How disappointing. Rather than doing their own research Canada is just waiting on the CDC. There is so much I could say here but think I’ll hold my tongue.



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  1. Nice find Mundane,.the only thing now, is what’s with the C.D.C ?? they seem to be Vacillating on the release of information,.do you know of anything to be contrary? B.J.

  2. Being Canadian I am surprised that they even acknowledge that we have a problem. Try getting tested or treated for Lyme in this country. I tested positive for Bartonella, Mycoplasma, Chlamydia Pneumonia and Fibromyalgia and my insurance company denied a 5 week short term disability claim that my Doctor had recommended. I suspect I have Lyme as well but the test is not covered and I am slowly going broke. Sound familiar? How many Canadians do we have in the group I wonder? Perhaps as there a re fewer of us in this country we could compare possible exposures?
    I suspect that my exposure happened when they did an aerial spraying for the dreaded Wes Nile Virus back in 2006, or when I stayed in a low end hotel one night at the New Jersey shore, not sure. I try not to think of it but often do.
    Oh Canada!

    • Sharon,..sorry to hear all that,.it’s enough to make one sick,..the same is true with Lyme in the U.S. but Fibromyalgia usually is not a problem obtaining a Disability,..I know many that had have.I understand broke only because of morgellons,.so many others I know of are in the same Boat, in the U.S.,.the U.K. and Canada,.keep networking, wishing you the best,.be well.B.J.

    • Hi Sharon, I am Canadian also, living in Quebec. Where do you live? The health care system here is in dire need of change. Many do not have a family doctor and I have been told by the Canada Lyme organization that there is not a Lyme disease specialist in Quebec. The closest specialist is in New York, which means one pays for everything. The joke here is that Lyme ticks stop at the border….
      I have had Morgellons symptoms for several years now and suspect I may have Lyme. My spouse has had Parkinsons disease for at least 4 years now and he is in his 50s. Some believe there is a link between Lyme and Parkinsons. (Michael Fox, the actor, also had Lyme disease before he developed Parkinsons)
      None of the doctors I have seen know anything about
      Morgellons and most are completely close-minded to the idea of a newly emerging condition.
      So the comment in the above letter is very surprising,
      the Public Health Agency of Canada is “monitoring occurences” of Morgellons. How is this happening when its existence is being denied??

      • Jade,..glad you came along in being a Buddy for Sharon,…wish you all well. .B.J.

      • Hi Jade,
        I live in Toronto. I have an Integrative Practitioner or Comprehensive who is also an MD. He believes in building the terrain at least and is helping me in that way. I just cannot mention body bugs or worms in my hair to him. He has prescribed Low Dose Naltrexone as well as supplements – one that contains NAC as well as supporting the liver. Back to LDN (low dose Naltrexone)check out there website, They have posted clinical proof that at much lower (4.5mg) doses than what is prescribed for recovering heroin addicts and alcoholics (50mg) tremendous improvements if not cures. Parkinson’s one of the diseases listed to respond among many cancers and especially MS. Did you know that Nova Scotia has the highest MS stats in the world. there are theories that what they really have is Lyme disease. In any event the doctors and health professionals listed on the website have no financial ties to the drug companies. I believe there is a compounding pharmacy in Montreal to get the right mixture, though I have heard some doctors are breaking down existing 50mg capsules and putting them in the smaller 4.5 caps. I have definitely improved, though I am taking several other things as well from the Poor man’s Protocol. Stay strong…

        • HI Jade..i’m in toronto as well and am very frustrated that nobody seems to know about Morgellons.. I have been to 2 doctors..and talked to 2 naturopaths.. and they are no help.. aslo called tele-health and the nurse talked to me like i was crazy or on crack..

          do you have contacts here in toronto?

          will check out the site.. any help would be great..

          seeing a dermaologist in a few weeks.. got the ebook about stopping the itch ..on the diet.. was doing great but then i wore a shirt i did not wash.. this is crazy..

          thanks tim

          • Your best bet would be to find an MD who practices holistic medicine. I mentioned Morgellons to my doc, however, she believes that although many of us suffer from similar symptoms, we are just a group of people that suffer from undiagnosed illness (in other words, she does not believe in the term Morgellons as a diagnosis). For most docs, it’s best to NOT say it is Morgellons, but instead give them your symptoms only and let them work from there.

