CDC has been slow to act even though citizens have been requesting action for several years.

    Help us raise awareness and find a solution for this painful, potentially debilitating condition that is impacting so many lives.

    Please pass this message containing the Morgellons Out Reach video to at least 3 people or sites that can help or pass this forward.

    Thank you so much for your help,
    We are praying for a healing solution now.

  21. Thank You Mr C,
    The tears are falling as I write this. I could never find the words to explain this scourge to my friends or family. I will pass this on to them and hopefully they may come to understand.
    I suffer in silence except for this page. I ache to visit my 83 year old Mother but dread passing this disease onto her and cannot explain why I haven’t been home in years.
    It sure is lonely in here…

    • Hi Sharon,
      I don’t think you need to totally isolate yourself from your family. We have had many visitors over the years that I have had this. As far as I know, they do not have have it. However my spouse and a good friend who went camping together may have it. I would suggest taking some basic precautions such as not sharing clothing and personal items, combs, towels, sheets.
      It is important to keep your spirits up and live your live as normally as possible.
      Blessings, Jade

      What are others experience of Morgellons being contagious?

      • Hi Jade,
        My main concern regarding infecting others is the spores (for lack of a better description) that shout out from my head. I read somewhere that is how nematodes lay their eggs. I first noticed them sitting under the bright lights in the dentist’s chair. Therefore I find that it is OK to have short visits at someone’s home but not staying over. When I have anyone to our house I now put out paper towels in the washroom as no matter how much bleaching and soaking in Dr Bonners peppermint soap the pesky nematodes or bacteria they thrive on does not go away. Look at any nearly fabric especially towels in profile and see if they have a multitude of very fine filament like fibres that resist when pulled. They either curl up or stand on end. They have a little hook at one end. Sounds crazy but I have heard this description from others.
        p.s. did you read about low dose naltrexone or LDN? It has been used to successfully treat many diseases, Parkinsons being one of them.

  22. Really!

  23. I am very impressed with this video. Well made and heart-breaking that this is one of the few diseases that doctors and dermatologists have no knowledge about but has been around since the 1700’s.

  24. Huntington T. Ethridge said:

    I am filled with incredible anger and sadness that Finally, because of this video the medical community and the family and friends of the devastated people inflicted with this horrible DISEASE, can begin to work together to find a cure or some sort of relief.
    Great job in that there is no more questioning Morgellons validity or severity! I was brought to tears by this and the music was so good I thought I was watching a preview of a horror movie.

  25. Huntington T. Ethridge said:

    For 6 years now, how my best friend and his wife and two daughters have been fighting this DISEASE and suffering through it amazes me they are still alive from not killing each other. In the first place, the lack of acknowledgement or help from the medical (cdc) community up until now has been nil. Thank you for this video and it’s matter fact message that they need help no matter what.
    My prayers go out to you Bob and Rosie, and thank you Rosie for all the love and support you’ve given to so many other sufferers over the last …God only knows how long.

  26. Great video finally! The tears are just starting for hope and of the possibility for help with this painful and scary DISEASE.

  27. Another blessing you have given us, thank you Mr. C/S. Now the rest of us need to pass it on so that all your work will not be in vain. We must all support each other and also those who are trying to get more attention drawn to Morgellons.

    Should our symbol be a yellow canary with our color being yellow??? Tie a yellow/canary ribbon around the old oak tree….. Oak trees have been around for a long time just like this disease!!

    • Hi Jade,
      Right click on the image and you have an option to save the picture, after which you can use it as you wish.

  28. Thank you, with all my heart and soul, especially that this may be a major step in saving our children
    I am in Australia and have come to find many have this, but did not know what it was, I am letting as many of them and others know.

    If there is anything you request of me from my end here in Australia, do not hesitate to ask.

  29. Awake andaware said:

    This is spread by Chemtrails. The movies have been preparing you for some time. Take a second look at all your Zombie movies. The agenda to depopulate is no joke. A little research into Eugenics, chemtrails and Morgellons and you will be sickened. Start detoxing your body immediately with pure water (no fluoride, chlorine, etc), and all natural green foods that will detox your liver. Focus daily on your body healing and expelling all foreign matter. Do not be a victim to this insidious agenda.

  30. There has been research on morgellons that points to a very possible cause and cure. I refer you to

  31. Awake andaware I fully agree with your comments and would just like to update my reply of feb 9, 2011.and leave thesewebsites for anyones research

  32. correction to my reply on feb 13, 2011
    1st website should be

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