Greetings everyone! There has been some confusion about the Labs we like and why and what has actually been represented. We would encourage you to listen to our conference call to clear away any questions you may have…

Blessings and HUGS all the way around.

Pamela Mae

July 15, 2010
Click ==> HERE <== to listen to the recorded conference call.


Comments on: "Oxidative Stress & Antioxidants, Nancy Guberti & Pam Crane" (1)

  1. I just wanted to chime in here in support of using Metametrix labs. I can’t remember which forum [finding1cure?] but I had posted about this experience I had with this lab a few years ago when this happened to me…

    I was fortunate enough to have this kind of testing recommended to me by a doctor whom I was seeing back in 2006-2007. I knew I had parasites, even though everything kept coming back negative [including a comprehensive work up done earlier by Great Plains Labs] Due to my insistence that I had parasites, this doctor conferred with his colleagues and suggested Metametrix Labs. When the results came back, the doctor called me in for a conference. He said, “well, there is good news and bad news”…”the good news is that you are not crazy…the bad news is that you do have both a protozoan parasitic infection and yeast infection.” Both were in the same DNA sequence of certain parasites and yeast but were slightly different [and for those who don’t know about DNA testing, in general terms, this is how DNA testing works–they categorize organisms by the patterns and sequences of their DNA–this is how they can form different groups and identify those that are of the same species] Metametrix could not tell me what specific kind of protozoa it was but knew it was DNA from the same family of protozoan parasites–the same with the yeast species. Both organisms I had were obviously altered DNA and something they had not encountered before. I happen to think this lab would have found more inconsistencies and different species, had I done more follow up lab work, but since this was 500 dollars per specimen, this was about all I could financially manage. And the fact that it was altered DNA, wasn’t specific enough for one to target with a certain drug. I took a broad spectrum drug called Alinia. I got a positive response from what I eliminated, but when the doctor saw that I also had lots of bruising, he wanted me to back off of this.

    Regardless, here was proof…yet when I took this lab report to a well known Lyme / parasitic and infectious disease specialist in our area, he replied…’well I don’t know anything about DNA testing for parasites.” End of discussion.

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