            According to my family physician, ENTs, dermatologist, etc, they had run bloodwork, x-rays, CT scans, etc, and found absolutely nothing wrong with me. My holistic doc, on the other hand, ran tests and found many things that were wrong with me:
            I had lots of nutrient deficiencies, lots of infections in my gut, food intolerances, imbalanced liver detoxification pathways, a yeast and mold overload, high heavy metals, hypothyroidism.. etc.
            She has been able to nurse me back to health by concentrating on the terrain. She did not deal with my bugs, though she willingly scoped one, but didn’t have any advice. I worked on externals (with treatment baths and topicals), and she worked on my internals (with vitamins, minerals, etc).

            Diet is a great place to start. Stay away from sugar and processed foods. Eat whole and organic foods if you can. Drink clean water. Look into detoxing your body (detox baths, etc). Find a holistic doctor or osteopath.. a naturopath is a good second option, but MD (holistic only) is better. Keep looking until you find one.. there are many good ones out there.. Dermatologists were the least helpful in my opinion…

          • I have inadvertently discovered a new great weapon in this fight!

            Horribly bad cold last week… first time since I stopped the flu shot 3 years ago.

            Haven’t been that ill in a while.
            TADA! Neti pot!
            Totally gross but effective! I have had sinus issues since my teen years… MANY MOONS AGO!

            I feel pretty good and have always wondered if my little tormentors have not lived in my sinuses all along!
            probiotics for me and the dog in secret.. it’s not just the GUT, which is huge!!

            I am starting to think that “they” inhabit different spots in your bod and perhaps we each need to focus on where we feel the most discomfort. Treat that and move out to the other places…spots whatever and try to treat them one at a time.

            I know that anxiety was my catalyst, heart palps , costo chondritis and then plantar faceitis! Who knew?

            I blew through all that crap eventually.

            I fear nothing now.
            Helps to be unafraid.
            Just sayin’.

          • Hi Tim,
            I was in Toronto but moved not long ago. I found dermatolagists useless. I got some help from Dr Fred Hui. Check out his website. He does charge fees though. He will help you rebuild the terrain and also does chelation of heavy metals and various infections. He is an MD as well as an Integrative Medicine Doctor as well as Chinese Medicine. His office is on Bloor Street. He may also recommend a fantastic dentist that cleaned ou all the mercury and replaced my dental work with bio compatable materials. The best dentist ever (worth the drive to Ancaster)Dr Roland Estrabillo. Don;t mention Morgellons to these docs, they don’t recognize it, calmly write down all of your symptoms before going. I find I get too emotional when I speak them aloud and also forget things as well. If you suffer from itching try bathing and hair washing in Kleen Free, found on line at Get at least the gallon size. never re-wear clothing without washing and see the Poor Mans Protocol on the side bar here.
            Hope this helps, it seems men recover faster from this somehow.
            Stay Strong, Sharon

          • Lisa Hoffman said:

            My name is Lisa. I am new to the blogging and on-line chat scene, but given the circumstances, I am now just desperate for answers. I see many people are suffering from the same ailments. I just started researching two weeks ago as I got desperate and all doctors are calling me crazy(for apparently years now). I noticed you are from Toronto which is where I am based. Do you know of anybody here willing at least to investigate or help-even for Lyme…not still sure what I have. Would appreciate any advice.

            • Hi Lisa, I am also from Toronto. I contacted Can-Lyme and they said the closest Lyme Literate Doctor was in Buffalo. I am still searching for someone closer, even if it is an alterative Doctor. I just want someone with experience with this.

              In the meantime I have been following the Poor Man’s Protocal from this site and handling each symptom as it comes up. I had a mite problem which I managed to get rid of. I still have black specks coming out of skin. The next thing I am working on is metal detox.

              If I find someone in Toronto I will let you know. Ruth

            • sharoninthehighlands said:

              Hi Ruth, Please see the info I printed for Lisa in Toronto. It gives a really good lyme website for protocols, but also a possible referral by Dr klinghardt. It is a lengthy post or I would have copied it. It also has a list of docs that I got from Pamela at

            • Lisa Hoffman said:

              Thank you for answering. I tried the link and it said the site was under construction. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

            • sharoninthehighlands said:

              Lisa, you did make a mistake. The message only means that the web site is temporarily under maintenance and will return. They are probably adding new information and/or redesigning the site.

            • sharoninthehighlands said:

              Hi Lisa, Ilived in Toronto for many years but moved north just over a year ago. I contracted this scourge back in 2006; got well an became reinfected though not as bad the second time. I recently read some very good therapies at Dr Klinghardt’s site regarding Lyme. It is He also wrote an amazing artice/interviw with Dr Mercola about Lyme no longer being just a tick born disease. it can be found here
              I have a list of Doctors recomended via Pamela at Morgellons Focus on Health (also another great website)
              Here are some that may be good. Do not mention Morgellons though. When calling ask if they practice Base Line Functional Testing and or have they experience treating chronic Lyme and related diseases. These names came via Metametrix Labs although for Lyme testing the best is Igenix. When you go to the doc, have a list of symtoms and observations written down. Do not bring specimens. Read Dr Klinghardt’s article. He also shares his protocol on his website, which is nice – most docs charge. They also have a referral service for those that have studied his protocols. Take heart it does get better!
              Here are a few of the names in the Toronto area
              Donald Gaudin, MD 416-922-0006
              Kathleen Kerr, MD 416-489-4445
              Neidi Eckler, MD 905-882-4949
              Rose Bilota, MD 647-986-4357
              SAnjeev Goel, MD 416-587-0940
              A Mikhail, MD 905-895-0030
              Leigh Arseneau, MD 905-743-0427

              p.s. if you want to talk or communicate you can get my email address from Pamela Crane at

            • Lisa Hoffman said:

              Wow thankyou so much Sharon… I am going through severe problems right now and this is definately a booster. I will try to get your e-mail from Pamela. Thanks again.

            • Lisa Hoffman said:

              Hi Sharon…I tried to find yout contact but got frustrated… don’t know my server….I also called all the doctors on your list, said what you said to say…Kathleen’s office said no and Nedi is taking no new patients.. I am getting desperate because I know I have s serious problem..any suggetsions? Thanks.

            • sharoninthehighlands said:

              Hi Lisa, all of the doctors said no?? I do not understand, other than not taking new patients. What questions did you ask? I know it is difficult but hopefully you are communicating in a calm, clear manner even if you do not feel that way. In the meantime check out Dr Klinghardt’s site and look at the Lyme section. Keeping in mind that there is no quick fix to this. Also look at the Poor Man’s Protocol listed on this website. If you have trouble sleeping with this as most of us do, one good bit of advice came from Trisha Springstead, RN., MS.: Take some night time benadryl, it helped me tons for both itch and sleep aid. Also melatonin from health food store – sublingual works best and it is fairly inexpensive. Also for a quick calming of the nerves Traditional Medicinal Easy Now Tea. Works quickly and also inexpensive. If we are not sleeping we cannot heal. If you can get to a sauna it can help clear the lungs and or a vaporizer in your bedroom while sleeping. That is probably enough to absorb for now. Try not to freak out it only makes matters worse.

            • Lisa Hoffman said:

              I only asked if they practice Base Line Functional Testing..Kathleens office said they’d never heard of it. I am panicking because I’m sure I have a serious infection somewhere in my sinus or even my head…That’s where the pain is and the mucus and the bad taste… I’m even afraid of Meningitis now…. no one will even look as any new doctor will see on my EMF that I am delusional. I don’t think I can wait for the months they will test me. Even tried calling my dad again to say I’m in pain and scared and he told me that is usual symptoms brought on by Schizophrenia..these doctors are going to kill me.

            • sharoninthehighlands said:

              Hi Lisa, 1. Try to calm yourself try the Easy Now Tea by Traditional Medicinals. 2. Is your father a Dr.? Just wondered how he would know how to diagnose over the phone. 3. Toxic overload can make us appear to be skitzo. 4. I know of a Physiciatrist in Flordia whow treats folks for lyme and bartonella, etc, he will do telephone consult, first one is free for 15 min. Perhaps he can refer you to a Physiciatrist who can prove that your are not mentally ill, just ill.

            • Lisa Hoffman said:

              Thanks again and sorry for the panic earlier… have calmed down quite a bit… had enough money to get some fish oil… nettie pot and B12. Hope these work. I also appreciate your words of comfort about my father. I’m way too paranoid of psychiatrists to see them now esp. as I really am starting to think doctors/psychiatrists are almost the same thing now. I appreciate your offer though. I might just stay away from family doctors altogether until they are forced to admit this thing is real also. I’ll see how long that lasts…until the next desperate attempt-ha!

            • sharoninthehighlands said:

              Lisa, copy then paste (right click) the list so you have it for future. You can always call back on Monday or so and take a different approach. Friday is sometimes not the best for booking as people are looking forward to the long weekend. Oh ya, Happy Family Day!

    • hi sharon.. sorry i think you are from toronto and not jade.. thanks for the info…

      any more would be great too..

      see posting below..


      • Hi Tim, So far I haven’t encountered a Canadian Doctor or naturopath who has treated Morgellons. Also remember it is not an officially recognized condiiton yet. I suggest following the Poor Man’s Protocol II on this site. You could also try some of the Doctors/naturopaths mentions on this site Morgellons Focus. It has alot of helpful info.

        Good health wishes to you Tim

      • Also another thing that helped thanks to Trisha Springstead,RN was take some Benadryl tablets. It helped a lot. Sulphur soap also. I see there is a link on the isdebar called (in the shower rinse turn off water lather all over, leave it on for 5 min. or so and rinse) If your hair feels a little sticky you can rinse with vinegar and warm water. The smell lifts and your hair is squeaky clean. Trish Springstead also has some good stuff at ESP Botanicals. Yes this is crazy. I am currently batttling nematodes, plaguing my hair, privates and biting me at night.
        take good care,Sharon

  3. In defence of our country I would like to point out that with a population base the size of New York State and a land mass larger that all of the United States our resourses are somewhat stretched. Though we survived the latest rescession better than other developed countries many services have been cut back.

  4. Lisa Hoffman said:

    Hi, me again.
    The thing that really freaks me out is I have a bad pressure in my head right now, feel anxious- sometimes I taste bitterness. I haven’t found anyone who complains of this yet. If I even have a sinus infection, I can’t find a doctor because all my symptoms are psychosematic according to them. Feeling worried.. any advice?

  5. Lisa Hoffman said:

    Sorry, I’m an idiot… I keep posting everywhere because I have no clue what I’m doing. I read the Poor Mans Protocol, when I found it… Thank you Ruth. I will get this internet thing figured out soon enough. Thanks for the patience. It will help.

    • Lisa, can you direct to the information that Sharon left for you about Toronto Doctor. I have looked everywhere. Ruth

      • sharoninthehighlands said:

        Ruth, I don’t know what happened to my post. I don’t think it broke any rules but I could not find it. I am going out on a limb here, but contact me:
        swarner1952 at yahoo dot ca

      • sharoninthehighlands said:

        Ruth, I see my comment with all of the info is awaiting moderation. Probably because it has some links in it and a long list of docs recommended by Pamela at MorgellonsFocusonHealth. Perhaps it will get moderated today and I won’t have to type it over again.

        • Thanks, Sharon. I will wait and see if it comes up, if not I will contact you. Much appreciated. Ruth

          • sharoninthehighlands said:

            Hi Ruth, my post has appeared, currently 11 posts up the page. Perhaps copy the block of info and save to your computer before it gets archived. Much harder to find then. I do not mind you contacting me; it helps to talk to someone who understands. I find that family and friends may mean well but they get too freaked with the details.

            • Thanks Sharon, yes Pam is a doll and so is Kathy. I have this list and called a few Dr.’s prior and they were not taking new people. I was actually looking for someone from Toronto all ready seeing a Doctor and would reccomend them. It is just so expensive that I wanted someone who felt their Doctor was worth the money. Ruth

            • sharoninthehighlands said:

              Another step you may want to try is Dr Klinghardt’s website for a referral; if not I recommend reading his section on Lyme. I have or had a co infection of lyme called bartonella. His protocol is free. There is a more up to date article/interview with Dr Klinghardt on . Dr K was Dr M’s mentor.
              p.s. – some of the docs on the list may take OHIP

            • Hi Sharon, yes I emailed Dr Klinghardt’s site yesterday. Did you like Dr. Ho? I am pretty sure I have very high lead levels done through a hair analysis years ago. I stripped all the wood in my home. I also feel I have bartonella from dog fleas or the mites. Ruth

      • Lisa Hoffman said:

        Sorry about not responding…it’s because I’m just figuring things out… I am answering usually on the first thing I see. Did you have any luck with a doctor yet?

  6. Lisa Hoffman said:

    Hi again…. I was just wondering if there is anything that I can use for my laundry that’s even cheaper than the peppermint soap..anything I can use now that’s household that may help..vinegar? baking soda?

    • Yes Lisa, you can use a cup of vinegar in the rinse. I have been adding a quarter cup of borax to the wash along with detergent. Sometimes i add Oxi-clean I know peppermint soap is really expensive here. Are you sleeping at night? It helps a lot. If you are having difficulty try the benadryl and sublingual melatonin.

    • Here is a really cool website. I started the water cure this week. It is easy, cheap and really works for a lot of ailments. As well there is watercuretv on youtube. The people have amazing recovery stories.

      • dividingcricker said:

        sharon i really have gotten away from drinking water ….preach it but dont drink enough….i install waterconditioners so …i should try this …theres a water and vitaman c cure for lymes but its alot more salt about 3 grams or so with 3 grams of c it just seemed to be more than i could handle well thanks and tomorrow i ll start this one……

      • Lisa Hoffman said:

        Sharon.. this water cure, is it making you feel better? Do you use distilled water.. because right now all I can afford is Britta(sp?) water…I’ve been thinking to boil water and then run it through my think that’s good enough? Do you trust all sea salts because I use a grocery store brand name sea salt and I don’t really trust it.

        • Lisa, I currently use himilayan pink salt for the cure portion (it tastes better and seems to be less acidic ) and sea salt from my health food store for cooking. Brita filtered water is ok, but Dr B recommends letting water sit for 30 minutes or so for the chlorine to escape. Yes I do feel better after just starting it a few days ago. My skin is already much softer. Did you you go to the watercure website and read the ratio of salt to water, etc. What to do if swelling occurs and not to exceed x amount in a day? water cure tv on you tube is good also. Dr B gets honourable mention on Dr Klinghardt’s website also. Happy drinkin!!

          • Lisa Hoffman said:

            Ha thanks… maybe Tequila IS the cure! Sharon- the video I watched said 8 glasses a day with half tsp. salt.umm…. admittedly I did not look further..I find I’m constantly reading and trying to learn but I also lose concentration. I will look further though because I don’t want to make possibly lethal mistakes.

            • Hi Lisa, it is not likely you will make a lethal mistake with salt and water. Though the instructions are a little more detailed when you go to
              You divide your body weight by 2 and the total is the number of ounces of water a day. In my case as I am over weight at 195 lbs i drink 16 oz of water every 2 hours. With each 16 oz I take 1/8th of a teaspoon of salt on the tongue not in the water. In other words you do not take all of the salt at once. They also gave the number 1800TOPSALT to order the salt which i may try when the Himilayan salt runs out. It helps to read up more on the site as well, giving the history of salt which is a natural anti biotic. The word salary comes from salt!

      • dividingcricker said:

        not so computer savy this salt thing is interesting found a site water and salt facts just loaded with a bunch of lost facts maybe if we mixed this with tequila and lime we would have a cure—-somebody if your doing this let us know—-right lisa

  7. dividingcricker said:

    borax soap powder dawn or dish soap oxyclean i know borax kills alot of stuff and just using any deturgent will work but i founrd i m allergic to most stuff …allergies 15 years ago and switched to tide free but now i read all the bad stuff in that so now just use borax kleen green and oxyclean and bonners only a capfull…..allergies could be a big concern…..its really on the rise….soaps lipstick deodrant perfume fem..products all could play a roll….and i know its alot to take in and it will get alot easier in time…your doing great….

  8. Lisa Hoffman said:

    Wow guys…thanks alot for helping me with great advice…since I have just discovered all this stuff a few weeks ago I’m still kind of in the dark. I really appreciate your suggestions and support. Last night I drank beers and played for the first time in a couple weeks. This morning I coughed out a bunch of mucus and almost puked but I don’t have a bad headache. I’m not saying it necessarily helps but this is the first morning in a long while I haven’t had intense head pressure… I do have blood there though, so I know there’s something funky. My husband thinks I should get antibiotics but I just don’t know how. Hope you guys are feeling okay. Thanks again.

    • hi Lisa, not to preach but beer is not so good. not the alcohol so much as the yeast and whatever else they put into it. I read they are now using gmo yeast.

  9. dividingcricker said:

    sharon/lisa maybe tequila….i no it kills worms ha ha i think going into things a little at a time works ….easy doesit…..moderation…have fun…just keep moving in the right direction….good luck

  10. Lisa Hoffman said:

    Thanks again, Sharon. You’re very good with the advice. Hopefully I can return the favour one day… Here’s something. I am doing laundry but we have an apartment unit. So I wrapped the dryer tube in tape to help reduce the lint travelling and half way through I realized it would be easier to live in a bubble. Heehee so my advice is live in a bubble. Thanks for the tea advice..when I get it I hope it will help me with the sleeping.

  11. Lisa Hoffman said:

    It’s really hard to sleep in when your cat doesn’t let you….! She’s always doing it to me? I also have rage when I wake up so I could hurt her I get so mad.
    I found out yesterday that I belong to a very lucky new form of prejudice last night- realized I am now part of a select group of individuals who are understanding later than others and being disbelieved because they feel you’ve read about it…great. Iwas telling everybody a few months ago and beyond I feel sick- A few weeks ago I had called my ‘neice’ and told her finally I wasn’t feeling well. On afterthought I realized she may even have mentioned Morgellons but called it fungal so I dismissed it. But last night I told her I finally found out what was wrong and she just toyed with me ‘pretending she’d never heard of it’ and saying ‘oh yeah-maybe it’s the govern.- maybe EMP helps’ but wasn’t really listening and her tone of voice and things she was saying was ridiculous.. I was so pissed off by the end of my conversation. She thinks I guess since she may have mentioned it and because I am coming to this now I’m jumping on some kind of disease ‘band wagon’ I can’t win… 14 years of telling doctors there’s something seriously wrong and being disbelieved to now when I say I know what I have being disbelieved. This whole thing has really messed with ALL my relationships. My own husband doesn’t really believe how bad I feel when I have an ‘episode’ and he even has it. He only gets itchy though and gets sick sometimes…he doesn’t get infections like me. I have always been upfront and forward with people and honest, I’m learning now I have virtually no- one left who gives me any credit for those things. It’s my fault for being paranoid of the internet for all those years and purposely keeping myself in the dark, but I can’t believe sometimes how unsupportive people really are.People who are close to me should know that about my character. Last night I saw a girl writing her Mom has actually laughed at her when she was in pain and crying… I truly understood as it’s happened to me many times. I’m really close to saying F*** it and living off the grid somewhere. I am coming to the fact that if these people in my life are going to be this way I don’t need it. Now instead of yelling at doctors, I laugh at them. Maybe I’ll just suffer through this and have to re- start my life. Hang out with ‘plagueys’. What really pisses me off is Ican hear people’s tones and their treating me like a headcase without sometimes coming out and saying it. Sorry for all the wind but I’m truly coming to an end of being treated stupid- esp. since they’re the close-minded ones.Frustrated. Anyways thanks for letting me vent… I used the Neti pot for the first time yest. it felt good using it but I feel awful this morning. Blood and all…I’m pretty sure these things are just messing in my head….wonder sometimes if I’ll live through this. If I don’t- not a one of these F***ers better have the audacity to show up for my funeral.

  12. dividingcricker said:

    lisa your rant sorta remindes me of the hard cases i ve had fishin in the bay on the worst day and its not even botherin me a bit and there freekin out..thinkin were never going to make it in.. i look at them so serious and tell them will probably sink were all going to drown..then i tell them to get grip …its just fine…dont worry….. after they settle down ..a day or too and have some time to reflect and in front of everybody…i bring up the story about them freekin out and everybody gets a great laugh the story lives on a long time…so just get a grip …in a week or two when your feelin better and have sometime to reflect well all have a good laugh….remember i was where you are right now all the people were who are suffering…were alot better still searching…..

    • Lisa Hoffman said:

      You know what….you’re right. Everyone here has their own problems. I’m sorry, it’s the first time I’ve been able to vent… but true, everyone’s been there. Take care.

  13. Lisa Hoffman said:

    Dr. Mr Common Sense,
    I have been polluting your site with my rants the last couple of weeks. I’ve come to understand, I am in a different place than others. This is new to me and I have been panicking on-line. I realized you guys are already past the acceptance stage and that I am not, I would really appreciate it if you could somehow remove my posts as they are personal, and put out there in moments of darkness.I didn’t know how to contact you personally, so I am writing here. I would really appreciate it Thanks.

  14. dividingcricker said:

    don t worry about that rant..its great speak your mind….a real person…just relax ive been using a product called immutol ..its a product that was first used in fish food its called beta glucan the companys they discovered its benifit from the workers that just got the dust on them a breating it …they became well..they were giving it to there elderly parents and they got better the fish die off from this fish farming co was almost zero . before this beta glucan it was almost becomming a zero profit….ive been using this for about 10 years before i got morgellons but maybe its kept me from so ill……..

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